CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 1: “Flour Babies”

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Brat - 3 months ago
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Danitza and Alexa
Danitza and Alexa - Day ago
why did TK go did he move on from annie
Sharon Mathews
Sharon Mathews - 9 days ago
Yay 😀
AJGamer - 29 days ago
When is the next episode for Season 4 Episode 10?
Harley Queens
Harley Queens - Month ago
@Brat i love you guys sooo much Congrats on the Eposides and subcribers i wannna meet you guys one day 💕💕
Greg Juarez
Greg Juarez - Month ago
Brat can you not make episodes because I’m not tryna be mean but the episodes are so fast and ummmmmm 😐 make sure you make a whole movie of it or like make a whole play season not just episodes... sorry for the inconvenience
SnoopyGirl2008 - 3 hours ago
Shes totally over Tk
Booboo HD
Booboo HD - 6 hours ago
If eny cast sees this then plz tell annie or haily that i have wached their vids
Vaibhavi Vinod
Vaibhavi Vinod - 9 hours ago
I feel sad for Rooney first she lost her boyfriend and then she lost her best friend
Emma's roundhouse
Emma's roundhouse - 11 hours ago
Ellie and Robby seem like a married couple 🤣😂
Dog Lover
Dog Lover - 19 hours ago
Who else thinks Ellie would be such a great mom
SkeetEdits - 20 hours ago
1:33 oml Rhyme just erase what you said, you dont' have to rip the whole page like what a waste of paper. sAvE tHe TrEeS PeOpLe!!!
Raquel Begelman
Raquel Begelman - Day ago
Ellie would be a great mother
Nicko Tahata
Nicko Tahata - Day ago
I think rhyme broke up with drayke because of his new boyfriend whats he's name? Not ezra.
Paisley G
Paisley G - Day ago
You had your chance with her and if you can't tell we have a family
2019 anyone. Like if you are
Sandy Cruzen
Sandy Cruzen - Day ago
Sandy Cruzen
Sandy Cruzen - Day ago
And halt
Sandy Cruzen
Sandy Cruzen - Day ago
Sandy Cruzen
Sandy Cruzen - Day ago
The only reason why I watch this is because of Annie
C H - 2 days ago
We have the same thing at my school with the babies. Except we have robot babies in real baby clothes and car seats and we have to wear a bracelet so we can’t have the baby too far away from us and we have to change its diaper and feed it and burp it🙄😂
top secret
top secret - 2 days ago
This is the craziest school I've ever heard of 😂
Arielle Teh
Arielle Teh - 2 days ago
Aww Annie Leblanc looks so cute with Haydren
Delayi Fthi
Delayi Fthi - 2 days ago
This is why I don’t want to have a girlfriend 😂
Maya Royce
Maya Royce - 3 days ago
Who else REALLY misses Hannie?
Banana Blockcraft3D
Banana Blockcraft3D - 3 days ago
Annie is so funny
Liyara Weerawansa
Liyara Weerawansa - 3 days ago
the letters r such a copy of to all the boys I've loved before
Dora Dankwa
Dora Dankwa - 3 days ago
I found out in real life Rooney and Drake are dating
Menorah Fao
Menorah Fao - 4 days ago
OMG I love your channel so much and I can't wait for season five😁😁😁
Kerryn Mcdonald
Kerryn Mcdonald - 4 days ago
At the start she kept ripping out pages like gurlll there gotta be a rubber SOMEWHERE
John Mesidor
John Mesidor - 4 days ago
I can't find episode 15 or 14 can someone help me😭😭
Payton Walters
Payton Walters - 4 days ago
I am confusion.
This is why you don’t start a show at season 4
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain - 5 days ago
I wish brat didn't publish while school is still on!!
Olga Makridina
Olga Makridina - 5 days ago
Is it the diary from Johnny and Lauren store? I recognize this book cover w/ lightning and their logo on pages
William Thompson
William Thompson - 5 days ago
Sleep seriously
estefani luria
estefani luria - 6 days ago
who misses hannie
Niana Guerrero Ranz Kyle
Kelty Terpstra
Kelty Terpstra - 6 days ago
What a player rhythm
Fast brailey
Fast brailey - 6 days ago
Is summer now i miss my boyfriend when i am writing a note to him i just put this episode
Rebeca Yac
Rebeca Yac - 7 days ago
Rebeca Yac
Rebeca Yac - 7 days ago
Listen up now listen me my girls and my fam my family
lily leadens
lily leadens - 8 days ago
Over It is the Best song of season 4!!!
Sukoluhle Moyo
Sukoluhle Moyo - 8 days ago
I Love. You
aiyannah lewis
aiyannah lewis - 8 days ago
lowkey forgot about this show after season 3 😭
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez - 8 days ago
Which one is blesiv in
Hannah Kaye
Hannah Kaye - 9 days ago
Okay robi and ellie breaking is the WORST part of this ep
Life with the Cousins
Life with the Cousins - 9 days ago
Just leave the flour baby in your locker 😂
Annaren Knickerbocker
Annaren Knickerbocker - 9 days ago
Daniela Licona
Daniela Licona - 10 days ago
Arthur’s my new fav character 😂
Analise - 10 days ago
Did Flash AND Hamilton both get hot in season four? Or is that just me? Because I and really Jealous of Kayla
Crazy girl
Crazy girl - 10 days ago
Must I have Seen the Movie?
Fast brailey
Fast brailey - 10 days ago
How does the song is called at 1:51
Halo Maori
Halo Maori - 10 days ago
Hamilton da ugliest in da world
Veronica Ramsey
Veronica Ramsey - 10 days ago
Annie/Rhyme has soo many crushes❤💜💙💚
FIRST MADE UP SONGS - 11 days ago
I feel like drake seemed really sad bc Annie (rhyme) broke up with him
FIRST MADE UP SONGS - 11 days ago
I am really mad!!! I liked when she was dating Drake
Christy X
Christy X - 11 days ago
I want Rhyme and TK to be together
Dalilah Aguayo
Dalilah Aguayo - 11 days ago
bruh i liked rhyme n drake being together🥺
Mayoismynamo 379
Mayoismynamo 379 - 11 days ago
Lol..fighting over the gender of flour😂😄😀
Valery_ Playz
Valery_ Playz - 11 days ago
Dude tell me why in the first few minutes she’s ripping out a lot of pages like save the trees 🌳 😂
Ashleycn13 - 11 days ago
When is season 5 getting out??
Jalissa babygirl
Jalissa babygirl - 12 days ago
Rhyme needs to make up her mind abt all des boys like damn🤦‍♀️😂
Evelyn Ashby
Evelyn Ashby - 12 days ago
My question is how can rhyme delete his number if he gave her his phone to type hers in
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby - 12 days ago
stay tribal
stay tribal - 12 days ago
If she was writing with pencil then y she torned that page...can anyone explain😅🤣😐😐
Suzie Mcbride
Suzie Mcbride - 13 days ago
Was spike also injured? If he wasn't why didn't he see birdy in the hospital?
Stubbs Family
Stubbs Family - 13 days ago
I love this movies
Alejandra Z
Alejandra Z - 13 days ago
omfg ! this is the best thing i’ve ever watched !😭💀💓
Unicorn Life
Unicorn Life - 14 days ago
She is just tearing a whole page..
Hello..? Ever heard of eraser?
Unicorn Life
Unicorn Life - 14 days ago
What the Frick is Logan/Luca doing here...
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales - 14 days ago
I think rhyme should go back out with tk and make season 5.
Pretty Lily
Pretty Lily - 14 days ago
We stan a guy that listens to boy problems😂👐🏻😂👐🏻
Rafaela Duarte
Rafaela Duarte - 14 days ago
Annie your frist boyfriend was tk and the it was brack then is the other doy you keep on switching boyfriend's
littlespiderplays YT
littlespiderplays YT - 14 days ago
You killed the baby😨😨😨😨😨
Chloe Caley
Chloe Caley - 15 days ago
Chloe Caley
Chloe Caley - 15 days ago
what is it w drakes striped shirt and checkered backpack
Chloe Caley
Chloe Caley - 15 days ago
ooooo drake and rooney?!?!
Kristin Vagula
Kristin Vagula - 15 days ago
I know honey, ita hard for me too *talks to flour*
Kristin Vagula
Kristin Vagula - 15 days ago
And he is sa great dad... HE IS HAMILTON lol
Kristin Vagula
Kristin Vagula - 15 days ago
Sometimes i think is TK even a real name?
Sandra Rogel
Sandra Rogel - 15 days ago
Drake got kinda ugly now
Louise Tomlinson
Louise Tomlinson - 15 days ago
When you purposely wait tell the end of the season to start watching just so you won’t end with a cliffhanger...
King 247
King 247 - 15 days ago
King 247
King 247 - 15 days ago
Why did T.K have to stay in Texas. He and rhyme were a great ship. Hope that if there's a season 5 TO comes back :)
King 247
King 247 - 16 days ago
I hope a that they make a season 5 of this!😁😁
Hailey Salisbury
Hailey Salisbury - 16 days ago
How did a guy who have a vomet flavored jellybean become. Ronnie tf
Charlie Hanson
Charlie Hanson - 16 days ago
Does anyone know the song title of the song at the beginning when Rhyme is writing to TK?
Quincy Clifford
Quincy Clifford - 17 days ago
What video software does brat use to edit shows??
Cookiegirl1000 - 17 days ago
I feel like I missed an episode. Did the season 3 marathon not include the last episode or something?
Leila Monahan
Leila Monahan - 17 days ago
Ellie is standing up for herself *finally*
emoclover666 - 17 days ago
Oh oh oh oh oh oh 😎😃😄😂
belen higuera
belen higuera - 17 days ago
thats true friends
Victoria Boakye-acheampobg
Author had meh dead 😂😂😂😂
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia - 18 days ago
Am I the only one that wants to punch Arthur in the face
Melanie L Reyna
Melanie L Reyna - 18 days ago
Johnny and Lauren's journal they're selling. If u saw it like
Super_nova Skys
Super_nova Skys - 19 days ago
When Kayla and Flash ripped that bag of flower.. that’s the tea ☕️
Brookyln Queen
Brookyln Queen - 19 days ago
Brookyln Queen
Brookyln Queen - 19 days ago
thx for liking am i right
heyy its kayla!
heyy its kayla! - 19 days ago
Ewe drake is ugly his hair tho 😬
heyy its kayla!
heyy its kayla! - 19 days ago
I think this would be good:
Asher should come on chicken girls ! Bucause annie and Asher *ARE* dating in real life .
jaffa angel
jaffa angel - 19 days ago
Dose anyone else think quin is is mc kenzie
Gacha _pink27
Gacha _pink27 - 20 days ago
Wait........WAIT WHAT! omg I just relized when Ezra said he used to go to Millwood , I realized that total eclipse tale place at Millwood!!!!! So what Im trying to say is that they might collab!!!!!Omg! And Millwood and Attaway are rivals!!! We have jhonny/sam with mckenzie/cassie vs annie/ryhme with hayden/ T.K........well tk kinda left but .......ya!
RozeeneM Hernandez
RozeeneM Hernandez - 20 days ago
I think ellie's quite dumb to break up with Robbie
Adeline Jesserer
Adeline Jesserer - 20 days ago
aeuthor has me falling out of my bed laughfing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charlotte F
Charlotte F - 20 days ago
Robby just got home from tour and his girlfriend broke up w/ him!! I feel sooo bad!!
Bailey Eller
Bailey Eller - 21 day ago
Ezra and rhyme to start dating
brigiey - 21 day ago
iiashleaa xo
iiashleaa xo - 21 day ago
*waves* text us! Arthur kills me
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