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Gena Woodward
Gena Woodward - 2 hours ago
Plz make a jojo cake 🎂 plz
Adria Bowman
Adria Bowman - 7 hours ago
Cutesizenina - 9 hours ago
My husband thinks im tiny! But im a size s and 4! Welll im not that tiny after alll lol
Cutesizenina - 9 hours ago
Omgggg! My 11 yeard old daughter wears a juniors medium!!!
Varshagururaj J
Varshagururaj J - 13 hours ago
happppy birthday To❤❤💕
Maria Salmeron
Maria Salmeron - Day ago
My bd
Bitsy Tandem
Bitsy Tandem - Day ago
I knew Ro was small but I didn't realize exactly how small until this video!👀 I used to think I was small at 5'2"... I guess I was wrong! My mind is blown😅
Hayley Ponce
Hayley Ponce - Day ago
I am 4 foot 8 and I am 10
Anisha sharma
Anisha sharma - 2 days ago
Ro: I can fit in a kids size 10 Me: Wow you are so small I am kids size 14 and I am not even 10 years old
Z͟e͟p͟p͟y͟ B͟o͟y͟1
Ro i can relate im an 11 year old and im a size like 6-7
csmita1 - 3 days ago
my clothe size is bigger than hers and im 9 lol
csmita1 - 3 days ago
no offense but that was the worst squat ive ever seen happy bday love you
Hoda Ahmad
Hoda Ahmad - 3 days ago
deedee wilson
deedee wilson - 3 days ago
Her bday is 2 days before mine
Kim Spohn
Kim Spohn - 3 days ago
When mike pulled out the baby dress I laughed my head off. The hood makes Ro look like a Jedi 🤣
Amiel Laxamana
Amiel Laxamana - 3 days ago
The second outfit makes you look like K-pop idol I'm impressed
Lea_ Createz
Lea_ Createz - 4 days ago
when blueberry fell asleep i cried SOOOO CUTEEE
Jossan V
Jossan V - 4 days ago
Husky did really good tho.. id let him buy my clothes
Ü Senpai Bambï Ü
Ü Senpai Bambï Ü - 4 days ago
Omg happy late birthday! QwQ but wow 0 doesnt fit you ;-;
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin - 4 days ago
I am Jaycee Addison Martin do you know jojo siwa
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin - 4 days ago
You look so cute that you are. beautiful
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin - 4 days ago
I love you
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin - 4 days ago
Were do you live
Marcelle Swanson
Marcelle Swanson - 4 days ago
Happy birthday 😍😘
comfort ogunyemi
comfort ogunyemi - 4 days ago
Happy birthday Ro 🎂🍰
hope Constant
hope Constant - 4 days ago
Happy birthday ro💖💖💖💖 love your videos
Tia Broxton
Tia Broxton - 5 days ago
Blueberry sleeping in huskys arms was so cute!!!!
KawaiiFox - 5 days ago
If the character is 一角 than it says narwhal
Genesis Luna
Genesis Luna - 6 days ago
When she put on the Jojo Siwa outfit, she looked like a lolita doll
Creepella Von
Creepella Von - 6 days ago
I love how blueberry is trying to chew on everything
cxllmekian K
cxllmekian K - 6 days ago
Hi jojo😇
laney Hesse
laney Hesse - 6 days ago
gets a child costume and bow---says its the best present
Michelle Blanco
Michelle Blanco - 6 days ago
HaPpY bIrThDaY! 🍭🍭🍭🎂🍨🍦🍮🍩
Teresa Pedersen
Teresa Pedersen - 6 days ago
My daughter's birthday is June 8th
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis - 7 days ago
I LOVE Hottopic!!!!!!! xD
Suman dadhich
Suman dadhich - 7 days ago
Happy birthday to you 🤗🤗
Obsessions Unlimited
Obsessions Unlimited - 7 days ago
Not hating, but I'm 13 and I can fit into XS in Forever 21 and I'm underweight too 😂 i relate to Rosanna
Niranjana J
Niranjana J - 7 days ago
That hooded cardigan literally reminded me of darth sidious
Sarah Fields
Sarah Fields - 9 days ago
12:53 had me DYING!!!!!!
Eva Caro
Eva Caro - 11 days ago
Trending in the 90’s
Payton Anderson
Payton Anderson - 11 days ago
I am 13 and I don't even fit into 0s.
Katrina Ross
Katrina Ross - 11 days ago
I love you guys you make such a cute couple
Katrina Ross
Katrina Ross - 11 days ago
Happy birthday🎂🎂🎂🎂
nozipo Phiri
nozipo Phiri - 12 days ago
my birthday is also on 8 June
Vivienne Swift
Vivienne Swift - 13 days ago
She says “ army greem! Haha! Go to 9:34
Ilia Beriashvili
Ilia Beriashvili - 13 days ago
I'm new to you're channel!💎💗👍
PurpleZebra9891416 - 13 days ago
i love ro's attitude so much!
videofan77 -Louise
videofan77 -Louise - 14 days ago
You two are literally the cutest
Kyla Abalon
Kyla Abalon - 14 days ago
i have the same birthday as you AND i cant even wear a kids large either hahahaha. and my size is a 00
Kyla Abalon
Kyla Abalon - 14 days ago
me and my twin sister have the same birthday as you!!!
Jocelyn Nicolas
Jocelyn Nicolas - 14 days ago
Happy birthday 🎂🎁🎉🎈 wish u the best
Neqo_ ortz
Neqo_ ortz - 15 days ago
I was so shook when I read GUCCI 😂😂,I was like.. is that a real GUCCI or is it just a prank...
Elisa Chindris
Elisa Chindris - 15 days ago
ro you look good in anything!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal time
Crystal time - 15 days ago
Mai Tomugachi
Mai Tomugachi - 17 days ago
I love the fact that you're only 4'10 because I am 17 and only 4'6. Us short girls need to stay together. Btw love your vids, and you just got a new subscriber. 😙
yourlipbalm - 17 days ago
Happy birthday 🤗
Fernanda Silvestre
Fernanda Silvestre - 17 days ago
Happy birthday to you ro!
KoalaCam And Co - Kids Entertainment
you should do a thing called rovember
Keke aka
Keke aka - 17 days ago
What is the brand of the sweater that ro wears at the beginning of video?
Emma That one weird nerd
Emma That one weird nerd - 18 days ago
(I don’t think those shorts are holo but I’m just a triggered holosexual so what does my opinion matter?)
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