TAEYEON 태연 '사계 (Four Seasons)' MV

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D P - 42 minutes ago
Please stay strong! Good song! Best luck recovering from depression.
rexy full
rexy full - 50 minutes ago
I gave you the world
Reskina Julpa
Reskina Julpa - Hour ago
Taeyeon good voice 💕😭
Sharulnizal Nizal
Sharulnizal Nizal - 4 hours ago
I really need a TAEYEON x V(bts) collaboration
Castiel Winchester
Castiel Winchester - 6 hours ago
i havent listened to many of her songs but this really drew me in
Linh Linh
Linh Linh - 7 hours ago
so fucking good
Shippermatic - 11 hours ago
rexy full
rexy full - 11 hours ago
Love this song forever
Sin ChanMoninuth
Sin ChanMoninuth - 11 hours ago
20.3M fighting for Queen😍💪
Sin ChanMoninuth
Sin ChanMoninuth - 11 hours ago
Queen taeyeon😍
Ayndda Lieska
Ayndda Lieska - 12 hours ago
태연 언니 힘내세요❤ 사랑해요 ❤
20000 Subscriber Man with little videos
How many people have a crush on Taeyeon 1 like one person.
Ai Sri Anggraeni
Ai Sri Anggraeni - 15 hours ago
Saranghae from indonesia💛💛
김연자 - 17 hours ago
丁怡文 - 17 hours ago
I love u
Chloe Amber
Chloe Amber - 22 hours ago
Queen ❤️❤️
lea minguta
lea minguta - Day ago
We love you from mexico
Its Lids
Its Lids - Day ago
Taeyeon is a queen I hope she is happy again soon and others stop targeting her
Alia Najiha
Alia Najiha - Day ago
stay strong taeyeon! Lord is not cruel 💪🏻 keep going and we always love you ❤️
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno - Day ago
Kayaknya Taeyeon pemegang rekor all kill terpanjang di tahun 2019 ini deh. Adakah informasi terbarunya?
BLackpink, Twice, Red Velvet , Lee hi , chungha aja pada susah dapat all kill
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno - Day ago
675k like
Thúy Lê
Thúy Lê - Day ago
Hay quá 🇰🇷❤❤❤❤
Lamyy Jj
Lamyy Jj - Day ago
Love from HK
Trang Nguyễn
Trang Nguyễn - Day ago
Queen 👑👑👑
Patrick Doctolero
Patrick Doctolero - Day ago
Taeyeon is suffering from depression. Everyone who reads this, please go to her IG and leave an encouraging comment. Thanks.
Viên Nguyễn Thùy
Taeyeonnnnnn 💞💞💞💞
dandy lave
dandy lave - Day ago
collins pocket
collins pocket - Day ago
Waiting for Taeyeon 2nd Full Album.
SONE for GG - Day ago
Taeyeon queen
N Q - Day ago
Bốn Mùa => Việt Bắc ???
:< Cảm thấy rất vã với bác Nhạ.
Sin ChanMoninuth
Sin ChanMoninuth - Day ago
20.2M fighting
Lyannie Bodilla
Lyannie Bodilla - Day ago
All hail to the Queen!!! 👑 Love you Tae! Always and Forever! 💓 keep shining the brightest like the way you are! And please always remember you are loved ‘just the way you are’ GBU! 🙏🏻
SONE for GG - 2 days ago
My queen
Elf Y
Elf Y - 2 days ago
My fav Taeyeon song 💜
Carl Singson
Carl Singson - 2 days ago
when Taeyeon said the song will hit 10 million views but sike it's already 20 million
Martin 81
Martin 81 - 2 days ago
Taeyeon make always amazing mv's ❤👍❤
주디 - 2 days ago
Alaura Alexandra
Alaura Alexandra - 2 days ago
I can’t believe I didn’t know this song existed skskksksk
AntimatterJC - 2 days ago
I recommend to watch the live version: m.ruvideos.org/U4n5OEwBlMw-video.html I'm sure you will enjoyed even more 😉.
SS501 H.Y.S
SS501 H.Y.S - 2 days ago
you gave me the kpop
AY Studios
AY Studios - 2 days ago
Congrats Taeyeon on 20m+!
Verónica Arévalo
Verónica Arévalo - 2 days ago
taeyeon really doesn't know what is it like to have a bad song
Buzzard Crew
Buzzard Crew - Day ago
That doesn't even make any sense!
Lin Khay Main Sai
Lin Khay Main Sai - 2 days ago
Love you four seasons, no doubt.
Erb-Ferb ineas-Pherb
Erb-Ferb ineas-Pherb - 2 days ago
get well soon my girl
Deni Diana
Deni Diana - 2 days ago
Mantap mamank :v hiyahhhh asek asek tumpak diding jossss aweu aweeuuuuu....
Dearka Elsman
Dearka Elsman - 2 days ago
Teayeon i like your Songs, hwaiting. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Sarah Behanzin
Sarah Behanzin - 3 days ago
kusum aththanayaka
kusum aththanayaka - 3 days ago
Anyone Nolza
Anyone Nolza - 3 days ago
Infires man Infires
Infires man Infires - 3 days ago
Our Taeng please stay strong❤️
You have worked hard and we are proud of you❤️
cyndy hiu
cyndy hiu - 2 days ago
We always beside you and support you ❤❤❤
됴됴오리 - 3 days ago
진짜와..사랑해요!!노래 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠ
YouGotYesJam - 3 days ago
Taeyoen voice always the best!
I'm a multifandom but everyone Hyungwon is my bias
20 106 318 congrats 20M sones
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno - 3 days ago
674k like now
Christine Joy Buslon
Christine Joy Buslon - 3 days ago
She's totally a queen...taeyeon unnie deserve it
Salma Hassan
Salma Hassan - 3 days ago
조재훈 - 3 days ago
노래 좋네요~~^^
칵퉷 - 3 days ago
START 시작!0:17
cyndy hiu
cyndy hiu - 3 days ago
💖💖💖 20,099,980 💖💖💖 22/6 ( +354,336 )
Minstty Kim
Minstty Kim - 3 days ago
i love you
Haeven Harper De Valyer
cc cc
cc cc - 3 days ago
i love you
이현수남 - 3 days ago
2019.6.22 쇼음악중심 6위
syahrizan ijan
syahrizan ijan - 3 days ago
New record : 20M Congrats 21M soon
Check Out Yoona New song Summer Night
Lil touch st3eaming everytime!
Focus on Twinkle and Mr Mr too almost 100M
And vote snsd in oh music awards
an nguyen
an nguyen - 3 days ago
Arwa lghnmi
Arwa lghnmi - 3 days ago
Jocelyn Eng Cy
Jocelyn Eng Cy - 3 days ago
Tae Yeon queen you should keep it up, don't be too care about someone people who need to destroy you heart or your feelings. You just do it yourself become a happy and healthy person. I hope you will comeback with health and strong. So be strong Tae Yeon unnie I love you always.....💪
Treadstone Operative
Treadstone Operative - 3 days ago
*SNSD MV Views Projects As Of 22 June 2019:*
*Congratulations to SNSD and SONEs! Taeyeon's Four Seasons MV has reached 20,068,139 views! This means SNSD, including group, subunits, and solos, now officially have 41 music videos each surpassing 20 million views! Thank you to everyone who have helped to contribute to this amazing milestone!*
*Let's try to complete even more milestone projects listed below for the beautiful growth of SNSD! Fighting!*

*SNSD 11th 100M MV Project:*

TTS Twinkle 84,295,985 views (15.8M to 100M milestone)
SNSD Mr Mr 81,449,210 views (18.6M to 100M milestone)

*SNSD Group MVs:*
SNSD All My Love Is For You 29,983,580 views (17k to 30M milestone)
tutitaxd - 3 days ago
Tae tae please stay strong, i love you and support you forever, fighting!! 💙
cyndy hiu
cyndy hiu - 2 days ago
Fighting 💙💙💙
Taengoo - 3 days ago
🔓20 mil
Sones we finally did it!!!🖤🖤🖤
Mark Ongotan
Mark Ongotan - 3 days ago
Mark Ongotan
Mark Ongotan - 3 days ago
Bangtan Squad Official
Bangtan Squad Official - 4 days ago
I love the way she pronounce "Shakespeare" ....
jaky alip
jaky alip - 4 days ago
20M ❤️❤️
Jojo Iek
Jojo Iek - 4 days ago
keep fighting taeyeon! i know this is stressful but we will always stand by your side
Viên Nguyễn Thùy
Viên Nguyễn Thùy - 4 days ago
arum - 4 days ago
xiluvlifex - 4 days ago
During the low tide, your songs have been with me. Now,we will accompany you and protect you. If you want to do whatever you like, we will always love you💜💜💜I hope I can give all purple around the world.😁😘
低潮期的时候是你的歌声陪我度过的,现在到我们来陪你,保护你,什么都好就做自己喜欢的就可以了,我们会一直爱你的噢💖#taeyeonfighting #sonelovetaeyeon
Hyun Kim
Hyun Kim - 4 days ago
We love you Taeyeon😘...do whatever will make u happy..your happiness definitely sone happiness😘..your smile always bright my day life💖..u are the great fighter💪💖
Joven Barbadillo
Joven Barbadillo - 4 days ago
20 million views.
your the queen.. !! 😄😍😘😋😗😘🤗 #taeyeon unnie!
이다파국 - 4 days ago
난 왜 이노래를 옛날에 들은거같지...
rexy full
rexy full - 4 days ago
The four Seasons come and go
Алима Осмонова
But my love for Taeyeon still with me.
Wa shi
Wa shi - 4 days ago
Taeyeon noona.... Fighting ❤👍👍
Gabriela Sacoto
Gabriela Sacoto - 4 days ago
Taeyon you are the best forget what the rest say about you remember that we are the ones who love you
이현수남 - 4 days ago
2019.6.21 무직뱅크 8위♥♥
TMA TMA - 4 days ago
cantiiikkkkkk sekaaaaliiiiiii
Hwang Tiffany
Hwang Tiffany - 4 days ago
Happy 20M ❤️
syahrizan ijan
syahrizan ijan - 4 days ago
Congrats 20M ! Next 30M she deserved it
only taeyeon
only taeyeon - 4 days ago
20M 👏🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊❤
Yatno Yatno
Yatno Yatno - 4 days ago
Congratulation for Four Season 20million
Kim TaeNy
Kim TaeNy - 4 days ago
20m view 🥰🥰🥰🥰
SONE TaeYeon
SONE TaeYeon - 4 days ago
landy kang
landy kang - 4 days ago
💜💜💜 💜💜💜 💜💜💜
SONE for GG - 4 days ago
20M 💕
나영 김
나영 김 - 4 days ago
제대로 뮤뷔는 처음보는데 노래가 너무 좋내요!!
Assadawut Ruethaingamying
Assadawut Ruethaingamying
This song is so good!!!!
陈wy - 4 days ago
We always love you, always support you, never give up❤️❤️
Keep streaming SONE
Sylveyeon - 4 days ago
I feel like in make me love you she was a spring fairy, and now she's an autumn queen...💕
lovely taeng
lovely taeng - 4 days ago
Wow 20M!!!👏👏
Jumi Junii
Jumi Junii - 4 days ago
Let's go sones, 21m is coming
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