40 442
bibi932 - 5 days ago
Does anyone have the link to purchase this supply drop ?
Tommy Breward
Tommy Breward - 5 days ago
Tommy Breward
Tommy Breward - 5 days ago
Ghoul_mete 55
Ghoul_mete 55 - 10 days ago
Who like it more too if daquan plays solo ?
Ghoul_mete 55
Ghoul_mete 55 - 10 days ago
Mum come here i killed daquan mum come get the camera i killed daquen omg mum 😂
Nicoxcox Silva
Nicoxcox Silva - 11 days ago
Arriba ; arriba ¡¡¡
Keirat Chandra
Keirat Chandra - 12 days ago
This is cheating dae really needs to stop using weapons he might get banned
gtjr236 - 15 days ago
Suppresed pistol
Suppresd Scar
Suppresed sniper
Suppresed SMG
And next: a suppresed shot gun
Erratic C
Erratic C - 16 days ago
Sentencia - 17 days ago
Jers Thrash
Jers Thrash - 25 days ago
What was the music for the toys in the intro
CHICKEN .Y - 25 days ago
Daequan is a God
Jj You
Jj You - 25 days ago
Remember daequan when fortnite vaults all weapons
NoVlog - 25 days ago
I guess those toys are 4:3 stretched
Mr ColaBTW
Mr ColaBTW - 26 days ago
2:26 is just satisfying
Random ass Chanel With no videos
You should try pump + Flint knock + pump
1,000 Subscribers No Content
Who else heard Murda on my mind on the gameplay start
Alijiah Davis
Alijiah Davis - 26 days ago
Dae got no place to talk about fps unless its console players because he dipped below 60 in the tilted fight
Madden Gower
Madden Gower - 26 days ago
2:54 suicide bomber
Mikhail Couch
Mikhail Couch - 26 days ago
The gun is good if u hit a head shot it is like 126
Junior Delgado
Junior Delgado - 26 days ago
Petty sure I found it out first.I found it out the first day it came out
Michael Jaeger
Michael Jaeger - 26 days ago
First 3 words when daequan was a baby: toes, doodoo, and bop
Lissette Diaz
Lissette Diaz - 26 days ago
BLG YT - 26 days ago
Pump deagle is fun too change my mind
Ma Temple
Ma Temple - 26 days ago
You’re good👋
johnathan tucker
johnathan tucker - 26 days ago
2:50 suicide bomber 😂
XLegxnd - 26 days ago
Im an underrated console player that uploads daily any support would be highly appreciated
EKFC Nation
EKFC Nation - 27 days ago
Torquoise Torquoise
Torquoise Torquoise - 27 days ago
Daeqaun give me free skins😀😀😀😀😀
Axel #1
Axel #1 - 27 days ago
тяєѕѕ 。
тяєѕѕ 。 - 27 days ago
0:31 oh nigga :v
dat boi mil Beasley
dat boi mil Beasley - 27 days ago
Wit yo big 360 sniper no scope head ass boi
Roberto Aguirre
Roberto Aguirre - 27 days ago
I be bopping folks with it
BlaDE Pros
BlaDE Pros - 27 days ago
reeee noo
hello tsm double pump
MrBabyjack519 - 27 days ago
Your the best dae
I really wish I could play with you
The Legendary Hammer
The Legendary Hammer - 27 days ago
My teacher told me to make a report on anybody I wanted to and I made one on you you're my favorite fortnite streamer
NightMod - 27 days ago
Tell me one gun Dae can't handle
Tasteful_Noodle - 27 days ago
Why don't you play with myth or hamlizs dude
REDDRAGON_ BEAST - 27 days ago
I hate daequan he’s such a bot
isaiah ramirez
isaiah ramirez - 27 days ago
That's is close to my birthday in April 15 days
David Pinela
David Pinela - 27 days ago
I like how he used a grey AR the whole time and still got a 16 bomb😂😂
Mr Potato
Mr Potato - 27 days ago
Since when is double pump back
Mystic Lurk
Mystic Lurk - 27 days ago
You tryna stick up for pokimane saying nigga?
Stephanie Salazar'syou a
Stephanie Salazar'syou a - 27 days ago
Jakemaster 7070
Jakemaster 7070 - 27 days ago
Who else is watching the at 10:30pm
Tropical_Ram YT
Tropical_Ram YT - 27 days ago
daquan ur the best at fortnite
Katt Robles
Katt Robles - 27 days ago
Yo use code tsm deaquan in the item shop
69_RenegadeRaider_69 - 27 days ago
I want renegade raider figure
itsyuboy lewis99
itsyuboy lewis99 - 27 days ago
Summer Straham
Summer Straham - 27 days ago
I'm in gon a nese
Jozie the G
Jozie the G - 27 days ago
Its deaquan's toy review.
Ghost Kovan
Ghost Kovan - 27 days ago
Subscribe me
Tina Giunta
Tina Giunta - 27 days ago
i am going to eAT YOUR DIG
ᴍᴀʙᴇᴀɴᴀʟᴛ // ᴍᴄᴘᴇ
*mirder on my mind in the back ground love that song*
Aurelio Pagan
Aurelio Pagan - 28 days ago
Daequan u hit those but that gray ar😰🤭🤭👿
Party Aleks
Party Aleks - 28 days ago
get ya bag king
Mr.Panda 1325
Mr.Panda 1325 - 28 days ago
Daquan is now a toy review channel
Hamza Dualfoqar
Hamza Dualfoqar - 28 days ago
This nibba so balck i can't even see him
Aim_Niki - 28 days ago
What ist the music?
TDe_ Slymy
TDe_ Slymy - 28 days ago
The start was so cringy
Leelynn Sliman
Leelynn Sliman - 28 days ago
Flick knock is just deagle with more uses
Henry Griffin
Henry Griffin - 28 days ago
Y’all niggas do anything for money 😂
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca Hernandez - 28 days ago
if you crouch with the flint lock you won't fling back
Colin Edenborough
Colin Edenborough - 28 days ago
I like that intro tho
Julissa Barba
Julissa Barba - 28 days ago
The friend the you almost always play with makes me think he is your brother
Julissa Barba
Julissa Barba - 26 days ago
Bruh your the most bot person I see REDD and who puts that name it's a person who's a bot.
REDDRAGON_ BEAST - 27 days ago
Julissa Barba your a bot
Gustavo Mejia
Gustavo Mejia - 28 days ago
Lol that’s funny I tried that tactic before I watched the video and I said it was op in my head
Montri Sawangmon
Montri Sawangmon - 28 days ago
Dude faking gay
Dash Sweeney
Dash Sweeney - 28 days ago
I call the flint lock aimbot
Big Mike
Big Mike - 28 days ago
Whats that song in the backround
JECHT-OMAR MENDOZA - 28 days ago
What’s that song in the beginning when he was showing the skin figures?
Lc aa
Lc aa - 28 days ago
BOP BOP 2 seconds later OOF what do ya mean!
Nisey Ross
Nisey Ross - 28 days ago
Were they stream sniping??:3
Ghost J
Ghost J - 28 days ago
My guy got 5mil
Classik :/
Classik :/ - 28 days ago
The Gaming Kid
The Gaming Kid - 28 days ago
Yeeooo I dead ass was wondering if dae quit I have notifications on n haven’t gotten notifications in a 2 months
Dylan Bright
Dylan Bright - 28 days ago
Did anyone here murder on my mind at the start of him playing?
Obey Freeze
Obey Freeze - 28 days ago
Ok u gotta be kiddn me wit tge intro his voice when hes saying the names of the skins😂😂
aka skrrpy
aka skrrpy - 28 days ago
that *deep voice* at the begging
Taje_ Poppin
Taje_ Poppin - 28 days ago
wild and fun clips
wild and fun clips - 28 days ago
Who said dae can’t snipe
Jade Louise
Jade Louise - 29 days ago
Love u far been here since 20k
KenJi Punch
KenJi Punch - 29 days ago
I like you daequan
Sherak Ohanyan
Sherak Ohanyan - 29 days ago
My ping is 170
Sherak Ohanyan
Sherak Ohanyan - 29 days ago
He’s faking ping is 1 2 7 4 OMG 😮
Hello Person
Hello Person - 27 days ago
Dude you act like its rare😑😑 I went a 0-6 ping all day
DrippJutsuu - 29 days ago
What is that beat the beginning
Chauncey Baskerville
Chauncey Baskerville - 29 days ago
Relic - 29 days ago
The toys look so cheap
Kzi - 29 days ago
0:54 Spooked..
Kierxn _Stuxrt _
Kierxn _Stuxrt _ - 29 days ago
When you said you couldn’t go down you could the option doesn’t pop up tho
Calvin Adams
Calvin Adams - 29 days ago
The into is most gay stuff I've ever Seen especially for a streamer like him
REDDRAGON_ BEAST - 27 days ago
Your a bot
Gaming Wit Dev
Gaming Wit Dev - 29 days ago
Dam daequan like how u tried to make ur voice deeper
Philip Lee
Philip Lee - 29 days ago
Should've called jonesy tfue😂
Rihanna_ A
Rihanna_ A - 29 days ago
What the name of the background music at the start?
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson - 26 days ago
Rihanna_ A Lakey Inspired- Better days
Stev Mm
Stev Mm - 29 days ago
اكل خرة زبال
The poke block
The poke block - 29 days ago
He took a full 1 and a half minutes to talk about the lam... LITTEST THING EVER MY DUDES *dabs in harambe*
REDDRAGON_ BEAST - 27 days ago
The poke block your a bot that suck pepe
trippie redd
trippie redd - 29 days ago
0:54 YOU DIED😂😂
SYN XII - 29 days ago
Daequan got bitch hands
Kayla Mcafee
Kayla Mcafee - 29 days ago
Notice he is playing murder on my mine by ynw melly
gamingwithjay 10
gamingwithjay 10 - 29 days ago
I hear murder on my mind
Deadbeat Parent 2
Deadbeat Parent 2 - 29 days ago
What’s beat in the beginning
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson - 26 days ago
Deadbeat Parent 2 Lakey Inspired- Better Days
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