Pat Riley to the Lakers rumors are picking up steam - Stephen A. | First Take

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Bridget Johnson
Bridget Johnson - Month ago
I love tony
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada - Month ago
If you don't think it's going to happen, Stephen A., then WHY throw it out there?? He's part owner of the Heat, he'd have to sell it, I believe it's 5%, so ownership would have to be at least 10%, maybe more. Go ahead, Jeanie, put your money where your mouth is, make him a minority owner. It won't make a difference. During LeBron's time with LA, they will NOT win a championship no matter who is running the team. It took Joe Lacob 5 YEARS before the Warriors became champions. Think about that for a minute. It's not easy.
Boss Hog Zoomer
Boss Hog Zoomer - Month ago
Pat Riley and Phil Jackson dont get along. Phil will,if he already hasn't advise Jeannie not to bring Pat in. The Lakers have the mgmt team they want. Will it work? I dont it. The have created a situation that doesn't maximize the best interest of the organization. Its nolonger the Lakers. This is reflective in no free agents wanting to come.
khennagin - Month ago
Wow I can't believe all bull that coming out of your mouth right now.
Wodz30 - Month ago
Jeanie Buss's BIG SPLASH was making a no experience executive into the fucking President of the Lakers

Steven Lee
Steven Lee - Month ago
Whatever happened too real sports reporting this is just a bunch of people with no substance talking crap and get off jerry west balls lol
Delton Coakley
Delton Coakley - 2 months ago
lol - 2 months ago
D Wade have 3 rings in Miami but never been a highest pay under patopat Riley. It’s a shame. For the last 3 yrs , I guess DWade has the lowest pay,
lol - 2 months ago
Pat Riley and Lebumm!
OMG. This is gonna be a Super Drama Lakers.
charismatic9904 - 2 months ago
I'm being told SAS is leaving ESPN for PBS.
charismatic9904 - 2 months ago
Such bullshit. More fake shit.
Im a straight guy and I'll say this. No chance in hell riley leaves..if he did, i will blow everyone on the internet.
Jason Tidd
Jason Tidd - 2 months ago
And QUEEN JAMES couldn't handle having the great Jerry West in the Lakers front office cause even Jerry West would pick apart QUEEN JAMES in everything he's doing wrong
Why is Molly still there?
Terence Smith
Terence Smith - 2 months ago
If any team wants to stop GS they better pick some of those guys from that team and break them up...LeBron should worried about Clay Thompson,and Livingston...instead of kawai or kyrie or AD....and get pat riley or spolstras!
Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia - 2 months ago
Won't matter.. LeBron is a control freak.. toxic.. and office personal is better off having Steve wonder as GM .
P J - 2 months ago
Molly shut the fck up
MexiKing74 - 2 months ago
anthony w
anthony w - 2 months ago
How did the Lakers not secure Jerry West,Pat Riley,Phil Jackson..............all Lakers......

Thats' the problem......Jerry West should have been a lifelong -Highly paid laker front office CEO......
tony simmons
tony simmons - 2 months ago
Jeanie called Pat, told him she wants him & will pay him anything he wants.
Pat asked Jeanie that if he takes the job can he hire his own GM & coach,
Jeanie's responded NO!
Pat said thanks but NO THANKS!
PASSION - 2 months ago
All the speculation means nothing. They’re getting paid to hype shit up that’s not even true. These talkshows are just too opinionated from people can’t even play the sport, from people never played a sport before, from people who were not good at playing the sport before and it’s fucking pathetic
F.O.E Fitness
F.O.E Fitness - 2 months ago
Max has a hard job working with Stephen whether it’s admitted or not. The man hardly gets to finish a point without Stephen jumping back in after he’s talked for the longest.
F.O.E Fitness
F.O.E Fitness - 2 months ago
O....M....G! Stephen A. Will you shut the hell up and let SOMEBODY ELSE GET A WORD IN!?! I mean damn you speak for 6 years and someone else starts talking and we here you say time out. WTH? I just can’t...where’s Undisputed?
Loony T
Loony T - 2 months ago
Another day another band of bronsexuals begging people to quit they jobs to come help lebron
MarvelAgeofComics - 2 months ago
I would love to see riley put lebron in check.
John Doe
John Doe - 2 months ago
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John Doe
John Doe - 2 months ago
Miami is where I’m from n pat not leaving
Diego Duarte
Diego Duarte - 2 months ago
This is not journalism, it's pure gossip!
T-Tyme - 2 months ago
I love the idea of mixing the talk show host. Do this more often ESPN. Money!
Christophe Bergmans
Christophe Bergmans - 2 months ago
Pat Riley as GM and Popovitch as coach 😂
Carolyn Boiss
Carolyn Boiss - 2 months ago
People Jerry West is 80 f****** years old... why the hell do they keep talking about bringing him back to the Lakers??? To do what
??? sit in the rocking chair??? come on man ... where are all the Jerry West disciples????
Turn the organization over to LeBron James AND his management team... the Man has been in the league 15 years... He knows how to run everything...
I say let LeBron run the team for the next three years... take whoever He suggests and if they don't win in the next 3 years ... it's on Him...
pepsitruck - 2 months ago
You're right. He knows how to run everything...into the ground.
Carolyn Boiss
Carolyn Boiss - 2 months ago
LeBron doesn't need no damn coach he coach his damn self he's a greatest of all time
1cooksnmrcs - 2 months ago
Hi Molly! :)
Benjamin Thornton
Benjamin Thornton - 2 months ago
Really pat riley?? Yall just bring up anything for content,,why would pat riley leave Miami a team he damn near control and run to go coach the Lakers, what sense do that make
Miami 808
Miami 808 - 2 months ago
Great roundtable discussion, especially with Wilbon and Stephen A. The only thing missing to make it perfect was if Molly would have brought homemade sandwiches for them.
Anakin Flow
Anakin Flow - 2 months ago
aint NO WAY riley leaving miami ... he owns piece of the heat ... lakers gota give him piece of that and jeanie bus gota give him piece of her pie too lol to even make him consider it lol
C. J.
C. J. - 2 months ago
PTI has a new format? Interesting
HCM 619
HCM 619 - 2 months ago
David Horne
David Horne - 2 months ago
Why is Pat stalking LeBron he still upset LeBron left maima
TheNamesDitto - 2 months ago
If this does happen, those twigs like Kuz, Ball and Ingram are gonna be shredded by next season. Pat imposed that 9% BF max and it did wonders for their team.
nplovingham - 2 months ago
just makin up stuff - talkin heads!
SNAKE - 2 months ago
Pat Riley could have saved the titanic
Katie Rae
Katie Rae - 2 months ago
Man people be laffin at Stephen a that niggas a clown
53mango - 2 months ago
large enough shovel hasn't been invented, that could handle this shyte
53mango - 2 months ago
Playoffs and you people are talking about a train wreck , what a joke is LeBron paying you all ?
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR - 2 months ago
Phil "Zen" Jackson
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez - 2 months ago
You guys sounds like highschool students at lunch. Lul.
Habibur Rahman
Habibur Rahman - 2 months ago
Enough with lakers already, lebron is old and they are not winning anything before lebron retires
Jack Su
Jack Su - 2 months ago
Why would Pat leave Miami to rejoin up with the diva?
Hes got a good thing going in Miami with a major offseason coming up next year. Why would he go to Lakers to delay a rebuild longer?
Ryneek Timms
Ryneek Timms - 2 months ago
A lie
Druovanni Defoe
Druovanni Defoe - 2 months ago
ESPN at it AGAIN smdh..!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Let's dragggg the Lakers from outside the Playoffs into a segment at any and all costs..!!😂😂😂
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