Why Thanos Should Fear Iron Man Most

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Looper - 2 months ago
There's something to that left arm theory.
THUNDER Gaming - 29 days ago
Your right he just disentigrated thanos and his army
Batman - Month ago
@D.H. Sayers This comment is EXTREMELY ironic now.
John William Camitan
John William Camitan - Month ago
@Mr.ChickenMan Say what? Your theory?
Chandler Scaringia
Chandler Scaringia - Month ago
NerdOracle Iron Man is dead and that is the best thing that could of happened. Now maybe when the MCU introduces the F4 Starks won’t be the one to invent their suits because Reed Richards isn’t smart enough or you won’t get an Easter egg shot of the Silver Surfers board being constructed on his table. Marvel is deep in characters and story so I’m sorry that it kinda pisses me off that the universe revolves around Ironman. Just for the record Ironman did not create Ultron solo either. There was a certain Hank Pym the Ant-man involved in it also.
Chandler Scaringia
Chandler Scaringia - Month ago
Numpy good, about time
Hero •
Hero • - 3 days ago
Alternate ending 12.583.504:
Thanos: I am inevitable
**looks at the gauntlet**
Stark: And I am... Iron Man
Stark: Wait why is nothing happening
**looks at gauntlet**
Stark: who stole all my -beans- *stones* ni🅱🅱a
Thanos: Reality stone b**ch
*Thanos snaps everyone dies again*
The End.
TXP9 - 5 days ago
There’s actually nothing to that left arm theory, having seen endgame.
MISSILDA Offical - 9 days ago
2014 thanos : snaps
2024 Iron man : UNO reverse card
There’s Someone Behind You
“And what I predicted came to pass”
The Earth Is Bread
The Earth Is Bread - 15 days ago
I’m impressed by how accurate this video is.
Windy City Baseball
Windy City Baseball - 17 days ago
Yeah...bout this...
Dest Edits
Dest Edits - 19 days ago
why thanos *SHOULD HAVE* feared iron man the most.
Haris Rayyan
Haris Rayyan - 19 days ago
We love you 3000 iron man
Ginko - 21 day ago
Sadly the improvements in the suit since Infinity War weren't that noticeable. And Iron Man was barely able to stand a Thanos without stones (so I would say it was even more weak).
The only thing that stood out was his genus in those last second in which he performed that stealing trick.
Ypsi the Flintsider
Ypsi the Flintsider - 21 day ago
Thanos was actively using stones in the fight lol. And Tony's just a smart dude. A suit isn't going to bring him to god level.
RLG Llama BOIS adventure
So if doctor strange saw the future in infinity war then future then why did he just choose for tony to die. I know why he didn’t tell tony but couldn’t he just tell tony when he wore the gauntlet and snapped he would die.
Kobe Shirley
Kobe Shirley - 22 days ago
Why do you end all your statements with an upward inflection? Super annoying
Domingo - 23 days ago
RIP all the poor (and stupid) people who watched this before the movie, i hate this type of videos, i dont know how people likes to see other people making theorys of what could happen, u are spoiling yourself... dislike
SCP-5000 The Little Ink Demon
Because he has a gaunlet
KibSquib48 - 25 days ago
Fun fact: In Iron Man 2, the russian whip guy says "If you can make God bleed, people will stop believing in him"
In Infinity War, Iron Man gets just 1 drop of blood out of Thanos
That also might have been teasing that not only he would die but Iron Man would be the one to kill him
theamazing_ artist
theamazing_ artist - 27 days ago
Nothing is true he just wants viwes
Speedy Azaan
Speedy Azaan - 28 days ago
Iron man is red
Nebula is blue

my sis and
I don’t know what to do
General Claygo fn
General Claygo fn - 29 days ago
After endgame ?
Jan-felix Brak
Jan-felix Brak - Month ago
Its funny cause its true
Zaid - Month ago
Fun fact - Marvel's official website has power rankings for every movie character & according to the the stats, Iron Man is the highest rated Avenger.
According to Marvel, these are the power rankings of major movie characters -
Iron Man - 33/42
Thor - 32/42
Hulk - 32/42
Captain Marvel - 29/42
Doctor Strange - 25/42
Black Panther - 21/42
Captain America - 19/42
Spiderman - 18/42
Scarlet Witch - 18/42
Ant Man - 15/42
Hawkeye - 13/42
Thanos Fox64ツ
Thanos Fox64ツ - 29 days ago
Bruuhhh Hawkeye
Ryan Adas
Ryan Adas - Month ago
where's natasha?
Alix Herfeld
Alix Herfeld - Month ago
Iron Man strongest avengers
zaney 21
zaney 21 - Month ago
Am I right lads or am I right lads
Rajputana status
Rajputana status - Month ago
We won mr stark 😢 we won mr stark😭
Ssj Akatsuki
Ssj Akatsuki - Month ago
Yes he ended it
pizza time
pizza time - Month ago
I guess he had to after all...
Neox - Month ago
barritoo thy
barritoo thy - Month ago
And did you know that thanks first appeared in the marvel series on the movie “The invincible iron man” :)
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Month ago
Here's the reason why: Iron Man killed Thanos
Big blue Button man
Big blue Button man - Month ago
What is the music that plays during this video?
The Dark Messiah 105
The Dark Messiah 105 - Month ago
The right handed gauntlet could be symbolic for the right hand of Vengeance
Murk Tempers
Murk Tempers - Month ago
And guess what. Stark was the one who ultimately defeated thanos. He discovered the time travel equation, he built the gauntlet and eventually snapped him away.
JW _
JW _ - Month ago
who else is here after endgame:/
Kumar Birlangi
Kumar Birlangi - Month ago
I disagree ( because he should be afraid of Thor his hammer though)
Alan Q. Wake
Alan Q. Wake - Month ago
4:30 Interesting theory!
Mati7 HD
Mati7 HD - Month ago
No entendí niuna weaqq
Azure Aether
Azure Aether - Month ago
Cherry Alegre
Cherry Alegre - Month ago
John William Camitan
John William Camitan - Month ago
Do't you guys remember when Thanos said that Tony Stark is curse with knowledge
SuperMarioFan9834 - Month ago
*Snap* Thanos doesn't feel so good.
The Dark Messiah 105
The Dark Messiah 105 - Month ago
Thanos "ah no Mother----------------------"
freddys_ channel
freddys_ channel - Month ago
Actually he should fear caption marvel boi
Average in every way
Average in every way - Month ago
freddys_ channel *when you think captain marvel will snipe thanos but then one iron boye says the coolest last words ever and then snaps them fingas*
Michael Daniely
Michael Daniely - Month ago
Looper predict it right
John Smith
John Smith - Month ago
Tony wasn't a futurist, he was just following what Scarlett witch made him see in Ultron.
The Dark Messiah 105
The Dark Messiah 105 - Month ago
John Smith Manipulation of fear develops from the birth of fear....ever since the initial Chitauri invasion, he was afraid of their return. "I thought Ultron was a fantasy, Yesterday, he was." He was already planning to create technology to protect the planet... Scarlett Witch simply gave him a push by playing on his fear.
Melissa Padilla
Melissa Padilla - Month ago
Bring back ultron
elektrobro4 - Month ago
Shoutzu - Month ago
if anyone spoils the endgame he will die just like iron man in the endgame!
Ken Kk
Ken Kk - Month ago
Martin Borisov
Martin Borisov - Month ago
i think thanos knew tony stark could hold the gaunlet AND SNAP
Fantytoomx xDD
Fantytoomx xDD - Month ago
even tho iron man dies bruh
ᎧᎷ ᎴᏗᏉᏋ - Month ago
For those who haven't seen avengers endgame

Master Vinicius
Master Vinicius - Month ago
Thanks vs saitama
Anime is life
Anime is life - Month ago
Goodbye IronMan well miss you
Electrical Artist
Electrical Artist - Month ago
They got one more thing in common too: Thanos has Ebony Maw (the guy who looks like Squidward) and Tony has Jarvis
NON-POLAR PAUL - Month ago
Tony wears the gauntlet on his right hand though
CryptalizedWind - roblox and more
no thanos should fear thor the most
naseeruddin v n
naseeruddin v n - Month ago
basreg8 - Month ago
Iorn man died and black widow to thanos died twice in endgame avengers
David Argenal
David Argenal - Month ago
Because Iron Man is overrated
Kanzaki Ushiro
Kanzaki Ushiro - Month ago
*_you can rest now_*
Anhaar’s Journey
Anhaar’s Journey - Month ago
Iron man did stop him tho..
gamer Chapa
gamer Chapa - Month ago
But iron man did end it
Gabriel Marles
Gabriel Marles - Month ago
ELITE GAMING - Month ago
Rip iron man in end game
PresidentNoodles - Month ago
Hello Endgame watchers. I've been expecting you....
OTB_ LOL - Month ago
Whelp... iron man dies so does black widow
It's Kyguy Time! :D
It's Kyguy Time! :D - Month ago
iron man is the best superhero. no doubt
Omegarobot 9
Omegarobot 9 - Month ago
This dude sounds like the guy who acts in smash bits animation
TheOOFguy H
TheOOFguy H - Month ago
0:00 to 0:04 yep
Lina Breeze
Lina Breeze - Month ago
Cuz iron man power is money he will buy the gaunlet
Sanjay Chandel
Sanjay Chandel - Month ago
rip iron man
Aden Park
Aden Park - Month ago
in endgame iron man snapped with all infinity stones so thanos died
RBX Playz
RBX Playz - Month ago
wilf langman
wilf langman - Month ago
Who’s watching this after Endgame
mex - Month ago
boi let me tell you what happened
Notif - Month ago
iron man dies
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani - Month ago
IronMan is the strongest dude
cahir swift
cahir swift - Month ago
Lol they predicted iron man's death
BIO Eclipse
BIO Eclipse - Month ago
Thanos should fear ant man the most because ant man could go small and go up thanos’ butt and then turn big and thanos would explode because antman is inside him
BATTLE CAT - Month ago
Rip Black Widow And Tony In EndGame
[TGLBDRN]Retired Tryhard
u spoilt my Endgame session tmr bish
JaggyBoy - Month ago
Star Wars IS BETTER!!!!
Zaf1 The D.O.O.D 2019
Zaf1 The D.O.O.D 2019 - Month ago
No,no,no and no.
Robert Knight
Robert Knight - Month ago
i don't know
the pj samwich vids
the pj samwich vids - Month ago
Yea sure he's not the one who almost killed him
Fusion Bros
Fusion Bros - Month ago
irons rip
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda - Month ago
Bro you are so accurate
Purified Lean
Purified Lean - Month ago
It was so obvious that iron man would be the one to end it...anyone with an actual brain could’ve seen that coming
Chandler Scaringia
Chandler Scaringia - Month ago
Purified Lean Thank you
Arion Dafku
Arion Dafku - Month ago
*he protecc*
*he attecc*
*but most importantly*

*he want is arm bacc*
Comrade Crew69
Comrade Crew69 - Month ago
matt Bass
matt Bass - Month ago
Btw iron man dies in end game 😭
Vegas 629
Vegas 629 - Month ago
Predicted that Thanos gets killed by Iron man.
MRah - Month ago
Looper predicted the future
Nita Mishra
Nita Mishra - Month ago
wow nearly everything here actually happens
MikeGaming 21
MikeGaming 21 - Month ago
In endgame iron man kills thanos by the snap
Geno Ivanov
Geno Ivanov - Month ago
You did quite a good job with your prediction man...
R.I.P. Tony Stark, we all love you 3000, one of the most iconic superheroes Marvel ever made
Chandler Scaringia
Chandler Scaringia - Month ago
Geno Ivanov I liked early Ironman before his Mary Sue transformation. But let’s not make believe he took on Thanos by himself.
Chandler Scaringia
Chandler Scaringia - Month ago
Geno Ivanov He’s dead and I feel great about it. Although I don’t know who’s gonna design the Silver Surfers board of the Fantastic Fours uniforms. Let’s face it the MCU forced Ironman into the greatest superhero ever. The guy solved time travel overnight. You talk about forcing genius on someone. And the sarcastic philanthropist got tired in his own films after the first one which At least I can admit it was the best Marvel movie aside from the Winter Soldier. They even had to make jokes of Thor and Hulk to make Tony shine more.
Geno Ivanov
Geno Ivanov - Month ago
@Chandler Scaringia Let me know who beat Thanos after you use your brain for 3.14 seconds
Chandler Scaringia
Chandler Scaringia - Month ago
Geno Ivanov Tony Stark was the MCU’s most overrated Avenger.
The27FireLords YT
The27FireLords YT - Month ago
At 6:03 Kid defeats Tony Stark not so surprised
Ethan Mattson
Ethan Mattson - Month ago
but he dies
Ultimate Omega Lord
Ultimate Omega Lord - Month ago
Nah antman
Absentgabe321 Playz
Absentgabe321 Playz - Month ago
I thought captian marvel was gonna kill thanos, but shes useless
xboxSOLID - Month ago
I already watched endgame and Tony dies as well as black widow but thanos dies
spudzey peel
spudzey peel - Month ago
Why does he sound so familiar A HE SOUNDS LIKE THE DUDE FROM SMASHBITS
Skipper 2
Skipper 2 - Month ago
iron man dies
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