Joe Rogan Experience #1351 - Dan Aykroyd

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AlphaPokemon - 8 hours ago
Bonnie Dario
Bonnie Dario - 8 hours ago
William St-Amour
William St-Amour - 11 hours ago
So nobody is going to talk about him fucking a ghost
Mark White
Mark White - 11 hours ago
Aykroyd is a little bit exaggerated / off his rocker , and has done way too much cocaine..
Mark White
Mark White - 12 hours ago
@joerogan you should look up the UFO incident in Montreal Canada November 6 1990 if I’m not mistaken .. on top of the hotel Bonaventure
G S - 12 hours ago
Who cares what this guys believes? I mean Joe. When did he become relevant? Oh yeah, 6 million viewers. So having 6 million subscribers makes his thought on the subject relevant? Its only matter of a short time now. No one person will have a choice to believe or not. It just isn't going to matter anymore. Nope!
Brockton Ma.
Brockton Ma. - 12 hours ago
Vodka is vodka.
Brockton Ma.
Brockton Ma. - 12 hours ago
Dan is a charlatan bullshit artist.
Trizzy - 13 hours ago
Joe Rogan: Nobody can wear their headset worse than me
Dan Aykroyd: Hold my beer
Deadmau6 Polycon Hippy
Deadmau6 Polycon Hippy - 13 hours ago
Literally, just exploded in laughter. Lol. And we're both watching same time.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 14 hours ago
DMT, blah, blah, blah- yawn... Out. *A.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 14 hours ago
Real, yes/no? Only one has to be real. So now what? Get Dolan on, you need an education... *A.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 15 hours ago
Dude, Kodak analyzed the Mier photos and they have passed EVERY scrutiny and test... Love you Joe, but you're a dolt on this topic. *A.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 15 hours ago
So can I be pragmatic AND a UFO knower? Huh, Joe, can I? Pffft- pedestrians... *A.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 15 hours ago
"I guess I have to trust the lady at the Smithsonian..." Funniest thing Aykroyd has EVER said. *A.
7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover
They can grow fingers. I think they did it for a pinky. So you COULD chop it off, find out about Sasquatch then get the new finger attached.
Tom Althoff
Tom Althoff - 20 hours ago
Joe, can you stfu and let him just tell the stories
swEET noTHINGS irobot
swEET noTHINGS irobot - 20 hours ago
Any time joe thinks he may be brighter than the person he in talking with he basically dismisses everything they say.
John Fernandez
John Fernandez - 20 hours ago
Venkman, he got slimed!
Willie Fister Inc.
Willie Fister Inc. - Day ago
The best Bigfoot movie is called EXISTS. Hands down. Willow Creek is definitely a good one aswell
Dave Simkiss
Dave Simkiss - Day ago
I could listen to Aykroyd for the rest of my life
Alexander - Day ago
Dan “sniff sniff sniff” Aykroyd
Imanalientraveler - Day ago
I have been within 30 feet of Big Foot which was herding a bunch of Deer . I was driving along in light snow fall and come around corner onto a herd of Deer almost hitting some swerved a lot and there it was a huge creature hunkered down in 3 feet of snow on roadside with wind blowing it long reddish hair around . It didnt move and a little voice told me Dont Stop just keep rolling and get away from it a bit .I'll never forget that as long as I live .
Keke Banks
Keke Banks - Day ago
Is dan the Canadian version of Alex Jones, nah jk I miss My Girl 😆
serge glazunov
serge glazunov - Day ago
President Ronald Reagan saw one too. He gave a dam speech in front of the u.n. about how quickly our differences would disappear if a foreign invader came to earth.
serge glazunov
serge glazunov - Day ago
Is Dan rubbing one out under the table? his breathing is.....
serge glazunov
serge glazunov - Day ago
What if the Roswell crash happened because of the emp that came off the Trinity site?
Adam Keen
Adam Keen - Day ago
Dan: "It's a cousin to antifreeze"
Jow: "What if you're a really good person but your cousin is a murderer. Does that matter?" ROTFL LOLO
Dan o
Dan o - Day ago
Joe was awful in this. Half his listeners tune in in hopes they’ll cover these bizarre topics and Dan brought the bizarre content motherload and Joe big leagues him the whole podcast. Jesus just let a legend like Dan ramble.
Robert Gillespie
Robert Gillespie - Day ago
"Drinking, responsibly ofcourse"... Continues to rail a whole 8 ball
J Hitchcock
J Hitchcock - Day ago
I thought it was being overhyped but I went out and bought a bottle of the vodka. Oh my goodness! FANTASTIC!
Stefann - Day ago
You should seriously ask everyone about Stosic and Vasina jetra.
Winston Foxpecker, DVM
Unfortunately, science in the U.S., will fall by the wayside. Twenty five years from now, the population will consist of millions of brain-dead millenials, illegal immigrants, LGBTQXYZ'a, feminists, and run-of-the-mill morons. Robots will be doing all of the work, and the government will be in charge of health care, indoctrination, food distribution, and "security". Most of the monuments in D.C. will be of liberal politicians. Good luck!
phukit - Day ago
Coupla rich guys talkin cars ,vodka and ghosts.
Harry Caray
Harry Caray - Day ago
I watched this all the way til the end until I realized this is Dan Ackroyd not Dan Cortese.
Louie Boone
Louie Boone - 2 days ago
Joe have more respect for dan he’s the man!!
caleb smith
caleb smith - 2 days ago
Herkimer diamonds aren't even diamonds. There's semi precious form of quartz
Tyrone Murray
Tyrone Murray - 2 days ago
Dan Aykroyd Is sniffing like he is back in the 80s and John Belushi showed up with a plastic bag of goodies.
John G
John G - 2 days ago
Joe should show Dan a little more respect. The guy's a living legend. Love JR but he didn't know the Blues Bros started on SNL. He's a comedian!
Ray Zalenty Jr.
Ray Zalenty Jr. - 2 days ago
RAY, when someone asks you if your a god you say YES!!!
Biohacker 27
Biohacker 27 - 2 days ago
Joe went full douchebag in this interview. It's Dan fucking Akroid and you're being a complete tool during the whole interview.
R Sb
R Sb - 2 days ago
Let me tell you a little something about aliens! No there not here to help you they dont care how you feel, there not here to cure cancer or save mankind or any of that. At the same time they are not here to destroy us either.I view them as a selfish race who only view us as usefull to them and thier agenda and they need our planet because it is usefull to them as well.The best way I can put it is they probably view us the same way scientists view bacteria in a petri dish. You think a scientist is going to ask the bacteria "so how was your day"? "How are you feeling"?....Nope none of that! But you are usefull and serve a purpose for us and thats it!
Ben Jerred
Ben Jerred - 2 days ago
I’d like to hear a two hour conversation between Dan Akroyd and David Lee Roth. I think.
Scott Myers
Scott Myers - 2 days ago
Anybody on here seen UFOs? I've seen them 3x.
Aaron281088 - 2 days ago
This guy is full of shit, im never watching Ghostbusters again.
Ultraman Explained
Ultraman Explained - 2 days ago
Dan is such an intelligent, intriguing man. Great guest!
Eli Wagner
Eli Wagner - 3 days ago
UPDATE EDIT: Joe is out of his mind smashed, he's not being rude, just floating away from reality. Poor Dan is along for the ride.
Joe was just being rude, no conversation with Dan.
Niko - Day ago
Wait.... Joe is floating away on reality but the guy talking about seeing aliens and spooning with ghosts is the rational one!? 🤪
Orval Mcneeley
Orval Mcneeley - 3 days ago
5 minutes in, when does it get good?
Kat Blue
Kat Blue - 3 days ago
"Recent electron microscope analyses of skulls by the British Museum and the Smithsonian Institution revealed markings that could only have been made with modern carving implements. Both museums estimate that their skulls date to sometime in the mid to late 1800s, a time when public interest in ancient cultures was high and museums were eager for pieces to display.

A British Museum study in fact pinpointed the manufacture of most of the skulls to an area of Germany famous for manufacturing intricate quartz and crystal designs in the late 19th century. The crystal is said to be found in Brazil or Madascar and thus inaccessible to pre-Columbian indigenous civilizations.

Its examinations and the fact that no such skull has ever been uncovered at an official archaeological excavation led the British Museum to extrapolate that all of the famed crystal skulls are likely fakes."
Drue Just
Drue Just - Day ago
I think the general idea or story is that it's supposed to be made by aliens or something of the sort which would make sense with tooling marks.
Michael Vescovo
Michael Vescovo - 3 days ago
I've always wondered what love feels like. I'm not sure if it's actually real. Like happiness. Is any one actually happy? Seems like it's all just an idea or perception.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 3 days ago
Ufos are as real as the airplanes that fly over ur head. They don't come from outer space how ever. There is no outer space. Ufos come from a different realm of reality and some come from depts of our oceans. Some come from continents that do exist beyond the south pole. Earth is not a ball spinning in space. Earth is a part of a linear realm of existence.
This is why ufos are secret ... because they would prove that earth is not what we been told. Also human race is not what we been told as well. This is why this subject is kept very secret.
This is why thermonuclear bombs and atomic bomb bases have many sightings. These weapons split the atoms effecting other realms of reality.
These beings have a big problem with this. Humans can shit in their own back yard but don't shit in mine plz... kind of deal.
bragg77 - 3 days ago
I request from God to cancel out everybody's dimensions and only create my Dimension the one dimension I see now only in Jesus Christ name amen
bragg77 - 3 days ago
Joe rogans a drug dealer he sells dmt..? Who's thinking the same?
bragg77 - 3 days ago
You heard I'm calling out Dan aykroyd's buddy Delta his weed growing at the vineyard.. dry snitcher...
mew - 4 days ago
Big question: why are this things happening only to americans? :))))))))))))))
Sharif - 4 days ago
Is this gweneth paltrow selling diamond infused piss?
Joey Brewer
Joey Brewer - 4 days ago
wtf is Dan sniffing a bunch of cocaine whenever Joe talk's it is annoying as hell
Track Flo
Track Flo - 4 days ago
I went and bought this delicious vodka just to sip on while I watch this video 😂😂. I'm so drunk. This shit is bomb
Shayan Akhavan
Shayan Akhavan - 4 days ago
Crazy sniffles Dan.. 🤔
d e
d e - 4 days ago
Wanted to hear something about dan akky not expect a lesson in ufo crazy or is this awareness of mental illness day? Did dan do loads of dope thru the years? Awe I'm trying to be nice BUT weird. Moving on😇
James Dobbs
James Dobbs - 4 days ago
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