How To: Easy Smokey cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

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Gabriella Canizales
Gabriella Canizales - 5 days ago
Oh my god this is such an easy way to do smoky eyes
Tristyn Alagoppen
Tristyn Alagoppen - 6 days ago
U make it look hella easy... I tried it and looked like I hadn't slept in 6 years #vampire 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂
good morning beauties
good morning beauties - 7 days ago
This is my fave look by you!!!! 😍😍😍
Kay Bee
Kay Bee - 9 days ago
You seem sweet but wtf are you high on?
Damn girl you need to slow down....
Maryrose Leivas
Maryrose Leivas - 4 days ago
Yo, chill. She isn't high. This is her personality.
Ciara Zayas
Ciara Zayas - 13 days ago
Great video!!! This was perfect for me since I am a beginner!!!
Shaila Kalim
Shaila Kalim - 15 days ago
u can also explain by if u talking less...
Georgiana speaks
Georgiana speaks - 16 days ago
looks sooooo beautiful - but you make it look so easy !
Georgiana speaks
Georgiana speaks - 16 days ago
looks sooooo beautiful - but you make it look so easy !
Georgiana speaks
Georgiana speaks - 16 days ago
looks sooooo beautiful - but you make it look so easy !
IDK - 16 days ago
If this is a tutorial for dummies then that says a lot about me lol tried to do this but failed horribly lmao I even filmed it for those curious on how easy it is 😂 I look like I got beaten in the vid
vanessa fiona
vanessa fiona - 20 days ago
I can't even apply mascara correctly
L A - 21 day ago
This look is everything. Wish you could go back to only making tutorials
Tiffany Montejano
Tiffany Montejano - 22 days ago
Love this video. Beautiful ❤️
Tiffany Grasso
Tiffany Grasso - 22 days ago
Bambino Siehna
Bambino Siehna - 22 days ago
Hallo ich bin Deutsche
Iriskenia Fernandez
Iriskenia Fernandez - 25 days ago
Did she use inglot eyeliner?
Dominique Cepeda
Dominique Cepeda - 25 days ago
Your skin looks flawless but your video is not for beginners. Beginners don't usually have brushes with numbers. We have what ever brush we manage to have. Also, I'm sure the majority of beginners don't have the translucent powder. :/ Your video is misleading. You talked my ear off though.
ObsidianFyre - 26 days ago
Loving the black hair!
Nikita Xo
Nikita Xo - 26 days ago
Damn this girl can talk lol
Foxymama 2003
Foxymama 2003 - 28 days ago
Love ❤️! Used the translucent powder trick today and it totally is a game changer!!!! My favorite Smokey eye just got WAY easier to do! Thanks!!!!
Violet V
Violet V - 29 days ago
Can i use same technique with other colours?!!
Daniela Rabanal
Daniela Rabanal - 25 days ago
Ramneet Kaur
Ramneet Kaur - Month ago
She spoke so much
Moazzam. Ali
Moazzam. Ali - Month ago
i am from pakistan karachi
Moazzam. Ali
Moazzam. Ali - Month ago
i really like your videos because your make up like natural beuty
vivien _s_w
vivien _s_w - Month ago
Marcos Soto
Marcos Soto - Month ago
Krrr eyeshadow 😂
merna self
merna self - Month ago
Thank you soooo much you are professional I love it😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Mallori Silva
Mallori Silva - Month ago
Ive tried to do smokey eyes and ive failed everytime. But i will try again and show you
fm - Month ago
tf your eyes are really light grey
Aaizah ahsan
Aaizah ahsan - Month ago
You're amazing
Amanda Schoonover
Amanda Schoonover - Month ago
I'm legally blind do you think that you could do this work with only 30% sight in one eye just asking and also I would love to see you take the challenge that I started do your make up either in the dark or by the light of one candle that would equal about how much vision I have if you're up for it let me know maybe post on TikTok my name is Amanda's going over 37 are user name visually impaired vixen
Zoya Kapadia
Zoya Kapadia - Month ago
I think your eye color brings out the look so much!❤
Taluhlaluna Blue
Taluhlaluna Blue - Month ago
Thank you! I’m rubbish at makeup but I actually made it look like a Smokey eye even though mine came out a tiny bit messy it is way better than anything I’ve done before! I love the translucent powder trick!!!
Grace Jones
Grace Jones - Month ago
watching this two years later, and using YOUR pallets to create this look!!🧡
D S - Month ago
Love you jacklyn ❤️
margorie benavides
margorie benavides - Month ago
Me encanto que tú video tuviera subtitulo aunque solo fue al principio se valora mucho.
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - Month ago
U did the eyes really nice Jaclyn i just brought your pallett 35 shade wanted it for ages it went dead cheap on beautyb bt i paid full price on cultb . Is the 25A pallett round or aware cultb hv it round. Thanks for any reply nice video
urmila joy
urmila joy - Month ago
grace lauren
grace lauren - Month ago
Wow! Glad I stumbled on tutorial! Stunning eyes. Comprehensive tutorial. Thanks! Will try this and be back for more.
Carly Ripa
Carly Ripa - Month ago

I JUST GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE......I can tell its not my thing
Danilis Diaz
Danilis Diaz - Month ago
love it but am not sure if it will work with my darker skin
Laura Abdonsogo
Laura Abdonsogo - Month ago
I like the way she talk..
Hürïyä Khäñ
Hürïyä Khäñ - Month ago
Your eyes and your hands so so so beautiful ❤️💙 ❤️😍
La'Nya Murphy
La'Nya Murphy - 2 months ago
what happens if you get eyeliner in your eyes (I am a teenager) I just started doing makeup
memoona qamar
memoona qamar - 2 months ago
Wow beatiful
Evie Martin
Evie Martin - 2 months ago
It’s funny how here eye brows on the thumbnail are different
Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow - 2 months ago
😇S0 pretty!🖌L♥️VE👍
Donna S
Donna S - 2 months ago
Gorgeous video-Gorgeous Girl
Taisha Vargas
Taisha Vargas - 2 months ago
Mucho hablas :'c
Nuria Tamara
Nuria Tamara - 2 months ago
Best tutorial ive seen till now...
Like, i never even tried doing an eyeshadow in my life buuuuuut i think its time to give it a try!!! Just bought a palette and brushessss:) cant wait to try your tecnique!! Thanx a lotttttt
Kanda Ryon
Kanda Ryon - 2 months ago
I love the look I’m going to try your smoky eyes
You speak so fast
Klára Skořepová
Klára Skořepová - 2 months ago
I love your personality!!! XDDDD
Athletic Emma
Athletic Emma - 2 months ago
Her eye color is so pretty and natural 😍
Melany Valentina
Melany Valentina - 2 months ago
Please please tell me exactly what you’re wearing on your lips in this video . I love the color / sheer / gloss of it.
? - 2 months ago
michelle sprung
michelle sprung - 2 months ago
Have u ever tried doing ur eyes first then u foundation ?
michelle sprung
michelle sprung - 2 months ago
I love u whys it explains the how’s 💜
michelle sprung
michelle sprung - 2 months ago
Can u teach how to do the higher eye brows
michelle sprung
michelle sprung - 2 months ago
And for chicks like me who do not really have a gift of make up u make it fun thank u
michelle sprung
michelle sprung - 2 months ago
I love ur energy, and ur sense of humor it’s awesome and very entertaining 😂
Queen Rayna
Queen Rayna - 2 months ago
I used this on my friend in like 2017 and it was great. I have a darker skin tone and she's a bit pale, so this worked well on her but not me. Idc though because I love Jaclyn. My eye look ended up being a brown cut crease
Alondra Oyervides
Alondra Oyervides - 2 months ago
Wow why can’t you coach beginners like this again ! Best tutorial
Constanza Carranza
Constanza Carranza - 3 months ago
I've seen this tutorial like ten times and I can't get enough 😍
Jackie Sangster
Jackie Sangster - 3 months ago
This really helped me. My mom wanted me to learn how to do a smoke eye and do it on her.
jerya kaif
jerya kaif - 3 months ago
Watch her vd off volume her mouth is moving non stopable 😂
jerya kaif
jerya kaif - 3 months ago
Ur videos are amazing but when i watch i turn off the volume becoz u talk alot and i got pissed vd that
Alicia Altenbach
Alicia Altenbach - 3 months ago
This is absolutely beautiful!
Arman Ijaz
Arman Ijaz - 3 months ago
Senpai Artz
Senpai Artz - 3 months ago
You look like my friends auntie😂😂
Elsefare - 3 months ago
this was my favorite jaclyn phaze so far
Ana Gabriela De La Guardia
love it😻😻
rqueiroz74 - 3 months ago
Beautiful look!
Sara Romero
Sara Romero - 3 months ago
Would white eye liner just on the upper part work with those colours?
Gilly Bean
Gilly Bean - 3 months ago
So what could we use if we dont have translucent powder?
Birth Of Venus
Birth Of Venus - 3 months ago
Or start with eyeshadow before applying your foundation
Birth Of Venus
Birth Of Venus - 3 months ago
Just skip it !! That's what I'm gonna do !
Ella Camille
Ella Camille - 3 months ago
i love you soo much you inspire me all the time and are so funny!
Tony Minenna
Tony Minenna - 3 months ago
I even tried this 🤣🤣🤣
Dria Woods
Dria Woods - 3 months ago
I bet if I try this it'll look like shit
Wintrycelll Inc
Wintrycelll Inc - 3 months ago
This cave girl thanks u ❤️
rarecharisma - 3 months ago
Cathy Rouse
Cathy Rouse - 3 months ago
You are such a sweet soul!!!
Sharon Godzik
Sharon Godzik - 3 months ago
Love the tip on translucent powder to make the line. I always use tape but gonna try this
Yolandi Mare
Yolandi Mare - 3 months ago
Wow. Very pretty
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu - 3 months ago
Angelica Trygar
Angelica Trygar - 3 months ago
I literally have a shoot this week where they are asking me to do this .. I think I'm going to get some tutoring at Ulta .. I am so used to just using my fingers for eye shadow.. dollar tree mascara and leaving everyday .. I suck at this
Anusrita Naskar
Anusrita Naskar - 3 months ago
She talks alot
—E.Woood— _
—E.Woood— _ - 3 months ago
She looks like Hannah Hindi
—E.Woood— _
—E.Woood— _ - 3 months ago
I have a cheer comp today and this is gonna save me
Eric Brown
Eric Brown - 3 months ago
Omg!!! I’ve completely abandoned the translucent powder trick and idk why, I say we bring it back!
Zakir Ali
Zakir Ali - 3 months ago
which color contacts u wearing?
Erica - 3 months ago
it's her own eyes lol
AdriBeautyTutorials - 3 months ago
Love this look ! Looks werry wasy , but not so :)
Kiera Thompson
Kiera Thompson - 4 months ago
Well I hope I can do this correctly for my shoot 😫
Victoria DeVleming
Victoria DeVleming - 4 months ago
rather than using translucent powder (because i have none) can you use a light shade of eyeshadow?
Taylor Brooke
Taylor Brooke - Month ago
I think you could use tape but it looks more natral with powder?? Idk
Victoria DeVleming
Victoria DeVleming - 4 months ago
or tape?
Christi Rose Garcia
Christi Rose Garcia - 4 months ago
You're so good I wish I could meet you in person. I'd give anything to have you teach me few things as well I'd luv have a makeover by you XOX XOX I luv u Jacklyn Hill
Julie Manago
Julie Manago - 4 months ago
Been following you for years and idk why I’ve never subscribed 🤦🏽‍♀️ till today 😁 I knew this video looked familiar but still watched again till the end.
Abby Cronin
Abby Cronin - 4 months ago
Black shadows scare me
Phyllis Kinder
Phyllis Kinder - 4 months ago
Did I miss a step in the video ? ? did you line the upper lash line ? ? ?
Zuhal Ahmadi
Zuhal Ahmadi - 4 months ago
Awesome ♥️😍
Dianne Gopichan-Dookhoo
Dianne Gopichan-Dookhoo - 4 months ago
Loved it!
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