SML Movie: The Science Fair!

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scizzor cut
scizzor cut - 49 minutes ago
A moon moon is actually a thing
ramon gutierrez
ramon gutierrez - 4 hours ago
I hate junior'
Gregory Aquino
Gregory Aquino - 8 hours ago
Mc blond blood stane suck ass
nathaniel buwa-samuel
nathaniel buwa-samuel - 8 hours ago
at 5:25 once he got an idea the light lit
Brandon Phung
Brandon Phung - 11 hours ago
5:27 lightbulb
Leanna Powell
Leanna Powell - 12 hours ago
Damian Pasternak
Damian Pasternak - 15 hours ago
Logan Savoie Vlogs
Logan Savoie Vlogs - 15 hours ago
It's kinda Jake chu`s fault because he put his hand up to his mouth
DanWAW - 15 hours ago
Did anyone notice the light bulb in the potato turned on when he got an idea
Liz N
Liz N - 16 hours ago
Jr is a retard
Bmxx Gaming
Bmxx Gaming - 19 hours ago
Jr a planet has to orbit a star so if the sun is a planet what star does it orbit
cyppy moraleda
cyppy moraleda - 19 hours ago
This is how many cody failed

Stunt Dummies
Stunt Dummies - 20 hours ago
5:26 the light in the potato turned on
unlawful fruit
unlawful fruit - 21 hour ago
The coolest thing I have ever done is to flip a water bottle because I close the cap so i not make a mess and i made a perfect flip.
Ri1eyC07 Jeff
Ri1eyC07 Jeff - Day ago
I made a giant Lego Jeffy modle 8 months ago but it's broken
Mr. inky 10
Mr. inky 10 - Day ago
Has anyone noticed that the lightbulb turn on when Jr had en a idea
Savageloot Sarus
Savageloot Sarus - Day ago
Get eaten teacher
Alex Orozco
Alex Orozco - Day ago
3:14 god your so ugly
Make that 3
Ronnie Abanni
Ronnie Abanni - Day ago
Miguel Walker
Miguel Walker - 10 hours ago
Oh damn it did
Skylar D
Skylar D - Day ago
Bower meet charley
Klasky Csupo Yes Heather No VGCP EDCP
5:25 lightbulb lights up
Eh from 4 A
Eh from 4 A - Day ago
5:42is what you came for leave a like plz
Janitza Nava
Janitza Nava - Day ago
I just realized that they said MC Bloodstain killed 26 people, and in the secret door video, Brooklyn Guy said his brother, Does Bad Things Guy, murdered 26 people before selling the house to Mario. This could mean that Does Bad Things Guy could be MC Bloodstain, and he was a rapper before he sold the house. This is just my idea, let me know if you agree. Cool video :)
Th3odore Stone
Th3odore Stone - Day ago
The coolest thing I did was pooping
Maria Constantin
Maria Constantin - Day ago
Make a rocket
Mushy Mushrooms
Mushy Mushrooms - 2 days ago
5:00 who realized jug speed and quick
coen mallow
coen mallow - 2 days ago
This came out on my birthday
Sofia Fierce
Sofia Fierce - 2 days ago
I got one two “roses and red violets are blue I have five fingers and the third one is for you”
GamerZexty - 2 days ago
I love how the light bulb turn on 5:24
Connor's memes
Connor's memes - 2 days ago
The song is fur eisle
RealBoii Nava
RealBoii Nava - 2 days ago
I thought jackie chu retired
Fate - 2 days ago
Jr is so dumb
dead hhf
dead hhf - 2 days ago
If the sun was a planet then the galaxy would be a star
Braulio Rivera
Braulio Rivera - 2 days ago
that was hilarious that was a good video you made
Endo Tran Nhat Minh
Endo Tran Nhat Minh - 2 days ago
guys the sun is not the planet because is the heat star sooo is the star!
Noah Mayer
Noah Mayer - 2 days ago
you guys are geniuses, when junior gets the idea to change the music the light bulb lights up.
om nom 108
om nom 108 - 2 days ago
Shut up cody the earth is flat
Jayden Stade
Jayden Stade - 2 days ago
Jayden Stade
Jayden Stade - 2 days ago
play fortnite
funnyman5678 - 3 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that this is the only video where Jeffy get an A+ legit
Henry Twitter the Stuffy
Starr V Stewart
Starr V Stewart - 3 days ago
That song was pretty fire
Amanda Carey
Amanda Carey - 3 days ago
👋 hahahahahahaha
Black Flag47
Black Flag47 - 3 days ago
Black Flag47
Black Flag47 - 3 days ago
Gamer Red
Gamer Red - 3 days ago
Is no one going to talk about 14:46
sooper z
sooper z - 3 days ago
Wen I meen like I meen
sooper z
sooper z - 3 days ago
Is this Jeffy
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Noah da magician Karma
Noah da magician Karma - 3 days ago
Not funny to make fun of bato ban
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