SML Movie: The Science Fair!

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Rron Haziri
Rron Haziri - Minute ago
When i saw the pirana plant i thot cody's dick gonna be sucked bye the plant
April Green
April Green - 5 hours ago
C c/
jojo olegario
jojo olegario - 5 hours ago
10:41 Heejun Heejun
goat Andres
goat Andres - 7 hours ago
Rip chef pee pee and teacher and Joseph
jetts punch act
jetts punch act - 8 hours ago
I fought someone at school and got in no trouble
The Electric Penguin
The Electric Penguin - 8 hours ago
4:51 for all those COD Zombie fans
Saundra Bohannon
Saundra Bohannon - 8 hours ago
Saundra Bohannon
Saundra Bohannon - 8 hours ago
thug life is hard don't wanna listen to that music it sends the wrong
Henry Zheng
Henry Zheng - 9 hours ago
Adam and Eve those are the first people it’s true
micheal Drover
micheal Drover - 9 hours ago
I'd say when I beat my cousin in a rap battle in front of the whole school
Justin Penafiel
Justin Penafiel - 9 hours ago
Pooping in the 🚽 toilet
Alyona Yeremeyeva
Alyona Yeremeyeva - 10 hours ago
5:24 the light bulb turned on when bowser junior got an idea. Cody kinda lied. Because Cody said that it needs wires and it turned on with no wires
Little default person !
Little default person ! - 10 hours ago
The coolest thing ive done is do a backflip at school and landed it
Receding Hairline
Receding Hairline - 11 hours ago
Junior says every good rap song has the N word and in mc blood stain doesn’t have the N word, so does that mean mc blood stain is bad?
The Utopia Guy\SammyMadanat
Jeffy got a 100% on his science fair project
Henry Gerecke
Henry Gerecke - 12 hours ago
Earth Chan is not flat
Marell Thomas
Marell Thomas - 12 hours ago
On the gun it said mm6 or 9mm
HunterGamerTV Gamer
HunterGamerTV Gamer - 12 hours ago
It’s the first time jeffy got a A+
Jaclyn Johnson
Jaclyn Johnson - 13 hours ago
Roses are red.violets are blue.Cody has a that you?
Socialist Emu
Socialist Emu - 14 hours ago
Music video better be out soon.
Carter McDonald
Carter McDonald - 14 hours ago
Roses are red? Violets are blue your plant is dome and so is you which is cody
ReaperTV - 15 hours ago
Did he just call *beethoven* loud music?

Imma assault that ass
xstone v4
xstone v4 - 16 hours ago
Did you see the jumanji
xstone v4
xstone v4 - 16 hours ago
But That music is good how can he hate it
Kendy Kendy Chicken Tendie
The coolest thing I’ve ever done was making my first touchdown At school
Daniel Diss
Daniel Diss - 19 hours ago
2:50 idk
Oskaras Jis
Oskaras Jis - 20 hours ago
Csokops10 - 21 hour ago
I'd beat the shit out of my teacher if I had 1 day to do a science fair project
Logan The Octoling
Logan The Octoling - 22 hours ago
14:01 Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths!
Savagekid Perez
Savagekid Perez - 22 hours ago
Be a god
Dre Bryant
Dre Bryant - 23 hours ago
Song plz it’s heat as shit
Remus Fernandez
Remus Fernandez - Day ago
Poop in a sink
That's the coolest thing I did
Lord Ross
Lord Ross - Day ago
Punching a police officer I got arrested
Jonas - Day ago
5 pinusses
Christian Curtis
Christian Curtis - Day ago
Andrew Penney
Andrew Penney - Day ago
Saying hi
Hamid Durani
Hamid Durani - Day ago
Jumping out of a car 🚘
Ashley Ellis/Cartoon Machine
Jackie Chu: C- go sit down
Junior: yay
Me: A C- isn’t good
bryan parker
bryan parker - Day ago
When junior had a idea the light turned on
Jay xD
Jay xD - Day ago
If you love your mom like this👇
Noah Brony Plush
Noah Brony Plush - Day ago
I just am weirded out that in this universe a school name can be 'Y U So Dumb?'
Konner Animations
Konner Animations - Day ago
I killed my wife. Opps I wasn’t supposed to say that
scer dootdoot
scer dootdoot - Day ago
Shoot an ak-47
hi bye
hi bye - Day ago
Hibe fortnite
Hibe fortnite - Day ago
Why the plants keep said nine nine
Drift_boi9 - Day ago
Me: 5:40
Adin Shook
Adin Shook - Day ago
Sh*t in my sink
Azure Douglas
Azure Douglas - Day ago
Johnny Tomas
Johnny Tomas - Day ago
The. Plant. Ate. 3. People. Becase. It. Ate. Chef. Peepy
Owen Mann
Owen Mann - Day ago
Junior is a dumb ass
red4fred - Day ago
9:53 that gets funnier every time
Dino Abeyta
Dino Abeyta - Day ago
Made a fout
ain ain Palcon
ain ain Palcon - Day ago
I Kill a person :)
Nancy Esposito
Nancy Esposito - Day ago
Joseph: what’s up Dude
Petey: nom
Jr: 2 people
BLACK GOKU - Day ago
What the heck is do do do
BLACK GOKU - Day ago
That teacher is stupid he put his hand forward the plant your stupid DIE DIE DIE DIE
Ayman Jabari
Ayman Jabari - Day ago
At 5:29 the light bolt lighted up
Ayman Jabari
Ayman Jabari - Day ago
At 5:29 the light bolt lighted up
Minecraft Player
Minecraft Player - Day ago
I hit my self in school in my class and the teacher told me to stop and I said and he gave me 50 dollars to stop
Pryze fortnite player Baker
My gun do do do
HypoLTN - 2 days ago
this was?? actually good??
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Should make another rap video
Abdulaziz Abu hair
Abdulaziz Abu hair - 2 days ago
Who realized when joniur said that it’s sucks that baidoben is all night the light bulb lighted
Jackie Polys
Jackie Polys - 2 days ago
i hate how they think the earth is flat
Kevin Padron
Kevin Padron - 2 days ago
That was the first time he passed
sml commentator and imitater
The potato looks like a dick
Tsm Pushy
Tsm Pushy - 2 days ago
15:01 lol
Aidan Aidan
Aidan Aidan - 2 days ago
God junior is retarded
skelopro2 granny,minecraft and more
Curt the shirt
Saltypotato Man
Saltypotato Man - 2 days ago
I farted for 12seconds it was pretty cool 😎
Marz YT
Marz YT - 2 days ago
Does he bite??? Oooo horey shit!!!!!!
TheRedBlur 95
TheRedBlur 95 - 2 days ago
CrockTheGuy - 2 days ago
sml question answer: watch yur vids for 24 hours straight
Alex Hatcher
Alex Hatcher - 2 days ago
5:40 sweet rap song
mutated llama
mutated llama - 2 days ago
scott meyer
scott meyer - 2 days ago
The world is flat because my globe is flat your wrong Jackie chew
Jennie Ma Cruz
Jennie Ma Cruz - 2 days ago
13:00 when you die in Fortnite in top two
scott meyer
scott meyer - 2 days ago
Cody’s always has to be wrong and Jeffys right because 8-4=8 because you minus the 4
gregPlayz_YT - 2 days ago
idk what coolest thing i ever did?
ded viv
ded viv - 2 days ago
Haaaaaaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
FedXgamer9 - 2 days ago
5:25 anyone else notice that when junior got an idea, the light bulb turned on?
wolf hunter gacha
wolf hunter gacha - 2 days ago
8:27 who saw the dollar by Joseph?? Like if you saw it
VENOM/ EDDIE BROCK - 2 days ago
I'm dead........Jackie Chu's reaction after the plant bit him
Ben Philp
Ben Philp - 2 days ago
Sml question: I gave someone a nosebleed right after WWE slamming them on a wooden table and I made them cry
willy lokz Lopez
willy lokz Lopez - 2 days ago
A back flip
Jason Weatherall
Jason Weatherall - 2 days ago
Did anyone notice quick revive in chef Bebe's kitchen
maddox Guidry
maddox Guidry - 2 days ago
Anyone noticed the perks from cod black ops zombies 🧟‍♂️
king bendy gaming
king bendy gaming - 2 days ago
7:35 same its raining
FireDemon 119
FireDemon 119 - 2 days ago
Mc Bloodstain actually sounds like a limp bizkit song
FireDemon 119
FireDemon 119 - 12 hours ago
+nestlecwunchbelike oops
nestlecwunchbelike - 12 hours ago
No it doesn’t
A cool account
A cool account - 2 days ago
Amber 9xh
Amber 9xh - 2 days ago
Tap again and again and again and again 14:46
Stormtrooper1611 - 2 days ago
Kurt the shirt
Pat the hat
OVER LORD747 - 2 days ago
I ate a pizza
Tyler North
Tyler North - 2 days ago
At 5:26 look at the light bulb
Tyler North
Tyler North - 2 days ago
Look at Jeffy at 11:39
RANDOM CHEETOS - 2 days ago
5 Penis's Who The F*ck Wants 5 Penis's (except Cody)
Tygamer tv The musical channel
Good plant Cody ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Call me salty
Call me salty - 2 days ago
It worked 5:30
Troll Face
Troll Face - 2 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your project is
Stupid and so
Are you!!!!!!!!!!
Littlewolf 426
Littlewolf 426 - 2 days ago
The rose is read
Violets are blue
Your project is stupid
And so are you
Made me die laughing
SkeletonGaming - 3 days ago
This is the video were Logan got that awesome piranha plant puppet.
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