I Have A Crush On My Best Friends CUTE Brother! *She Doesn't Know*

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Prachi Singh
Prachi Singh - 2 hours ago
Noooooo!!!! What happened next?!!!
Amanda Wallace
Amanda Wallace - 4 hours ago
Do a part two p.l.s.
Gacha Sophia
Gacha Sophia - 11 hours ago
Cinnamon the red hair girl she's so rude I don't like her she's not the queen she's nothing
Gacha Sophia
Gacha Sophia - 11 hours ago
Yismell Mateo
Yismell Mateo - 16 hours ago
I mean best
Yismell Mateo
Yismell Mateo - 16 hours ago
Dan and Riya you guys are the bwst
Audrey Bartlett
Audrey Bartlett - 16 hours ago
toxticc aestheticc
toxticc aestheticc - 19 hours ago
How did riyas mom know her son was coming
Darcie Dixon
Darcie Dixon - 20 hours ago
This is so funny!
Roz Yasir
Roz Yasir - 20 hours ago
Oh my gosh Tootsie you are so jealousOh Em Gee who agrees she’s jealous and she likes Reese’s brother
Titus Toppy
Titus Toppy - 23 hours ago
omg 123
Aska Stepniewska
Aska Stepniewska - Day ago
robert marsden
robert marsden - Day ago
Riya brother was so hot
gotham girl
gotham girl - Day ago
Xianne Abesamis
Xianne Abesamis - Day ago
Guys where do you get a school and wigs and all those close and all those houses
Xianne Abesamis
Xianne Abesamis - Day ago
My most favorite there is cinemon
Arzam - Day ago
I hate tootsie I mean Daniel
Mayra Villa
Mayra Villa - Day ago
They use the same people because they do not have friends😛😛😛😛😛🤘🤘🤘
Catalina Suarez
Catalina Suarez - Day ago
Emma Fearless
Emma Fearless - Day ago
I’m only saying this once (and hopefully its not offensive) but i’m 11 years old and y’all are talking about sex education, also I LOVE THIS SHOW, but try to make it a bit more kid friendly thx, love your BIGGEST fan Emma Crawford
Jill Manion
Jill Manion - Day ago
Paityn Nicole
Paityn Nicole - Day ago
Zee Elahi
Zee Elahi - 2 days ago
Free refills
Jordan Hagins
Jordan Hagins - 2 days ago
GrtDestroyer - 2 days ago
Runvire is also in you two tv
Kryptic XD
Kryptic XD - 2 days ago
How did Tia get out of the tape
Aroush Habib pv
Aroush Habib pv - 2 days ago
Love dan and riya like if so if not comment but everyone should like
??? - 2 days ago
??? - 2 days ago
Tootsie x Rootbarb or roobarb
??? - 2 days ago
Sophie Sneddon
Sophie Sneddon - 2 days ago
ross is a good day
Monika Golba
Monika Golba - 2 days ago
At 6:42 to 6:47 was tootsie looking for a six-pack?
Shinystar08 - 2 days ago
Day 1 trying to get famous on YouTube with comments
Kelly Brooks
Kelly Brooks - 2 days ago
Tootsie and Nanvir seating in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g first comes love then comes
Married then comes the baby in the baby carrier.
Kelly Brooks
Kelly Brooks - 2 days ago
Hello I'm Kaikat 💋💋.
pink panda pp
pink panda pp - 2 days ago
i know the words so u do not need to put the thing down thare
Benjamin Best
Benjamin Best - 3 days ago
Krysten Hernandez
Krysten Hernandez - 3 days ago
Roses are 🌹
Violets are blue💙
Make this blue if u love dan and riya to💙🌹
Chocolate Hazel-Nutz
Chocolate Hazel-Nutz - 3 days ago
I know someone with the same bathing suit as Ria and Tootsie!
The all elite gamer
The all elite gamer - 3 days ago
And riya
The all elite gamer
The all elite gamer - 3 days ago
I like chad
farah3l kassas
farah3l kassas - 3 days ago
Liza Pulido
Liza Pulido - 3 days ago
This is tootsie
Cookies And Rainbows
Cookies And Rainbows - 3 days ago
Rhubarb: *drinks crush soda* “tootsie has a crush!”
Me: so do you😛🤯🤫
•Pastel Sunsetz•
•Pastel Sunsetz• - 3 days ago
i like seeing this but i think it is great for my own life to be the same summer moths cuz i live some where else where the schools holidays are on
April to the last day of May :>
miguel martinez
miguel martinez - 3 days ago
When they were in the car Riya looked so annoyed for some reason Maybe because Riya knows that tootsie likes her brother
Makaylah Caesar
Makaylah Caesar - 3 days ago
I think she has a crush on him
Keith Hannon
Keith Hannon - 4 days ago
iiPeachyGachaii Q
iiPeachyGachaii Q - 4 days ago
Let's play a game, you know the drill (based on ur like)
1- Cinnamon
6-Riyas mom
7- Riyas mom
0-ur choice :)
Tia TiaThePuppyLover
Tia TiaThePuppyLover - 4 days ago
So cool we and her have the same name
Tia TiaThePuppyLover
Tia TiaThePuppyLover - 4 days ago
When Totise said WAIT TIA I was SHOKED do you know why?
Maria Bqain
Maria Bqain - 4 days ago
Amalia Ailiesei
Amalia Ailiesei - 4 days ago
Hi sa merjem
Noheart_Torre YT
Noheart_Torre YT - 4 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Akidheuohggu Yugctfctu
Akidheuohggu Yugctfctu - 4 days ago
2:47 When strawberry said Lamos I started to laugh so hard
KAM'RYN SMITH - 4 days ago
Her brother was cute
Katherine Alatriste
Katherine Alatriste - 5 days ago
This is the first video i saw
Erfan Qasemi
Erfan Qasemi - 5 days ago
Ranvir is in free refills I subscribed you you and YOUR BROTHER
Figure Time!
Figure Time! - 5 days ago
Rafał Kłoś
Rafał Kłoś - 5 days ago
Is that renviers twin
Roro Walsh
Roro Walsh - 5 days ago
10:18 made me laugh so much
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