THE LAUNCH PAD TRAP! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #506

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Goat11 Book
Goat11 Book - 2 months ago
What else is there to say?
TheZkillerZ - 3 months ago
@Piggie spammer
TheZkillerZ - 3 months ago
Davidne67 gt
Davidne67 gt - 14 days ago
8:36 my moment :)) now i have my own channel just because of that moment thank you BCC TROLING
Dirty Turdy Boy-O
Dirty Turdy Boy-O - 21 day ago
Can we acknowledge the fact that the guy had 15 kills?
Brian M
Brian M - 22 days ago
2.40 lama
XxRogueNC _FZ6xX
XxRogueNC _FZ6xX - Month ago
Anyone else notice the llama? 2:40
Finley Labbe
Finley Labbe - 2 months ago
I love your vids
LT CoolKid
LT CoolKid - 2 months ago
what's the best season
3-6 (LIKE)
Niklas Feckler
Niklas Feckler - 2 months ago
thats not fake guys
Ezequiel Barba
Ezequiel Barba - 2 months ago
I saw all of the random player clips off reddit😂
HoodedDefault - 2 months ago
Spend 34 seconds at the end just to milk the adds😤
Giraldo Cattaneo
Giraldo Cattaneo - 2 months ago
thank you me brother yoou best
Kamila Baldwin
Kamila Baldwin - 2 months ago
you my hero
xoℲ ツ
xoℲ ツ - 3 months ago
Let's go I'm im this one. At 4:37
Crazy goggle Guy
Crazy goggle Guy - 2 months ago
iDyphun YT
iDyphun YT - 3 months ago
You got this from sernando you bot
ItzKALEboiiz - 3 months ago
roses are red

use code BBC

the launchpad trap is at 1:03
DiamondBack - 3 months ago
Ninja freaks out about every little thing
Leticia Arregui
Leticia Arregui - 3 months ago
that is so cool
Cash Pasley
Cash Pasley - 3 months ago
9:16 That’s not really cool. Me and my friends did that every game and got 38 wins in that mode,
sTaTiiC_Ben - 3 months ago
(btw I also make Videos)
Liam Myers
Liam Myers - 3 months ago
Jonathan Peraza
Jonathan Peraza - 3 months ago
0:04 look under his health
Ibrahim Qayyum
Ibrahim Qayyum - 3 months ago
Gavin Taylor Music
Gavin Taylor Music - 3 months ago
1:56 this man really tried to shoot an rpg at him like that😂😂
Cole Klee
Cole Klee - 3 months ago
whats that emote 6:10
Cole Klee
Cole Klee - 3 months ago
that is so disturbing 1:40
Monish Avvaru
Monish Avvaru - 3 months ago
Miguel Estevão
Miguel Estevão - 3 months ago
2:48 this guy is so bad. how does he play since season 2 at least and plays like this...?
ishaakskilz 1
ishaakskilz 1 - 3 months ago
Je sais 6 chose sur toi

1) Tu es sur YouTube
2) tu es humain
3) Tu ne peux pas dire A sens ouvrire la bouche
4) Tu clique sur la suite

5) Tu te sens tres con et tu sourir

6)tu t abonne a ma chaine et tu like le commentaire
Filip Huš
Filip Huš - 3 months ago
0915875705 call this number is hotball1 number
Liam Greene
Liam Greene - 3 months ago
subscribe to limitlessquinn n thats how you spell it
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta - 3 months ago
Lazarbeam in BCC Trolling, what else do you need?
Vicinitrix - 3 months ago
6:21 which MrFreshAsian vid is that from?
Mashu Kearu
Mashu Kearu - 3 months ago
2:45 there is a llama
Haydn T
Haydn T - 3 months ago
What was that red health bar at the start?
Golden beams
Golden beams - 3 months ago
Dats tuff 3:59 an 4:50 DATS TUFF
Xelnop Gaming
Xelnop Gaming - 3 months ago
0:05 I have Done That Accidentaly
Sorry for Bad Accent
Cuddles Gaming
Cuddles Gaming - 3 months ago
U stole this from orangeguy
CB Gaming
CB Gaming - 3 months ago
1:58 The legend says he is still rolling
Luca-Save Spasovski
Luca-Save Spasovski - 3 months ago
8:50 haben meine Freunde und ich schon in Season 3 gemacht 😂😂😂😂
Ex Yungz
Ex Yungz - 3 months ago
I got my first like yay Wait hold up why is it blue?
Ferry FX
Ferry FX - 3 months ago
9:10 when the monkeys want something to eat
Rxspzct - 3 months ago
When did you start playing Fortnite?
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Another- Day13
Another- Day13 - 3 months ago
Thats me
Joe the G.O.A.T
Joe the G.O.A.T - 3 months ago
Use code BCC in the item shop
That_thicc_boi_ - 3 months ago
James Charles just kissed you

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Mythic_Allday - 3 months ago
Can we please please please date 😢
bonjour C moi
bonjour C moi - 3 months ago
Gabeisawsome 1212126
Gabeisawsome 1212126 - 3 months ago
9:10 Ooooh
OmgItsPokeNoob 22
OmgItsPokeNoob 22 - 3 months ago
1:47 my last brain sell during a test
TyroneVanessa d'sJones
TyroneVanessa d'sJones - 3 months ago
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daily fortnite news j - 3 months ago
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daily fortnite news j
daily fortnite news j - 3 months ago
Roses are red violets are blue I wanna get a support a creator code you wanna get one sub to me and I'll sub back
Toxicgrandpa69 x
Toxicgrandpa69 x - 3 months ago
James charles didnt touch you

Like to activate
Wolf Sky
Wolf Sky - 3 months ago
9:13 When you hit a trick shot the whole squad goes GORILLA🦍
Oliver Hillberry
Oliver Hillberry - 3 months ago
Oliver Hillberry
Oliver Hillberry - 3 months ago
Randeep Singh
Randeep Singh - 3 months ago
Put more clips of mrfreshasian please, ya boy needs to eat and pay rent
Omar Jimenez
Omar Jimenez - 3 months ago
Has anyone noticed wierd bot-ish looking comments live "Reply if 1-4 like if 5-8"?
Gabriel García rivera
Gabriel García rivera - 3 months ago
You suk
XxGachaCatxX - 3 months ago
1:00 is what you came for.
Team BossHQ
Team BossHQ - 3 months ago
Daniel_tsh Spams L2
Daniel_tsh Spams L2 - 3 months ago
1:00 is what you came for
Besjan Hasani
Besjan Hasani - 3 months ago
Shabbz Napier
Håçkêr 69
Håçkêr 69 - 3 months ago
subscribe 7AF
NitRøbZ - 3 months ago
4:16 excuse me ????
Trey Lo
Trey Lo - 3 months ago
Yeah this doesnt work in normal game, plus it's considered bannable. Tried it in playground doesnt work, only work on Creative for me.
pokemon playz btw
pokemon playz btw - 3 months ago
I loved that he hit that ten minute mark with loads of ads
MyNameIs ___________
MyNameIs ___________ - 3 months ago
At the start of the video what is that red health thing
IRcriz25 - 3 months ago
Use Code IRcriz25
Blue team leader Blue
Blue team leader Blue - 3 months ago
1:30 That’s me!
Niklas 124
Niklas 124 - 3 months ago
What Is the Name of the Song at 3:30 min?
SweatyFN - 3 months ago
Plz get me to 50 subs bois
FlowzOG - 3 months ago
I used your creator code 👍🏾
Artic Dezz
Artic Dezz - 3 months ago
🔥Only console players can like this🔥👇

Btw small YouTuber I am ceedays unknown cousin just sub to me
Dark Anthony Modesto
Dark Anthony Modesto - 3 months ago
It’s called a bonce trap
The Stinger
The Stinger - 3 months ago
#15 on game trending great job
ツブライアン - 3 months ago
Let me explain 5:23 the guy tryed rifting but didn't make it in time look at the roof placed in top he was breaking it and didn't make it in time to rift look closely lol I got confused too
wolfgang mieth
wolfgang mieth - 3 months ago
Nice bug gg
Aemeerzan Haziq /AB Haridtz
yo the shockwave and hunting rifle he using bot
DiamondAssasin - 3 months ago
I have malice skin equipped and got 52 kills with it I don’t know how to hack so I’m not hacking I don’t have aim bot I’m just very skilled also I got the kills in team rumble so then I would get more than usual
uG Edan
uG Edan - 3 months ago
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Eddie Soria Films
Eddie Soria Films - 3 months ago
bella arrojo
bella arrojo - 3 months ago
what is this season two million
Eddie Soria Films
Eddie Soria Films - 3 months ago
Cursed Ukko
Cursed Ukko - 3 months ago
Only players with the floss can like this
Mr. Fudgenuggetz
Mr. Fudgenuggetz - 3 months ago
1:39 Well he sure is happy
Mr. 100 Subs Without Any Video
SL pRoductions
SL pRoductions - 3 months ago
8:51 was not even cool🤣👌💀
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 3 months ago
Tfue finally using skins
Average Kid
Average Kid - 3 months ago
6:29 use code lazar
Ben Cartledge
Ben Cartledge - 3 months ago
I submitted my clip and its also on my channle
sush - 3 months ago
3:28 song?
Grayman M
Grayman M - 3 months ago
This was so lazy made how do people like this guy has anyone noticed all his vids are 10 mins he clickbaits and steals content
Tomas Olmedo
Tomas Olmedo - 3 months ago
W and L gaming and vlogs
W and L gaming and vlogs - 3 months ago
Am I the only one that knows that that is an old thumbnail
m mm
m mm - 3 months ago
You copied orange guy
Atapuermac_Official - 3 months ago
I saw the trick in his channel orangeguy he also has a lot more videos with crazier gliches
Otic - 3 months ago
Only season one players can like
Btw small you tuber trying to grow❤️
Sergio Requena
Sergio Requena - 3 months ago
That trick will probably work
coolboy xbox player
coolboy xbox player - 3 months ago
Who remember when BCC make call of duty videos
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