Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Why Sharing the Stage with His Husband Is a Reason to be Hopeful

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Willem Joubert
Willem Joubert - Day ago
Is he the wife?
R - 2 days ago
Nathan Fielure
Nathan Fielure - 5 days ago
"Buttigieg worked for a global consulting firm, McKinsey, from 2007-2010. The firm's predatory practices were one of the major causes of the Great Recession. During his time there they aggressively pushed Oxycontin and collaborated with the Saudi government, which punishes homosexuality with death. Despite appearances, Buttigieg does not represent a break from the past. He is in favor of jailing his fellow veteran and queer sister Chelsea Manning. He is a proud imperialist and an extoller of racist "All Lives Matter" rhetoric... A Buttigieg presidency unequivocally threatens the well-being of people the world over who are subjected to America's imperialist whims. He supports drone strikes, concealing war crimes, and growing our military-industrial complex. There is simply too much life at stake to entertain the deadly ambitions of this McKinsey cypher."
Anita Subramanian
Anita Subramanian - 7 days ago
Obama 2.0
Desirable Jodie
Desirable Jodie - 8 days ago
what do people say about his work where he's mayor?
Victoria Galvin
Victoria Galvin - 18 days ago
I strongly believe that the more people know who Pete is and what he’s about, the stronger his chances are of earning the nomination. Right now people only recognize Biden and Bernie. I hope Pete can get there!
karen taylor
karen taylor - 19 days ago
I'am voting for Pete, our next President! People may not know all about him yet but they will, wait till he gets on stage for debates, people will be very impressed with him! We need someone fresh and new for our counties future!
Jasmin Contos
Jasmin Contos - 20 days ago
For anyone who's genuinely curious about his policies:
Hsin Kuo
Hsin Kuo - 20 days ago Take a look, and hopefully Mayor Pete can give credit.
Allen .Murray
Allen .Murray - 21 day ago
At the age of 37 this man has already done more for this country and its citizens than our current so called president has in his 70 plus yrs
caa9ify - 21 day ago
I really like him, he's competent, empathetic, and articulate. Hes definitely of my choices for the presidency.
EuroFrench - 21 day ago
Opinion | Dear Republicans: Stop using my father, Ronald Reagan, to justify your silence on Trump
Even those of us who aren’t Republicans deserve better from our public servants.
Read in The Washington Post:
owen c.
owen c. - 21 day ago
it gives me hope to see him be so friendly about his running mates in the presidential race
Amin Zahid
Amin Zahid - 21 day ago
All comments are positive and loving. I don't exactly why People love Pete Buttigieg? You sold my heart, will vote you.
Casey Sierhuis
Casey Sierhuis - 22 days ago
this practicing homosexual deviant is the dumber twin of pee wee Herman !
uofmd - 22 days ago
look I do not care if you are gay or straight. Kissing is one PDA is do not agree with.
Devin Cockerille
Devin Cockerille - 22 days ago
What an all star
microwaved coke
microwaved coke - 23 days ago
*"thank you for sharing that photo with the american people"*
Queen of Moderation
Queen of Moderation - 23 days ago
I won't be voting for him because of his corporatist policies in South Bend which has put many black/brown family on street to let investors build luxury condos on their homes, didn't do a thing to improve the lead level in the minority neighborhoods drinking water, has the highest income disparity between white and blacks under his leadership, outlawed panhandling, and more. I could care who who sleeps with or who he prays to. The legacy he left in South Bend is just inhumane and wouldn't want that for the country.
Greg K
Greg K - 21 day ago
Let me guess. You'll be voting for Bernie.
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez - 23 days ago
"Not opponents but competitors." Basically respecting and asking himself and the other candidates to up their game! Loves it!
discoverytube - 23 days ago
Pete "breath of fresh air", lol....same tag line in the comments on every video of this clown,  its getting old, people.  Truth is, all Pete Buttigieg does is bust nuts in Butts.
Hamad Osuna
Hamad Osuna - 23 days ago
I Think We All Need A Little More Shirley Temple, Seth.
Left anti pc
Left anti pc - 23 days ago
Why is it whenever I see guys kissing I feel disgusted, but I don’t have the same problem with two girls?
Greg K
Greg K - 21 day ago
Because a heterosexual man sees 2 women kissing and he thinks (almost always wrongly) that he could jump right into that. Since heterosexual men aren't attracted to other men, there's nothing to imaginary to jump into. It's also cultural. Ancient Romans didn't have much of a problem with homosexuality. They considered it normal, but a leader had to take the dominant role in the relationship. The insult wasn't calling someone queer, it was saying that the leader was the passive partner getting the reach around.
l h
l h - 24 days ago
fancy words and excellent speeches from homosexuality is NOT what this country wants...way far from it. We all know homosexuality is everywhere coming out and exposing. There is many ways of helping our country, but as President. ...NO.... you will end up endangering our country!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 21 day ago
l h Endangering our country? How, exactly, does that work?
mistertee - 25 days ago
This guy just blows my fucking mind every time he speaks. He needs to be the next President.
jelaninoel - 26 days ago
I cannot believe this is the guy they are championing
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy - 26 days ago
Platitudes of feel-good 'personality' stuff. He's intelligent, I like him in a general way, certainly....but, he would absolutely be (pre-trump) more-of-the-same. The phony post-Clinton 'left' (Wall Street, Pharma, oil, corrupt military investment etc etc etc) are manicuring and massaging him all day all night via every commercial media outlet as their new darling so they can hopefully continue get away with all the same, while hiding behind the issues of him being the first gay president (the same as they did with Obama as first black president). With Pete in the White House, nothing would change at all with any of the major issues. All you would have is an MSNBC/CNN that 'loves' him, masses entranced by his intelligence (which will seem like chocolate after orangeman, sure), and a right that hates him - it would be Obama all over again (and yes, I like Obama as a person blah blah) where nothing at all gets done, zero essential changes made. Citizens United would remain, there would be nothing close to a Glass Stegal, no single payer healthcare for all, no tuition-free colleges and trade schools. No attempt at taking on any of the monsters. Just platitudes and 'personality'. Bernie 2020.....OBVOIUSLY.
Birdie Jeffers
Birdie Jeffers - 27 days ago
Let me just preface this by saying Seth is awesome, his show kicks ass & Major Pete has my vote 👍 But in more serious news:
WTH is up with the Late Night IG acct!?! Link in bio for "Get Social With Late Night" on Instagram took me to an IG page for NBCTV. Ok, no big deal. Right? WRONG!!!
The whole page has ONE post with ONE picture & that's of a parking lot!!! 🤨
What the Actual F***?
IDK whether to roll my eyes or bust a gut laughing 🤣🤣🤣
bruce C
bruce C - 27 days ago
Seth is the best 😘
Robin Garrett
Robin Garrett - 27 days ago
Wait. Did he say by the power invested in me?
Laura Anseeuw
Laura Anseeuw - 27 days ago
What a nice human being! Certanly and sadly not something americans will support, they like Dicks like trump, so they are really represented. But the idea!!!... is just too good to be true.
Tinthia Clemant
Tinthia Clemant - 27 days ago
Imagine having a president again who can speak clearly and truthfully. Ahhhhhhhh.
flaggerify - 28 days ago
I didn’t know he was gay. No chance I fear of being elected.
flaggerify - 25 days ago
LordHealey Yes but there are more black people than gay people. Also he’s pretty young and probably comes across as too learned for the dumb electorate.
LordHealey - 25 days ago
People said the same thing that America would never elect a black man called Barack Hussein Obama
L J - 28 days ago
When I vote for someone, I look at their spouse, and watch how they interact. In 2016, there wasn’t much choice using this method. Emotional honesty, and genuine affection count for a lot.
Evan Harris
Evan Harris - 28 days ago
Pete bores me to tears. Get yang on the show already.
MyGoldenFro - 28 days ago
LOL that totally did look like the set of Parks and Rec!
David Manhart
David Manhart - 28 days ago
He passes the "would you have a beer with him" test.
nicholas williams
nicholas williams - 28 days ago
Stop backing mayor Pete. He is a hotty but he needs to lose because he is a centrist, we need Bernie. There is a reason Pete wrote an essay about Bernie (a real progressive).
Max Glocksine
Max Glocksine - 28 days ago
Pedro Moura
Pedro Moura - 28 days ago
Hey, look, one more President Pete interview, I mean Mayor Pete, for now... hehe #PeteforPresident2020
JG - 28 days ago
He looks like a mix of Trudeau and Macron 💗
Brandon - 28 days ago
Pete Buttiegieg should not have gone out of his way to smear Sanders supporters. That's a very large group of voters he just kicked to the curb. We need a president for all the American people, not just for some of the people. As such I can no longer consider him. Shame on your Pete Buttiegieg. Source:
Survive Thsht
Survive Thsht - 28 days ago
Who cares who screws who. I swear people live their lives like a porn movie. Just stop hurting each other. That matters more.
Julio Perez
Julio Perez - 28 days ago
I like this guy more for president the more I hear about him!
James Harris
James Harris - 28 days ago
The way the audience applauded at seeing the picture caused a little lump in my throat. It gives me hope that one day just maybe we can all finally come together as not white or gay or a particular group but just fellow Americans.
On that day America will truly be great again.
marlonious - 28 days ago
He's just a classy guy :)
John Frankovich
John Frankovich - 28 days ago
Pete "The Savior" Buttigieg
Mike Maven
Mike Maven - 29 days ago
seth was uncomfortable...
// osivot
// osivot - 29 days ago
I ain’t ever seen the dude
MICHGO1 - 29 days ago
Albert May
Albert May - 29 days ago
Buttgig is Mr. Bean .
Rishab Bramta
Rishab Bramta - 29 days ago
The picture of Mayor Pete and his husband Chasten on the stage was just beautiful.
rjcass33 - 29 days ago
I’m really liking this guy.
bill lazur
bill lazur - 29 days ago
I wonder who these people are that give the thumbs down? I feel sorry for them
professormancaptain - 29 days ago
1. Seth's joke about the mayors office was great.
B. I quite like this Pete fellow.
Sean Knutson
Sean Knutson - 28 days ago
III. Your list formatting is inconsistent. 😉
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson - 29 days ago
He reminds me of kennedy. not very substantive, but young and charming. he’s not my favorite but he’s got a good shot, i think
Johann Popper
Johann Popper - 29 days ago
Democratic Party policy is literally merely saying the opposite of there being a massive humanitarian border crisis vis-a-vis extremely harmful drug addiction and brain damage and overdose death and undercutting of jobs for poor Americans and massive displacement and dispossession of Latin & South Americans, will make the problem magically go away. Buttigieg sits there and accuses the one man who is trying to do something positive to solve the problem of doing what his own party is, in fact, doing. This is the height of untruth, and each and every one of you who are fixated on this man's sexuality and inspiring candidacy are simply choosing not to look at reality.
Linda Thalman
Linda Thalman - 29 days ago
Pete and Ellen for President - co-presidents. What fun would that be?
Mauricio Carrillo
Mauricio Carrillo - Month ago
So excited for him to be president
Rock Hash
Rock Hash - Month ago
Bernie 2020!
EMS - Month ago
1:34 - yech.
Pundit2k - Month ago
Trump 2020 Pete 2024
22grena - Month ago
This person has been selected by the globalists to be their next puppet. Never vote for the oligarchs man. Listen to E Michael Jones he will put you straight
simon leaf2
simon leaf2 - Month ago
Mayor Pete, a big hello from England! You are going to be a great President!
Henry Mv
Henry Mv - Month ago
He can have a fucking interview whitout people asking for being gay!!!!!
rennatdm - Month ago
Seth Meyers simply loves peter.
Be the Change
Be the Change - Month ago
Pete may be likeable but don't trust him for a milisecond. He had a private meeting with Neera Tanden (harpie scum) to figure out how to poison Bernie to the public. He is Obama 2.0. Why won't people realize that it was
Clinton AND Obama that paved the way for Trump. If we are going to change things, PLEASE, let's NOT go backwards.
BTW, you likely know this, but buddy Pete was opposed to Obama's pardon of Chelsea Manning. Disgusting!!
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore - Month ago
i think more equal then most.. i just don't understand why he needs the drive of his campaign to be that he is a sexual homosapien being! i don't know if people got what homosexual means..? i mean we are all sexual but the purpose of life is for life.. and that is for self so people is he for you or for his cause..? which is how most campaign go. and then where does a future go?
TheQueenLycan - Month ago
Another corporate shill the establishment shat out using the most shitty of tactics: identity politics. He's young, he's gay, and spouts sanctimonious platitudes. I urge you all to look into his policy positions and what has happened in his city since he's been mayor. If a candidate isn't pushing their policies from the gate and relying almost entirely on"likeability", they have something to hide. Establishment politics 101 here, folks.
Ida  Seitter
Ida Seitter - Month ago
I was a congressman when you were writing essays about ME 😂 😂... love Bernie but his time has passed, his message has been adopted by the next generation (which I thought was the point)—- Buttigieg/ Harris 2020 ❤️
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez - Month ago
Hes what america is and CAN BE. People like him are who the average american person admires NOT TRUMP. It's time we remind the world of our values.
bellamoon - Month ago
Pete, the GOP have no values for Trump to beckon to.
Linda R
Linda R - Month ago
I think he's great, ✌but I'm scared that an America that voted for Trump isn't ready for him. I hope some people see how horrible Trump is in general and use that to change their minds....
God Father
God Father - Month ago
Just trying to buy the gay votes like kamala buying the black votes.
Brendan Bergmann
Brendan Bergmann - Month ago
This guy went from being unknown to me, to being in my top 3 candidates for 2020
Elena Eisenhardt
Elena Eisenhardt - Month ago
He‘s great ♥️
tbrag - Month ago
People can change, sometimes to the worst. His essay on Bernie Sanders was a really nice statement for an 18-year-old. Now, he's part of the 'Stop Sanders' DNC Team, according to the NY Times. What happened? No issue with him running for office, but accepting to join meetings to take down one of your political idols shows that he might not be fit for such a grand job. We had many 'nice' people taking high office and getting corrupted in the process. Changing mind about policies and values is fine, but I'm looking for someone that has and will remain firm to their principles. So it's Warren or Sanders for me.
bruce C
bruce C - 29 days ago
tbrag ... 👊🏽
MrSwj2009 ____
MrSwj2009 ____ - Month ago
Read the New York Times article about Mayor Pete meeting with Dem establishment bigwigs -- Pelosi, Shumer and Neera Tanden -- to strategize on how to stop Bernie Sanders from taking over the nomination. So Mayor Pete is a back-stabber. Who would of thought. :/
bruce C
bruce C - 29 days ago
'back-stabber', NAH ! .... a 'team player' .... just on the wrong team 😠
Blackdogsmatter - Month ago
Strategize?...they’d just rig it like Hillary did.
demah19961 - Month ago
I’m sorry but this guy is a fake progressive.. the fact that he’s campaigning as a progressive is just hypocritical..
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale - Month ago
All this fawning over this guy in the comment section is enough to make me gag. It looks like what ever was responsible for getting Trudeau elected in Canada is coming to America next.
R. Ben Bahry
R. Ben Bahry - Month ago
If Americans didn't elect you come to my country. I'll vote for you
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale - Month ago
You can have him.
Luke Devine
Luke Devine - Month ago
We stan.
Dale Holmgren
Dale Holmgren - Month ago
Before this is removed, please check out - the surname Buttigieg literally means "Lord of the Chickens". I am not making this up:
cytherians - Month ago
Response to Sanders: "You've been at this for decades. I think it's time for a new generation to take it on."
Speider - Month ago
How do you pronounce Buttigieg?
khadijah ;
khadijah ; - Month ago
Boot edge edge
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale - Month ago
Booty Judge I think...
Jeffrey Paul
Jeffrey Paul - Month ago
Better than Trump, but people won't get behind a gay, homicidal (government trained) war criminal. War is wrong. I like Bernie, he is against war, booty-gig profited from murder of innocents.
Connor Jensen
Connor Jensen - Month ago
Not one policy-related question. Just focus on these cute little stories and ignore the fact he's a corporate sellout just like the rest of the establishment candidates.
Bryan MacDonald
Bryan MacDonald - Month ago
Haha bingo at least you looked through the facade
Antonius Britannia
Antonius Britannia - Month ago
Pete Buttigieg 2020
peter baxter
peter baxter - Month ago
Washington will chew him up and spit him out in little pieces.
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale - Month ago
Yes it will.
bluejedi24 - Month ago
This guy is so smart, so kind, so genuine. Would make a great president.
Steve Dawson
Steve Dawson - Month ago
I heart this boi.
Matt Erbst
Matt Erbst - Month ago
This guy is just this month's establishment pick to sap votes from Bernie Sanders so they can use superdelegates to steal the primary from him again in the 2nd ballot if he gets under 50%.
Also Pete butt judge is advocating for compulsory conscription to millitary service.
Policies Matter!
Policies Matter! - Month ago / highly recommended watching these two videos.
Policies Matter!
Policies Matter! - Month ago
Pete is just a corporate dem hidden as a progressive.
Policies Matter!
Policies Matter! - Month ago
He doesn’t support medicare for all, college for all or pulling out of all the wars we have been in for 20 years. He’s just like Beto O’Dork or John Hickenlooper.
MadDog 1980
MadDog 1980 - Month ago
Go Pete!!!!!
Gmail Account
Gmail Account - Month ago
everyone should check out the story where someone in South Bend who only spoke Arabic went to the hospital and Pete came and acted as a translator
Sharman Galloway
Sharman Galloway - Month ago
His little laugh ar 4:12 was so charming and contagious. Funny,charming,caring and smart as a whip,what a breath of fresh air..the anti Trump.
Tom Groebe
Tom Groebe - Month ago
Michele Kett
Michele Kett - Month ago
Bernie and Pete, what a combo. Wisdom experience, all that Bernie brings and youth, sexual diversity, intelligence and openness from both of them.
Brooke McElhaney
Brooke McElhaney - Month ago
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