Charlamagne Roasts Jason Lee Whitlock For Defending Kristine Leahy

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B1Kobe0824 - 2 months ago
+Master of Mashup yet you couldn't say how lol.
T Bradley
T Bradley - 2 months ago
LOW BEAM - 4 months ago
Damn CTDG well fckn done
Kiaa Nikole
Kiaa Nikole - 4 hours ago
This the one 💀🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SC - Day ago
making everything about race Donkey of the Day and the biggest black racist in America is Charlamagne tha shi*.When someone "white" ask hard question to some "black" man/women it's easy just turn it on race cause truth hurt.She ask him great q and he didn't like it but not cause she white he didn't like it cause truth is embarrassing
WISHBONEL7 - Day ago
Whitlock / Dash 2024
Maverick Jordan
Maverick Jordan - Day ago
Whitlock, your fat ass isnt shit. What size are you man? How can a man that looks like Ckeveland, talk shit!
Maverick Jordan
Maverick Jordan - Day ago
Whitlock, is just a saleout! Man, hes not black man hes always been a piece of shit!
crazy Crow
crazy Crow - 4 days ago
Malcolm X also said that if you show him a black democrat he'll show you a fool.
crazy Crow
crazy Crow - 4 days ago
This dude is dumb
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch - 5 days ago
I do NOT like whitlock. Not just for this, for everything about his judgmental finger pointing ass.
Issa Israel
Issa Israel - 6 days ago
Kwan Thomas
Kwan Thomas - 8 days ago
Still epic. 2 years later.
E M Babbyboi
E M Babbyboi - 11 days ago
HOT DAMN,TY,TY,TY CTG please continue to put the house Ns like J. Hamhock on blast, everybody should send, Hamhock some fast food coupons so he can eat himself right off the air, maybe choke on a chicken neck bone which would be even more fitting.
E M Babbyboi
E M Babbyboi - 11 days ago
Bruh Hamhock you need to stop kissing them white people's ass you ain't fooling no body, its all about you hoping the white man that pays your bills will continue to see you as a ally, so continue to kiss,kiss,kiss them white asses, cause brothers ain't drooping their pants for no fool like you.
brunoheww - 11 days ago
Asking how many shoes he sold is weaponizing her whiteness? Does Charlemagne talk about anything other than race?
magna blemur
magna blemur - 11 days ago
He fat shamed the hell out of him
john fuller
john fuller - 12 days ago
Rikers El
Rikers El - 12 days ago
She gonna cry in the bathroom... lol.
Cedric Jones
Cedric Jones - 12 days ago
Cedric Jones
Cedric Jones - 12 days ago
Jason Whitlock is a disgrace!! He should join the KKK, because he Hates Black People!! So they can HANG his UNCLE TOM ASS!!
FakhriyYah Yisrael
FakhriyYah Yisrael - 12 days ago
Damn Jason, COONIN at its finest. U still a black nukkah to them.
David Reid
David Reid - 13 days ago
Jason Whitlock is a great sell out, a self hater who attacks is race...Fat pig!!!!
David Reid
David Reid - 13 days ago
That fat fk is sell out...
m. jackson
m. jackson - 14 days ago
Look at Chalamagne read from a script, this dude promote liberals, like Al Sharpton
Ru Biggalo
Ru Biggalo - 14 days ago
That nigga tap dancing for biscuits
m. jackson
m. jackson - 14 days ago
BC is sooooo phony, its a liberal scripted show. BC and Charlamagne promote liberal white groups, they don't promote Black Americans, phony. BC says what pleases liberals, if Malcolm X was alive he wouldn't promote white liberals. Charla is not pro Black just research who he really supports.
Dewayne White
Dewayne White - 14 days ago
Jason Whitlock is America's BACK POCKET NIGGA!!!!
darkest light
darkest light - 15 days ago
House Nigga Whitlock!!!
Othello - 16 days ago
Powerful monologue, Charlamagne. Well done! 👍👍👍
Ephraim Million
Ephraim Million - 16 days ago
What in the hell are you talking about man?
Leroy Stover
Leroy Stover - 16 days ago
Sorry about the misprint but Charlemagne is Right Jason Whitman is a sell-out he did the great black people but stand up for white people and I have no respect for a Jason Whitlock anymore I used to like the brother but now the brother is a token Uncle Tom sorry about the early misprint I said before
Leroy Stover
Leroy Stover - 16 days ago
The Charlemagne is right Jason Whitman is a sell-out he the grey
Edwin Paez
Edwin Paez - 16 days ago
Boycott this busta
Electric - 16 days ago
What else would you expect from the always hungry Jason Peter Potamus Shitlock?
Electric - 16 days ago
What else would you expect from the always hungry Jason Peter Potamus Shitlock?
GrizTv - 16 days ago
If you watch the interview she is referencing it's clear them kids are scared of their father. Think for a second that, lavar was a nobody as a basketball player ,he failed his chance. But having three sons he vicariously lived his dreams through them. Like most people do. But watching his kids become successful made him jealous, which is why he was loud and obnoxious when he was on interviews. You know what they say all publicity is good publicity. It's honestly not hard to believe he abused his kids to get to where they are let alone get them to be quiet and let him do all the talking for the kids so he could have a career.
Now about the white girl.....
What she said has nothing to do with race....
In today's society you can get in more trouble for being against fats, gays, and women...
She was pulling the woman card..
She wanted her band of hairy lesbian feminist to back her up and say he Hates women. And even tried to double up and say he anti fat or some shit. It had nothing to do about race but everything to do about defamation.
They both wrong. Should have handled it better
Neicy Newby
Neicy Newby - 16 days ago
Brit Reed
Brit Reed - 16 days ago
Leahy & Whitlock are both IDIOTS! Ignore both attention whores...
zerogaugecaraudio - 17 days ago
Real house NG
Nate Mansa
Nate Mansa - 17 days ago
I love Charlamagne for schooling this fat pig🐷 🐖 🐽 Whitlock aka Cleveland Brown from Family guy with ur obesity
D Rek Da Hitman
D Rek Da Hitman - 17 days ago
That walrus shouldn't be talking about anyone's weight lmao
Lorenzo Biddy
Lorenzo Biddy - 17 days ago
U nailed it!
Lee P.
Lee P. - 17 days ago
Charlamagne gave him that work.
v wash
v wash - 17 days ago
Gotta love Charlamagne!! He is fearless and deep. I love that the breakfast club execs allow him to be himself and never trying to silence him. That Uncle Tom Whitlock should've known better than to come for him with all the mess in his background. How could you compare LaBron to Trump!! Ridiculous.
Jonathan DeFranco
Jonathan DeFranco - 18 days ago
God damn!
Charles Cummings Sr
Charles Cummings Sr - 18 days ago
He thinks by coonin that the white folks will love him. The MAGA crowd still thinks he is a fool. I would die before I made a living by coonin. Some where in hell there is a very special place for this total fool and coward.
oshaine1 - 18 days ago
He spent over 10 min killing him lol
Carvan Jackson
Carvan Jackson - 18 days ago
Stand up and speak your love black man!!! I love intelligence articulation cover with humor.
Salee Sellers
Salee Sellers - 18 days ago
Jason Whitlock could receive this award everyday....
Da Geech O.G.
Da Geech O.G. - 18 days ago
Whitlock and charlamagne correct. Both SUPER sensitive.
Vallejo PNW
Vallejo PNW - 18 days ago
I don't know C, I think Leahy was just trying to shine the light on him. Lavar is notorious for grandiose statements and bullshit.
She did however come at it the only way she did: white woman style lol I think as a talk show co-host, she should have had more class. I think that question had none.
McClennon Miller
McClennon Miller - 18 days ago
Boy, it's not hard to see whose bed this lost individual shoes lay under.
Dewey Fisher
Dewey Fisher - 18 days ago
Char likes to blather on about "the truth" and "race." The truth is, Char is a racist. I used to like him. Now I see what a douchebag and a punk he is.
TehutiBrim 59
TehutiBrim 59 - 18 days ago
Eviscerating, savage, overtly cruel & any other subjective words u choose to fill in the blanks doesn't begin to describe the joy I felt in my heart after listening to Da God go in, this shit, this take down was epically biblical. I'm only upset I kan only like it once #sadface
PS I'm disappointed in Chris myself bad look bra
9thLAND ENTERTAINMENT - 18 days ago
Black people won't want Jason Lee back if he decides to defect back to the black race when FOX kicks him to the curb
9thLAND ENTERTAINMENT - 18 days ago
DA-YUM...Even Uncle Tom would call Jason Lee a Nigga!
9thLAND ENTERTAINMENT - 18 days ago
9thLAND ENTERTAINMENT - 18 days ago
Giving that man too much credit calling him a negro...Jason Lee lost his black pass a LONG time ago
9thLAND ENTERTAINMENT - 18 days ago
Jason Lee Whitlock has the heart of a white NO HEART
Glenn Cooperwood
Glenn Cooperwood - 18 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 GOTEEEM! Well said...
Rashean Tibbs
Rashean Tibbs - 18 days ago
What’s crazy now it’s 2019 two black men gave a whiter female a big following which in turn , turned into her own show so you gotta be careful what you respond to especially if you say you don’t care for them
Austin G.
Austin G. - 19 days ago
DAMNNN he bodied whitlock, spoke the truth best Donkey ever.
bubba chuck
bubba chuck - 20 days ago
martin luther cornroll.... yea i can't handle it lmao
Ced Neal
Ced Neal - 21 day ago
Killed em!!!!!! Lol 🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Richard
Matthew Richard - 21 day ago
Jason Whitlock got you one million views.
DoubleEM Castillano
DoubleEM Castillano - 23 days ago
I question Kapaernicks sencerity. Someone asked if it's important to site that even if it's true. Idk. I don't think it was genuine, even more after he took the NFLs payoff but idk, maybe it was necessary.
Adrian Weaver
Adrian Weaver - 24 days ago
Suck dick black america,we gone die at the bottom of the tottum pole because we put ourselves there CTG and the rest of u niggas are y we will stay where we are,what a platform...
Adrian Weaver
Adrian Weaver - 24 days ago
What was it for,when she asked how many shoes he sold...
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson - 25 days ago
We need powerful voice too say what they have no courage to say,
Too media
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson - 25 days ago
Fat man shut your dam mouth fucking cowards
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson - 25 days ago
Tell the truth brother you are soo real brother, donkeys of the day IS correct my melanated brother
bobbyshower60 - 25 days ago
Yeah got his fat ass real good Charlamange respect bro
david paige
david paige - 25 days ago
That bastard disgusts me
M P - 26 days ago
WOW EITHER He went in on him!
Rory Gordon
Rory Gordon - 26 days ago
Jason Whitlock is the real life Uncle Ruckus
Eddie Sigler
Eddie Sigler - 26 days ago
Jason Whitlock is a Sambo straight sell out😔😔😔
Thomas Weldon
Thomas Weldon - 27 days ago
That was dead spot on. I watch SFY. Its a good talk show. But this Whitlock is so bad for black people, its disgusting to hear him speak. Charlemagne i am a fan fir life. Best Donkey of the Day by far.
Robert Pattillo
Robert Pattillo - 28 days ago
The Breakfast Club is the worst of the worst shows on the air. BF is racist from start to finish and everything in the middle. Sports has becomed far to racist. ESPN has gone off the deep end with racist garbage and nonsense.
Gregory Leggett
Gregory Leggett - 29 days ago
Jason Whitlock is your prototypical fatass, cooning jackass who knows absolutely nothing about sports.
Keith bengermin
Keith bengermin - 29 days ago
Jason Whitlock your mama should have swallowed your ass
Gary Tayor
Gary Tayor - Month ago
Jason Whitlock your black card is revoked
Keith C Finnie
Keith C Finnie - Month ago
Omar Grimmett
Omar Grimmett - Month ago
Hee haaaaa!
Omar Grimmett
Omar Grimmett - Month ago
Great fucking Donkey! Most deserved I’ve seen yet. Idk if that’s true, but it was damn good
Robert Downing
Robert Downing - Month ago
Charlemagne is the most racist person I've ever seen in my life and anyone who doesn't think he is racist is either just as racist or if str8 up ignorant
Joseph K
Joseph K - Month ago
Wow...obviously you never leave your house. White guilt is good on anything...i like mine on toast.
Gary White
Gary White - Month ago
Right on brother put that fat bastard in this place
Gary White
Gary White - Month ago
That n**** went to school on Cooney he has the best education from Kuhn University
Gary White
Gary White - Month ago
sorry ass n**** knows how to keep himself getting a check from Fox Network
hakim stevens
hakim stevens - Month ago
Charlemagne MURDERED Whitlock!!!!
ronmch20 - Month ago
Whitlock is just salty because the only sex he has is with himself, and he has to pay for that.
Thomas Meadows
Thomas Meadows - Month ago
Wtf am I watching lavar is a clown I find anyone questioning his so called sales is funny he's a jackass and deserves people trying to piss him off
Fahim Chow
Fahim Chow - Month ago
this man went so hard
whitlock is pure garbage!
Kyle Hereford
Kyle Hereford - Month ago
Fox sports: Hey boy we need you to get out there and defend this white woman immediately; Fix this boy.
Jason Whitlock: Yaasaa boss.
Rishard Woody
Rishard Woody - Month ago
If if she wasn't white Lavar ball would have said that to any female in her position cuz usually some men see women as sex objects
Rumba En El Batey.
Rumba En El Batey. - Month ago
Donkey of the day🐴
Darnell Harris
Darnell Harris - Month ago
I don't like neither of dem but Jason need to run around the track few times n relax
Grady Chirogianis
Grady Chirogianis - Month ago
Anyone else thinks this looks bad for Charlamagne
Dennis Leavitt
Dennis Leavitt - Month ago
Lol, “weaponized her whiteness?” You serious bro? 🤦‍♂️... THE DUDES SHOES PRICES ARE CRAZY RIDICULOUS!!! Charlamagne THA DOG, is an idoit on this one!!
Brandon Coates
Brandon Coates - Month ago
Get him ctg
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