South Carolina Mom Beats Her Kid Out Of Jealousy On Mother's Day

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Donzala Robinson
Donzala Robinson - 23 hours ago
JorDaN oof
JorDaN oof - 7 days ago
Wait this is abuse? My mom would wip the shit outa me and eventually that same day punched my uncle in the face and had him bleeding
JorDaN oof
JorDaN oof - 7 days ago
There should be a licence to have children tbh this way kids are made out of love and not born to bad people
**Scorpio7** Williams
**Scorpio7** Williams - 24 days ago
Straight CPS case in 2019
That baby did not do anything wrong
Auset Luceus
Auset Luceus - Month ago
Where is the father is my question?
Forrealtho - Month ago
Damn Chalamaigne, you are sooooooooooooo right about these half-witted chicks out here with no damn sense...
Hannah Solomon
Hannah Solomon - Month ago
Can't people see the danger of hitting a growing child on or around the head.
Hannah Solomon
Hannah Solomon - Month ago
@Couch Grouches i agree with you completely about most types of smacking a kid, there are very few things that I ever smack my kids, the first time I snacked my son on his bum was he let go of the pram and ran of towards a very big and busy road and l did smack his bum but mainly fear, it wasn't that hard but he never ever did it again and he even laughs about that now.
Couch Grouches
Couch Grouches - Month ago
You shouldn't really hit children in general outside of extreme cases like self-defense. Hitting children is psychologically damaging and can lead to an ill-adjusted adulthood.
Sapphire Coffee
Sapphire Coffee - Month ago
Lmao! Turning up to Gucci Mane! 😂😂😂
aleena young
aleena young - Month ago
And I wonder why he cared so much to give the card to his grandmother but ya sad to say in the black community the grandparents tends to raise the grandchildren sooo yea.
Utocqua Jackson
Utocqua Jackson - Month ago
HL Watts
HL Watts - Month ago
Just because you can breed them doesn’t mean you should have them...
Anwar Crutchfield
Anwar Crutchfield - Month ago
Haha Haha haaa!!!! You wanna go to the future concert and have "big Fun", lol!
Monique Addn
Monique Addn - Month ago
That lil boy was living his truth. She should have beat herself instead for being ahorrible parent
Brandi Scott
Brandi Scott - 2 months ago
I have 2 daughters the oldest daughter when I was 22 the next at 27. I raised both of my daughters. I worked. They may have went to Gran house for a few hours on the weekend when we were both off work but, they came back home before it got dark. My mother didn't have to raise my children. That's why I am Mama and she's Gran. Oh and I'm from Florida.
Cecelia Kirkpatrick
Cecelia Kirkpatrick - 2 months ago
I definitely remember those wooden spoon and fork set😂 I got my ass whooped a couple times with them 😂😂😂
21stcenturymermaid - 2 months ago
disgusting she probably a single mom and now recents him because it didnt keep that guy around. i swear this my mom.
CY On The Beat
CY On The Beat - 2 months ago
Charlamagne take this L for South Carolina
You cant ツƒrคğ๓є
You cant ツƒrคğ๓є - 2 months ago
*Having big fun*
Yura Moron
Yura Moron - 2 months ago
Did anybody peep the Cosby reference? Classic episode 😉😂😂
Bianca McBride
Bianca McBride - 2 months ago
Not the rainbow dress haha
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez - 3 months ago
Single black woman hold this L
realbeautyness25 - 3 months ago
Jeff Blunte
Jeff Blunte - 3 months ago
This made me cry damn charla :(
James Cash
James Cash - 3 months ago
Jasmine - 6 months ago
She gon get mad when she grows old and he throws her ass in a nursing home and forgets about her.
Erin Smith
Erin Smith - 8 months ago
I used to do the same thing when I was a child but I never got a beating!
Kamel - 8 months ago
Well I think it's pretty clear why the kid would do that cause his mama sucks -
john_blaze39 - 8 months ago
Realll talk
vel mula
vel mula - 9 months ago
Nigga Charlemagne was going in just now 😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️
saphiffer talbert
saphiffer talbert - 9 months ago
She’s clearly not a mother and she don’t have a son she lost him along time ago
Mo - 9 months ago
Can't stand a weak ass hater
Maggie McCoy
Maggie McCoy - 9 months ago
Omg not the wooden spoon. That was the worse.
Joseph Britney
Joseph Britney - 9 months ago
What happens when a child is raising a child destructive cycle people do BETTER
adam glover
adam glover - 10 months ago
Damn I grew up in SC (West Columbia) and I also had to pick my own switches and my granny had them big ass spoons and forks on the wall lol must be a Carolina thing!
Jason Allen
Jason Allen - 10 months ago
Glad they let the proper Authorities know. She Crazy
Kiwana Warren
Kiwana Warren - 10 months ago
Get her 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samantha Maire
Samantha Maire - 10 months ago
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic - 10 months ago
But she made her son called grandma Ma and called her by her first name.
SURFACES for Mural Visionaries
Piece of Shit
Giveme Abreak
Giveme Abreak - 10 months ago
His grandma I'm sure raised him
btc_real - 10 months ago
Some people don’t deserve to be parents, period.
michael george
michael george - 11 months ago
This is why there are so many African American criminals. Bad parenting
michael george
michael george - 9 months ago
@April B what about them black face? We are perfect angels. Not like you monsters
April B
April B - 10 months ago
What about Caucasian criminals?
RayJ-HT - 11 months ago
Damn he ate her up! LOL but she deserved it.
Sonia Ndukwe
Sonia Ndukwe - 11 months ago
This nigga said from Rainbow
Sonia Ndukwe
Sonia Ndukwe - 11 months ago
His granny probably watches him while his mom is at work
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney - 11 months ago
There Must be a govt system in place to stop these ppl fron reproducing
BACK UP in ya
BACK UP in ya - 11 months ago
Thats crazy the fbi said that 'bw' are the greatest abusers of 'male' children but that fall on deaf ears unless we talking about black men ... they made shure to get on nas about his lien,cheating , gold digging ass baby mama the media couldn't wait to break that news !! But still ante said shit about this !!
Minnesota Fatz
Minnesota Fatz - 11 months ago
smdh I'm from Spartanburg
Kinney Kolah
Kinney Kolah - 11 months ago
My mama and grandma beat me with the same shit as cthagod and I ain’t deserve none of that shit... except... nah those don’t count. I ain’t call cps cus they told me to take my ass on and do it..... I ain’t do it
mylogicisundenyable - 11 months ago
She looks crazy yo!
That Guy
That Guy - 11 months ago
What Did Chris Rock say "If your son calls his grandmother mommy, and his Mama Pam, he's going to Jail"
Shervon Gaskins
Shervon Gaskins - 11 months ago
These kids know the real!!
QuaShawn Murphy
QuaShawn Murphy - 11 months ago
I'm embarrassed to even share a last name with this fucking psycho. 😕😑😒 "No relation..." Uncle Ruckus voice for real.
Mousey Publishings
Mousey Publishings - 11 months ago
#SotoNation hair hats do what they know best.
giggleberry juice
giggleberry juice - 11 months ago
What was the matter? He made a card for his REAL mama!
Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci
Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci - 11 months ago
Apparently the grandma treats him better.
Maia Jones
Maia Jones - 11 months ago
Over a card wow some people shouldn't have children, Maybe the little angel didn't make a car for his mother because his mother was abusive, and the grandmother treated him with respect and loved nurtured him. If the mother beat him for not making her a car I think this mother may have been abusive and other situations
Shadeenah - 11 months ago
LMFAOOO @ BIG FUNNNN!!!!!!! Lmfaoooo
Big Blue
Big Blue - Year ago
There is a reason she didn't the card.
Your Grace _
Your Grace _ - Year ago
😂😂😂 wearing dresses from rainbow 🌈 six sizes too small 😂 why Charlemagne gotta be so on point it’s funny?
Your Grace _
Your Grace _ - Year ago
😭😭😭 please stop ✋🏽 👋🏽 hitting our children
James - Year ago
These are the chicks who tell themselves happy fathers day too
Destini Abrams
Destini Abrams - Year ago
I helped my son make a card for his grandma on mother's day... He didn't make me one because him saying it was enough for now 😏
Gawd-Xilla - Year ago
prolly aint make her a card cause she be abusing him.
Domino - Year ago
How can a bw be a donkey, though?
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic - 10 months ago
Britta Bee
Britta Bee - Year ago
I'm always with my child and if it's somewhere I can't go with her I don't go. But with that said, if my daughter decides to make her grandma a card and not me, so what. Smh. Damn shame.
SHENELLE S - Year ago
He said BIG FUN! LMAO Claire Huxtable shout out
Bebe Rivera Makeup
Bebe Rivera Makeup - Year ago
Barefoot in the club turning up to Gucci mane 😂
dodopoopinpoop - Year ago
Damn that mom is an embarrassment
SuperTightbody - Year ago
First off why are she still living with her mother with a child anyway.The problem is not the child the problem is her lifestyle choices.Get your self together.When I had my daughter's I did not live under my mother roof pregnant I had my own place.My daughter call me by my first name didn't bother me one bit because she knew I was her mom because she live with me not her grandmother she knew she was visiting.I'm not into holidays give me a gift when its not a holiday that's when its special because I didn't expect it.Acting like this shows that she is a angry black woman and yes I am black .I would never ever beat my child for a card they gave to someone else.
Probably a single parent that get caught up in the holidays one of those tic for tac women with no man having a hard time finding one.I Been with my husband going on 22 years I choose wisely some of us are marriage material and some are not.No man staying with mom with a child.Child giving card to grandma made her feel like failure.The grandma she whoop her ass for still living with her at 30.Do she realize she can lose custody of her child.Instead of hitting her son try to figure out away to better your life be independent not dependent on someone else to put a roof over your head.Your mother can't live forever you are putting your problems on her and it's not right.
Simone Keyy
Simone Keyy - Year ago
Jayda Thebastard
Jayda Thebastard - Year ago
jojo hater
jojo hater - Year ago
I don't even care for holidays
juriko why
juriko why - Year ago
This type of behavior is not normal. I hope that they referred that lady to a therapist. Who gets that jealous over there own mother that they beat their own child?
A B - Year ago
Classic black mom. Abuses the child to correct the manifestations of the abuse the child has endured. Such a sad viscous cycle.
K Deloris
K Deloris - Year ago
whe they were singin donkey of the day sounds so good
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - Year ago
"We know six year old boys from South Carolina can be hard headed" not everyone is from South Carolina charla
Ms. Cromartie
Ms. Cromartie - Year ago
Wow! Give me that boy. I will love and butter him like the sweet brown biscuit he is...... I'll raise a strong black man. Black men are GR8, well most of them!
There's nothing wrong with spanking "whooping" "beating" your child IF and only IF it is necessary. Now when I say "whooping" "beating" it's just cuz those were the words that were used when I was young. My mom, aunties and sister's never actually whipped or beat me.... they spanked me. And yes....there is a real difference between whipping/beating a child and spanking. You don't spank a child just cuz they hurt your feelings by not making you a card but make one for your mother.... that's crazy!! This woman needs her behind whooped!!
living legend
living legend - Year ago
Love Donkey of the day 💣💣💣😬😂😂😂
Black Urban Media
Black Urban Media - Year ago
Facts that grandmother was more of a mother to her son than she was most likely
mccoy1303 - Year ago
"Out of the mouths of babes",
She was insulted by her son's Innocent Realness.
That most little kids have.🤓
Krispy klean
Krispy klean - Year ago
Sounds like the mom lives with grandma because grandma can support the both of them. She maybe the one supplying the clothes and school supplies while mom is out goofing off thinking the world owes her something.
Desmond Leviege
Desmond Leviege - Year ago
Right parents these days are terrible
Christopher Morningstar
I’m not gonna say anything filthy but.... I know I’m not alone in thinking and I hope a woman trained in MuayBoran gets at her!! Hit her with #WaveCrashingCoast a spinning elbow
Shiit Cockk
Shiit Cockk - Year ago
🤦‍♂️ that’s fucked I feel bad for that kid damn I couldn’t imagine having a mother who is so crazy that she’s beat her 6 year old kid out of jealousy
Lala Desy
Lala Desy - Year ago
She should be ashamed..
Barefoot in the club lol
Paul Davis Jr.
Paul Davis Jr. - Year ago
Actually Charlemagne that child needs a restraining order against her.
Dolla Phat
Dolla Phat - Year ago
BananaDynasty - Year ago
Niggas will beat their kids until they can barely stand but won't tell their kids that they love them once in their entire lives. Science has proven multiple times over that beatings only makes kids more violent and yet here we continue to be.
PositiviTy - Year ago
Yah boy thinks you his big sister weeeeeaaakkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but in all seriousness he hit it on the nose.
You dont have to hit your child in the face it is inappropriate... (or the face)
Mothers day is a pagan Holiday... dedicated to a female God... satanic day and all american garbage holidays
Shauntee Thomason
Shauntee Thomason - Year ago
That's so sad! She need to be in jail! My son makes stuff for my mom all the time. I'm 100% involved with my son. I never have been mad, I love the bond he has with my mother💞
Torrence Newborn
Torrence Newborn - Year ago
How did Charlamagne get beaten by the same objects as me growing up??🧐
Ivan Easiley
Ivan Easiley - Year ago
This some sad sh*T
Secretelover12 - Year ago
this is so depressing, oh my god
Bethany Chatman
Bethany Chatman - Year ago
She's disgusting!
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