Trevor Noah VS Tomi Lahren: ALPHA BATTLE Analysis

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JJDSports2012 - Месяц назад
You’re totally right about the “lay ups.” His low-brow shots may well be laziness stemming from the “home field advantage” you reference. Good call.
Brady Reid
Brady Reid - 26 дней назад
Monde Mazinyo I’m confused why her race affects her capacity for debate.
Cesar Lopez 36
Cesar Lopez 36 - 26 дней назад
Trevor is not a debater like Ben Shapiro. He’s a comedian so of course he’s focus is on making jokes however they come. This would of been totally different is she was debating Ben Shapiro. This is a political show based on comedy. I think it was a bad example of conversation/argument strategies. Comedians are all about making fun of subjects and arguments not actual intellectuals trying to win the discussion or argument.
JJDSports2012 - 26 дней назад
Monde Mazinyo I think you’re missing the point. This discussion isn’t about the content of their opinions; it’s about whether he’s really engaging her or just trying to score cheap points on lame humor. It goes to the idea of social engagements and communicating messages to others with our presence and our words, which is the point of this fine channel.
Monde Mazinyo
Monde Mazinyo - 26 дней назад
That guy doesn't need a crowd to take her down even me I can take her down on the same topic she is far from reality just a confused white girl only people of white power agree with her before and mostly after the debate
Monde Mazinyo
Monde Mazinyo - 26 дней назад
Thanks for telling us what white people do on their own shows on black people when we address such things
Miles Munansangu
Miles Munansangu - День назад
Its not lower intelligence humour...he allowed her to self destruct.. The more she talked the more damage her image....don't forget why he allowed her on the show
Durrell Carter
Durrell Carter - День назад
Honestly it seems like you made this whole video because you're upset at how he humiliated her. You sound like a hater dude.
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan - 2 дня назад
The guy narrating is so daft 😂😂 stop doing videos mate !
99cape1att - 5 дней назад
Trevor Noah is a loser political hack.
19whamo76 - 5 дней назад
Idk what this guy talking bout. Trevor did his thing. He's also a comedian
Ten Again
Ten Again - 6 дней назад
I honestly don't know what interview you was watching? There's a reason why the interview has been taken off line. Because she got schooled and made to look like the fool she is. And you are trying add some twist and psychology to this debate between an idiot and some one who isn't. You're trying to analyse and diagnose every aspect of this interview lol. Home field advantage you idiot. I would rather you uploaded the whole interview and did this rather than cherry pick parts. Crap Chanel and I won't be back lol. Idiot
mel val
mel val - 6 дней назад
You left out the part where she walked off the stage in the middle of the debate. Before convincing her to come back out.
Chris B
Chris B - 6 дней назад
This dude really said tomi lahren is intelligent 😂😂
Ahmed Allebat
Ahmed Allebat - 6 дней назад
you were wrong about the traffic joke, it was in his advanage, even it is was trivial.
ThePaw24 - 7 дней назад
Trevor is clearly not even in the same class. He can't keep up or even debate in an articulate educational fact based manner.
mike stu
mike stu - 7 дней назад
This was in 2016... you post this in 2019? What a leach looking to feed their ego
Cecilia Age of Aquarius
Cecilia Age of Aquarius - 7 дней назад
Ignorance is bliss with tomi lahren. You can't debate stupidity.
splintEight - 7 дней назад
On the "I don't see colour" phrase, I think Trevor was right to make fun of it. That statement is problematic for me coz it implies on a subconscious level that you have to ignore the fact of one having a different race to yours for you to treat them fairly. Like there is something wrong in you having a different race to mine. Let us see colour in all its glory, acknowledge it and enjoy it, and respect that our culture and way of doing things may differ. That we are better because of those differences and become excited to meet someone from a different background to mine because I will learn something. Another statement which is problematic to me is "person of Color", used to refer to anyone who is not white...does this mean that white is not a Color?
Lee Spidor
Lee Spidor - 7 дней назад
Blonde hair and orange skin. :/
Obiorah Emeka Peter
Obiorah Emeka Peter - 7 дней назад
Guy you are just a KKK guy. You just know nothing, all you are looking for is traffic
Steven Quintanar
Steven Quintanar - 7 дней назад
looper wawesh
looper wawesh - 8 дней назад
This is just sad.
Noah Zbinden
Noah Zbinden - 8 дней назад
Wow such a pointless video
arifsharp - 8 дней назад
When you said both of them are really talented which includes Tomi , that made me stop watching the video and will never ever come to your channel.
Dominican Dragon
Dominican Dragon - 10 дней назад
rad vlad
rad vlad - 11 дней назад
No, it was good when she made the Hillary joke. Gave him his own medicine.
Janette Willis
Janette Willis - 11 дней назад
He is form my home country South Africa and he is like the government here... 3 year olds trying to be things they not or can't be.. clever and funny.
He embarrass me... 😧😞
Daniel Roberto
Daniel Roberto - 11 дней назад
It is basically a comedy show and that is the root of it. This is a comedic show labeled as news when all it boils down to talking point and passive aggressive comebacks.
K1dD3ath - 11 дней назад
The prays of Tomi on this is sad. Makes me feel like humanity will become anything but chattering monkeys they already are.
She can talk, but she can't reason. Which do you think is more important?
Inspodreams - 11 дней назад
Tomi Lahren is like most loudmouth Conservatives, she uses straw men and shouting because her positions are indefensible.
I have never seen a Conservative win a debate on any issue. They are generally full of shit.
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
I just hope never see your ugly face again, believe me you not a pleasant due to watch or hear talking Bush it, And don't try to confuse societee unfortunately they had to suffer ,please you are a funking social Media.
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
You are another race is bastar
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
You edit the tape show the whole thing don't be a hypocrite
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
Notice her shoulder slumbering
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
She had no game.
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
Hand gesture shows predominant authority in control I guess you missed that
romefranquez - 12 дней назад
No one is A genius Trevor Noah, The other a moron.
dan walker
dan walker - 12 дней назад
A Privilege White woman knows what black people goes thru everyday?
Roberto Fajardo
Roberto Fajardo - 12 дней назад
She got owned on every point plain and simple. Her points had no validity
MONTERREYmx Gotrump - 13 дней назад
First of all, if you are a conservative WHY WOULD YOU GO INTO THIS STUPID SHOW? Trevor is an asshole everybody knows that, so what did tomy expected going to this show? All she is going to get is 💩
maria z h
maria z h - 13 дней назад
Haha.. this is new for me to see brainstorm interview is same as football lol.. n thx for add this new information that a person to person is have equal psychology battle like group vs group as in football.. hope to see journal to see it's credibility.. thank u.. 😊😊
Andrew M
Andrew M - 14 дней назад
Trevor is a shill.
Muzo Beats
Muzo Beats - 14 дней назад
Just watched the whole interview, it's interesting, confidently diverting simple questions... I'm guessing this analysis is based on body language and not the actual conversation.
Diego Gätjens
Diego Gätjens - 15 дней назад
5:45 why do right wingers seem to love these out-of-context statistics? Specially when they don't even consider how context is essential to read data.
Jay Boyer
Jay Boyer - 15 дней назад
Omg wtf nfl dude
Aaron Barber
Aaron Barber - 15 дней назад
3rd grade teacher, I would gauge the I dont see color retort around at least 6th grade. That would be a pretty witty 6th grader too. Lol
John S
John S - 16 дней назад
Why are you on this monkeys show? This kn1qqer is not worth your time, sweet thing.
ITS DAVE - 17 дней назад
I don’t get how this Trevor Noah guy has a TV show? He’s not funny at all......not even a little bit.
William Dunsmore
William Dunsmore - 18 дней назад
Just curious, where did you get the 2.5 and 2.7 points for home field advantage in football? Is there an actually study for this or are they just like a generalized guess?
Enock Mashele
Enock Mashele - 21 день назад
All I see is a person with a lot time in his hands to invest in jealousy projects. Obviously if you hate Trevor, this video is right on the point you want us to only see. Yet, you really like Tomi and everything she stands for. Keep on spreading your coated racism if you make a living out it... Good job!
Abiel Habtie
Abiel Habtie - 22 дня назад
Good call on the “over-talking” part, but I gotta say you sounded a bit biased towards Tomi Lahren throughout the whole video.
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown - 23 дня назад
Mour - 23 дня назад
So Truth in the whole thing means nothing?
Rasheed Townes
Rasheed Townes - 23 дня назад
Wow after watching this I was curious to see which way you would go with this video..Tomi was brought on the show to be picked at, I don't think Trevor took her serious..She is good on her podcast but I have seen her on shows when people took her rhetoric serious and she ends look lost in here own ideas. Wait did you say the KKK was funn
Armandhammer - 24 дня назад
Noah is a dickhead.
Maritime Studies
Maritime Studies - 24 дня назад
African men are calm in arguments, try to think before talking. Trevor is typical. They don’t take yelling women. If it were in Africa, he would have left this woman long ago. We , African women believe in men like Trevor. When a woman is raising a voice, a mans tone goes down. That’s the men,s code or dignity. So, leave Trevor with comedy, because when he is put on argument with a yelling woman, African manhood will kick in whether he likes it or not, that’s our expectation. He grew up in Africa, not Hollywood. Thank you Trevor ( From Africa)
Jorge Silva
Jorge Silva - 24 дня назад
You do not know what you are talking about. Trevor is a comedian and she is not. You are nitt picking and you are leaning as if you favor her but trying to hide it. That is what you sound like. 80% of what you are saying is dead wrong. How do you teach with wrong material?
Smiso Duma
Smiso Duma - 24 дня назад
The full video exists. Watch it
Lamerá Verga
Lamerá Verga - 24 дня назад
Lol, you taking is just your point of view.
Kendra Crockett
Kendra Crockett - 24 дня назад
And no "low brows" all he's trying to do is lighten it up so it isn't heated. Smh. Totally not watching another 1 of your videos. N really? U gave a negative point to her at the end, to what? Not seem bias. Too late dude. Smh man
Kendra Crockett
Kendra Crockett - 24 дня назад
Bias. Thought this wouldn't be, but completely bias.
Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division
Thanks!! I remember when I first saw this debate I said she lost ; but I actually after looking at this again she really own that debate based on facts!! Speaking as a black man sometimes we don't want to hear about our flaws.
JR Simpatiko
JR Simpatiko - 24 дня назад
You’ll know it’s too late when the female is more alpha than the man
George Rady
George Rady - 24 дня назад
Well, the fact that Hillary’s husband was guilty of sexual assault is a LOT closer than distinguishing the color of a traffic light... and I think her point was more that Hillary really was “out of touch” with the American voters.
George Rady
George Rady - 24 дня назад
Great analysis of WHY the Media has dominated the Political Debate by controlling content - even with a well informed Conservative - and being able to take the Soviet Cut or Crop when their propaganda messaging is not served (just need to make sure the clapping seals in the audience are no brighter than a Jerry Springer reunion...)
KinG - 24 дня назад
He’s funny tho. Not “HAHAHA GOT EM” funny, more like “haha”
warren anderson
warren anderson - 25 дней назад
The host of this channel is showing his political leanings towards the Republican Party. The woman in the clip was not making any valid points. However, the clip may be taken out of context and does not show both the guest and the host's full discussion.
Nel Banks
Nel Banks - 25 дней назад
Theres only ☝️ talent here and that is Trevor the other one is just ??????
ShadowWalker809 - 25 дней назад
Was this video a click bait? I didn't learned anything new. All you did was criticize Trevor the entire video. Hope you give us a quality non click bait video next time.
Nola Rain Fatally
Nola Rain Fatally - 25 дней назад
And all y’all in the comments should watch the whole video. Out of content judgments are lame. Gather your own opinions. Not sourced from edits by someone who already has your emotions bought. HOME FIELD guys. Home field.
Nola Rain Fatally
Nola Rain Fatally - 25 дней назад
Cherry picked clips. Some people you can’t have a real conversation with, so don’t. Low brow comments help the transitions and when talking to a burning brick wall I think some of us understand that. Unless we just have them hug it out and try it again nice. If anything, humor Can be a good way to keep things moving with a raging bull like Tomi. I thought Trevor had some good points about an extremist not representing a who group or movement. I get that one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch but it’s not fair. Like when a company enforced a new policy because one employee was reckless and didn’t care what privilege might be removed for everyone else. Out of line protesters make a bad name for peaceful protesters. (And I’m specifically not going into transitions of protest to a revolution. ) . The differences of their reasoning is important. Also All main talking celebrities have an agenda. And that’s fine. It’s a big show. And the working American class can keep their first hand experiences to themselves and not be represented. It’s we the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation. And until real journalism for the working class is made transparent and commonly known we need to come together and demand justice and fairness in each of our local communities and state. Sorry about literally being everywhere and slightly emotionally charged. Power to emotional health and psychological health and all the human basics we need to make more common.
APalafox - 25 дней назад
Tomi Lahren is a typical example of a racist disguising as a patriot.
juan sute
juan sute - 25 дней назад
That snow flake has no talent buddy!
8universeAL - 25 дней назад
She has no clue. All people of color know that when someone says "I don't see color" pertaining to ethnicity, its not only low brow but its a bold faced lie. Typical of racists that back peddle after being caught and called out on their willfully ignorent racist views and behavior. I've listened to her speak on her show and she reminds me of every non person of color that has ever tried to downplay the systemic racism most of the entire world is now aware of. (If we act like we don't see it'll go away) NO CLUE! Her president is one of Americas dumbest criminals, and will soon be wearing an orange jumpsuit to match his tan. Regardless of the journalism tactics she has been wrong about evrything "color blind" or not. Just another smart dummy to me✌
tbonetrue B
tbonetrue B - 25 дней назад
Trevor is a comedian. This guy is over analyzing.
TheMayhemEra - 25 дней назад
Hey man something I’m very curious about is Sacha Baron Cohens ability to win every conversation. Take a look at this: and analyze it, and also check out some of his other interviews as the dictator and watch as he always has the upper hand in conversations somehow. How does he do it? It’s insane his skill in this
Roccity New york
Roccity New york - 25 дней назад
I don't think it's a misinterpretation this actually fact I've had people tell me as a black man they don't see color to prove that they're not racist doesn't make me feel any better that you can't see color. It's no different than me saying my best friend is white or my best friend is black.
Ryan Truss
Ryan Truss - 25 дней назад
Horrible analysis, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have an education on actually reading body language
Enrique John
Enrique John - 25 дней назад
You cant really forget this is a comedy show yes it has a serious tone but it's just a comedy show.
The Tachmonite/ Adino Jashobeam 'Ebed Servant
These comments, majority of them, are ridiculous. Obvious their fan of hers. I watched the whole debate. I didnt need to hear this guy. Trevor made Tomi look stupid. She was contradicting herself. She could not answer Trevors question about what should we do regarding Kaspernick kneeling in protest? He won every exchange; It wasnt because of Trevors home team advantage.
Alfa's Design
Alfa's Design - 25 дней назад
listen here, Most people don't like making eye contacts
As an African I was taught holding eye contacts is rude!
Cultures are different
If u watch all Trevors videos
U know that he doesn't like making eye contacts
Trevor Noah is very intelligent, he destroyed her completely!
Letting her talk over him in this situation is not a sign of weakness, he's trying to listen nd use her stupid points against her
You don't know what you're talking about
You're simply a sympathizer to her channel
I can see through your bullshit
Mark Mckn
Mark Mckn - 25 дней назад
This narrator is a fueling racist. The only time Tomi is wrong in his eyes is when she attack a white person.
MaxX Blaze
MaxX Blaze - 25 дней назад
"I'm not white I voted for hilary shes as white as they come" she deserves the answer. She's obviously ignoring color. I think the answer was appropriate.
Theo Tidiane
Theo Tidiane - 25 дней назад
Speaking convincingly doesn't make u right, does it?
Timmi Kaatel
Timmi Kaatel - 25 дней назад
Lmao you started off unbiased... Then you evolved lol. Biased views here. Subjective vs objective my guy.
Sello Mamba
Sello Mamba - 25 дней назад
Trevor is a comedian..
Rico Campbell
Rico Campbell - 25 дней назад
Its a comedy show!
phigo4kins - 25 дней назад
Trevor Noah Handled this like a champ and pro that He is. I don't agree with Your analysis and most of You in the comments. She came fully prepared to argue about every dumb thing imaginable. But, OG Trevor recognized that from the gate and didnt give her a chance to do so, instead ridiculed Her each time. The color part is so classy and right on point, thats a perfect response to someone who says stupid sh*t like that, Because, That was a low IQ statement on her part. His response is definitely not low. Trevor didnt have to stay low to open a can of argument with Her. Moved right past her BS everytime.
xtreem kicks
xtreem kicks - 25 дней назад
I have a different opinion! Trevor is more factual than just argumentative.He acts more sophisticated!
John Burroughs
John Burroughs - 25 дней назад
Just let people know that black is not a color and neither is white
TheNuyorker - 25 дней назад
I watched the interview unedited by yourself and I thought this was going to be a legitimate break down but it’s clear you have your agenda. Trevor is very intelligent but he still has a job to perform and that’s not antagonizing guests even when their POV is skewed. He’s also a comedian. The Daily Show was created to give people a dose of news in a way that makes the medicine go down. You choosing to only post her saying something aggressively and then him answering jovially is an agenda and also blaming him for her low brow comment rather than just leaving that on her when supposedly she’s not a weak person who’d get sucked in is utter nonsense. You keep mentioning low brow and home court advantage repeatedly trying to influence your audience. I next expected to hear “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”
Lorraine Mayberry
Lorraine Mayberry - 25 дней назад
You're joking to call a woman an alpha?? Times they are A-Changin
The Wolf
The Wolf - 25 дней назад
You're texting to pick apart a debate on comedy central between 2 "comedians"? Jojes keep it light
Elora Vanity
Elora Vanity - 25 дней назад
I actually think the traffic light line was perfect, because the way she said she doesn't see color implies that she has color issues
Unless she's color blind she sees color and her arguments implied that clearly she sees color.
(Hilary Clinton white
Just because I'm white I should shut up)
Ike D
Ike D - 25 дней назад
I just watched the entire interview and I didn’t see any cut out segments like I did your video. Especially the part where she’s talking about the guy in Dallas killing officers. Also, he makes plenty of eye contact through the “entire” interview. If you ask me, your the one distorting this video to make Trevor look he’s less intelligent. It’s fricken comedy show too. John Stewart always pointed it out that it’s not their responsibility to ask tough questions.
digs2000 - 25 дней назад
Did he say lilenium? Instead of millennial
Jairo Soto
Jairo Soto - 26 дней назад
But was trevor wrong
Mariama Samura
Mariama Samura - 26 дней назад
Edit the title of this video 🤣lmao
Mangoman789 - 26 дней назад
Are you gonna do a video on the Trump-Kim summit?
Asmeret ERi
Asmeret ERi - 26 дней назад
Oh how did I end up here loser. 👎🏾
Michael Mack
Michael Mack - 26 дней назад
I like a stupid simple joke. Theres a reason why i get board watching 90 percent of monty Python
Donald G
Donald G - 26 дней назад
What the kkk do!? They murdered people you blinded educated fool.
LECISCO FILMS - 26 дней назад
From the comments I'm reading, people make it sound like this was some sort of DEBATE. It was an INTERVIEW. All TREVOR NOAH has to do is ask the questions. Not prove himself. Just like his fellow "WHITE" comedian host counterparts do and are not targeted to prove themselves. Come on silly America. Get it together. And let the black man make stupid jokes like the white man :). Thank you.
LECISCO FILMS - 26 дней назад
Trevor Noah is a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N. You are looking down on his "low-brow" humor when that is basically comedy and what every comedian host does (watch Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, etc...come on). Their job is satiric commentary on the politics of the people. That's what they do. People put themselves in a hole and these comedians let them make a fool of themselves. They don't have to bother with critical thinking. They just have to ASK THE SILLY questions.

And in my opinion, knowing how intelligent Noah is from following, my impression was that, he, like many, knows Lahren's poor rhetoric well enough to know that he does not want to bother having true discourse with her because she literally CANNOT handle it. She doesn't admit when she's wrong and the woman says things one moment which she cannot support in the next moment most of the time she opens her mouth. I'm sure you've been in conversation with people like that. Who would bother laying down a 3-point argument?
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