Baek A Yeon "Sorry To Myself(마음아 미안해)" M/V

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minty - 15 days ago
This made me cry...
주디 - 18 days ago
avika dwi
avika dwi - 19 days ago
Ini apa ya Allah sedih bat mba ayunnnn😭😭
Bukan Fansnya Gordon Ramsay
Who knows JYP nation cause play Superstar JYP NATION?
Haya - 27 days ago
This song touches somthin deep after you’re first breakup when u love someone truly for the first time 💔it’s only need time to pass & to heal. LOVE IT
Loli Chan Kawaii
Loli Chan Kawaii - 27 days ago
This is my favourite song. Because it describes me when I was on a very difficult fact of my life... And it was very sad to me. So, this song helped me to be happy again, and it helped me to know my love, that now is my boyfriend. I love you Nico-Kun. My prince >~
gigi - 27 days ago
Amazing how all of her songs, but especially the ones with more emotion and sadness, describe me
Pantida Larpkittipanich
I felt so heartbroken even though I have no bf...
kpop _of_turkey
kpop _of_turkey - Month ago
wow chentastic baby
wow chentastic baby - Month ago
never have i ever related to a song more than right now.
Nada Mostafa
Nada Mostafa - Month ago
No one care about our broken heart😔
Jooheon - Month ago
Antin Yulisa
Antin Yulisa - Month ago
Love this song so much 😭
y x
y x - Month ago
someone recommended me this song and so i listened to it and i was really amazed. this song is relatable especially people who are really broken and hurt themselves a lot.
Astrid Kizi Primadani
Astrid Kizi Primadani - Month ago
honestly this song soo goood
Nanii Woo
Nanii Woo - Month ago
PH Onces, Aghases, Stays, My Days and all fandoms out there. Baek A Yeon deserve more than this right? So please could we help her by listening to her music? Your views are highly appreciated. Gomawo
댕이 - 2 months ago
진짜 노래 개슬퍼..... 너무 내 얘기같아서. 내가 아무리 아파해도 그들은 몰라주고 그들은 미워할 가치가 없다는걸 다시 한번 새기게 해주는 노래💧
Kim Dahyun Is a amazing Tofu
this girl deserve to be recognized like the other jype artist. like srsly she is so talented and the vocal tho! btw this song make me cry again.😭
BDZ _HU - 2 months ago
Her voice is so amazing
Ailee Army
Ailee Army - 2 months ago
I love uu
crunchycashewnuts - 2 months ago
I can relate to the lyrics so much. When am I finally gonna stop getting hurt.. I'm scared to be in love anymore😢
valeria sanchez
valeria sanchez - 3 months ago
Nunca me canso de escuchar esta canción enserio cada vez que la escucho me dan ganas de llorar adoro su voz
certifide YTaddict
certifide YTaddict - 4 months ago
I'm not crying you are! 😭😭😭😭
Putu Gunarko
Putu Gunarko - 4 months ago
This song makenme crying ... the lyric is so deep :(
Time is mOneY
Time is mOneY - 4 months ago
Misli tomlinson
Misli tomlinson - 4 months ago
Syassie - 4 months ago
idk why this MV doesn't get 1M yet?
sory - 3 months ago
cause people's taste in music sucks
Day6 Asteria
Day6 Asteria - 4 months ago
Myday here :)
anna huynh
anna huynh - 4 months ago
ayeon is so lovely i cherish her
Rene Maraž
Rene Maraž - 4 months ago
This deserves more views honestly
Carol Violet
Carol Violet - 4 months ago
This song is really beautiful, but i don't understend why this MV?! Don't have nothing especial to help A yeon! So So MV, was for her, for everybory meet Baek, but this, is like: ok, make one MV for her!
Ayşe chanyeoliam
Ayşe chanyeoliam - 4 months ago
I love your voice
Ayşe chanyeoliam
Ayşe chanyeoliam - 4 months ago
This song is so cuuuteee
aemmiga visuttitada
aemmiga visuttitada - 5 months ago
Always love and support youuuuu
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto - 5 months ago
671,678  :(
xdreamsxnight Blink
xdreamsxnight Blink - 5 months ago
She is sooo underrated 😟😟 this song is everything 😫
8NY 8
8NY 8 - 5 months ago
뒤늦게 빠져버림 ㅠㅠ
8NY 8
8NY 8 - 5 months ago
남자가 나쁜새끼네 ㅠ_ㅠ
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto - 5 months ago
Nia Az
Nia Az - 5 months ago
I’m sure I can smile after time,
But the memories will torture me
I hope he gets punished. I hope he hurts as much as me
faithea xy
faithea xy - 5 months ago
I've listen this almost every times i wake up everytimes i go to cook and every times i do clean my dishes ... lol im just very emotional girl everyday . Everyday listening to queens !
BYS -__
BYS -__ - 5 months ago
AH mano vamo dar view a esse e muitos outros mv da JYP,eles merecem.😍❤
Putu Gunarko
Putu Gunarko - 5 months ago
Fernanda Liora
Fernanda Liora - 5 months ago
this mv deserves more views!!!!🙏🏼✨✨
Sigit Edy Setiawan
Sigit Edy Setiawan - 5 months ago
Gatau kenapa ini lagu bagus banget tapi viewsnya dikit amat 😔
PPRAEMAIIZ - 5 months ago
우아.... 너무 아프다
SOOYUN - 5 months ago
Danjor - 5 months ago
Baek A Yeon has such a beautiful voice.
Fernanda Liora
Fernanda Liora - 5 months ago
Baek a yeon never dissapointing
willson eo
willson eo - 5 months ago
우리 아연이 노래 좀 자주 내주라 ㅜ
MZNO - 5 months ago
Omg the song is really good! Those lyrics!
Via Halog
Via Halog - 6 months ago
feels like this will gonna be "OST"
llamapotatoe - 6 months ago
This deserves more views
jae Eee
jae Eee - 6 months ago
Jyp please let your soloist release tracks and promote more. It’s such a waste if people won’t get to hear the amazing voices of Ayeon, Jimin, Bernard and Yerin 😭😭🙏🙏
valen park
valen park - 6 months ago
Listen this song and crying inside
Oh24hours - 6 months ago
This song reminded me how I felt when my ex broke up with me out of the blue. I felt so fragile and stupid for falling in love so easily but I guess I opened my heart to the wrong person whose words were so right.
Sayuri J
Sayuri J - 6 months ago
"The memories will stay and haunt me"😭😭😭 this song is so beautiful I love her voice it makes the lyrics touching and sad!
un known
un known - 6 months ago
Angela Kolekodi
Angela Kolekodi - 6 months ago
Kurt Sario
Kurt Sario - 6 months ago
Deep 🙁
vianey marujoz.
vianey marujoz. - 6 months ago
😍😍😍😖😭😭 está muy hermosa canción
Ray Campidelly15
Ray Campidelly15 - 6 months ago
beatiful music!!!!!!!!
be kind be urself
be kind be urself - 6 months ago
Love this song
dlwnsghek 25
dlwnsghek 25 - 6 months ago
Relate so much with the lyric 😭
Syassie - 6 months ago
"He doesn't even deserve being hated" - my fav partttt!!!
chilley - 6 months ago
내 얘기 너무 같아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 좋은 노래
amandy. - 6 months ago
nossa princesinha
Rod .x01
Rod .x01 - 6 months ago
Her voice is little bit like IU...
faithea xy
faithea xy - 6 months ago
Jyp stan ? Can we help stream this beautiful princess mv? We need to give her what she deserves
Andhika Nur Pratama
Andhika Nur Pratama - 6 months ago
I Think This Song Would Better With Mina Twice Cover
Andhika Nur Pratama
Andhika Nur Pratama - 6 months ago
Me from once support this song was very good
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner - 6 months ago
She is so underrated it! I love her so much!!!
Nur Sunnee
Nur Sunnee - 6 months ago
My favourite song😔 my heart always get hurt by people who hate me.... Sometimes I'll try to ignore them.. Sometimes I want to hurt myself.. sometimes I feel depressed..
Jelly dtrwla
Jelly dtrwla - 7 months ago
Luv it ❤️
Maria Guadalupe Venancio Ontiveros
Que bonita canción♡
Silvia K.
Silvia K. - 7 months ago
I love her so much 😭😭😭😭😭
sofea Bahrin
sofea Bahrin - 7 months ago
this song got me through my breakdown but im still crying
sofea Bahrin
sofea Bahrin - 7 months ago
They need to make a movie about this
nene - 7 months ago
omg I remember listening to this song once it got released and never listened again but holy shit I’m so dumb dude this song is so heartbreaking adding this to my playlist lmao wow
Alee_ - 7 months ago
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