Kristian Abel
Kristian Abel - Hour ago
My favour it frise are arby
ChiefsFan#1 Scholz
ChiefsFan#1 Scholz - 2 hours ago
fav thing at mcdonalds is breakfast burrito
j-hobivankenobi - 2 hours ago
this guy is real life terminator
eV01ve - 4 hours ago
BBQ sauce is the goatiest sauce
Faisal Arabi
Faisal Arabi - 13 hours ago
Christa M. Gehrke
Christa M. Gehrke - 13 hours ago
i hate mcdonalds.. idk why i'm watching this tbh
Christa M. Gehrke
Christa M. Gehrke - 16 minutes ago
@Matthew To me, they're beef tastes like metal and the cheese is weird, but I love the videos!! They're the best!!
Matthew - 4 hours ago
Any reason why?
Cirothegoon 7
Cirothegoon 7 - 13 hours ago
A hashgretal
Nitro Natra
Nitro Natra - 14 hours ago
Reece Deavers
Reece Deavers - 14 hours ago
Raul Vega
Raul Vega - 14 hours ago
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis - Day ago
Meanwhile in Africa....
HC Cole
HC Cole - Day ago
Matthew Crawford
Matthew Crawford - Day ago
Eric " pickels are the devil "
Mac sauce " does he know we have pickels in us "
julia duncan
julia duncan - Day ago
julia duncan
julia duncan - Day ago
hashbrowns or fries lollll
Bella and gigi Lee and constintni
Burger king
Funky Wunk
Funky Wunk - Day ago
Imagine the camera wasn’t recording
kevin medina
kevin medina - Day ago
How else is man hungry
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson - Day ago
Christopher McMurtry
to many ads
Ciera Williams
Ciera Williams - Day ago
Favorite things in McDonald's is that new cheesy fries and a big Mac into chicken sandwich
Ciera Williams
Ciera Williams - Day ago
I want your name food channel to be a Burger King
FUTURE MERRMACK - 2 days ago
nightmare Dark
nightmare Dark - 2 days ago
I like cheese burgers and big Macs and fries also the Raps
Roger Force
Roger Force - 2 days ago
Lane Qin
Lane Qin - 2 days ago
I started watching your vids yesterday and I have literally watched 13 vids already LOVE U
Brxanha - 2 days ago
Rob Ogden
Rob Ogden - 2 days ago
Eric starts a new food challenge
The toilet
Ah sh*t here we go again
Ryan Smyth
Ryan Smyth - 2 days ago
I feel like by watching and supporting this guy we are helping to slowly kill him. Btw Big Mac is my fav
Ashley Nicole Tucker
Ashley Nicole Tucker - 2 days ago
Or apple bees
Ashley Nicole Tucker
Ashley Nicole Tucker - 2 days ago
Can u do Arby's
Friends Best show ever
Friends Best show ever - 2 days ago
Fries and chicken nuggets ❤️
Jill Bright
Jill Bright - 2 days ago
big mac....mmmmmm
isaax FB ramirez
isaax FB ramirez - 2 days ago
Sweet and sour
mini Castillo
mini Castillo - 3 days ago
The french fries are my favortie
JAKE CATO - 3 days ago
Best Burger: McDonald's
Best French fries: McDonald's
Best Nuggets: McDonald's
Best Youtuber: ErikTheEletcric
I Turner
I Turner - 3 days ago
Gig Mac
USA - 3 days ago
there is a potato on the apple pie an 11:00
Rizky Advendeo
Rizky Advendeo - 3 days ago
In my country, hashbrown only available for breakfast😢
Amal Althaf
Amal Althaf - 3 days ago
Tasty fooooooooooooooddddd
Bril vlogs and gaming
Bril vlogs and gaming - 3 days ago
Nathaniel Castillo
Nathaniel Castillo - 3 days ago
ya boy j
ya boy j - 3 days ago
spicy chickens bro
Carole Pitre
Carole Pitre - 3 days ago
I love popeyes chicken if possible can you do a popeyes super challenge if you havent done it yet.
Carole Pitre
Carole Pitre - 22 hours ago
@Exclusive Mega thank you very much I only noticed it after I sent the message. I am sorry about that
Exclusive Mega
Exclusive Mega - Day ago
Carole Pitre he’s done one already it’s supercharged menu challenge.
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez - 3 days ago
Grace Janzen
Grace Janzen - 4 days ago
My favorite thing is a quarter pounder
Goop Browne
Goop Browne - 4 days ago
I pooped today
Jayvier Mendiola
Jayvier Mendiola - 4 days ago
Barbecue Honey Mustard!
Coral_playz the anime player
We need in and out and jack in the box on the east coast. Down in Florida to be exact
Dennis Dunn
Dennis Dunn - 4 days ago
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