FL2K19 Day 1: Ruby's FASTEST PASS Ever, James' Hood RIPS OFF, Leroy is Still Slow!

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Koby Cooper
Koby Cooper - 12 days ago
Steve Hicks
Steve Hicks - 16 days ago
ruby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aurora Report
Aurora Report - 20 days ago
Nice job guys...
Aurora Report
Aurora Report - 20 days ago
Don't bet against yourself...
Aurora Report
Aurora Report - 20 days ago
Pumping for timing...
Mike Combs
Mike Combs - 23 days ago
I wipe my butt with 8 second time slips.
Sam Dennis
Sam Dennis - Month ago
6:52 There is a pen in the back that rides up the back upon launch.
DaGrumpz - Month ago
James: I'll just start throwin stuff at him, hood, axle.
CaptianAwesome20 - Month ago
Holy Crap thats awesome, Everyone used to call me Leuitenant Dan, So I ended up naming my car Captian Awesome hence my screen name. Love the name James. Gotta name your cars.
CaptianAwesome20 - Month ago
Yes, I know captain is spelled this way. Its a combo of caption and captain long story.
Martin Johann Kloppers
"The Lieutenant", I like it!
PRANKurFACE - Month ago
He got some magic legs! Never forget!
Zen bhudda
Zen bhudda - Month ago
LT Dan for the win
Arrow Phillips
Arrow Phillips - Month ago
Perfect name..
T wagner
T wagner - Month ago
You can be an expert on duct tape but good old screws work a lot better, of course Dzus fasteners and or hood pins are a requirement for any car racing since air comes up underneath the hood.
Metal Manglers
Metal Manglers - Month ago
Remote brake foot at 6:53
8alakai8 - Month ago
emilio is so high
Forrest Wiley
Forrest Wiley - Month ago
Awesome James you n Lt. Dan gotter don....don't change nuthin....:)
Joseph Pilkington
Joseph Pilkington - Month ago
Love the name Lt. Dan. Perfect for the 240
Delicious DeBlair
Delicious DeBlair - Month ago
LOVE the name! KEEP IT!!! (~_^)-b
luke bandt
luke bandt - Month ago
Lt Dan ttmff!! That isn't a sbe in that thing is it?
Bling Status
Bling Status - Month ago
Leroy isn't slow, there just are some powerplants (4G63 and 2J) that are difficult for any car to compete with. You got beat by one of the fastest four cylinders in the world that is faster than a ton of "fast" 8 cylinders.
MJPilote - Month ago
Name is awesome, lieutenant Dan
James Australian
James Australian - Month ago
How about we see it getting smashed by a stock Tesla.
Jay Stein
Jay Stein - Month ago
Lt. Dan is an awesome name
Marko Ajduk
Marko Ajduk - Month ago
More Leroooyyyyy(New suspension and few aero components please)
Dubstep Magiic
Dubstep Magiic - Month ago
what does it mean when a car red lights?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - Month ago
ruvideos.org/7i_RnAiQzP4-video.html (Watch the full video if you'd like a full explanation of how the tree works)
Raymond Dunn
Raymond Dunn - Month ago
but lt dan, you ain't got no legs...
stumpy0227 - Month ago
LOVE the Lt. Dan name!!!!! I have 2 of his new books, one to read, and the other is autographed by Gary Sinise him self, and is in a sealed book bag!!!!!
DrugTalk 101
DrugTalk 101 - Month ago
Man! You shouldn’t looked over at him Cletus that's what caused you to the left and lost you the race brother!
DrugTalk 101
DrugTalk 101 - Month ago
Love that effN name cheers to Lieutenant Dan🍻
Matt-Matt - Month ago
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mountain177 - Month ago
Carberetor and nitrous vs turbo efi. Seems like they're pretty well matched for the 1/8th mile.
Tyler - Month ago
2:50 post malone is that you?
Low Boost Films
Low Boost Films - Month ago
I wish I had my turbo out of the roof of my turbo LS BMW, so much easier to work on. Check it out here https://www.youtube.com/user/turboclipse182
ChokoTB - Month ago
Cleetus, smashing rev limiter in each gear with Leroy aint gonna bring you a 7 second pass.
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe - Month ago
Leroy hasn't had the record for quickest h pattern since the beginning of the year. About the same time Yandro with the Yellow Cobra called him out and garret ignored him. Still hasn't said a word about it.
too tall Falls
too tall Falls - Month ago
lt. dan and Hollywood a epic combination
James Lord
James Lord - Month ago
Lieutenant Dan cause the car only has 1 leg?
Travis Miller
Travis Miller - Month ago
i thought coop was actually workin on his car, then i found out hes got *********** doin all the work... come on coop pick up a screwdriver sometime turn a wrench man its alot more fun than standin around cleaner than soap itself watchin everybody make cool stuff does coop jus hang out at the shop or is he gettin paid?
SuperMotoGuy99 - Month ago
Have you been following him on Instagram?
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill - Month ago
Haven’t watched a video in months, and now cleetus has a mullet lol
marcus pereira
marcus pereira - Month ago
Lt Dan. You got strong legs. Haha.
Jessy U
Jessy U - Month ago
Lt. Dan is an awesome name!
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