Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

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Miguel Fernando
Miguel Fernando - 6 minutes ago
Where did you buy your case?
Colleen _Fox
Colleen _Fox - 16 hours ago
Lol I'm watching this on a galaxy s10+
Md Meraj
Md Meraj - 17 hours ago
Nice s10+ big screen big RAM
Herath banda Wanninayaka
Herath banda Wanninayaka - 18 hours ago
Slug Tripping
Slug Tripping - 22 hours ago
I hate the hole punch.
I wish Samsung would make a version without the front camera
Ryan M
Ryan M - Day ago
What case is that ?
L I F E - Day ago
It's a Skin not a wallpaper
Exotik Inc
Exotik Inc - 2 days ago
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly,
He keep the headphone jacc
Richard Adepoju
Richard Adepoju - 2 days ago
That is so cool Samsung galaxy s10 plus
EliVlogsz - 2 days ago
Apple is better
Demon King
Demon King - 3 days ago
I've found that if you choose the night theme on the s10+, then you tend to forget about the shrapnel wounds that is the front-facing camera. Other than that though, the s10+ is one of the greatest phones I've ever owned, and I'm glad I gkt it.
Connor Williammee
Connor Williammee - 3 days ago
FoR AlImItEd TimE GeT ThE AWeSomE IpHoNe Xr oN Us

Robert Correll
Robert Correll - 3 days ago
Are you going to unbox the s10 5g?
Awesomeness 345
Awesomeness 345 - 3 days ago
This whole hole punch feature is like the only way to have a rear facing camera now. Time to catch up apple.
F B I - 4 days ago
APPLE USER- Finally A update to fix everything becuz I'm lazy.
ANDROID USER- Ew Update let's change every preference to my taste.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith - 21 hour ago
Your the one that is lazy enough to say becuz
kayla myers
kayla myers - 5 days ago
What about watching a youtuber who puts there face on the corner of the screen where the cutout is? Hmm
kalyan teja
kalyan teja - 5 days ago
4:25 ofcourse man its a korean tech giant..... what more would you expect. koreans need it xD
south korea = plastic surgery. change my mind. im waiting
John McCain
John McCain - 6 days ago
My Samsung quit working after trumps tariffs. I'm buying an apple.
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II - 7 days ago
I feel like the slide thingy might be the way to go. Motors might still be a little unreliable and notches... they were a temporary solution.
Anthony Sotelo
Anthony Sotelo - 7 days ago
Just bought the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and it immediately has connectivity issues with Verizon's Network. I cannot receive phone calls. Verizon Advance technical support only has released a Master Ticket in their system with Critical Level 1 Priority. Blah..
Institute Scientist
Institute Scientist - 7 days ago
Just got the Galaxy 10 and Galaxy watch today.
sandy dash
sandy dash - 8 days ago
S10 plus or one plus 7 pro
sandy dash
sandy dash - 7 days ago
Okay!! Cheers🤸
Pometri - 7 days ago
+sandy dash they both have the same processor but the s10 has more ram, a bigger battery. and a better camera the s10 is much better in my opinion
sandy dash
sandy dash - 7 days ago
Okay put aside the price for some time Wat abt the processor? Is it worth buying S10+??
Pometri - 7 days ago
i would say s10 plus but the one plus 7 has a better price
M H - 10 days ago
I have the s10 (not the plus and it's just one camera in front) and I love it ! I mean u just forget about it like it's not there! And obviously it is better than the notch!!!!!
Taehyung's tongue Jimin's hair
Someone please help me,
This is my first samsung phone.
The message that people send me on the built-in message app wont show on my home screen.
I had an iphone before, when people message you while youre using the phone, the message would pop up at the top so that you can read a few words of it. You could also swipe down to reply.
But my galaxy S10+ wont do that.
The messages would show up on my lock screen but wouldnt pop up on the home screen.
The home screen only has the icon of the messaging app on the status/notification bar (whatever is it) on the top.
So in order for me to view the message, i would actually have the open the app, which is annoying.
I contacted Samsung support chat but the what he said makes absolutely no sense.
Yes the notifications are on.
Yes the pop-on is on.
Yes the preview message is on.
Everything is on! 😫
*also not just the message app, but other apps in general
L I F E - Day ago
I recommend using messages by google.
Guyfromanotherworld - 8 days ago
Kunal Talande
Kunal Talande - 11 days ago
Its realistic notch...and futuristic yaa
Devin Bowling
Devin Bowling - 11 days ago
I got the iPhone XS And I regret it I should’ve waited for this
Insidiouz BlaxkByrd
Insidiouz BlaxkByrd - 11 days ago
Watching this on my Galaxy S10+. You don't know luxury like I do.
TheArcKnight - 10 hours ago
Fuck u 2
Retr0 Games
Retr0 Games - Day ago
Me too buddy, me too 😀
daishi15 - 12 days ago
I got it for 899
AndreasH900 - 8 days ago
1550$ here 1TB Model
Habib Zazai
Habib Zazai - 13 days ago
S10+hwi mach pris
king khozame
king khozame - 13 days ago
people say in the comments who still use wired headphones ok dickheads how about stereo speakers that uses aux cable or maybe cars or ur laptop or desktop and so many things. oh people living in the past wtf wtf. this made me super fucking mad i bought the phone because it has a fucking jack. why buying 200 dollars wireless headphones and u need to charge and one day u gonna loose one piece of the left or right bud. i hate wasting my time but this really pissed me off
Tobias Posth
Tobias Posth - 14 days ago
I trade nu S10+ and bought the p30PRO, the Huawei is way better, you can do more cinematics video with the Huawei, better stabilization, Vidhancepowered technology👻💕, better in löjligt and zoom
MA2 - 12 days ago
Huawei is better than buggy Samsung but problem is the privacy and security so I'm stuck with apple.
Dagge Badak
Dagge Badak - 14 days ago
Does the fingerprint sensor works even the screen is protected with tempered glass?? 😕
Izael Johnson
Izael Johnson - 10 days ago
A screen protector is installed already. If you buy a case with a screen protector it has to be compatible with fingerprint sensor
younes Lmerdi
younes Lmerdi - 14 days ago
I'm stupid but,
I'm stupid but, - 15 days ago
Huawei left chat
Apple left chat
Lg left chat
Oneplus left chat
Umidigi left chat
Nokia joined chat
Nokia: drops phone
Samsung left chat
Faizan Hussain
Faizan Hussain - Day ago
Dany SK
Dany SK - 11 days ago
iJamz85 - 15 days ago
I recently switched to the S10+ from my Pixel 3 and I love my S10+, but I noticed it does a smoothing effect on pictures. The Pixel 3 takes crisp photos and I miss that a lot. So much so I installed the G-Camera APK on my Samsung..
Harrain - 15 days ago
Anyone know the song @11:10 ? I NEED THIS BEAT, PLEASE HALP
Harrain - 15 days ago
+Amirabbas Tamizi thank you kind sir
Amirabbas Tamizi
Amirabbas Tamizi - 15 days ago
Chi Jesse James
ken5336 - 16 days ago
People wasting money 💵 and being game by top cell phone companies like Samsung Apple and others I seen galaxy 10s $689 on Amazon and 10e for $509 on eBay to day 5/6/2019 and all people have do is play the waiting game. This madness smh 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️
ken5336 - 16 days ago
Paying the price just to have the latest smartphone first smh 🤦‍♂️
James W
James W - 16 days ago
All these notches and hole punches are retarded. Sticking with my S9+ until Samsung or Apple comes out with a pop up or slider camera.
thebas3rd - 17 days ago
Complete Beauty is Bullshit, are you kidding. I know every women will fully use that and lie to us men.
Prethibha Jose
Prethibha Jose - 17 days ago
Samsung is just the beginning !!!!!!!!!1
Orlando Macedo
Orlando Macedo - 18 days ago
4:30 the word you're looking for is "Kardashian"
Mohit Mandlecha
Mohit Mandlecha - 5 days ago
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards - 19 days ago
I just enjoy watching your videos. You have a natural talent.
nico robin
nico robin - 19 days ago
Hey lou u okay mate? U seem tired
Bonita Shaw
Bonita Shaw - 21 day ago
Can I have that phone Because I Don't have one
James Buscos
James Buscos - 21 day ago
dont like they put the camera it like covering the screen
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez - 22 days ago
Can i have the phone for playing fortnite and Pubg
christian Horne
christian Horne - 22 days ago
I'm still ugly in selfies..
Fourteen 09
Fourteen 09 - 23 days ago
IDK but he still looks hot with the selfie.
I'm planning to switch from Note 8 to S10+ 😊 hope it's worth it
A Amin
A Amin - 23 days ago
Watching from note 9
Abdullah jutt
Abdullah jutt - 23 days ago
Please unbox Nokia X 71
Charlz Nachos - Abraham Gal.
Name of the test song please?
nOrain - 25 days ago
Been using s10+ for about 2 or 3 months and i love it. TBH i just use it for whatsapp and chrome. And i dont really like the selfie, it's looks so unrealistic. Need to turn off the beauty.
mellyayble - 26 days ago
does this phone have something like "portrait mode" on iPhone?
M Dibley
M Dibley - 26 days ago
Such an ugly phone 😂😂
carlos unleash
carlos unleash - 26 days ago
The year is 2025 iPhone 12 be like new spec new 128 gb and wireless charging on phone is here and emotes it here u guy might how much well u remember how iPhone 11 was 1150 for 64 gb now I say are base model is 1375 and if u wanna have 256 it is 1620 and if u need a 1 TB it 1975 iPhone live luxury at the fullest
34 27
34 27 - 26 days ago
Watchimg on my brand new s10+
Gamerslasher - 26 days ago
im really thinking about trading in all my games consoles PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for this phone. I have an iPhone XR and im really thinking about about making the switch again + Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhones. I have a S8+ but the screen is cracked to that's the only reason I even have an iPhone XR
Keagan rodrigues creative
Use Samsung galaxy s10 as your daily phoneeeee
zoropandai 456
zoropandai 456 - 27 days ago
plastic Samsung thug life
SNOWYCREEPER - 27 days ago
Who saw avengers endgame?
my1creativeworld - 28 days ago
I am an iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB user. Ordered yesterday my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512 GB. I am so excited. Finally, I will be able to put my pictures in a f****ng folder. Bye bye, Apple.
Tuck Porter
Tuck Porter - 28 days ago
Here today because of the Sad Samsung "unFold" News. The *Galaxy* *S10* looks like great "sloppy seconds" again. What was up with the Neck Tumor on your Wig Holder Mannequin?
ACB_23 - 29 days ago
wide angle front facing is a joke
Random Studios
Random Studios - 29 days ago
the only thing i dont like ab samsung is the emojis , but i can deal w them.
Frank James
Frank James - 29 days ago
yaa whats a hole punch man
Michael Lorimer George
Michael Lorimer George - 29 days ago
I'm looking for big phone screen I can get.....any ideas?
Michael Lorimer George
Michael Lorimer George - 29 days ago
Is this bigger than a galaxy note?
Brandon Freniere
Brandon Freniere - Month ago
Will say that is one loud phone
krists kaupers
krists kaupers - Month ago
Please try Samsung Galaxy A80!
@Unbox Therapy
krists kaupers
krists kaupers - Month ago
@unbox therapy
Dylan Quinn
Dylan Quinn - Month ago
Why isn't my screen completely full when I turn my phone landscape on YouTube? I switched it to full screen on settings but nothing has happened
mc Julia
mc Julia - Month ago
You have to wipe over the screen with both of your fingers going each in another direction (I'm not really able to describe this movement😂)
Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands - Month ago
Fuck white trash apple
ryan yoho
ryan yoho - Month ago
Jack?! at 2:50ish?!
Smokey the g
Smokey the g - Month ago
I've been using an iPhone since 3gs, finally decided to go to the dark side and try out a Samsung picking up my galaxy s10+ on Friday, sick of the same stuff from iPhone, hope its good!
Smokey the g
Smokey the g - 21 day ago
+Alex Joshua really good I'm happy with it still gotta get used to using the interface but it's good I'd recommend it
Alex Joshua
Alex Joshua - 24 days ago
Thinking of doing the same how you getting on ?
Jefin Shaji
Jefin Shaji - Month ago
Can i get your email address?
Lindsays Corner
Lindsays Corner - Month ago
The vibe seems different here...
FLA5H 6.0
FLA5H 6.0 - Month ago
That’s pretty wide, I’m kinda into that😂😂😂😂😂
Klien Villaruel
Klien Villaruel - Month ago
samsung 10 plus vs huawei mate 20 pro,who is better?
HappyAyisha 1010
HappyAyisha 1010 - Month ago
I have that phone
KJ Subodh
KJ Subodh - Month ago
Android fans hit like
feannp - Month ago
If Samsung designed a galaxy phone with a pop up camera instead of a cut out circle. I'd be a total updrade. For example, Samsung will release a better version of the S10+ and calls it S10++ 😂😂. Samsung user here and still deciding which one should I buy b/w iPhone XS max or S10+
Bryan Zheng
Bryan Zheng - Month ago
The song he played during testing is called chi by jesse james
Weston Ramsey
Weston Ramsey - Month ago
Why don’t you give these away
Decay - Month ago
i need to know the songs he played!!!! *_*
Dwr Allegory
Dwr Allegory - Month ago
this phone camera "beauty assist" system is "FANTASTIC"!! you could aim it at everything at all and it will make it beautiful! i mean, i highly recommend it for people who wants to dodge NSA, you could go to facebook with your face photos taken from it and be added to the NSA's database, and believe me, even NSA's system will not be able to recognize you in real life later. XD!!! recommended!
이충선 - Month ago
that's korea i am really proud of my country technology go Korea!!
silverss onyoutube
silverss onyoutube - Month ago
That hole punch is aggravating my OCD what a disaster . Samsung you screwed up putting that shit there.
Gemma Srijan
Gemma Srijan - Month ago
i loove the back camera on my s10+ but not gonna lie, the front camera was dissapointing, i feel like my s8 was more vibrant. anyone agree??
Jemima J
Jemima J - Month ago
can apple and samsung team up already, samsung’s ideas with apples design, u can not argue that the apple home screen, emojis, apps everything are nicer, but samsung’s camera and ideas are so much better
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - Month ago
Love the hole punch doesn’t make it look bland and makes the phone look sexy
Brixwaterr - Month ago
I have a iPhone 5 and I’m not impressed with the sophware
cool rays
cool rays - Month ago
apple just returned back to the stone age when they saw this
Oden Vasquez
Oden Vasquez - Month ago
I been an iphone user since the 5s came out and now have the Iphone 8plus but idk man im thinking of switching to the Samsung. Only because since i started my business i found you can so much more things than the Iphone. 😂
אוריה יוגב
אוריה יוגב - Month ago
The two front camera aren't normal and wide but are wide camera and tof camera so the zoom is digital
MUSIC WORLD - Month ago
S10+ like:
Iphone xs max comment:
The Bully
The Bully - Month ago
MUSIC WORLD stop trying to get likes dumbass 😂🤣
Rob Boat
Rob Boat - Month ago
I got a 8s 3 weeks ago. Put new card in my 5s til I got my new case from amozon.
Got case done the smart switch but changed card after. I had my 5s for 3 years.
So what happend. the phone wiped it self and now asked for Google varifacation
My s5 was my first smart phone.
So now I need the code I made 3 years ago. And that I probly only put in the phone once.
So now I have a new phone I can't use
Cell provider can't do anything
Google will not give codes out
Samsung just says you need to take it to one of there aproved Samsung repair shop.
So I have a brand new phone not 1 phone call made with it and thay want 59.99 plus tax to unlock it.
Customer service/support in my experience is shit hop no one has problems once the sale is done thay don't care.
PS Do not buy a Samsung appliances
I was told that by a stand alone repair guy. Pleas do your self a favor
Gopal Sivaperuman
Gopal Sivaperuman - Month ago
I think u should do unboxing of Honda asimo robots..
Gadgets Home
Gadgets Home - Month ago
2019 is just starting and Samsung ends the game
GOZZYY04 - Month ago
5:58 Why do you have this?
Helgi Myrkvi Douglas Valgeirsson
You are a sexy guy slurp call me 🦶
Baran M.
Baran M. - Month ago
@Unboxtherapy Could you please mention in a video that S10 line's camera performance is great only with the Snapdragon chipset. Because the Exynos variant is not at the same level. There is a youtube channel called "Pixel Peepers" who shows proof of that. People need to know about this because the Snapdragon variant is available in the U.S but not in other countries like Europe. Of course I was expecting little performance differences that's fine but if you mind the quality of the camera, they are definitely NOT at the same quality level. Would be really appreciated if you let people know about it so that they can have a better idea about what they are actually buying if they are not living in the U.S.
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