1 Star vs. 5 Star Toys Test

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Tradd Mclerran
Tradd Mclerran - Day ago
I don’t know why but Rhett screaming stop it while Link beats up a pickle is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen
p9ris - Day ago
that is *r e l i a b l e d o o k i e m a k e r*
Joey Bingham
Joey Bingham - 2 days ago
6:00 Link smashing the pickle on the table, they always make me laugh.
NOLEN05 - 2 days ago
I had gotten that poop play dough before. It was fun
Hendrix Myers
Hendrix Myers - 7 days ago
10:39 just look at rhett
Damien Beaugeard
Damien Beaugeard - 10 days ago
tell me u didnt laugh when this happend 10:37
Traci McComas
Traci McComas - 11 days ago
We watch the show you are in
Aterhallsam - 12 days ago
I can actually relate. Whenever I’m dancing and Im about to fall I just lean on my third leg.
Touksaur - 15 days ago
I love grumpy Link
Hannah Kemarly
Hannah Kemarly - 15 days ago
Everything from 5:30 to 5:42 is cursed
MagicRobo - 15 days ago
13:02 Rhett's face tho
Kai Sinchongco
Kai Sinchongco - 15 days ago
Does anybody remember Rhett and links emergency yodel video? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere
Hannah Finch
Hannah Finch - 17 days ago
I think that the song being played was a Hatsune Miku song. I know it had 'Polka' in it's title.
Hector Guerrero
Hector Guerrero - 17 days ago
There’s no holes in the back lmao
Allmighty Cuervo
Allmighty Cuervo - 18 days ago
Did no one catch when Rhett said “ there’s no hole in the back” of the damn 400$ sheep! Hahahaha
Poot The Bard
Poot The Bard - 20 days ago
Yo Clearfield PA representing!
douglas becker
douglas becker - 20 days ago
I want that shirt! WTH is on it, fruit...candy?
Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen - 20 days ago
Watch Rhet’s face at 13:03
tokionovaloid - 21 day ago
Omg I would love that sheep, it is so bizarre for a toy. It's just a big sheep. Unfortunately it's so expensive lmao
Jacob Hope
Jacob Hope - 21 day ago
Liked because I too have relish.
Honest Bee
Honest Bee - 21 day ago
No music makes it awkward
Tory Knotts
Tory Knotts - 21 day ago
At The Door
At The Door - 23 days ago
My grandma has that yodeling pickle lol
EddieCan'tGame - 23 days ago
“Don’t feed the unicorn feces!”
Phoenix_ Flame
Phoenix_ Flame - 23 days ago
5:59 the epitome of a confused dad
Raanan Tacos
Raanan Tacos - 24 days ago
The robot is dancing to Hatsune Miku
Yung Berace Beats
Yung Berace Beats - 25 days ago
Rhett: is this like a blow up doll situation?
Link: there's no holes in the back.
Toasty - 27 days ago
The sheep should be the third host!
bts_julecvka_133 - Month ago
Mniej więcej is that you?
Izzy Squyres
Izzy Squyres - Month ago
Good Mythical Morning!! 😜
Sam King
Sam King - Month ago
*Oh lord... it’s Phil’s yodeling pickle*

That thing deserves 20 stars
veranya2074 - Month ago
I want that yodeler pickle
Susan Catania
Susan Catania - Month ago
There is a switch on the back of the unicorn doll 's neck that turns it into feeding mode.
Sharklops - Month ago
I want a "Don't Feed the Unicorn Feces" t-shirt
Evolved Jewel
Evolved Jewel - Month ago
"the one star toy is."
*Get your free audible book on us*
Abel T
Abel T - Month ago
When they said "which is the one star toy?" i thought it meant like that ONE they said was the one star one 😂😂😂
Kari Hedrick
Kari Hedrick - Month ago
Who knew that two adults would be entertained by kid toys
mattie - Month ago
im so mad that robot just had an incomplete loop of Ievan Polkka
neolithiumproduction - Month ago
I kinda liked the robot that dances. xD
TheGrippingSquid - Month ago
Bruh i woulldve got that robot.
Billie Flash
Billie Flash - Month ago
That robot was dope! :D
Fetus The Great
Fetus The Great - Month ago
It plays llevan polka. That deserves 5 stars
PantherClaw - Month ago
Why was it dancing to Hatsune miku???
sofieee huffman
sofieee huffman - Month ago
Why do I have the yodeling pickle
cherrybabe - Month ago
i can’t be the only one who thought of amazingphil when they showed the yodelling pickle
Oreo Saxon
Oreo Saxon - Month ago
0:32 link thought he meant something else!😅
MyBookishBehaviour - Month ago
Part 2 please!! This was hilarious
Supah Banana
Supah Banana - Month ago
Don't feed the unicorn *fEcEs*
Buster Brown
Buster Brown - Month ago
Stefan Witkowski-Baker
Yodelling pickle is objectively funny.
Cool Nerd
Cool Nerd - Month ago
Wow the robot just brought back caremal dancen
Rachel Connolly
Rachel Connolly - Month ago
The one star pickle can’t be one star bc Phil regretted buying it, but kinda liked it in the end
taylynn kuilipule
taylynn kuilipule - Month ago
Who else misses the old intro
Olivia Kaiserlian
Olivia Kaiserlian - Month ago
"see, there's 3 glitters right there"
Selimo Games
Selimo Games - 2 months ago
"Dont feed the unicorn feces"
By far one of the weirdest things I've ever heard
Bella F
Bella F - 2 months ago
Absolutely hilarious how they were both caught off guard by the dancing robot
Bella F
Bella F - 2 months ago
Me and my brother say sooooo many advertisements for that flying shark when we were younger and we wanted one SOOOO bad!!
Haley Gumm
Haley Gumm - 2 months ago
Did anyone else catch when link said “is this like a blow up doll situation” and Rhett said “there is no holes in the back” 😳🤣🤣
Justin Crawford
Justin Crawford - 2 months ago
My sister bought the poopsie doll...

But she got one that looked like a goth
Victoria Haynes
Victoria Haynes - 2 months ago
My favorite part was 10:39
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