HOW WE MET... | Wendy's Mukbang w/ My Crush!

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The DDG Family
The DDG Family - Month ago
You ever just wanted a down girl that’s just for you?
Band Kid tony
Band Kid tony - 5 days ago
Black K!ng19
Black K!ng19 - 9 days ago
Of course fam
Kenneth Foster
Kenneth Foster - Month ago
Too many fucking ads Too many fucking ads
YaBoïï Çháñdł3r
YaBoïï Çháñdł3r - Month ago
Can we get a “FREAKY TRUTH OR DARE WITH MY CRUSH” video????🤷🏽‍♂️🙏🏽
Lil Chub
Lil Chub - Hour ago
She a keeper🚫🧢😌
burfside - 6 hours ago
My homie Jazz dips her fry in frosties
Xavier Daniels
Xavier Daniels - 9 hours ago
Bruh please cherish this female, she is literally one of a kind!! For the sake of us fans, please cherish her!!
Tom Petty
Tom Petty - 9 hours ago
TF is a strong fry?
Dan Silva
Dan Silva - 10 hours ago
The way she looks at him, says it all. She's a keeper my guy
Nieceyxo - 10 hours ago
She’s cute af but I still miss ken a black queen😍
Brittany18_ - 11 hours ago
Can she do a hair tutorial please 😍😍😍
This is Lala
This is Lala - 11 hours ago
uhmmm its definitely "forehead chest, left shoulder, right shoulder" how she gonna try to explain a religious action WRONG.
inXanity pp
inXanity pp - 12 hours ago
To many ads bruh😕
Tenstatuegaming Beast
Tenstatuegaming Beast - 14 hours ago
That kid in the intro is so funny
Sophia Elise
Sophia Elise - 15 hours ago
Isn't she one of the wild n out girls
iCarryPark - 17 hours ago
that shit good as fuck
Boruto Sàn
Boruto Sàn - 18 hours ago
I promis to you she sucks that black dick like its nothing nigga. Beleve me nigga
mark hernandez
mark hernandez - 19 hours ago
Doesn't She look like a baby version of megan fox or am I buggin ? 🤦‍♂️🤔
LoRD SHiiNY - 20 hours ago
 - 20 hours ago
Dammmmmmn ddg is lucky
Notorious Casper
Notorious Casper - 20 hours ago
She is so beautiful 😍
Damion Gallegos vlogs & vines
Fries with frostys are bomb yo
prod. Volttaone
prod. Volttaone - 22 hours ago
Its left right not right left 🔥🌊🔥
DannyD44 - Day ago
Not to be that guy or anything but the sign of the cross goes head chest left shoulder then right shoulder
Lindiwe Bilimonga
Lindiwe Bilimonga - Day ago
I joined the family🌸
Wiet Plantage
Wiet Plantage - Day ago
Keep her bro this is a Dream women
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - Day ago
Bro, she's a keeper, dont let her go cause someone else will not make that mistake.
Eddy Cervantea
Eddy Cervantea - Day ago
bunch of kids on youtube man
shamar minto
shamar minto - Day ago
Dam nigga ; she a real one , she has a twinkle in her eyes # hold her down
Elicola - Day ago
Y’all relationship is my dream relationship!!💯 my inspiration
FusionStrmz - Day ago
whats her @?
Hamza the goat
Hamza the goat - Day ago
She’s fuckin fine bruh
Antonio Junqueira
Antonio Junqueira - Day ago
Bruh why she always wearing a bikini
Fellow Commenter
Fellow Commenter - Day ago
yo shes sooo fucking bhad
Jesus Barbosa
Jesus Barbosa - Day ago
She pretty and all but why you gotta dip the nugget in the ice cream?
Deshawn Thompson
Deshawn Thompson - Day ago
she fine as fuck no cap
Natnael Tesgay
Natnael Tesgay - Day ago
It's left to right lmao just sayin
Aneudy Perez
Aneudy Perez - Day ago
Who else at 3:50 was dying laughing when she said “I didn’t know if you were gonna like me or not” WHATT you beautiful asf how is a nigga not supposed to fall in love wit yo cute ass on sight 😭😭❤️
Trix - Day ago
That’s a whole wife💍
Boyer A. Reed
Boyer A. Reed - 2 days ago
Damn shes so beautiful and very caring and fucking perfect cufff cuff now u aint getting nothing better lowkey jelly
/Joud Madanat
/Joud Madanat - 2 days ago
nigga said “ you just opened my water bottle for me “ 😂
KxngBob - 2 days ago
1 like
for every "like" she said
OneDivineVenom - 2 days ago
It’s not good cuz it’s chocolate if it was Vanilla it would be 100x better
Cory Nelson
Cory Nelson - 2 days ago
What creature eats chicken nuggets n a forsty.... fries n frosty are ok my baby mother does that!
Trend - 2 days ago
I know I’m not tripping nugget in the frosty oh my 😂😂😂😂
dwaynerogerz - 2 days ago
She’s pretty af wtf lol
John Scott
John Scott - 2 days ago
Cali in general is negative and stressful man. Im fixing to move away myself, it's hard getting hit with the same bs day in and day out. Your videos are dope man keep up the good work.
Antii_fame - 2 days ago
Up down left right*
Antii_fame - 2 days ago
Frosty and nuggets smack
sierra boyce
sierra boyce - 2 days ago
i sholl put my fries in my icecream sometimes
tsuJnhoJ - 2 days ago
Oh hell nah, she dippin her food in Ice cream frosting? 🤢
Franz Deguzman
Franz Deguzman - 2 days ago
bruh yall cute asf together frr
Miah Navarrete
Miah Navarrete - 2 days ago
She’s so pretty
Zeussdn - 2 days ago
i have never seen such a beautiful women, omg.
LUCAS SIMBA - 2 days ago
She's right about the fries and frosties lmao
im_always CasHIN
im_always CasHIN - 2 days ago
Omnipotent AQ3D
Omnipotent AQ3D - 2 days ago
She's going to fkng hell, she's doing the blessing cross the wrong way wtf you're supposed to go from the head, chest, left, right, and kiss / she said head, chest, *RIGHT* WRONG, left, and kiss...
This is Lala
This is Lala - 11 hours ago
ahaaa exactly what I was thinking...
aKaGabe - 2 days ago
Fw you fr DDG keep doin yo thang man 🙌
FaZe_HawksTV - 2 days ago
Seth Riojas
Seth Riojas - 2 days ago
The amount of times I’ve rolled my eyes in this video. 😂
nbw_tom - 2 days ago
Lemme go find her porno real quick
Lyrics jam
Lyrics jam - 6 hours ago
mark hernandez darling deicide 😂😂 look her up
mark hernandez
mark hernandez - 19 hours ago
Which video ? 🤣🤣
Lyrics jam
Lyrics jam - Day ago
Look it up darling deicide
Lyrics jam
Lyrics jam - Day ago
nbw_tom darling deicide
Alex wonderfull
Alex wonderfull - 2 days ago
Bro you got The most amazing girl ever and tiana i think you are the most wonderful person i ever saw !
By watching your videos is like you 2are the boom DDG
chrisana wagner
chrisana wagner - 2 days ago
she curved usher for you she's a keeper. Shii I mean I would curve him two I don't want H_r_p_s lol
Tauheed Azad
Tauheed Azad - 2 days ago
Whats her @ ?
Money Swervo
Money Swervo - 2 days ago
I NEED somebody like her 😩💯 I need to leave Baltimore!!
Moody Banga
Moody Banga - Day ago
Money Swervo Me and you both Dummy 👏🏾
turd nerd
turd nerd - 2 days ago
She posted once a month, I post once a year
Piyush  Verma
Piyush Verma - 3 days ago
Call her by a different name prank
Tco_ Chi3f
Tco_ Chi3f - 3 days ago
When is you finna wife her cuh she fine as hell
Liv Ashes
Liv Ashes - 3 days ago
what is the white thing in her armpit?
AGlan - 3 days ago
very nice! ^^
Dumah Richardson
Dumah Richardson - 3 days ago
You mad thes sign of cross wrong cuz yah heard
rich man
rich man - 3 days ago
She’s wifey
Azi Jones
Azi Jones - 3 days ago
DDG I wish you the best and I understand how you feel we’re in similar places I love you two together......I wish you succeed i love you DDG
zking _TV
zking _TV - 3 days ago
She baaaaaaaaaaad
weswagginout - 3 days ago
Ddg is hecka funny 😂😂😂😂 that nigga sees her frown marks. This hoe annyoying as heck I'd fuck tho
Ramos Family
Ramos Family - 3 days ago
Hey guys! Check out our family channel! Your support would mean so much for our small channel on the way to 1,000 subscribers 🙌🏻💖
Jonathan v
Jonathan v - 3 days ago
Now I want some Wendy’s
Misanthropist Joe
Misanthropist Joe - 3 days ago
You living that good life fuck what people think. I don't know how it feels to live the way you do but shit it 's way better than the way I'm living.
Alex Bernal
Alex Bernal - 3 days ago
If you don’t dip your fries in your frosty you’re weird sorry 🤣
Kachell Phillips
Kachell Phillips - 3 days ago
You need to leave them white girls alone lil boa
RedLusion - 3 days ago
his laugh kills me hahahhaahhahaha
Prester Mosera
Prester Mosera - 4 days ago
man was smiling on how smooth he was
Eldin Mukic
Eldin Mukic - 4 days ago
keep that lady...
Qasim Malik
Qasim Malik - 4 days ago
Mans drinking Water like it’s some juice or drink 😂😂😂👊🏽
Ebony F
Ebony F - 4 days ago
Any woman who shows her weird food combinations in front of you and isn’t afraid to is a keeper. Most women like to act all cutesy and don’t want to weird someone out but if you’re okay with your weirdness other people will be as well. 😍😍.
ghostlyMystik - 4 days ago
Yo i legit do that with the frosty too wendy's is my shit and 2 pots of hot pots with corn chip salad
Tatiana Vitolio
Tatiana Vitolio - 4 days ago
glad he looks happy, she seems nice asl
AnnaLouise_x - 4 days ago
“she the nicest girl i’ve ever met in my life “ 🙂
Colin Cha
Colin Cha - 4 days ago
is she over 18
SRETEN MUSIĆ - 4 days ago
She bad bruh
Ethan Mena
Ethan Mena - 4 days ago
Date her already nigga she like u
Gharsarrah Laborde
Gharsarrah Laborde - 4 days ago
i dip my fries in my frosty :)) it’s good asfk
jesseleggett - 4 days ago
Marry this girl bruh
Flexgotmops - 4 days ago
She tryna make him catholic ?
Abomb Gaming3232
Abomb Gaming3232 - 4 days ago
She’s the one bro frfr🙏🏾
Mia Sunshine
Mia Sunshine - 4 days ago
She’s super sweet and gorgeous but it’s left to right when doing the sign of the cross..
Viktor Eklöf
Viktor Eklöf - 4 days ago
goddamn, them shewin, calm down brother i cant littsen
Rakii Smith
Rakii Smith - 4 days ago
This bitch said she curved usher for ddg 😂😂 iksfl
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones - 4 days ago
Bro she's a cutie!!!!
AbzSavYT - 4 days ago
What’s her @
Hecktic DCUO
Hecktic DCUO - 4 days ago
Bruh fr fr she way badder then Kennedy fr she a dub 🔥🔥
Lord Monte Q
Lord Monte Q - 4 days ago know what im
bout to say
Andrewtheshark - Day ago
What were you about to say monte because I don’t know
Tre Henryp-Adegoroye
Tre Henryp-Adegoroye - 4 days ago
His is a bad bich my g
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