Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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JAMES HOWARTH - 15 minutes ago
too bad the did not use this on Comey
Emma Rainey
Emma Rainey - 30 minutes ago
I have insomnia so my eyes are permared and it makes me twitchy/fidget; so good look with that , my guy
CIA ุ - 34 minutes ago
Lady, never keep your hands under the table while playing poker or any type of card game. This would‘ve gotten you shot couple of years ago
Shane James
Shane James - Hour ago
I can tell this guy is lying to us because of how open his mouth is when he is talking.
J-I F.W. BR - Hour ago
lol i carry flowers both ways i must be a spie where ever i go =D=D
Leb NiAc
Leb NiAc - Hour ago
A persons IQ is muy importante. Example a person with a low IQ caught in a lie will get very aggressive defensive immediately, high IQ process differently will look for future processes or analyze
Devin Carless
Devin Carless - Hour ago
Him: I know your blink rate is about eight times a minute
Me: *blinks four times in three seconds*
ivan carlson
ivan carlson - Hour ago
the way he sits in that chair disturbs me
ichibanski8 - 2 hours ago
So what's that ballerina foot under the chair mean at the beginning?
Drunkbikewrenchen - 2 hours ago
Thought police
Aihara - 2 hours ago
Child: I got all A’s in my SAT
Father: No.
Child: *I did*
Father: An A- doesn’t count
MrMethadrine - 2 hours ago
wow fbi is pretty useless..
joe gonzalvez
joe gonzalvez - 2 hours ago
joe gonzalvez
joe gonzalvez - 2 hours ago
All of these things apply to a normal person, but in the real world most of those guys tend to be on drugs and that's when you realize you're F up because you don't know how they're going to react to, and by the time you figure it out it's too late
Julia F
Julia F - 2 hours ago
This is soo totally ace!! I love it😍
joe gonzalvez
joe gonzalvez - 2 hours ago
And now you have a spy sitting in the white house 🇷🇺
Kima 256
Kima 256 - 2 hours ago
After watching this, I have come to the conclusion that my girlfriend is cheating on me!!
Señor Negro
Señor Negro - 3 hours ago
3:27 "... and I said that's how they carry flowers in Eastern Europe." Hmm ... How about nope ?
Red Head Trucking
Red Head Trucking - 3 hours ago
I don’t do any of these
Rob Ishere
Rob Ishere - 3 hours ago
Judge Judy disagrees with all the prejudices you invalidate!
Don't mess with Judge Judy!
Top Cat
Top Cat - 3 hours ago
Hmm , I carry flowers upside down - I'm def not eastern European....
katia m
katia m - 3 hours ago
The guy writing this book sure had no personal life....
katia m
katia m - 3 hours ago
I want that book
Cee Cee
Cee Cee - 3 hours ago
There are no greater lie detectors than Greek moms... 😜
katia m
katia m - 3 hours ago
Me: scratches my head
Him: *where's the marijuana?*
Michelle Waterhouse
Michelle Waterhouse - 3 hours ago
Vice just LOVES the US Security State. Why don't they have a sociologist or psychologist with a PhD to discuss this instead. Check out who's on the board of Vice and you'll know why.
A.CAndeliz - 4 hours ago
No one:

FBI agent: I'm gonna pause right there.
Dallas Walters
Dallas Walters - 5 hours ago
The beautiful thing about body language, is that most of it is subconscious, both providing, and interpreting it. When I was young, I used to think "WOW, that guy looks like an absolute A**hole!" Then, I wondered why I thought that, and how the f*** I was right.
UKIP_UK - 5 hours ago
He is talking just rubbish
Demi R
Demi R - 6 hours ago
Don't know about body language, but it's true about the flowers. Especially in former Soviet countries. The reason is not break the flowers - during Soviet times one of the most popular flowers was carnation, which is very delicate and easy to break when you're carrying them upright. But if it's a bouquet of short flowers, people can carry it upright.
bouldaa - 6 hours ago
Thanks for the information on how to beat a fbi interrogation.
Ganbare - 6 hours ago
Commentator541 - 6 hours ago
You are very American. Too American. No way people like shaking hands ESPECIALLY when it's unnecessary. Makes me wanna swab their fingers. Other people's bacteria - nooooo tnx.
valerie - 7 hours ago
3:31 wow wtf we actually do
valerie - 7 hours ago
I always touch my nose when I'm lying
F4PTR - 8 hours ago
Body language is inadmissible in a court of law, I wonder why? Could it be that it is circumstantial and unreliable? I don’t know, could be!
David Schnell
David Schnell - 9 hours ago
Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards - 9 hours ago
I always thought that the chin stroking nose scratching tell of lying was a load of old twaddle. You look at post match interviews of sports stars and they always make those gestures when they're obviously telling the truth.
Loki Main
Loki Main - 9 hours ago
Criminal: *watches whole video* time to take notes to avoid being caught!
Georgina Toland
Georgina Toland - 9 hours ago
Body language is not a universal language. Cultural differences need to be taken into consideration.
Marie Campbell Dawson
Marie Campbell Dawson - 10 hours ago
American People’s Don’t trust nobody, but they want that other Peoples trust them... always something is they Mind .... Create something, .... To Say or do .... Thanks
Marie Campbell Dawson
Marie Campbell Dawson - 10 hours ago
Body lenguaje Don’t Say Everything..... Thanks
Heith Watkins
Heith Watkins - 10 hours ago
Yet still not one democrat charged with anything???????
Heith Watkins
Heith Watkins - 10 hours ago
I have studied body language for years. So I use it to fool people like you.
Nadia Subri
Nadia Subri - 11 hours ago
Deceiving people tend to have this negative aura anyway, as soon as they walk into a room you can sense this negative energy, even if they seem to be nice & smiling.
Jess Martin
Jess Martin - 11 hours ago
If the American Mole is bringing down the Trump presidency is he a mole, or is he a patriot who believes that the USA is being damaged by a Sociopath who is, perhaps unwittingly, destroying this great country.
ed bled
ed bled - 11 hours ago
where did he say they carry flowers like that?
Hugh Manniti
Hugh Manniti - 13 hours ago
So don't play poker with the FBI
OverlordShamala - 14 hours ago
Boy... I touch my nose & mouth a lot, especially when I' thinking. Even had it brought to my attention. maybe that's why they brought it to my attention, I was making gesture they interpret it as lying but saw I was being truthful, probably my gestures was in conflict to that idea.
Diviuz - 14 hours ago
Rip autistic children if they meet him.
Tori futures
Tori futures - 14 hours ago
Great lets pick up on tips on how to hide our body language.To fool others .On serious note i like this .
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens - 14 hours ago
Don't frolicking with spy's , know your league ,
Popcorn Moonshine
Popcorn Moonshine - 15 hours ago
By the way he's sitting and shaking his right leg under the chair and gesturing wide with his hands I'd say he's b.s. ing and don't know crap about body language 😒
Andreea Dobre
Andreea Dobre - 15 hours ago
Social anxiety level just went through the roof if you're autistic and monitoring your own body language 24/7 trying to appear normal 😳
Joeislayf - 15 hours ago
I love his book! This guy has amazing intuition and observation skills. (That's why he was a former FBI agent lol)
plolee blowoteehow
plolee blowoteehow - 16 hours ago
what this is is this. looking for certain things that supposedly are indicative of certain moods, temperaments, thoughts, motives, inclinations. however.. they are in no way certain. however, to keep people in line, and to pretend to themselves that they have knowledge, because they would be terrified if they didn't think they had knowledge.. they make these little observations.. and correlate them and categorize them into certain boxes. it's not true. it's all for justification for killing people. that's all. once you can have a large platform of formulated hypotheses about behavior.. when someone acts in a certain way.. and because of it he is shot and killed.. then there is no problem to those in authority. the message? don't get out of line. that is.. don't get out of the line that we tell you is the line. it's not really the line, but we need some make believe line because we can't not have any line and it can't be said that we don't have a line. there is no line.. that is reality. so the bottom line of all of this is that it is evil. it's used to praise some, but it is used to condemn others.. because there must be praising.. or people would be suspicious.. and there must be condemning.. because.. well.. that just make the whole thing seem so much more legitimate. it appears the discerner is disinterested. but in reality if there is condemning at all.. that is evil. there should be no condemning. not that there ought to be praising either.. but there ought not be condemning also. we are addicted to these two things.. and it is a terrible addiction. again, evil.
Johnny Pickup
Johnny Pickup - 16 hours ago
Sometimes I just do some of these things cuz I don't know what else to do with my hands lol.
TheGuyThat NeverGetsTheJoke
Aahh thats how my mom knew it was the dog stealing the food and not me...
Kat Jasper
Kat Jasper - 17 hours ago
Nice shoes.....and wow - I need to watch my "bunny nose" move....Jo didn't look too comfortable on that small chair...I also don't need to be a body language expert to know some people shouldn't wear certain clothes.....I also think Laura has a thing for Jo...
nova_ray - 17 hours ago
that lady in the glasses rubs me the wrong way 😂
joynz1 - 18 hours ago
Well that turned all my years ago body language training on its head. Fascinating.
NoName - 18 hours ago
Mr. Wilhelm was in the FBI also!
Kristen D
Kristen D - 19 hours ago
"long conversations" delightful way to refer to torture.
SamBoy1135 - 19 hours ago
ashzole - 19 hours ago
umm this agent isn’t telling u the total truth. another reason why you cross your arms is because you can get your hand underneath your biceps and make them look larger, when your hitting on a chic
Rebecca Bartsch
Rebecca Bartsch - 20 hours ago
I watched this video. Thought, ‘Huh, that was pretty cool. Let’s go see what the comments say, I know there’s gunna be memes’ oh boi was I right.
Jay Minasi
Jay Minasi - 20 hours ago
if your so smart, how come the russians run circles around you?
Jari Norvanto
Jari Norvanto - 20 hours ago
Very informative. Behavioural science.
nickvalentine - 20 hours ago
"13:09 ,criminal scum!"
337 337
337 337 - 20 hours ago
Politicians must study this thoroughly, because with Trump, as every president in my lifetime, "ADULTS" actually believe the presidents, administration after administration, "ADULTS" BELIEVE these guys care about them OR America. It would be amusing, if it weren't so serious. Look at this deadly 5G thing coming, Trump's like "it's great, you'll love being bathed in radiation!"
BlueButter IceCream
BlueButter IceCream - 21 hour ago
Me: Sits down
FBI: We got you. Wanna know how?
Me: Wtf
FBI: That’s how they sit in a village on an eastern island in Jamaica next the Atlantic Ocean in between the coast of Mexico and Canada.
Ana Parada
Ana Parada - 21 hour ago
Roxanne M
Roxanne M - 21 hour ago
It becomes really awkward when you know you’ve been observed. 😉 barring paranoia.
Zlatan - 21 hour ago
but I just didn't want the flowers to break, you got the wrong guy,....
DEfan - 21 hour ago
People seem to forget, say you have a very bad back and it hurts you, you are going to move, stand, differently then a normal person. Body language is about as accurate then the weather people on TV.
Ben Hill
Ben Hill - 21 hour ago
I disagree about one point he made about poker. IMO players who one-handed shuffle their chips are ONLY doing it to show off. Why else would you do something so blatantly stupid, since you are clearly advertising the fact that you have spent a LOT of time with poker chips in order to master this trick of dexterity. And what poker player wants to advertise that he or she is NOT a beginner?
Pearl Perlita Venegas
Pearl Perlita Venegas - 21 hour ago
I dress like I'm poor & people give me dirty looks they look then quickly look away LOL
Plz dont talk to me
Plz dont talk to me - 21 hour ago
FBI: ...guilty!
Miguel Burgos
Miguel Burgos - 21 hour ago
Next time i lie im not going to touch my nose thanks
Rosie W
Rosie W - 22 hours ago
I don't shake hands...I fist bump.
Shy Low X
Shy Low X - 22 hours ago
this video is about nice leather shoes i guess
BoOtY_QuEeF 9000
BoOtY_QuEeF 9000 - 23 hours ago
5:08 Yeah Jim Halpert does that one a lot
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 23 hours ago
Kpop Eve
Kpop Eve - 23 hours ago
Here you go criminals. How not to get caught
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar - 23 hours ago
Just see "Allan Pease" who is the father of body language for much better understanding, rather than this guy ...........
MartialSpiritDragon - 23 hours ago
What if the subject has to walk boulaged because of his giantic penius. He's not trying to show it off. It's just too big.
Jack Mars
Jack Mars - Day ago
Look at the flowers....
Jace Ditto
Jace Ditto - Day ago
"rarely did someone not reveal info. we would sit down and have these lengthy conversations" interrogation
Edwa Oman
Edwa Oman - Day ago
Just imagine playing poker with this man, or meeting his daughter... Good luck with that!
chefjohnwt - Day ago
brown shoes with a smoky blue/grey suit? Looks Eastern European to me...:)
JSavic - Day ago
Saddam Hussein was good at catching spies with little or no technology.
JSavic - Day ago
What is the non verbal message of putting his right leg back so far ?
Paris Anderson
Paris Anderson - Day ago
What happens if you DONT MOVE AND MAKE EYE CONTACT and ANSWER EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. What do the FBI think then???
Elise - Day ago
Me: **Blinks**
FBI: AHA! Did you really think you could get away with it?!
cole pinter
cole pinter - Day ago
This guys a liar. There is government stalking, psyops, and neuro weapons being used on US citizens. They are called targeted individuals.
mila boeva
mila boeva - Day ago
Hahah yep it’s true! In Eastern Europe we usually carry the flowers upside down. Clever :D
Adele K
Adele K - Day ago
I wonder if Google can detect what my body language is communicating when my enjoyment of a video is impacted by another irrelevant ad for God-knows-what because they want me to sign up for the paid version of a service that used to be free with no ads at all or a few ads that rarely intruded on the content of the video? Clue: It involves frowning and the frequent raising of my middle finger...
loveisforever - Day ago
What if someone is super anxious in social settings? Doesn’t make any sense
myastoleyourfood - Day ago
That thing with flowers— I thought everybody is holding them the way as 'eastern Europeans' (which I basically am) because the stem won't break and the flowers won't be destroyed... Woah
Steve Vater
Steve Vater - Day ago
Rug rat .....rug rat ... (who gets it ?)
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