Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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Christopher Bossio
Christopher Bossio - Hour ago
So i was talking with this girl last week and she grabbed my junk, right in the middle of the conversation. i wonder what that means?! 🤔
JR Bulan
JR Bulan - Hour ago
Is body language interpretation accurate 100% of the time? I feel like some individuals just have a tendency to display these visual cues, like crossing arms out of habit. Or some innocent persons, when placed under pressure or duress, would uncontrollably twitch their facial muscles because they are in an uncomfortable situation.
Kayla - Hour ago
I would hate to be his kids significant other meeting him for the first time
Kristi Shanks
Kristi Shanks - 2 hours ago
Well.. Botox is a game my forehead doesn't show crap.. lol
Bob 357
Bob 357 - 2 hours ago
Interesting. I'm a poker player and watched to see if I could pick up anything useful in poker. Cool that he used poker players as an example. Though he didn't cover a lot of the things I have learned to pay attention to in a game.
alt Z
alt Z - 2 hours ago
It seems that Jim Gaffigan has brought me here to a kind of "how to read body language" video or a how to read people kind of video yet again. . .
. .But why?? That is the question
Erik Klembara
Erik Klembara - 3 hours ago
Lol this is BS :D ...I doubt that he would conclude some posture successfully
Carlos Saravia
Carlos Saravia - 3 hours ago
Why does this have many views? Will people be able to read me now? I can’t leave my house anymore.
Ina Ric
Ina Ric - 3 hours ago
I always use to think that something must be wrong with these myths maybe
XLhumptypalXXL - 4 hours ago
why would a real FBI agent tell us these things hmm?
Banji Adeolaa
Banji Adeolaa - 4 hours ago
I really thanks the taxi that brought me here........I gain more..
adrian medina
adrian medina - 5 hours ago
Unless its a homegrown threat isnt it the CIA that investigate espionage?
C I A - 6 hours ago
*I taught him that...*
Keshav Moudgil
Keshav Moudgil - 8 hours ago
did anyone else try to assess the dude himself
episode_iv - 9 hours ago
autistic people cannot be outed through body language cause a lot if guilty mannerisms are normal for autistic people so we got em there
RP Productions
RP Productions - 9 hours ago
Nothing is scarier than a man in a suit
moosak100 - 13 hours ago
Body language means different things at different times. I carry flowers with them pointing to the ground have always done so. Never been to eastern Europe. Never heard of this before now. I carry them that way because it requires less effort then to hold them upright. This stuff is relative and subjective
BTS, Got7, and Stray kids
BTS, Got7, and Stray kids - 13 hours ago
Well hahaha I wear a hijab so you can’t see my hair and sometimes forehead
Palmerston Northern
Palmerston Northern - 14 hours ago
Most of what this guy's saying is almost common sense!!!!
HeyAnna - 14 hours ago
I really want to read this book
swarup kale
swarup kale - 14 hours ago
I'm FBI agent now
Cooter McKenna
Cooter McKenna - 15 hours ago
His body language is telling me that this is just misinformation and subversion.
Consider00 - 15 hours ago
"Blink rate is about 8 times per minute." Proceeds to blink 8 times in 10 seconds.
justinn wong
justinn wong - 16 hours ago
6:16 how to karen
Sparky Me
Sparky Me - 17 hours ago
What if you meet someone that doesn't do any of these expected actions?
Trenton Ghorley
Trenton Ghorley - 17 hours ago
He could win the world series of poker every year until the day he dies....He'll have more gold bracelets than lil wayne
mega man
mega man - 17 hours ago
This stuff if just common sense now I know if my misses is lying to me
Iniubong Essien Nkanga
Iniubong Essien Nkanga - 17 hours ago
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Nate Thompson
Nate Thompson - 18 hours ago
The Americans
The Justice
The Justice - 18 hours ago
Just remember that every thing has an exception.
BrianByonVEVO - 18 hours ago
I worked as Lead FBI ECON EAGLE, the body language thing, that’s not always true, most of the time on investigation it was the OPPOSITE, the frightening results stated that those who stand calm and neutral were more hostile and terroristic - person who does everything correctly such as top-classes, OPPOSITE
Sophirum Hem
Sophirum Hem - 18 hours ago
FBI: you are a liar
Me: How?
FBI: because whenever you speak, you always cover your mouth
Me:…thinking in my head for 10sec( dude, I’m just wanna make sure that my breathes smell good )
Me: bruh
BrianByonVEVO - 18 hours ago
I worked as Lead FBI ECON EAGLE, the body language thing, that’s not always true, most of the time on investigation it was the OPPOSITE, the frightening results stated that those who stand calm and neutral were more hostile and terroristic - person who does everything correctly such as top-classes, OPPOSITE
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk - 19 hours ago
thanks youtube recommendations,
very cool!
Tajudin Atal
Tajudin Atal - 19 hours ago
So, Joe never really fired a shot? No gun battle ever? 😂😂 just body language? Come on, your are Agent.
Tatiana Cènclare
Tatiana Cènclare - 19 hours ago
I can detect deception through text messages
Memukan of Persia and Media
When being questioned by police keep your mouth shut....if he can keep you talking he will find out what he needs to know.
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa - 20 hours ago
Donald Kelly
Donald Kelly - 20 hours ago
What happened if it
Kash 75
Kash 75 - 20 hours ago
Well, the way he is sitting at first I’m not sure if it’s an invitation too much or I’m relaxed and open. 🤔🤭
Yay Very diverse person
Yay Very diverse person - 20 hours ago
This is a person with ADHDs’ nightmare
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
*Impersonating FBI agents eh?*
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
purpleand yellow
purpleand yellow - 21 hour ago
I feel like he is lying to us😒
mrbreede - 21 hour ago
Anyone else thinking of the flowers and the Three in inglorious basterds?
mrbreede - 8 hours ago
It was The german three and American three
Chris Battrick
Chris Battrick - 18 hours ago
mrbreede pretty sure it was two, wasn’t it?
Nick Roche'
Nick Roche' - Day ago
Cody Elliott
Cody Elliott - Day ago
8:58 was so awkward and the lady in pink had such a hilarious response lol
Daniella R
Daniella R - Day ago
Jack Burns is that you? 😂😂🤣
Janvier Tchouteu
Janvier Tchouteu - Day ago
A Quote about "A Mover of the Movers"
Excerpt of Disciples of Fortune
...The world gets blessed every now and then with unique souls who though burdened by their invisible crosses, still have the extraordinary strength to forge ahead in life and give others a helping hand at the same time. Despite their tribulations, most people think they are fine. Even when the weight of their crosses become unbearable, even when they proceed in a breathless manner, we still have a hard time understanding that they are drowning. In fact, we even condemn them for failing to sacrifice more...”
rachel smith
rachel smith - Day ago
forgets to wash hair

police: he’s on drugs
Ginger - Day ago
The part about how he could tell by the flowers reminds me so much of that one scene in Inglorious Bastards, with the American three and the German three
Alan Cornes
Alan Cornes - Day ago
He used “I” quite a lot as if he was still trying to sell himself . Perhaps that is just an American communication style.
Thomas Blackwell
Thomas Blackwell - Day ago
When I was young, I had a lot of acne. I fell asleep in the library and when I awoke, a blind man was reading my face. Does that count?
Gulam Mohamed
Gulam Mohamed - Day ago
RPG FLAMEZ - Day ago
I’ll always look like I have anxiety so I guess I did the crime
Arlene Sanders
Arlene Sanders - Day ago
The dumbest "body language" is when you cross you arms and people view it as you being stand-offish or not wanting to talk. I cross my arms all the time and I simply do it because it's comfortable... nothing more
Koi Ang
Koi Ang - Day ago
self hug? bs lol
D4 B2
D4 B2 - Day ago
You shook the white lady hand first shows your weakness as a FBI agent
Jackie - Day ago
7:54 “I know your blink rate is around 8 times a minute. but you don’t know that, you’re not sitting there counting”
Well I wasn’t until you said that 🙄🤦‍♀️
PC GAMER - Day ago
I have a great body language, that will make me suspect for every Case.
MoonJellies - Day ago
So interesting!
Un_Nonimus - Day ago
Ah the good ol Recommended, Bringing thousands of strangers together to watch something that didn't really want to for years now.
Crystal m
Crystal m - Day ago
nice. informative
i love little things
Poor children
BUSH DID 711 - Day ago
Joe Navarro... I wonder if he knows Frank Horrigan?
RaptorGamer_Y T
RaptorGamer_Y T - Day ago
What if the suspect in on a wheel chair?
Dr. B W
Dr. B W - Day ago
Long Schlong McBigdong
carry on
SLDJ - Day ago
We carry the flowers that way because they do not dry out. The water goes to the flower instead of leaking out.
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 2 days ago
"the normal blink rate is at 8 times per minute"
- blinks 10 times in 8 seconds.
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic - 2 days ago
holding the flowers upside down is not how people hold their flowers in eastern europe but how any person thinking logical would hold his flowers.
Guy Ferrari
Guy Ferrari - 2 days ago
I mean they exposing their técnics
jan tje
jan tje - 2 days ago
Man covers mouth with hands.
He a spy or just bad breath? Noone will know...
Nova Sky
Nova Sky - 2 days ago
No such thing as a poker body... **plays the aspergers card*
Edisto Joe
Edisto Joe - 2 days ago
The fbi has a long crooked past, a troublesome present, and a questionable future.
Catsaremybias - 2 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't do any of these when I'm uncomfortable 😂
Erik Stewart
Erik Stewart - 2 days ago
I change my expression every moment now must throw these guys off my trail.
jose adolfson
jose adolfson - 2 days ago
I just read this mans book lol
Ben Jaming
Ben Jaming - 2 days ago
So holding flowers can get you arrested and question by the FBI.
deep wet
deep wet - 8 hours ago
Depend who your agent
Tad Strange
Tad Strange - 11 hours ago
masterrace CSP No u
masterrace CSP
masterrace CSP - 15 hours ago
infernal artfices
infernal artfices - 2 days ago
What is the point of saying all the things u look for in an accused out loud...He could manage to not do any of the things u mentioned by practicing
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