Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

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Hunter Kelley
Hunter Kelley - 46 minutes ago
Easily could’ve stayed the richest man in the world if he had his money grow as (some has been left in place) apposed to giving it away as he made it, like he started to when he became the richest man in the world, around early 2000’, he began giving his money away in 2009 he really didn’t try to make money. Rather put it back into the numerous charity funds he and his family have set up. great person doing so much for the human race not to mention invented this idea to give all his money that he’s getting other billionaires on the bandwagon, what is to not to like about him this. the people that have sighed this so fare have 300 Bill together Elon musk one of the visionaries on the list
vincent fong
vincent fong - 2 hours ago
American must demand bill to be the next president and give him unlimited power on the condition that he is backing every policy with his own money. That would do much better job than most corrupt politicians who are backed by lobby money just to enrich themselves. Bill is selfless at this stage of his life and he is better than everyone to make the world a better place. At least he is backing his words with money. No ulterior motive unlike 99.9% of human who just want more money for themselves
stoodeeo - 3 hours ago
Was this shot on your Helium sensor?
blue runner
blue runner - 3 hours ago
He should be taking note with an iPad.
flak jac
flak jac - 5 hours ago
why don't this rich prick just rite a check and help all these homeless and poor people right in his own city,instead of running to Africa?wanna no y?bcuz they wanna keep stupid asskissing middle class people docile,and ready to kiss the ass of the wealthy,i mean just pucker up,no llipstick,no nuthin,just woooooshhh
King - 8 hours ago
lol, bill gates. I’m so powerful, I’ll just buy the building I’m sitting in
Bony Burst
Bony Burst - 10 hours ago
B. Gates send me couple of  millions dollars , then I wiil buy Windows 8 with no start button. Ha hahaha
nemnoton - 11 hours ago
Too general questions. He has heard and answered these countless times before.
Dejan Jovanovic
Dejan Jovanovic - 12 hours ago
Are you sure you are sitting in front of Bill Gates..., because they dont look like him self at all...
Abdullah Malik Official
Abdullah Malik Official - 15 hours ago
Fred The Loot Lama
Fred The Loot Lama - 16 hours ago
January 31 is my birthday
Hayden Huang
Hayden Huang - 17 hours ago
Almost zero eye contact weird
Deniltrix - 17 hours ago
Wayne Jacobs
Wayne Jacobs - 19 hours ago
Meanwhile he's got some of those sweet ti-tech eugenics and biotesting labs going on in the Congo, where they're weaponizing mosquitoes and testing the properties of Ebola and how you could use shit like that to wipe out the undesirables, the poor, the ones not in the 1%. "This planets getting pretty packed, would be great if we had bioweapons to sort that out. Better make sure we start testing shit, nobody will believe it's us, nobody will even hear about it this deep in Africa....That would make a great scifi horror fiction novel.
Piotr Kruczkowski
Piotr Kruczkowski - 20 hours ago
Marques, I appreciate your videos because you show everyone you can produce quality content while being respectful, avoiding sensationalism and focusing on what is important in the world. Keep up the good work! Would love to see you collaborate with Veritasium.
justisligue - 22 hours ago
I'm pretty sure that Bill gates will reach out to Marques, for a job position at he's company one day. That's expecting.
mayank mishra
mayank mishra - Day ago
How the hell is bill gates wearing a sweater in the same room where marques wearing a t-shirt😶😶😶
bruh bruh
bruh bruh - Day ago
Masiur Rahman
Masiur Rahman - Day ago
wow 😮 bill gets 😍 founder of Microsoft Word most biggest second richest man 😇
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez - Day ago
How the hell did this brother get Bill Gates on his Bro is connected.
Ian macdonald
Ian macdonald - 2 days ago
Bill Gates is a racist. A large part of his so called donations to Africa is birth control. He is a eugenicist who literally believes in white supremacy and you have this vile Nazi on your show. Top it off with the fact that he stole his product from someone else and understand that the reason that he is wealthy is because he underpaid his employees and overcharged for a product. You might ask how a guy that is worth $80 billion in a country where millions live in poverty is called a humanitarian. Hard to understand how people idolize this horrible human being. But if you pay some people they would run over their own mother.
PB42189 - 2 days ago
crazy af
VenerableRock - 2 days ago
I bet marques tilted hard when he heard the bill gate's mic was rubbing on his shirt lmao
Seth Allen
Seth Allen - 2 days ago
I wonder if Bill Gates believes in God. If not, why is he giving away 99.6% of his money.
Rajesh Biber
Rajesh Biber - 2 days ago
So Nice 👍
Nero Lowell
Nero Lowell - 2 days ago
Bill Gates=Monsanto=GMO food and vaccines poison ☠️
Eugen Lang
Eugen Lang - 2 days ago
The sheep won't understand what you say.
dhc3000 - 2 days ago
Talks with Bill Gates wearing an apple watch absolute mad lad xd
asri malik
asri malik - 2 days ago
This electric transportation conversation towards a zero emissions world is useless when the world electricity production is still mainly depends on combustible fuels
If you want to talk about zero emissions then you should start thinking and spending the money you got on how making nuclear energy production safer and cheaper
Its funny to see how people with electric cars "thought" they are saving the world
Yethu Raj
Yethu Raj - 2 days ago
First of all, we should help our-self . Don't expect help, ,any times nothing is going to help you . For example If an homeless man becomes sick and fell down on street , nobody is going to mind him or try to help him, If a person wearing suit and looking rich becomes sick and falls on street then their will be many to hep you and call ambulance. Same thing is happening to entire animals , men populate and uses resources unnecessary, destroying the environment and only considering the lie of human-beings as and nothing else, consuming what other creatures needs . Many religious people consider animals as meat, tells people that everything in this world including animals are made by god to feed humans and no animal have soul , humans are superior, if something was superior above us then we would have been meat like animals. Everything is on the path of extinction, to sustain for the future business is not going to help but the technology will surely help, if throwing a stone further .
jim chen
jim chen - 2 days ago
Next up: talking Moonwalk with Aliens
Siddiq Akbar
Siddiq Akbar - 2 days ago
Should have got more views
Lateesh Patil
Lateesh Patil - 2 days ago
Marques is wearing an APPLE WATCH!
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR - 3 days ago
Who the fuck this guy think he is....he’s a big liar and he’s going to appear as a geniuse and great guy to the lost🐑 so much bullshit I’m tired 😓😓 😡🤦🏾‍♂️ Grade A garbage viruses and diseases ur talk all the man made bullshit just Inhumane devil bastard‼️💯
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR - 3 days ago
Questions I’m waiting on all the 🐑
Rural Revival BCS
Rural Revival BCS - 3 days ago
Christian humanity
Bahtuhan Kilic
Bahtuhan Kilic - 3 days ago
Other people only have jobs for big companies im the power stock broker and I sharehold and make more emektar
Ferra Nouri
Ferra Nouri - 3 days ago
keep your american homos under control.
Ferra Nouri
Ferra Nouri - 3 days ago
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Ferra Nouri
Ferra Nouri - 3 days ago
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Ferra Nouri
Ferra Nouri - 3 days ago
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Aniket Pande
Aniket Pande - 3 days ago
Automating truck drivers? Wait a second, is Marques Yang Gang?
Alfredo Bongo
Alfredo Bongo - 3 days ago
Next up: Assassinations with Vladimir Putin
Vijay Kanta
Vijay Kanta - 4 days ago
You may be a YouTube junkie, but you don't disrepect the Man of The Millenieum
Eugen Lang
Eugen Lang - 2 days ago
Who gives a fuck, this evil bastard will go to hell
bc10000 - 4 days ago
he didnt let Bill Gates talk about the bad side of AI, wtffffff Marq
Esa Syt
Esa Syt - 4 days ago
Mkbhd hasn’t donated to charity. Not most YouTubers has.
Ankur Dagar
Ankur Dagar - 4 days ago
I'm just happy to see Bill Gates :D Best thing for me on Internet
Woo Loo
Woo Loo - 5 days ago
damn , I see you met the main man...
ronaldo Duran
ronaldo Duran - 5 days ago
bruh even at 99.9%, he still kept like 700 Million, wack how even at less than a percent this dude still has hundreds of millions.
Sy A
Sy A - 5 days ago
Markass Brown Lee
Tracy Gao
Tracy Gao - 5 days ago
Amit Singh kshatriya
Amit Singh kshatriya - 5 days ago
hi bill gates or what door gates or house gates i dont want to buy your compnay ngekletc it i dont want to buy your car neglect it i wanns buy you and how that i know because i dont want to buy your belonginggs i am not intrested to buy your belonging i wanna buy and there is noe prodcut will intervent that called humans means other so it could start from eveyr filed and you and i for 100 days and then one thing means simply how that will be in the mediaium that medium will be the public now if you have guts of evry fileds then better to make try to make a good product but one thing in it veeyr thing will be orginal frokm my side and you have to come to me where i am living with the body its sure that will buy you better prepration only you and me means simply what ytou advertise made for me i dont know you have make shit for me but one thing i wanns say that after 10 thosnad croere years i am here to do some small work and i am here to see the erth how iot look like becuase its my belongings so better to understand domt adevirtie pherace of fake things so 100 days 18 hours i wanna buy you you things in not sufficient on my desire
Gopal Krishna
Gopal Krishna - 5 days ago
Which phone does Mr.Gates use?
Gopal Krishna
Gopal Krishna - 5 days ago
+plu florin omg rofl
plu florin
plu florin - 5 days ago
His own
Kirtijyoti Senapati
Kirtijyoti Senapati - 5 days ago
That's y Jeff bezos is richest. Say thanks to mr. Bill , Jeff .
Kris K
Kris K - Day ago
Jeff bezzos legally enslaves people. Nobody is happy who works in amazon. He is setting up inhumane work rules to reach their targets.
D Bhakat
D Bhakat - 6 days ago
Now only I'm watching it. Damn Bill Gates!
Shawn G
Shawn G - 6 days ago
If all people of wealth handled their wealth like Bill Gates, the world would be a better place! Simple, humble, honest, and genuinely wants GOOD for people!
Bill Gates is the definition of "don't poke fun of that nerdy kid, one day you may work for him"
____________ - 6 days ago
Talking tech and Saving the world with the man who DISGRACED every typewriter and every working computer for EX: ( Altair 8800) OVER 40 years ago to push HIS OWN agenda (Just imagine what was going on AROUND this bastard while/before he was planning to invest into MIT/INTEL during the 70s)...... bill gates is NOT the man to save this world as a matter of fact everything linked back to his behavior can/will probably be accounted for by the supreme. court in the US and will lead him to a very luxurious prison in the future... too bad this man has the $$$ now to manipulate himself out of that situation so he can manipulate YOU into debt ! Bill Gates blames Cow Farts on climate change( One of the biggest disgraces to wild life research and the science community) while disregarding all of the TOXIC carbon emissions he needs to get from one place to another -------
xX90sWereTheDaysxX - 7 days ago
Bill give me $1million please.
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
There is no jumping class system in Japan. 日本国内には、飛び級制度がない。
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
I amnot ROLA.
I am Siri's model,Risa Ukai.
I am still slave in house in Japan.
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
I thought that love was injection education, in which structural functionalists share knowledge and wisdom with people without human rights. But if the originator is a living and real person, is not intellectual property right? The word money also includes the meaning of a bribe. The word reward includes administrative procedures and the like.
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
Is Zacchaeus killed by legislators early on? I think my answer is No. Wasn't he an opinion poller asked by the state? In other words, he is likely to have been connected to the nation, right? He is likely to be connected with the rich, right? But he is likely to lie to show that he is connected to the state, isn't it? He may not have the same human rights as the people in the same weak position as his surroundings. I think the truth is more important than own pride.
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
Best answer is to arrest.
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
By the way,who is the top in Japan's police offices???
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
Reading of the thinking circuit does not exist to please the other. → Crime psychology → I think that your thinking circuit is wrong to prevent crime. → Propaganda is required to give from freedom of speech for the purpose of creating a task for connecting top management with the people including subordinates. → If a news agency or a nation notices it will succeed in accelerated learning
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
A person connected to the state continued to persecute a person not connected to the state and introduced the caste system. If the people who are not connected to the state have different speed of understanding that the state is not functioning, where did the people who are not connected to the state were registered? What is a bottom-up system? What is the IT Revolution???
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
The dichotomy method is often found in "perfectionism," which is often found in the public who enjoys giving away the other party's strengths and weaknesses to another person without permission, and thinking about which person's strengths and weaknesses, "classic William syndrome" It tends to be biased. If the other party's "distortion" is too biased and almost complete destruction, there is also the risk of depression. The way to overcome that thought circuit would be to investigate terrorism and other preparation charges. You review the contents of the Bible, human rights violations, persecution games, abusive death, cloned humans, doppelganger, passport law violators, "The whereabouts of the gold coins collected by Zahkai", how to pay fines, structural functionalism, Functionalism, democracy, asset management, etc. ... Should we read the Bible as a historical story and make a new film while collating it with contemporary social problems???
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
Am I A.I.???
I could check and see about "some what" in the system or the shield.
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
neglect…Be careful,please.
My oldest sister and my older sister are also liar and terrorist.
Do you know about Terrorist preparation charges???😞
2waringring,Risa Ukai
2waringring,Risa Ukai - 7 days ago
BG,am I clone and am I mix???
My fathers who are???
BG and Mr.Yahashi Takashi and Steve and Tim and Japan's the top emperor,King Akihito???
Anti NWO
Anti NWO - 7 days ago
Though Bill Gates was a prodigy at his young age he has made the conscience choice to become an executive participant in the New World Order's population reduction agenda thinking that because they have the money and political control of more than half the world's governments that the availability to carry out their depopulation agendas will thusly be successful. What arrogance. Bill's knowledge of current time line events will not go the way they think they can be made to. The NWO is to be destroyed by the assassination of each and every member of the NWO regardless of who they are. ---------------
Bill Gates's contribution to the depopulation agendas across the world is to contaminate vaccines and then have these contaminated vaccines forcibly administered to the world's population. After the forced vaccinations have occurred then the calendar runs to a certain date range where by the killing agent of that vaccine takes the lives of those vaccinated. This is why Bill Gates is so admired by all other New World Order members, his ability to produce a wide spread plan and then to organize and carry it out on a world scale. He used the country of India to run his first trials to see how many real world people his tainted vaccines would kill according to the time programmed responses predicted. His vaccines killed tens of thousands of Indians in India, most of which were children. As a result of this, the government in India has issued warrants for his arrest for murder after it was proven what he did. ---------------
Now Bill Gates wants to implement his murderous program within the United States as quickly as he is allowed to, however now everyone knows what he is all about while the NWO owned Mainstream Medias protect him and his reputation. Bill Gates is an enemy of the people world wide for his planned genocides of people in every country which has made him one of the most top targets of the assassin's guild. There will be no escape for Bill as there is no escape for every member of the NWO. The assassins guild uses space age technology of transdimensional technology to carry out each assassination %100 perfectly. THE ONLY VACCINES THAT YOUR FAMILIES SHOULD EVER GET ARE "A-CELLULAR" BASED ! ! ! !  AND THE ONLY SOURCE OF VACCINES THAT YOUR FAMILY SHOULD GET THEIR SHOTS FROM IS FROM SOURCES THAT AER     N  O  T    CONNECTED IN ANY WAY TO THE BILL AND MALINDA GATES FOUNDATION ! ! ! !  YOUR VACCINES ARE COMPLETELY SAFE IF RECEIVED FROM RUSSIA BECAUSE RUSSIA HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE N.W.O. ---------------
The information in this post was an illegal notification because it violates letting the public know about what's really going on. Bill is a murderer so notify everyone and warn everyone. This message has been presented by AOTBUSHT (world security) … .. ..
Gopakumar. M
Gopakumar. M - 7 days ago
Rich guy who was in at a right place at a right time
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb - 7 days ago
How can you not admire Bill Gates?
Eugen Lang
Eugen Lang - 2 days ago
John Scott
John Scott - 8 days ago
Electric cars are terrible for the environment ....
Basson de Villiers
Basson de Villiers - 8 days ago
Bill Gates really hammers on Population. Wonder what he will do to reduce it ................... Makes u think Right
Nikhil Rao
Nikhil Rao - 4 days ago
MaximumEfficiency - 9 days ago
Eugenics creepo.
l mo
l mo - 9 days ago
he is a perfect grandpa material
Gijoe215062056 Ham
Gijoe215062056 Ham - 9 days ago
My heart to. Call buffet
Gijoe215062056 Ham
Gijoe215062056 Ham - 9 days ago
There targeting you guys again
Joel Nalkara
Joel Nalkara - 9 days ago
The clarity of the tumbnail tho damn man
Ablute Google
Ablute Google - 10 days ago
What about "What do you think of the current state of Microsoft and Windows?"
Spy ware
Spy ware - 10 days ago
i came here to know where is windows 11 gonna get released
Rihanoor Islam Protik
Rihanoor Islam Protik - 6 days ago
Windows 10 is the last version of windows and it will remain the last. No more Windows version will come. Microsoft will just upgrade it.
Joash Mochogi
Joash Mochogi - 10 days ago
Great that Gates can give an interview to a tech youtuber. I, however, noticed that he holds the cup in a weird way. He seems to drink from the unconventional side. Most people hold the cup by the handle.
Canaan Atkinson
Canaan Atkinson - 10 days ago
Brendan - 11 days ago
5:59 that was such a weird cut. Why did you cut the video? Why don't you show us the full interview?
Lica Martinica
Lica Martinica - 11 days ago
The most successful man in the world gives an interview for a tech youtube channel. Awesome.
Bee Irakabaho
Bee Irakabaho - 11 days ago
damn, you're rich rich now
Pushkar Sharma
Pushkar Sharma - 11 days ago
He is so daring, wearing an Apple watch in front of Bill Gates 😂😂
William Trask
William Trask - 11 days ago
No, Bill what is your IQ? Guess : 186.
spanish _only
spanish _only - 12 days ago
Bill gates maneja todo con friarda por amor al mundo por el que trabaja yo lo sabía pero su mirada no hay quien la evite es tierna y profunda y me deje manejar por el valor de su timbre de voz y pregunté eso por que hai mentes así curiosas.
spanish _only
spanish _only - 12 days ago
Ooohh y como trata de influenciar valor como los norte americanos.
spanish _only
spanish _only - 12 days ago
El está a la disposición de trabajar para el mundo Lira como acepta esa entrevista y como responde las pregunta siente y es como si no hubiera sentido y sigue respondiendo pregunta.
spanish _only
spanish _only - 12 days ago
Oh bill gath tiene un valor muy bueno me dijo cuando vi que tenía mucha capacidad me dijo que poreso tenía todo lo que tenía y cuando lo escuché hablar sentí su respeto y poder ver lo que amaba su hermana de él cuando sintió complejo por su tono de timbre de voz el moreno me dijo que soy una basura bill gath es un hombre dijo que tengo un valor muy bueno pero no poreso lo dijo dijo que me quizo ayudar por que quizo que él se pudo aver ido con otro empresario y que él era un tipo listo dijo que ya no me asia caso pero qué hay que ayudar yo tampoco le voy a seguir asiendo caso bill gates párese que esta loco el americano moreno dice que sabemos que es de ustedes pero que ellos son negros y nadie los quiere bill gates se muestra frío diciendo que eso está en tu mente pero no se lo que quiere decir con eso bill gates está está explicando algo y lo mira diciendole si es capaz de entender eso bill gate le dice frío sabía que no ibas a entender y el moreno lo mira haciéndose ya no aguanto más no seguiré escribiendo pero entendí algo de bill gates y mi pregunta es cómo hace para amar al mundo trabajando para el tan frío se que esto no le va a importar pero de la manera en que lo hace es curioso por que a todos nos interesa.
Yisa - 12 days ago
Bill gates is not saving the world, he is doing the opposite. Wicked man and you are sleeping with him. Nothing to be proud entertaining agent of Satan. Bill should stay away from Africa, stop murdering people with your evil plans.
Red Kings
Red Kings - 3 days ago
What he doing
Commando Vermelho
Commando Vermelho - 12 days ago
Hope that's not an Apple watch.
Jay Magee
Jay Magee - 13 days ago
Estanislao Lopez
Estanislao Lopez - 13 days ago
They kinda have the same facial features
elvis diaz ortega
elvis diaz ortega - 13 days ago
that thing it's gonna die soon
john superhist
john superhist - 13 days ago
What about his kids
nitin papagok
nitin papagok - 16 days ago
Anne ASMR - 16 days ago
Wow it's just so surreal seeing Bill Gates all gray. I can remember the first time hearing his name and seeing him on the TV in the 90's and in my mind that is how he still looks.
Dan Harrington
Dan Harrington - 17 days ago
mark ass brown lee
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