Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Kit Kats | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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W Banks
W Banks - 4 hours ago
0:22 thanks for ruining my day 😂
Fernando T
Fernando T - 13 hours ago
Should try with tapioca flour
Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny - 23 hours ago
I love watching junk food psychology destroy this poor woman
Eduardo Manrique
Eduardo Manrique - 3 days ago
This is such an iconic episode. We didn’t know.
Alistair Blaire
Alistair Blaire - 3 days ago
Macha is actually my favorite
Beth Cobb
Beth Cobb - 4 days ago
I'm sure that someone else has said this but you DO NOT need to spray a chocolate mold with anything/non-stick spray before chocolate work. If it's tempered properly (which you cannot rush) then it will come out with a few taps. Tempering chocolate is not easy, but it will happen. Just trust the process and KEEP AT IT!
angela cordero
angela cordero - 4 days ago
One question is this a restaurant?
q a
q a - 5 days ago
She made Kit Kat!! 🙅🙆
q a
q a - 5 days ago
3:53 😠 don't do that to a kitkat!
frogmccuish - 6 days ago
Loved it! 😂. You and Brad are a scream together....
How about a Take Five!! That should be easy....
Keep up the great videos...
SimpleRick ‘s
SimpleRick ‘s - 6 days ago
Could you please use real temperatures und measuring units? Or at lest display them.
Synix Processing
Synix Processing - 6 days ago
I wonder if American kitkats are different to UK Kitkats, ours isn't that sweet in comparison to your description
fartx211 - 7 days ago
I got triggered when Claire torched the knife.
Guthrik - 8 days ago
I love how the blow torch is part of the recipe in making homemade kit-kat. I wonder why my little cousin was asked me for a blow torch for making kit-kat now I know why.
claire landstrom
claire landstrom - 8 days ago
CLAIRE!! MAKE ME GORMET FORTUNE COOKIES, PLEASE🥠💜 and have Brad write the fortunes
just.beautiful.allie - 8 days ago
I like her humor "it's not like I made a kit Kat.. Here try it."
Lovely Potatoe
Lovely Potatoe - 8 days ago
There was supposed to have a full layer of wafer on the bottom
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck - 9 days ago
Hey guess what. Theres woodchips in them too
Caius Jones
Caius Jones - 9 days ago
The only thing they do is make the thing look messier and less neat
Haru Takami
Haru Takami - 9 days ago
my favorite thing about kit-kats is that the failed batches are apparently mashed up and turned into the filling for the next batch of kit-kats.
nora - 10 days ago
I love brads accent
Okxay Poppy
Okxay Poppy - 10 days ago
So weird got a kit kat advert while you was making them
_ciara b
_ciara b - 10 days ago
How about gourmet pop tarts
Jim EC
Jim EC - 10 days ago
After seeing what’s involved, the fact you can buy the real deal, at your local gas station, for a buck, is pretty incredible!
Garrett Cleland
Garrett Cleland - 10 days ago
Hi Claire, and BonAppetit as a whole, I have no idea how "submissions" are even considered, but I have three that I think are perfect considerations, especially for the coming Summer HEAT:
1. Chipwich - What I love and miss about this once widely accessible American treat was the soft cookies that the ice cream sat between, particularly because it was something between a baked chocolate chip cookie and a disk of chocolate chip cookie dough. Cooked, but with that perfect, creamy texture. Not sure how that is even possible. The vanilla ice cream was basic and could be improved upon, but the true icing on the cake were the dark chocolate mini chocolate chips that coated the outer edge of the ice cream. A true camptime favorite!
2. ChocoTaco - This is another camp favorite and the biggest challenge choices. The dark chocolate dipped waffel cone taco--amazing! The layers of chocolate leaves between ice cream on the interior for that extra crunch--genius! The chopped nut sprinkle--complete!
3. Sour Candy - This is more an overarching category that includes many options, and it is something you still haven''t done! As someone who has to import American sour favorites, I have tried to make my own sour candies without the help of highly processed syrups (attempting all natural/organic, vegan, and low sugar options, and it is so nuanced that I think it would be a great challenge! Finding the proper balances between fruit, citrus and various food acid types is a brilliant and vibrant journey! Particular inspirations would be Sour Patch Kids, Sour Patch Watermelons, Warheads (the hard candy version with a sour burst also in the middle), Sour Cherries, original Sour Skittles, Sour Punch straws and strips, and two European favorites of mine (the only things sour enough for me in Europe): the German version of Sour Happy Cola gummies by Haribo, and a new candy in the Netherlands called Zure Matjes by a brand called Katja.
Gabrielle Green
Gabrielle Green - 10 days ago
I love how it's ignore Brad, Wait! Brad what did ya do?
Kenric Daniel
Kenric Daniel - 11 days ago
Is she single?
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee - 12 days ago
Omg how the he'll do u keep calm. Day 1 it would've been put the window🖼
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace - 12 days ago
I love how you can tell the staff really get along that's sweet
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace - 12 days ago
Like the regular water cone not the waffle cone
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace - 12 days ago
She should've used a regular ice cream cone recipe for the water that's what it is
Ananda Sage
Ananda Sage - 12 days ago
You should try to make a healthy version of Chicken in a Biskit crackers. They're addictive but soo bad for you!
Tiga - 12 days ago
*Kit Kat Claire*
Anthony ELIA M
Anthony ELIA M - 13 days ago
Hello ! In Venezuela there is a popular and traditional Dulcel called "Wafer" is a kind of cookie that takes only water and flour with a pinch of salt, sugar and vanilla to taste ... is made between two very hot plates and is not used to oil ... the filling between these two cookies is dulce de leche or chocolate .... I hope you will also find the eastern recipe called “ Chinese Flaki Egg Roll “
lauren wischoff
lauren wischoff - 13 days ago
I love how everyone interacts. I'm sure there are some behind the scene arguments but over all they all suggest helpful things
Scorpion Sunday
Scorpion Sunday - 14 days ago
I purchased Strawberry Kit Kat from Japan, they were awesome but also a bit radio active so I ended up trashing them
nissa mokoginta
nissa mokoginta - 14 days ago
The packaging of kitkat looks so different in the US than here in Holland
danisicario xo
danisicario xo - 14 days ago
All of the co-workers hate eachother
Scythe_Deimos - 14 days ago
20 sides a second
tittydicktea TM
tittydicktea TM - 15 days ago
VanePane 04
VanePane 04 - 15 days ago
Tip:if your chocolate sets while in the middle of making the chocolate, you can use a hair dryer to melt it
Sienna R
Sienna R - 15 days ago
Make me a Ritz cracker!!!
ThatOneFigureSkater - 15 days ago
I LOVE green tea kit-kats and on the one hand it makes me sad that not a ton of people like it, but also....more for me
Salvou - 15 days ago
Claire: "This is good, what did you add?"
Brad: "Dunno, blacked out."
Hiba Khalid
Hiba Khalid - 15 days ago
I'm dry but I don't think that's the original kitkat
Itzdave0 - 15 days ago
I think I love Claire 😍💗 the grey hair and she thicc💗💗
MisterSamman - 15 days ago
Could you make nerds ropes?
Minah N10
Minah N10 - 16 days ago
I didn’t think kit kat could get any better
Sclavul lui mihaitur
Sclavul lui mihaitur - 16 days ago
Francisco José Ariza Morillo
It's interesting that although she managed to do a good job she doesn't look happy. Chef life man.
Sasha Wambui
Sasha Wambui - 17 days ago
Hermione? Is that you with your 'light reading'?
Julian Arredondo
Julian Arredondo - 17 days ago
Your hot
Hana Rose
Hana Rose - 17 days ago
actually you say stroopwafel just with a long o, not with an oef. It's a Dutch word.
Alphadog1645 - 17 days ago
How do I get hired here and is this in New York
Hana Rose
Hana Rose - 17 days ago
The american kitkat logo looks weird o.O
Julia Mills
Julia Mills - 17 days ago
ratchet version of how it’s made in three.. two.. one.. “hi everyone i’m claire”
equestrian1121 - 17 days ago
you're a pastry chef and you've never tempered chocolate? aww hunny.
Decklan Hartzenberg
Decklan Hartzenberg - 17 days ago
She's crushing so haaaard on Brad
Decklan Hartzenberg
Decklan Hartzenberg - 17 days ago
Claire is crushing sooo hard on Brad!!!
Bob Gibson
Bob Gibson - 18 days ago
There is an Italian cookie called a Pizelli. It would have been perfect for the cookie.
Perry - 18 days ago
4:10: how did they make the first kit kat then?
Red Eyes
Red Eyes - 18 days ago
After watching a few of these I realize these people hate sweetness and idk why.
Nashreddin Busk
Nashreddin Busk - 17 days ago
most treats are ultra sweet to hide the fact they use low quality ingredients
Hood_unnie - 18 days ago
“It needs more richness”
Lyoria Soule
Lyoria Soule - 18 days ago
“I dunno I kinda blacked out “ dude me
Lyoria Soule
Lyoria Soule - 18 days ago
I have some ÖÖZE
Wessel Zwakenberg
Wessel Zwakenberg - 18 days ago
Kniepertjes ijzer💪🏻
Shubham Ghadge
Shubham Ghadge - 18 days ago
So are we just going to ignore the fact that at 00:21 that person committed the biggest sin?
Talal Hafez
Talal Hafez - 19 days ago
I think that Kit Kats is the most tasteful chocolate of all time.
Prajakta Jogdand
Prajakta Jogdand - 19 days ago
Kit kat! Best childhood memories!
小玛丽 - 19 days ago
How is it posssible she said “not my favorite” to the matcha green tea kit Kat?🙀🙀
sweetpea 21
sweetpea 21 - 19 days ago
“May, keyword MAY, Claire”
Kelsey Jayne
Kelsey Jayne - 19 days ago
I don't think I've ever had a craving for chocolate as bad AS I DO RIGHT NOW until this video. It's all I can think about. My tongue is dying.
A L - 19 days ago
Why is brad such a babe 😩
Sonic is confused about your past decisions
6:53 "I'm not going to add too much"
*adds in all of it anyway*
William Driest
William Driest - 20 days ago
it is not a "strupwafel"
LaHappyDapp - 20 days ago

jk seriously tho how don’t u like them
aboodz - 20 days ago
swagmonster - 21 day ago
The editing on these is spot on
Giulia Scalia
Giulia Scalia - 21 day ago
I was going to comment this on the Cheetos video, but now that I’m watching this, here we go:
Claire is like Brad’s little sister. Stuff don’t workout for her, so she turns to Brad like: BRAAADDD WHAT DO I DO????? I just love them
Benjamin Carter
Benjamin Carter - 21 day ago
Brad is awesome man. He came up with a simple solution.
captincool101 - 22 days ago
I think they make them by diping
falimsakiz - 22 days ago
Who washes all those dishes
Eclipse807 - 22 days ago
I have the biggest crush on Claire.
Cherry Dev
Cherry Dev - 22 days ago
I really thought Claire was gonna say "Here's how to make Kit-Kat at home: DON'T"
orange - 22 days ago
MusicalTheatreFan - 23 days ago
17:05 Cake flower?
AS_Timeless - 23 days ago
Brad is like Fred from Big Hero 6
Nikki 3
Nikki 3 - 23 days ago
Claire you are adorable and talented! Is your colour natural grey? Makes me think of going natural and letting my greys through!
Illya Montgomery
Illya Montgomery - 24 days ago
i watched this video just to see claire temper chocolates again
j3iuivj - 24 days ago
Claire! Look up emmymadeinjapan. She tempered chocolate using sous vide method. Instantly thought of you!!!
Nelly I
Nelly I - 25 days ago
Now I want a kitkat
Hollie Dean
Hollie Dean - 25 days ago
I feel like American classic Kit Kats are probably different to the Aussie ones I’d love to try both n compare sometime 🤔
Kristen Walker
Kristen Walker - 25 days ago
You should try pop tarts
Quinoa Karma
Quinoa Karma - 25 days ago
Claire calling herself impatient makes me feel so ashamed you have no idea...
Adelia Manibod
Adelia Manibod - 26 days ago
i ship her and brad
Claudia Becerra
Claudia Becerra - 26 days ago
Am I the only one shipping Claire and Brad?
Athena Yazzie
Athena Yazzie - 27 days ago
I watch this series just to support Claire as we both go through a roller coaster of emotions together. When she's frustrated, I feel it. Lol
amélie - 27 days ago
claire's earrings are so cool!
guilty chocoholic
guilty chocoholic - 27 days ago
Why is the packet like that tho
The littlest Beanie boo
The littlest Beanie boo - 28 days ago
Kit Kat is my FAVE chocolate
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