Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Kit Kats | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Splatzer_j g
Splatzer_j g - 13 minutes ago
Why does she break the kit kat lole that😂😂 it triggers me
TheShredder002 - Hour ago
Why does Brad always look like he's about to go deep sea fishing
Tiana Parks
Tiana Parks - 13 hours ago
Your earrings 😍
Brayden Walls
Brayden Walls - 20 hours ago
claire and brad...are you doing it?
Vivien Darkbloom
Vivien Darkbloom - 23 hours ago
Appreciation for Claire's excellent choice of ear-wear
Stefan R
Stefan R - Day ago
Have a break, have a KlaireKat!
Where can I buy these?
Lee Trevis
Lee Trevis - Day ago
Good to know Kourtneys time at college was well spent
e he
e he - Day ago
Next gourmet will be kinder joy?can they make that?
S VTL - Day ago
I just realised that she’s on a MacBook with a Dell computer screen? I’m confused lol
hi i’m sophia
hi i’m sophia - Day ago
“Do you taste it?”
Brad is unintentionally hilarious
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper - 2 days ago
If the broken bits have been added it's a change from when I was young. They used to sell the offcuts to the staff in the staff shop (my Dad used to work for them and bring bags of Kitkat waste home). I also was shown around the production line on a factory visit and they didn't do that it was just layers of wafer sandwiched between layers of chocolate.
Serenidy Gallie
Serenidy Gallie - 2 days ago
Can I have some samples of what ur making now
QRS3C273 - 2 days ago
Claire: Here's how to make Kit Kats at home: Don't.
Kai Johnston
Kai Johnston - 3 days ago
Kit-Kat was my favorite candy till my mom found out and bought me so many Kit-Kats that now the thought of them makes me sick.
Khalsa Griffin
Khalsa Griffin - 4 days ago
You should make a kinder egg
Heaven76Sent - 4 days ago
I think the cookie would be much like an ice cream cone.
Alfie Shotton
Alfie Shotton - 5 days ago
iTzYoMaster - 5 days ago
Why do I like this girl?There's some kind of attraction lol
IansWorld - 6 days ago
Claire: What’d you add
Brad: idk I kind of blacked out
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas - 6 days ago
Anyone noticed "flower" instead of "flour" at 17:05 ??? :D
Jeannette Martinez
Jeannette Martinez - Day ago
This is why I came to the comments. 😂 I had to go back and check. Sure enough...flower as an ingredient.
Andrey Vasiliev
Andrey Vasiliev - 6 days ago
making this seems kinda simple... after watching cheetos
GenXUnderground - 7 days ago
Kvikk lunsj is better
Marineio - 7 days ago
Why not do a couple of Gourmet Makes where you turn the product dairy/gluten free / vegan? Dairy free kit kats sound awesome!
Matthew Fuerst
Matthew Fuerst - 8 days ago
Brad is a god change my mind
Daifuwu -
Daifuwu - - 9 days ago
"Tastes like burnt milk."
Isaac Tamayo
Isaac Tamayo - 11 days ago
”Truly shocked, slightly horrified and mostly impressed..”
Brian Brayns
Brian Brayns - 11 days ago
man idk how many times i’ve commented this on these videos but claire is just absolutely gorgeous
Brian Brayns
Brian Brayns - 11 days ago
12:03 ❤️❤️❤️
Brian Brayns
Brian Brayns - 11 days ago
11:56 ❤️❤️❤️
floyd loonie
floyd loonie - 11 days ago
This girl is as useless as tits on a boar hog!! Her main function seems to be asking other employees what they recommend and trying what they recommend. How does she manage to not get fired? I guess her supervisor never watches the videos she is in. I wouldn't think Bon Appetit magazine would pay her minimum wage to embaress themselves in front of the public they hope will subscribe to their product....
Kyle - 11 days ago
Wow, a troll on a BA video. Never seen that before.
Serenity Swack
Serenity Swack - 12 days ago
Are you from buzzfeed? Like do you work at tasty?
Lucia PW
Lucia PW - 13 days ago
Make gourmet Twix or gourmet Girl Scout cookies!
Kenny H
Kenny H - 14 days ago
What’s this? 20 sides a second?
ryan moore
ryan moore - 14 days ago
Claire Please please please make gourmet PIZZA ROLLS!!! We love your series!!!
Lindsey Drew
Lindsey Drew - 16 days ago
Moral of the story: listen to Brad
David Boucard
David Boucard - 17 days ago
*Me, immediately after asking for honest opinion and feedback:* "I want you to know that I can accept ZERO criticism right now."
Cecille Salvan
Cecille Salvan - 17 days ago
Did anyone else immediately recognize the ingredient PGP and began to quote BBC Sherlock under their breaths? Just me? Okay.
Aimee A
Aimee A - 18 days ago
Brad just seems like the best friend you could ever have. I want a brad. Like he’s always so supportive and helps Claire out with everything. We Stan.
Seth Solomon
Seth Solomon - 18 days ago
I wonder why Claire always looks down when she is holding something up to the camera 😅
Robert Toms, III
Robert Toms, III - 19 days ago
I like this shoe to remind me how much work stuff like this is and say diy is not always a better path
Deceased - 19 days ago
Stroopwafel : pronounce it like stopewaafel... harsh F and the begining is pronounced like stoke but with a K instead of a P
ungratefulmetalpansy - 19 days ago
how does a multimillion dollar kitchen get installed on the 40th floor of the wtc
Alysha - 19 days ago
1:31 Did she just say stroopwafel? THAT'S DUTCH I feel honored right now
COCO XO - 19 days ago
Oh darling, if only I had seen this video sooner I could have sent you some tempering tips to make you a Tempering Queen. Thanks for doing these videos ... brightened my day!
andyp - 20 days ago
where did you get those earrings claire?!!
Jade Ratliff
Jade Ratliff - 22 days ago
Recently my mom got a Mr.Big and the wafers were running the opposite direction hahaha
Tia -
Tia - - 22 days ago
Recipe at 17:02.
gonoslowr - 22 days ago
Claire is literally the only reason why I subscribed. The rest are good too, but no one got the personality or the gorgeous looks like Claire.
Umer Latif
Umer Latif - 22 days ago
Why does brad always dress like a fisherman
Rick van Veldhuizen
Rick van Veldhuizen - 23 days ago
I think it would work the best with Zeelandic sugar wafers rather than stroopwafels.
Zeera P
Zeera P - 23 days ago
When I watched this started craving a kit kat so I bought one. Ever since I can’t stop eating them and I’m addicted. Thank you
caitron neery
caitron neery - 23 days ago
Test 4 (cont.)
-ignore brad
I love the direction this series keeps heading into over each episode. I love this so much.
B. McAllister
B. McAllister - 23 days ago
"It needs a lil' splash a' waddur." needs to be a shirt.
Bork PomPom
Bork PomPom - 23 days ago
Chris is like a good parent. Doesn’t coddle you, pushes you to do better and praises your success.
Matt Lillian
Matt Lillian - 23 days ago
My guy combos would slap
Naomi Yokoi
Naomi Yokoi - 24 days ago
What do they do with all those kit kats after testing?
Anik McGill
Anik McGill - 24 days ago
Hey! I think it'd be cool to see you make gourmet Aero bars :)
SuperFatShit - 25 days ago
dangg brad has mad Chris pratt feels LOL
Devin Goble
Devin Goble - 25 days ago
claire and brad crack me up
Robert Orr
Robert Orr - 25 days ago
What about Twix?
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey - 25 days ago
Loving this channel. Even the comment section is a joy!
d'_'b - 25 days ago
Claire's approach is the perfect mix of analytical and off the cuff, and her personality is so cool. I like everyone on this channel because they make a good supportive team, but I think she is my favorite.
Nicco Simone
Nicco Simone - 26 days ago
She just needed to add some Fancy Feast
olicapone - 27 days ago
I love Claire
Kristen Burns
Kristen Burns - 27 days ago
You should try making Cadbury cream eggs
JungSHOOK ETH - 27 days ago
She followed Kourtneys eating video
Joshua Phan
Joshua Phan - 28 days ago
“Don’t wanna add too much but”
*pours the whole entire bag*
Oznerol Amoyagiug
Oznerol Amoyagiug - 28 days ago
Macha = Garbage
Cinnimon Roll ChickenNugget Potato
That is how you eat a nutter butter not a kit kat
lee - Month ago
"wourder" is sending me
gugumatt - Month ago
This needs a toblerone that stuff
POTfreemason - Month ago
Absolutely nobody- Nothing.

Me- Why does she look like my neighbor?
Lenae Crumley
Lenae Crumley - Month ago
Love these videos but I think I will just buy the candy.
Liam - Month ago
Those earrings are so cute
Suzy Bannet
Suzy Bannet - Month ago
And I the only one that thinks, this girl can’t actually cook/bake? This is embarrassing.
Suzy Bannet
Suzy Bannet - Month ago
Caitlin Danielle Foster like I said she can’t bake or cook. Any home cook can make KitKat at home. I made them. Go on Pinterest and you can fine a easy simple recipe and make it yourself and you will realize she cant bake
Caitlin Danielle Foster
Suzy Bannet she’s not trying to make “a” wafer, she’s trying to make “the” wafer to replicate something else exactly with no recipe or instructions and none of the custom made machinery that their large scale production factories have. Trial and error is perfectly normal and the entire point of this series.
Suzy Bannet
Suzy Bannet - Month ago
Caitlin Danielle Foster she literally had to remake the wafers like 6 times. I’m no baker but I can easily make a wafer lol.
Caitlin Danielle Foster
Suzy Bannet yes, you are the only one.
michelle bao
michelle bao - Month ago
i cant believe someone dislikes matcha kitkats im quaking
Elijah - Month ago
9:16 When you're an intellectual and English is your city.
Dallas Fa'amatuainu
Dallas Fa'amatuainu - Month ago
Lexi Escamilla
Lexi Escamilla - Month ago
Can you try to make gourmet funyuns
Gabriel Chisholm
Gabriel Chisholm - Month ago
I did not know that kit kats are in America
Niahluvsmakeup - Month ago
Tastes better seperates
waffle2882 - Month ago
honey buns
Oncejesseu - Month ago
One question. Where tf and why do they get so much candy for this series. And where do they put them
AestheticxRose - Month ago
I loooooovvvveeee kitkats
Mia Williams
Mia Williams - Month ago
Wait... Off topic.. Have u always been thicc😂
Joseph M
Joseph M - Month ago
On this occasion the gourmet rendition was worse than the original version.
Achtzehn - Month ago
"Just tell me that I did it!" lol
Cazadoo nske
Cazadoo nske - Month ago
I think what she was trying to produce is the UK kit Kat so why not just buy some from the good old internet? LOL.
Tim Holder
Tim Holder - Month ago
How about leaving some on the store shelves for some kids that might like one.
cam - Month ago
-ignore brad
Jody Spiegel
Jody Spiegel - Month ago
Another great video; I will have to try this myself; I enjoy how you keep experimenting until you get it almost perfect to the original while incorporating you own twist; Have you thought about experimenting with a 3D food printer?
jillian rae
jillian rae - Month ago
i would die for brad
Protoman Blues
Protoman Blues - Month ago
17:06 Cake Flower...
3Dwitch - Month ago
7:24 wourder cameo! xD
TheRainbowDragoness - Month ago
I just get chocolate filled wafer biscuits and cover them in chocolate.
Geffrey van der Bos
Geffrey van der Bos - Month ago
Hehe. “Struepwafel”
Toxichammertoe - Month ago
Replicate Baci Dark & White Chocolates!😊
ralph emerson
ralph emerson - Month ago
Big fan, but that white hair adds 10 years, Claire!
tatea :}
tatea :} - Month ago
Kate Land
Kate Land - Month ago
Please make gourmet Tim Tams!!!!
reena seth
reena seth - Month ago
You wasted a lot of chocolate 🍫
HongMSF - Month ago
"I wAn you to let you know that....I can accept zErO CriTiSms RiGhT NOw"
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