WE BOUGHT A NEW HORSE! Day 083b (03/24/19)

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Birb - 3 months ago
He is perfect for the girls Sophie seems so happy I can't wait for show session. somebody just get Gabby a chicken 😂😂
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - 3 months ago
@Equine Edits I agree!!!
Unicornlover99 Sanchez
Unicornlover99 Sanchez - 3 months ago
@ Meme Child LoL 😂
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - 3 months ago
@Unicornlover99 Sanchez my new barn, laterally saw my horse there for the first time today, but there r chickens there and i stood there for laterally ten minutes looking at them lol. And my horse was just cantering around the field upset he wasn't with his friends
Unicornlover99 Sanchez
Unicornlover99 Sanchez - 3 months ago
My barn has chickens and they are so sweet! When they are in my way I just say “excuse me chickens”, and they just move out of my way.♥️♥️
SSO /roblox
SSO /roblox - 3 months ago
Willow loves him but stella doesn't
Llama Confetti
Llama Confetti - 4 days ago
"Look at the Tiger apaloosa!"
I love Sophie
karen Mckenzie
karen Mckenzie - Month ago
I just can't stop watching the daybydayvlogs it's so satisfying and so inspiring and l love finn stella storm and tiny willow and you guys are doing a great job of taking care of your horses 💖❤❤💖😊
Joleen Pardo
Joleen Pardo - Month ago
hey daybydayf don't worry my horse jumps the fence every day and don't worry because mare and going to be mares they chase my gelding around to lol so your not alone
Shaun strickland
Shaun strickland - Month ago
Get gabby a hore
Kira Harvey
Kira Harvey - 2 months ago
Where’s Storm?
Caroline’s Field
Caroline’s Field - 2 months ago
Omg. Gabby said that y’all should get another mini, well I have an idea! Y’all can breed Willow! (Whenever she’s in heat next).
Tara Collopy
Tara Collopy - 2 months ago
You should breed Stella because you aren’t using Stella that much it would also be a good opratunity for gabby to learn how to train her very own horse
Tara Collopy
Tara Collopy - 2 months ago
Well you can use another horse
EK-questrian - 2 months ago
Finn is a Gelding.
Maia Johnson
Maia Johnson - 2 months ago
What if Stella and fin breed? What would you do?
Maia Johnson
Maia Johnson - 2 months ago
Why don’t you bring storm home yet?
William Fleming
William Fleming - 3 months ago
Stella is the mom of the herd
Emma Lenz
Emma Lenz - 3 months ago
You should get a mini for Finn so they both can have a mini and then maybe the two minis can be in the same stall but it must be to small.
Sunny Tonks
Sunny Tonks - 3 months ago
I recently got a new horse called Finn.
Cookie Crumble
Cookie Crumble - 3 months ago
U guys should have 70m instead of 70k
Glitter tastic
Glitter tastic - 3 months ago
This is not a hate comment but I have some info for Sophie,

when gabby rides Finn first it’s just going to make Sophie les brave, part of owning a horse contains trust, and the only was Sophie is going to trust Finn is if she sees him at his Worst times as well as the good times, nobody EVER in proves by getting people to do some work for them. Gabby should help her emotionally not physically, so support her WITHOUT doing it for her. Also I think that everyday Sophie should take Finn into the school/stable and do some bonding exercise so they will build an unbreakable trust and bond💙

= Skye
Glitter tastic
Glitter tastic - 2 months ago
This is not a hate comment btw just some tips💜💚
Sarah Henry
Sarah Henry - 3 months ago
Where did storm go?
Ellis The Zombie Killer
Ellis The Zombie Killer - 3 months ago
"Oh look there's two dead appaloosas!" Lol
Millie McDonald
Millie McDonald - 3 months ago
They where playing follow the leader
Equine Jolie &guineapigs
Equine Jolie &guineapigs - 3 months ago
Has the little pony got a slightly bent nose
de said cob betsy
de said cob betsy - 3 months ago
Where did storm go can some one plz tell me
de said cob betsy
de said cob betsy - 3 months ago
I think your mistaken but I'm not trying to offend anyone but is 15.2hh a horse it's a horse from 14.2 ok now I will leave you be
Rita Nannipieri
Rita Nannipieri - 3 months ago
Where is stom
Weirdo horsey
Weirdo horsey - 3 months ago
Usually Ponys are about 13 hands ish but I'm not sure if hes constierd as a pony but eh P.S. Love your girls with those horses ❤
Megan R Schultz
Megan R Schultz - 3 months ago
No he's not under 14 h
Flying Fancy
Flying Fancy - 3 months ago
You should introduce hobby horsing to the girls, just search it up 😂😂 along with riding real horses it’s incredibly fun
Zarah Warren
Zarah Warren - 3 months ago
So how old is Finn?
Keishla Canning
Keishla Canning - 3 months ago
Fynn awwww my brothers name is finnan
Ella Greatz
Ella Greatz - 3 months ago
Haha one part of this video was not good but rlly funny 8:58
Jade Coetzee
Jade Coetzee - 3 months ago
I know that Sophia loves Stella but I think that she should own Finn as he is a pony. But either way I’m so happy for you guys. Congrats on your new addition to the family ❤️
Horsey Adventures
Horsey Adventures - 3 months ago
That’s a great choice!
Silverlet Stables 500
Silverlet Stables 500 - 3 months ago
zoe keen
zoe keen - 3 months ago
Finn is so pretty
Danielle Ballantyne
Danielle Ballantyne - 3 months ago
Danielle Ballantyne
Danielle Ballantyne - 3 months ago
He is a beuty I love him palaminos r the best go sofie
Unicornlover99 Sanchez
Unicornlover99 Sanchez - 3 months ago
My horse and this mare named Roomer are best friends and maybe even love birds ♥️♥️😂😂😂
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller - 3 months ago
Holy Psalm91 :)HolyJohn17
Alana Pelletier
Alana Pelletier - 3 months ago
Finn is such a cute name!
noonelit3rallycares - 3 months ago
Where is storm? And how much horses do you have? Which horse belongs to who?🌻sprry for all the questions, but i'm new here
Ellis The Zombie Killer
Ellis The Zombie Killer - 3 months ago
Stella was Sophia's but is now Laura's, Storm is Gabby's and Finn probably is Sophia's. Storm is at the barn where they take lessons.
LWV equestrian
LWV equestrian - 3 months ago
IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR NEW PONY!! Congratulations!!!❤️❤️
Megan Mast
Megan Mast - 3 months ago
I’m starting lessons soon I hope to learn to jump
Casey Leather
Casey Leather - 3 months ago
Where is storm
Hailey Pederson
Hailey Pederson - 3 months ago
Wait are they going to be riding him or is he just another buddy for stella? Love his color by the way💜
he is a very pretty boy
Lucy Puhalla
Lucy Puhalla - 3 months ago
I lease a leopard Appaloosa named Spot😂
Lori Pavlichek
Lori Pavlichek - 3 months ago
he is over 56 inches he is not a pony ask ur vet
Lori Pavlichek
Lori Pavlichek - 3 months ago
No hate but anyting over 56 inches is not a pony
Alexandra Mercier
Alexandra Mercier - 3 months ago
The colour of his Lemieux halter is absolutely GORGEOUS on him. You guys should totally make that his colour!😍😍
leah olson
leah olson - 3 months ago
3:07 “I love him” ❤️
Danielle Alexis
Danielle Alexis - 3 months ago
Sophie seems so confident with him! I can’t wait to see your guys new journey with him!!
Tacø - 3 months ago
You should put him in aqua or light blue! He looks gorgeous in blue! He looks beautiful!
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