WE BOUGHT A NEW HORSE! Day 083b (03/24/19)

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Cob Cam
Cob Cam - Month ago
He is perfect for the girls Sophie seems so happy I can't wait for show session. somebody just get Gabby a chicken 😂😂
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - 25 days ago
+Equine Edits I agree!!!
Unicornlover99 Sanchez
Unicornlover99 Sanchez - 26 days ago
@ Meme Child LoL 😂
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - 26 days ago
+Unicornlover99 Sanchez my new barn, laterally saw my horse there for the first time today, but there r chickens there and i stood there for laterally ten minutes looking at them lol. And my horse was just cantering around the field upset he wasn't with his friends
Unicornlover99 Sanchez
Unicornlover99 Sanchez - 26 days ago
My barn has chickens and they are so sweet! When they are in my way I just say “excuse me chickens”, and they just move out of my way.♥️♥️
Emma Candlesand
Emma Candlesand - 29 days ago
Willow loves him but stella doesn't
Maia Johnson
Maia Johnson - Day ago
What if Stella and fin breed? What would you do?
Maia Johnson
Maia Johnson - Day ago
Why don’t you bring storm home yet?
Susie Fleming
Susie Fleming - 5 days ago
Stella is the mom of the herd
Emma Lenz
Emma Lenz - 5 days ago
You should get a mini for Finn so they both can have a mini and then maybe the two minis can be in the same stall but it must be to small.
Sunny Tonks
Sunny Tonks - 10 days ago
I recently got a new horse called Finn.
Cookie Crumble
Cookie Crumble - 12 days ago
U guys should have 70m instead of 70k
Pony Love
Pony Love - 15 days ago
I no I am 2 weeks late, but I’ve only just started watching ur vids, I have some info for Sophie,

when gabby rides Finn first it’s just going to make Sophie les brave, part of owning a horse contains trust, and the only was Sophie is going to trust Finn is if she sees him at his Worst times as well as the good times, nobody EVER in proves by getting people to do some work for them. Gabby should help her emotionally not physically, so support her WITHOUT doing it for her. Also I think that everyday Sophie should take Finn into the school/stable and do some bonding exercise so they will build an unbreakable trust and bond💙

= Skye
Sarah Henry
Sarah Henry - 18 days ago
Where did storm go?
Millie McDonald
Millie McDonald - 19 days ago
They where playing follow the leader
Equine Jolie &guineapigs
Has the little pony got a slightly bent nose
de said cob betsy
de said cob betsy - 22 days ago
Where did storm go can some one plz tell me
de said cob betsy
de said cob betsy - 22 days ago
I think your mistaken but I'm not trying to offend anyone but is 15.2hh a horse it's a horse from 14.2 ok now I will leave you be
Rita Nannipieri
Rita Nannipieri - 22 days ago
Where is stom
Weirdo horsey
Weirdo horsey - 23 days ago
Usually Ponys are about 13 hands ish but I'm not sure if hes constierd as a pony but eh P.S. Love your girls with those horses ❤
Megan R Schultz
Megan R Schultz - 23 days ago
No he's not under 14 h
Kht SilverMaple
Kht SilverMaple - 24 days ago
You should introduce hobby horsing to the girls, just search it up 😂😂 along with riding real horses it’s incredibly fun
Zarah Warren
Zarah Warren - 24 days ago
So how old is Finn?
Annie McCann
Annie McCann - 25 days ago
Fynn awwww my brothers name is finnan
Ella Greatz
Ella Greatz - 25 days ago
Haha one part of this video was not good but rlly funny 8:58
Jade Coetzee
Jade Coetzee - 25 days ago
I know that Sophia loves Stella but I think that she should own Finn as he is a pony. But either way I’m so happy for you guys. Congrats on your new addition to the family ❤️
Horsey Adventures
Horsey Adventures - 26 days ago
That’s a great choice!
Silverlet Stables 500
Silverlet Stables 500 - 26 days ago
zoe keen
zoe keen - 26 days ago
Finn is so pretty
Danielle Ballantyne
Danielle Ballantyne - 26 days ago
Danielle Ballantyne
Danielle Ballantyne - 26 days ago
He is a beuty I love him palaminos r the best go sofie
Unicornlover99 Sanchez
Unicornlover99 Sanchez - 26 days ago
My horse and this mare named Roomer are best friends and maybe even love birds ♥️♥️😂😂😂
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller - 26 days ago
Holy Psalm91 :)HolyJohn17
LanaPlays - 27 days ago
Finn is such a cute name!
noonelit3rallycares - 27 days ago
Where is storm? And how much horses do you have? Which horse belongs to who?🌻sprry for all the questions, but i'm new here
Ellis The Zombie Killer
Ellis The Zombie Killer - 19 days ago
Stella was Sophia's but is now Laura's, Storm is Gabby's and Finn probably is Sophia's. Storm is at the barn where they take lessons.
LWV equestrian
LWV equestrian - 27 days ago
IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR NEW PONY!! Congratulations!!!❤️❤️
Megan Mast
Megan Mast - 28 days ago
I’m starting lessons soon I hope to learn to jump
Casey Leather
Casey Leather - 29 days ago
Where is storm
Hailey Pederson
Hailey Pederson - 29 days ago
Wait are they going to be riding him or is he just another buddy for stella? Love his color by the way💜
he is a very pretty boy
Lucy Puhalla
Lucy Puhalla - 29 days ago
I lease a leopard Appaloosa named Spot😂
Lori Pavlichek
Lori Pavlichek - 29 days ago
he is over 56 inches he is not a pony ask ur vet
Lori Pavlichek
Lori Pavlichek - 29 days ago
No hate but anyting over 56 inches is not a pony
Alexandra Mercier
Alexandra Mercier - 29 days ago
The colour of his Lemieux halter is absolutely GORGEOUS on him. You guys should totally make that his colour!😍😍
leah olson
leah olson - 29 days ago
3:07 “I love him” ❤️
Eq Danielle
Eq Danielle - 29 days ago
Sophie seems so confident with him! I can’t wait to see your guys new journey with him!!
Røse Eventing
Røse Eventing - Month ago
You should put him in aqua or light blue! He looks gorgeous in blue! He looks beautiful!
Liza Santillan
Liza Santillan - Month ago
But he is perfect
nwadeemia - Month ago
I love him! H'es so cute and has such a kind eye! Can't wait to see Sophia's confidence grow. Keep at it girl! Breath deep and ride!
Breanna Holcomb
Breanna Holcomb - Month ago
Geldings are good horses I can tell you that for sure (:
H Phippard
H Phippard - Month ago
When you bring storm to your farm it will probably be better because there will be an even amount of horses and no one will be left out
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - Month ago
I wonder how storm will react to finn.
8trackheartbeat - Month ago
Such a wonderful boy
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - Month ago
I have a puppy named fionn, and my coach just got a horse, chestnut saddlebred named finn. She sold him recently though.
Michaela Starr
Michaela Starr - Month ago
He was gonna be her "project pony" but he wasn't working out for her. She also just got another horse that they r trying to name.
Sofiazzz - Month ago
Oh o Stella's jealous 🤣
LiLy DresseL
LiLy DresseL - Month ago
I’m so glad you guys decided to get him! He will definitely bring up Sophie’s confidence! :D
And I think he would look great in light blue 👀
Nikki Garwood
Nikki Garwood - Month ago
Congrats laura on stella being yours
Nikki Garwood
Nikki Garwood - Month ago
No 15'2 is considered a horse
Nikki Garwood
Nikki Garwood - Month ago
Congrats again Sophie
Henro Harris
Henro Harris - Month ago
is it a lease or buy
ThatsHorses - Month ago
Congratulations Sophie, Fin looks awesome. Mum and Dad were quite right, its going to take Sophie time to be confident with any new horse. Laura you’ve done really well, looking forward to you riding again.
Asma Malek
Asma Malek - Month ago
You’ll are so lucky I’ve always wanted a horse 🐎 but I can’t get one
Alice Fuller
Alice Fuller - Month ago
less than 14.2hh = a pony. did you say he was 15.2 hh? that would make him a horse not a pony ...
Jerz Shultz
Jerz Shultz - Month ago
My horse is 14’2 and I barrel race her. Early you can ride him. Just think he hasn’t hurt you yet. And he probably won’t. Just be confident!
Amelia Hughes
Amelia Hughes - Month ago
Willow is so funny 😂 and aww I’m so happy for use ❤️❤️
KE Equestrain
KE Equestrain - Month ago
So do you guys still have room for storm at your barn?
Huge_horse Fan
Huge_horse Fan - Month ago
How old is he?
Omg Finn is soo cute Stella and willow are soo cute to. If I had one horse I would be over the moon but you guys have 3 and a mini how lucky. I’m in the middle of riding lessons and I’ll be cantering in a few weeks. My absolute dream is to meet you guys, you give me so much inspiration it is unreal. Sophie is so confident around Finn and it looks like they two could learn a lot of each other. I can’t wait for future vlogs and updates.
P.S. I can’t afford to pay to join all my money goes to my riding lessons.
Love you guys keep up the good work❤️😘
Laura. Equine
Laura. Equine - Month ago
What’s his name?
Ebee Roo
Ebee Roo - Month ago
Oh my gosh! That part when they touched noses was ADORABLE! I just had to take a screenshot!
Laura Jahr
Laura Jahr - Month ago
How tall is Willow?
Pony Strong
Pony Strong - Month ago
When are u guys going to bring Storm home??
Holly Equestrian
Holly Equestrian - Month ago
gabby please make sure you let sophs take him and bond with him lovely. don’t take over x
Whiskey Girl
Whiskey Girl - Month ago
Congratulations Finn is gorgeous! And congrats Laura officially on getting Stella. Wish you guys much luck on your new adventures with your horses. 😍
Rich Menna
Rich Menna - Month ago
My trainer just got a palimino
J Berg
J Berg - Month ago
right now me and my family are boarding two horses and you guys give me so much inspiration! please give me a shout out!
Bentley Puppy
Bentley Puppy - Month ago
Do not keep mares and stallions in the same paddock, when the mares are in heat the stallions will mate with them, and I’m sure you don’t need any baby horses right now. Make sure you separate Finn and Stella.
EK-questrian - Month ago
+Bentley Puppy yes! I don't think they would buy a stallion! Lol
Bentley Puppy
Bentley Puppy - Month ago
EK-questrian Is he a gelding?
EK-questrian - Month ago
He's not a stallion.
Changing Leads
Changing Leads - Month ago
Here comes tail bag galore 😂😂
Damsel 80
Damsel 80 - Month ago
Congrats! I like how easily he settled into his new surroundings. He will be the same horse whether at home or at a show or trails. He is going to look so good this summer when he gets fit and his color will be so rich when he sheds.
Equine Lucy
Equine Lucy - Month ago
Awwww congrats guys its the best feeling getting a new horse
Cantering Chestnuts
Cantering Chestnuts - Month ago
I feel everyone knew right from when you first got Stella she would be the trouble maker
Imagine Horses
Imagine Horses - Month ago
How are you going to take all the horses camping, will you do 2 trips there?
Summer. Equestrian.Minnie
They look like there made for eacother
Amelie Marks
Amelie Marks - Month ago
Omg ur horse is the exact same colour as mine but he is a boy and mine is a mare
xEquinex - Month ago
Hmm he looks like he needs to be clipped and his mane should be cut to an even length.
Two Hearts Equestrian
Two Hearts Equestrian - Month ago
Hate to break the news to you but I highly dobt a supplement is going to help with Stellas overreactiveness. It may help with the spooking because she won't be as tense, but it wont change her sensitivity, and already you can tell that Sophie and him are going to be awesome so DONT let Gabby interfere. Sophie needs to brave things on her own and not rely on Gabby to take the freshnesz out of him!
EK-questrian - Month ago
Depending on the supplement, it can definitely help! I didn't see exactly what it was Laura bought, but I have my horse on Daily Gold and it definitely helps chill her out!
Sheep beep
Sheep beep - Month ago
Omg fin is do nice he just needs to be shaved (just a suggestion) it he needs a top line
I HeartHorses&Ponies
I HeartHorses&Ponies - Month ago
OMG! before you said the name I thought he looked just like a Finn!!
I think he is perfect because (not hate) Sophie is/was having confidence issues and she was able to get on him and canter happily. defiantly meant to be!
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn - Month ago
So cute! Did you get him vet checked? He looks a tad stiff in the back. Just keep an eye out! 😘☺️
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn - Month ago
Also, he needs to loose a tad of weight.... but that will go fine seeing what you have done with Stella!! She needs to loose s bit more but not long now!
Jason Jeong
Jason Jeong - Month ago
Im gonna take my horse to the ol town road
Marin S
Marin S - Month ago
hahaha stella says “the midget horse is mine”
Squiggles 101
Squiggles 101 - Month ago
Blue is his colouy
Hazel - Month ago
Gabby is very good with him ! I’m very excited to see the new journey with him n Sophie !
Arcadia Hoggard
Arcadia Hoggard - Month ago
when its nise at the barn can u guys please ride out side area
Riley Corcoran
Riley Corcoran - Month ago
Awesome!! I think he will be a good horse and friend for the girls! At the end, willows strip on she face looked really cool. I hope you guys have a good adventure with fin.
Sofia Equestrian
Sofia Equestrian - Month ago
He seems perfect. sophie was so confident and happy to lead him around. i couldnt be happier for you guys:) also some one get Gabby a chicken!
MJ Eventing
MJ Eventing - Month ago
you should get the horses name plates on their stalls! Finley, Stella, and Willow!
MJ Eventing
MJ Eventing - Month ago
can he jump?
Allie Rose
Allie Rose - Month ago
It makes me so happy seeing Sophia and Finn. The look she gets on her face when she is around him is so sweet❤️
karen rock
karen rock - Month ago
wait happened to their lease horse?
Sydney Madden
Sydney Madden - Month ago
Meagan Jefferson
Meagan Jefferson - Month ago
YAYYYYY 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ri Zee
Ri Zee - Month ago
I think that Sophie will be more confident with this pony, it might just be me, but height is a factor of intimidation when it comes to riding, and also, he seemed just the appropriate level of training for her, a cool, quiet, confidence builder:)
Paige Moxon
Paige Moxon - Month ago
Listen I love that you buy horses and you take care of then so much and I do think he’s a good fit for Sofie but I think you guys should bring storm home soon I think he needs to be there before you get anymore animals.
Sydney Madden
Sydney Madden - Month ago
Brooklyn Przybylski
Brooklyn Przybylski - Month ago
Yay you have 4 horses now
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