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Insider - 4 months ago
What behind-the-scenes element do you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments below!
london guy 1
london guy 1 - 26 days ago
End game
Emily Flores
Emily Flores - 3 months ago
I want to see bloopers!
Paul Dorhout
Paul Dorhout - 3 months ago
Did you already do jurassic world or jurassic park? Otherwise i want jurassic park and jurassic world
CuteAnimations - 3 months ago
End Game!
Holden Pence
Holden Pence - 4 months ago
I’m very interested in seeing how they make the new “Lion King”
???????? - 21 day ago
A.... Muscular child.....

*_A Muscular... Child._*
Sophie Collins
Sophie Collins - 27 days ago
Man... I love detective pikachu. I wish more people were talking about it.
YeetusDeletus46 - Month ago
Paramount Pictures while making the Sonic movie: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!
Graceful Angels
Graceful Angels - Month ago
Lyrical World
Lyrical World - Month ago
Honestly I feel they kinda portrayed aipom a little off
Kinio Rabbit
Kinio Rabbit - Month ago
I want to see real version of REDLINE in cinemas now :p
Sabita Duttaroy
Sabita Duttaroy - Month ago
0:31 it started playing and gave me some goosebumps
DatzNasty - Month ago
The first second ruined my child hood
Dracodracarys 233
Dracodracarys 233 - 2 months ago
Loudred and Machamp translated pretty...badly to live action tho XD
compyHaX - 2 months ago
Anyone else triggered by how people say Pokémon as "poky-mon"?? UGH!
ketchup016 - 2 months ago
It works because they took real animals, then adapted them to look like the pokemon. It's when you do it the other way around, adapting pokemon to look like real life animals, that's when you get the "burn it with fire" results.
Leanne Mitchell
Leanne Mitchell - 2 months ago
Almost as good as Ryan Reynold's version! ;)
Hannah Biondo
Hannah Biondo - 2 months ago
I ❤ this movie! This video is so helpful by describing how people created the Pokémon for the movie.
Sylveon and the Eevee squad
OMG all that for detective Pikachu, when the tortera scene came on the actors must have had fun acting it I LOVE THE MOVIE
jacob maxwell
jacob maxwell - 2 months ago
Okay is it just me or does everyone say that pikachu is a mouse Pokémon but he really looks like a yellow rabbit
Frickpost Big boii
Frickpost Big boii - 2 months ago
I love the designs of the characters, that my favorite thing about the movie
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer - 2 months ago
Pikachu furless looks like a sphinx cat.
SonicUnderground316 - 2 months ago
So many amazing and complex models... sadly, many are seen only for a few seconds in the movie. What a shame. If I was Nintendo, I would make a 4D ride virtual ride using these model where you basically play a game of _Pokémon Snap_ but with photo-realistic Pokémons instead of the anime version.
Atomic Boy
Atomic Boy - 3 months ago
Heck the thumbnail.
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen - 3 months ago
I am convinced my obsession is .... ABSOLUTELY AWEESOOMMEEE ( Hint my profile)
Fudz fanz 2007
Fudz fanz 2007 - 3 months ago
This is way better than the new sonic movie
Gaming Trash Can
Gaming Trash Can - 3 months ago

I really don’t care how they pronounce it. I thought that was weird at first.
ARINA PLAYZ . - 3 months ago
I used to sound like pikachu but my friends fin dit weird so i stopped now i must learn again =~=
Nak _TheSt4r
Nak _TheSt4r - 3 months ago
“No sharp teeth”
Snubbul: am I a joke to you?
Futaba - 3 months ago
“Anime characters”
¿dxrkness¿ - 3 months ago
Where's the video on how I love detective pikachu to death?
JMS MasterPanda
JMS MasterPanda - 3 months ago
Pokemon detective pikachu is the best movie ever
Me _
Me _ - 3 months ago
Why didn’t Pete Dionne work in the sonic live action movie too whyyyyyy
ItsWolf - 3 months ago
Your about to be pranked

*Read more*
ItsWolf - 3 months ago
Imagine Pikachu without fur.
sourrmilk - 3 months ago
it’s amazing to see how far humans have come with 3d effects and animation
Alejandro Aragon Tan
Alejandro Aragon Tan - 3 months ago
Yea while sonic didn’t even get pass through the concept phase
Shhh-ilent 1289
Shhh-ilent 1289 - 3 months ago
The fact that they made the Pika-puppet's eyes glass was super smart and holy Arceus I was not expecting that.
quinno q
quinno q - 3 months ago
pikachu is so good because of the know-how a n d because it takes the visual storytelling that the anime had and converted it into live-action visual storytelling of the same quality. lion king just straight up gave zero fucks bout that and relied on their technical know-how alone, which is why i humbly beg to say it sucked.
RGames - 3 months ago
the thumbnail is cursed
My Piano Music
My Piano Music - 3 months ago
wait, with pikachu, why do they look at bush babies? there is litterly an animal pikachu is based on and that animal litterly is called a pika
Fair - 3 months ago
The way he pronounced Lickitung
Roblox Knight
Roblox Knight - 3 months ago
ApeBeeEye - 3 months ago
3:06 It's an anime!
do u have any knowledge anime?
ApeBeeEye - 3 months ago
AyyDee - 3 months ago
And The Oscars For Best Animated Film Goes To

*sONiC tHE hEDgehog*
Tamed Potato
Tamed Potato - 3 months ago
5:03 The look your teacher give you when you forgot to do your homework.
Andrew Clarke
Andrew Clarke - 3 months ago
Are you stupid? The pokemon are real. The government is hiding the at Area 51. They just covered it up by saying it’s cgi

By the way this a joke
awesometacular - 3 months ago
Really gotta appreciate all the work that goes into not only bringing these cartoon characters into the real world, but making them a part of it.
Chip - 3 months ago
If this was a game
My PC: 2fps
shalton KWS
shalton KWS - 3 months ago
But where is the real Ash???
Heart Dragon
Heart Dragon - 3 months ago
*How come they did bad on sonic but did AMAZING on pokemon ;-;*
Razzer - 3 months ago
Pikachu singing the og song is the best imo XD
Arctic Fox Gaming
Arctic Fox Gaming - 3 months ago
This is the kind of live-action I appreciate. They managed to make the characters come to life without having to make them unidentifiable. A Pikachu is still a Pikachu, Jigglypuff looks like Jigglypuff, and so on and so fourth. The real problem with putting cartoons in the real world is that many artist focus too much on making them look very realistic which only makes them look uncanny. But here, they manage to get it right.

And I honestly prefer this over another Ash Ketchum movie, because knowing the fandom or any fandom in general, is that many would complain and argue if they don't get the main characters perfect which loses potential movie goers. So I like this original idea, plus I think they hinted that Red is in the movie.
Infinnity - 3 months ago
“Anime characters”
J T - 3 months ago
But, but but but but, but Pikachu's not a lemur! Or a rabbit! He's (for some reason) a mouse!
Aydin Huseyin
Aydin Huseyin - 3 months ago
They made picachu look like the cartoon but how bout SOCIC!!
Chris Serapion
Chris Serapion - 3 months ago
Detective pikachu was the most realistic and animated movie ever (I guess?)
Hollow Skull
Hollow Skull - 3 months ago
Torterra is colossal, they are pretty much tectonic plates in the movie
•Rose Videos•
•Rose Videos• - 3 months ago
Star man
Star man - 3 months ago
These guys went all out but the creators for sonic just did 2 Google searches
A Dog
A Dog - 3 months ago
Plot twist the Pokémon are real and the people were edited in
TheGamingGeek93 - 3 months ago
Someone send this to the sonic movie producers STAT
TheGamingGeek93 - 3 months ago
Sonic movie makers need to watch this
Humongous Brain Man
Humongous Brain Man - 3 months ago
Imagine being the dude who basically
was pikachu.
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