Turning Myself Into a Bratz Doll

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katty loayza
katty loayza - 12 hours ago
I don't undertand english. Open a channel in spanish please.
K-Pop Is Real
K-Pop Is Real - 20 hours ago
James, James, James.
Birmingum. *Birmingum* not Birming-Hame
Precious keah Tahan
Wow what a freaking long intro 😁
ღCiky ღ
ღCiky ღ - 2 days ago
Like si vienes por la Angie Velasco :>. 💙💙💙
Matiana Bernatik
Matiana Bernatik - 2 days ago
Pajero/a andá a la concha bien de tu madre Nedeaaa que le pasaba XD Saludos
Noemi Gonzalez
Noemi Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Wow , impresionante
Anastasiia Ofitserova
Anastasiia Ofitserova - 5 days ago
Wait, how did he hide/cover his eyebrows?
Anastasiia Ofitserova
@_ Garden thank you!
_ Garden
_ Garden - Day ago
He glued down his brows with washable glue and then put foundation on top
hxppy ._.skylaa
hxppy ._.skylaa - 6 days ago
He looks like jeffry star 😂😂😂
a n g e l
a n g e l - 6 days ago
22:33 song?
catalina ignat
catalina ignat - 6 days ago
His eyes are absolutely ❤👍
Kobe babb
Kobe babb - 7 days ago
I couldn't pick a eye.
Katie bug Vazquez 2
Katie bug Vazquez 2 - 7 days ago
Low key James is scaring me
Martina kar
Martina kar - 7 days ago
Hi James Charles I loved your video and I love you so much ❤
Kizzy Kizzy
Kizzy Kizzy - 7 days ago
This was the halfway point for flashback mary no shade u did well
Nicki The unicorn
Nicki The unicorn - 7 days ago
You did amazing I'm such a big fan I love u James 🥰
Rafi Nisa,
Rafi Nisa, - 8 days ago
james chrals
PaRdOn !
PaRdOn ! - 8 days ago
*Instead of seeing flashback Mary in my closet I will see this....and all the doll heads I accidentally ripped off when I was younger...*
Lauren O
Lauren O - 8 days ago
“Drug lord” white 😂😂
alexis evil
alexis evil - 9 days ago
OMG ¡¡¡
the scream scared me 13:26
Natashi Kagu
Natashi Kagu - 9 days ago
look s like ariana grande except of the eyes
Kylie Chan
Kylie Chan - 10 days ago
Quien habla español :V
Dani Ramzee
Dani Ramzee - 10 days ago
Oh my Gosh!!! I have that same doll head thing from when I was younger. I remember loving it so much. I still use it sometimes when I'm practicing a new hairstyle!
Bubbles201021 - 10 days ago
Wow i stumbled upon this video on mistake and i love it. The best brats doll makeup I've seen
Tal G
Tal G - 10 days ago
eva Koelewijn
eva Koelewijn - 10 days ago
You foud a really pretty match
Starbucks lover
Starbucks lover - 11 days ago
You can do fabulous make up. I sneek in my mom's room and I will get the make up and put it on.
Lydia Parsons
Lydia Parsons - 11 days ago
Lol 17:10
Loren C
Loren C - 12 days ago
Thumbs up.. only stop talking so fast please cause i get a headache, i really do, then i have to hang in there with my heache to watch the whole video. Thanks😄
Tay- oddic
Tay- oddic - 12 days ago
Valerie Garcia
Valerie Garcia - 12 days ago
does anybody know where he got that vest?? NEED
Breanna Bananna
Breanna Bananna - 13 days ago
James: Can,t find the right shade.
Me:The first time i put on foundation, it was my friends mom,s. Guess what... it was the perfect shade
Sarah Lysaught
Sarah Lysaught - 13 days ago
He look so crazy with no eyebrows 5:02
Ella Spokes
Ella Spokes - 14 days ago
I hate James, but this look was really neat and artistic! Good job
Naomy Davila
Naomy Davila - 14 days ago
He speaks very fast
coco K.C d I Y
coco K.C d I Y - 14 days ago
You kill it
Khady Diallo
Khady Diallo - 14 days ago
Barigua wakh😂😂putin
نتالي طربوش
نتالي طربوش - 14 days ago
Callum& Lily.Poniess
Callum& Lily.Poniess - 14 days ago
JAMES has 4 clips in his hair and the doll only has 2
B Eden
B Eden - 15 days ago
Cool so he turned into jeffree star
Pusheen Lover
Pusheen Lover - 15 days ago
Kiana Carlisle
Kiana Carlisle - 16 days ago
James is so good at makeup... James has gotten me through hard times when I was feeling suicidal I would like to thank James for helping me
eva Koelewijn
eva Koelewijn - 10 days ago
Maris Sa
Maris Sa - 19 days ago
Up het talent van een make-up artiest want het lijkt letterlijk op een grote menselijke plastic pop 😱😱👍👍
Rio Hemmings
Rio Hemmings - 19 days ago
Do Julien as a Bratz!
Bibi Diverte ツ
Bibi Diverte ツ - 20 days ago
you rock James makeup
Karyme Montejo
Karyme Montejo - 20 days ago
Wow you did an awesome job
Chula Loca
Chula Loca - 21 day ago
You look so pretty oh my God
Chula Loca
Chula Loca - 21 day ago
The makeup that you doing a Bratz doll you look so different
Chula Loca
Chula Loca - 21 day ago
Love your makeup
Vonny Davila
Vonny Davila - 21 day ago
You should be on RuRaul drag race love you sis
Emily Hudsky
Emily Hudsky - 21 day ago
Joy Kindelay
Joy Kindelay - 22 days ago
Omg i love your video
Katherlie Tejeda
Katherlie Tejeda - 22 days ago
I like barbie I love jemes
Latin Lali
Latin Lali - 22 days ago
You look amazin i live bratz dolls
كيبوبية و عاشقة كوريا
Are you boy? 💩
Laura cejas
Laura cejas - 22 days ago
Ami no me gusta parece un Trabucon ..
mis juguetes son los tuyos
Damian Campos
Damian Campos - 23 days ago
Que grasioso que se mira sin cejas ja ja ja ja ja ja
Jillyan Fernandez
Jillyan Fernandez - 23 days ago
Quedo genial lo amoo😍
ISLABOY 004 - 23 days ago
go the angie valasgo
unicorn slime lover🦄❤️
of coarse Miranda sings made this video
dingdangdong - 23 days ago
I have the same eyebrow pomade!!!!!!
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