Armie Hammer Tells The Story Of His 2011 Arrest - CONAN on TBS

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Linda Candy
Linda Candy - 7 days ago
Was he charged?
pur gim
pur gim - 7 days ago
Armie hammer looks like pashabiceps from cs go
LijenC2357 - 8 days ago
If I could murder a person and wear his skin then became that person, he would be my choice. I would choose Jason Momoa but I don't think I would be capable of murdering him.
Raphael Gordh
Raphael Gordh - 11 days ago
"Honestly, Conan, I don't know why you needed 'ASS WEED' explained to you."
allie - 17 days ago
*I* *LOVE* *HIM* *SO* *MUCH*
Vihan Jain
Vihan Jain - Month ago
White privilege at its finest
moi - Month ago
I feel like he should be British......
Alana McConnell
Alana McConnell - Month ago
If we wasn’t that incredibly and impeccably handsome he wouldn’t be as successful as he is now
Edit Name
Edit Name - Month ago
Armie hammer being 24 years old as winklevosses twins in the social network was the hottest
fruitypeebils - Month ago
why isnt he the spokesperson for Arm & Hammer?
haroon420 - Month ago
I wish I was Armie! 😔
Wahaj_98 - 2 months ago
"Honestly Conan I don't know why you needed ass-weed explained to you"
I died right there.
Sabine S
Sabine S - 2 months ago
He is a really good storyteller!😍
suruchi sharma
suruchi sharma - 2 months ago
The man from The man from uncle ....never had a bigger screen crush than this one here 😍
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar - 2 months ago
gods he has such nice eyes...
Person Unknown
Person Unknown - 2 months ago
Armie is not only the best storyteller, he also has the best stories to tell in general
hahalifestyle - 3 months ago
LOL at Conan pretending that he does not know what "ass weed" is when a couple of years ago Kevin Hart explained the term "prison wallet" to him
Reel-Living Films
Reel-Living Films - 3 months ago
he's such a good storyteller
nat elwood
nat elwood - 3 months ago
Billy Costigan
Billy Costigan - 4 months ago
Hahahah Armie is the man
Contrarian DC
Contrarian DC - 4 months ago
Being arrested and spending the night in a holding cell is a traumatic experience for many people. Good for him to be able to so casually talk about it. I'd be having PTSD and try to forget the whole thing.
Q man
Q man - 4 months ago
army hammer?? is this a normal american name ? i genuinely wanna know because i have also heard about people with last name "cummings" ! I mean u guys do speak english right?
Susie Dupuy
Susie Dupuy - 4 months ago
still not legal in Texas
Alfredo Ochoa
Alfredo Ochoa - 4 months ago
Mug shot Armie is so *_BANGABLE_* !
Erik Sivec
Erik Sivec - 4 months ago
i know only Armie Hammer from movie cars 3
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 - 4 months ago
"That's a jail term" 😂😂😂😂
Rajendra Nadarajan
Rajendra Nadarajan - 4 months ago
Getting arrested for weed is nothing. In my country Malaysia, they HANG you for weed offences. Hanging people for WEED??? Its absolutely bizarre !!
S. Y.
S. Y. - 4 months ago
He's so adorable and fun! 💗💫✌🏻
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed - 4 months ago
let this guy be a young bruce wayne in the new batman movie
Jade - 4 months ago
"Jail was great, it was fine" said no one ever lmao
Kim Jin
Kim Jin - 4 months ago
Armie is such a great story teller.
Sahar Samadi
Sahar Samadi - 4 months ago
World’s best story teller celeb
alexandreintouch - 5 months ago
an Armie of lovers ......
Carrot Top
Carrot Top - 5 months ago
I don’t know who he is but all I can think is arm n hammer
grapefruitiswinning - 5 months ago
"Honestly Conan, I don't know why you needed 'ass weed' explained to you." Haha :D
S CP - 5 months ago
Come on .....Conan you did not need ass weed explained to you
Sativum Coalho
Sativum Coalho - 5 months ago
Perfection exists, it’s called Armie Hammer.
Aniyah - 5 months ago
this is amazing i love armie
Bekah - 5 months ago
This is literally the best interview ever I can't stop laughing so hard it hurts!
TorTor - 5 months ago
his wife must be very LUCKY
basically me
basically me - 5 months ago
"it was just weed"
Narrator: it was NOT just weed
Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen
imagine going to jail for having weed lol
0 5
0 5 - 5 months ago
What has he been in? I don't know this guy.
R Y - 5 months ago
I love Conan!
G M - 6 months ago
I live in San Antonio. I need to go to the bakery.
wind!! *woosh* *woosh*
wind!! *woosh* *woosh* - 6 months ago
why does his face look so much rounder in 2011? lmao
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans - 6 months ago
*instantly feel ugly seeing him* 😫
stinesfloy - 6 months ago
Armie is hot. But for some reason everytime I see him in a tracksuit I cant help thinking of him as the muscle of some east european mob boss. The kind of guy who smiles charmingly while breaking fingers. Childish psycho kind of guy. Think I need to cut back on mafia movies.
eno c aquaowo
eno c aquaowo - 6 months ago
The preppiest mugshot I’ve ever seen🙃
o o
o o - 6 months ago
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