This Is 90's Vs Now! Come Along For Ultimate #TBT by Blossom

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Blossom - 10 months ago
Watch this -
ᄉ ᄋᄋ
ᄉ ᄋᄋ - 12 hours ago
Blossom no :3 Ok fine -w-
Liheal - 20 days ago
Blossom 😍😍😍😍😍😍😜
Frankie Simpson
Frankie Simpson - Month ago
Poop head
Χριστίνα Σκουτέλα
Happy Sully
Happy Sully - 2 minutes ago
*OOF* sorry but you are doing your squats wrong!
Fraaa _2400
Fraaa _2400 - 29 minutes ago
3:00 the 2000 girl can't dance
Prizzella Meriozza
Prizzella Meriozza - 41 minute ago
Let's show this on our parents!
kboys1549 monster
kboys1549 monster - 55 minutes ago
90s dont have car
Isabella Swan
Isabella Swan - 2 hours ago
Moon Light ya
Moon Light ya - 2 hours ago
The 90s seems so healthy and fresh idk ik that sounds weird but it seems so better
Moon Light ya
Moon Light ya - 2 hours ago
I’m not a 90s kid but I rather have the 90 trend than now
Azra Tütengil
Azra Tütengil - 2 hours ago
2:48 de sağda kadın........ Yaptı (yani değişik bir hareket yaptı anladınız)
KENG Jenna
KENG Jenna - 3 hours ago
Why am I even watching this since I was born in the 21st century?????
Hoàng Hà Trần
Hoàng Hà Trần - 4 hours ago
90s what does this mean
Angel_Gaming 54
Angel_Gaming 54 - 4 hours ago
90s look more fun than today,
My fun toy chanale
My fun toy chanale - 4 hours ago
It's called the floss not the backpack kid
Slëepy Naõmi
Slëepy Naõmi - 4 hours ago
Gosh i don't know where to stare-
Sαshα βLonelyPotato
Sαshα βLonelyPotato - 5 hours ago
We should call Jungkook to teach her how to twerk -_-
Tuấn Sniper
Tuấn Sniper - 5 hours ago
Avery Keith
Avery Keith - 6 hours ago
Yall wanna do backpack kid or shoot
Lemon Draws
Lemon Draws - 6 hours ago
Scroll down fast and cross your eyes.

Did you see purple?
Purnananda misra
Purnananda misra - 6 hours ago
1999 born
cookie dough
cookie dough - 7 hours ago
Honestly I love Polaroid photos
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia - 7 hours ago
She cant twerk😶🤦‍♀️
Kuka Lucksin
Kuka Lucksin - 8 hours ago
I have a mom who Born in 1976 and she lived though the 80s and 90s and from what she said twerking was in her time of age and in highschool belongs to the 90s not to know.
Kuka Lucksin
Kuka Lucksin - 8 hours ago
Broken-hearted Aryana
Broken-hearted Aryana - 9 hours ago
The “now” dances are nothing like I remember
Bnha_nerd - 9 hours ago
I think the dab and the whip and nae nae are more dead than the Macarena
Anahi Cervantes Torres
Anahi Cervantes Torres - 9 hours ago
Like si crea que la que salió al principio bailado el trap o regeton de creia la muy experta y no sabe bailar
Big Chungus Yeets Wigs
Big Chungus Yeets Wigs - 9 hours ago
Milly rock

shelby jones
shelby jones - 9 hours ago
The dancing tho😂🤣
Yewon kang
Yewon kang - 10 hours ago
I preffer 20 s
Lizzie G
Lizzie G - 10 hours ago
lop smackers are.better than eos
and the polaroid cameras are now cool but old can be used as decor
Lizzie G
Lizzie G - 10 hours ago
butterfly hairclips are amazing but get stuck in your hair
natalie mysayakhom
natalie mysayakhom - 11 hours ago
Literally nobody twerks like that
Kitty_mew - 12 hours ago
The backpack kid no it’s called the floss
Person Jada
Person Jada - 13 hours ago
The women with the blue background she can't dance but she can do the shoot the is the number 2:46
Aniyah crayton
Aniyah crayton - 13 hours ago
90s:”We will have flying cars in the future
Now:*Does surgery on a grape*
Lilypadd YT
Lilypadd YT - 14 hours ago
I'm sorry, but me being a photography dork means I'm gonna say to yall people with any Polaroid camera (SPECIFICALLY POLAROID, if u have instax you're fine) SHEILD YOUR FILM OR YOUR GONNA RUIN ITT (turn it face down or put it in a pocket for example)
Victorialifetstyle - 15 hours ago
This is honestly so sad, wish it was the old days
emma xo
emma xo - 16 hours ago
girl can't twerk
çøøkįėthįėf kåtïė101
1:54 *Duller* *spouse* ????wadda hek!?!?
Pastel Gacha
Pastel Gacha - 17 hours ago
PRETTYGIRL000A 1 - 18 hours ago
0:58 froogle instead of Google xD
Lizzi Milli
Lizzi Milli - 19 hours ago
We all agree on Pizza rolls ;) xd
Moon girl Lolipop
Moon girl Lolipop - 20 hours ago
What is backpack kid
It is called floss
Mona Al-aboud
Mona Al-aboud - 20 hours ago
Dalilah's Creativity Channel
2:34 Ahhh🙉
Blahdunty AJPW
Blahdunty AJPW - 21 hour ago
2:03 that looks like a modern car and not a 90’s car oh well I guess I went back too far.
Edit: 2:05 Bloss? I thought it was Block?

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Why Dont We x
Why Dont We x - 21 hour ago
That’s girl can’t dance omg I cringed so much 😣
joney mahbub
joney mahbub - 21 hour ago
backpack kid is quite similar to gogo of bts
Shoot is quite similar to pentagon shine
juungkook jimin
juungkook jimin - 15 hours ago
Kpop fandom yasss
Its Leslie
Its Leslie - 22 hours ago
Get someone professional like Nicki Minaj for twerkkng
Barbara Franzke
Barbara Franzke - Day ago
Froogle 😂
FBI OPEN UP - Day ago
Ppl out here saying the dances nowadays in the video are cringy.. But it's the girl who can't dance
Bev Geeson
Bev Geeson - Day ago
İrem Kip
İrem Kip - Day ago
Sonja Saar
Sonja Saar - Day ago
Is my class and me in 90s cuz we dance macarena 24/7?
Jaya Kang
Jaya Kang - Day ago
I have a loads of lip smackers 😂
Zaklina Jerinic
Zaklina Jerinic - Day ago
Oofyloo322 - Day ago
2:55 that’s not backpack kid that’s fortnite’s floss!
3:09 that’s not shoot it’s hype also form fortnite
Taekwandoe Land
Taekwandoe Land - Day ago
The now girl is trash at dancing
Erika Castillo
Erika Castillo - Day ago
90s the makeup is on flek 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😇😇😇😇😇😸😸😸😸😸
Malak Ibrahim
Malak Ibrahim - Day ago
This is right😅😂
Dalilah's Creativity Channel
Do 80s vs now
Kailyn Adams
Kailyn Adams - Day ago
The dancing in this vid is so cringe my I can’t even 😂😂
Selena Stickney
Selena Stickney - Day ago
The girl made me cringe so hard🤦‍♀️
Stuart James
Stuart James - Day ago
The white hair gil can't dance
Amelia And toys
Amelia And toys - Day ago
And it’s hype
Amelia And toys
Amelia And toys - Day ago
It’s floss
Yenile de la Rua
Yenile de la Rua - Day ago
It’s not backpack kid it’s floss
Nina Yang
Nina Yang - Day ago
You guy chose the worst dancer
Wtf was this?? 2:47 no one dances like that now bruh
What is she shaking? She can't dance like fr😂😬
Münevver Karakulak
Julia z side
Julia z side - Day ago
Not Backpack Kid it is floss
99 o
99 o - 2 days ago
Not true at all.I mean I have real big mouth and I'm not at phone so much lol
MooMooCowGirl1 - 2 days ago
I’m into the 60s style, and the 80s vaporwave
Claire Latham
Claire Latham - 2 days ago
90s is better
susannathelpsgirl101 - 3 days ago
Froogle 😂😂😂😂😂
Jannatul Bushra
Jannatul Bushra - 3 days ago
Was there makeup in 90s
KutieKitten L
KutieKitten L - 3 days ago
0:58 LOL 🤣 "froogle"

Am I the only one that realized?🤷
Blahdunty AJPW
Blahdunty AJPW - 21 hour ago
KutieKitten L I saw it too, lol.
Iris Melendez
Iris Melendez - 4 days ago
Wait why not Titanic its great movie
The Nations family
The Nations family - 4 days ago
Heh they called hype shoot
Fatima Al obaidli
Fatima Al obaidli - 5 days ago
2018 eww 2019 is better
Nguyen Bang Son
Nguyen Bang Son - 5 days ago
1990 - 2019
Yari Portanova
Yari Portanova - 5 days ago
90 stuff seemed better
Conner Smoot
Conner Smoot - 5 days ago
If I see one more white girl dance I swear
Beatrice Teodoro
Beatrice Teodoro - 6 days ago
3:23 She tryin to swat a bee or somethin
Krista Pettibone
Krista Pettibone - 6 days ago
I fill old
Andjela gamer
Andjela gamer - 6 days ago
When is there an iphone x whit a homw butten
Real Me.
Real Me. - 6 days ago
I dont get the tattoo part
Hafsa khanm
Hafsa khanm - 7 days ago
Celina Minueza
Celina Minueza - 7 days ago
That is not tweaking
Zam Andal
Zam Andal - 7 days ago
vkolte01 - 7 days ago
Fill in blank with a noun
Hi _____ you smell _____.Lets go to_______ But first take a ______
jkljkl jkljkl
jkljkl jkljkl - 7 days ago
Lol she tries to twerk but she cant cuz she ain't thicc she thin like a stick
XxEgg PlantxX
XxEgg PlantxX - 7 days ago
It looked like the girl that was supposed to be twerking but it looks like she’s breaking her back
Sabrine El guerch
Sabrine El guerch - 7 days ago
انا اختارNow
Alesia Witherspoon
Alesia Witherspoon - 7 days ago
thats sad she twearks with her back... I also prefer now
Sasha Vega
Sasha Vega - 7 days ago
What is froogle??
Brynlea Bilyk
Brynlea Bilyk - 7 days ago
It’s hype and floss
Anjay Grove
Anjay Grove - 7 days ago
When they was having a dance battle I was dying I showed my mom and she said wtf is u watching
Lucy Walker
Lucy Walker - 7 days ago
She literally called the floss the "backpack kid" OMG
Aye Su
Aye Su - 8 days ago
Her twerk looks like she is a worm
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