Ford can't decide if I get to buy a GT

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Ed Bolian
Ed Bolian - 4 months ago
Have you ever wondered what all those things are in the background of our set? I put a tour of the area where we shoot them on my personal channel along with the stories of most of the things we have back there.
FlexoMania Printing
FlexoMania Printing - 2 months ago
They proberly thought you was putting it out on hire 😂
Zajaka - 3 months ago
@Sean good luck driving in Atlanta, it's a mad house.
Jose Medina
Jose Medina - 4 months ago
John Cena had a Ford GT 2019 and he was trying to sell it and he got in trouble with Ford
Zach - 4 months ago
RUvideos really weirded me out with this glitch. It's a comment from the previous video I was watching. Anyone know?
Acen Wyatt
Acen Wyatt - 4 months ago
I watched the video of you showing it to us
Peter Mhina
Peter Mhina - 5 days ago
Dougie 2 shirts
MuchTooStress - 9 days ago
ROFL...I love the somewhat indirect communication to Ford at the end.
Jody Klintworth
Jody Klintworth - 9 days ago
Im a perfect combination of Rabbit, Ed, & Doug physically looking and personality. I need to get on yall’s fleet. And yes, I said yall.... Holla if u feel a additional person on deck. You guys are the straight business! 👍👍👍
max sebion
max sebion - 10 days ago
they do not have the same motor ed sorry I love you but they don't
Zachary Prete
Zachary Prete - 20 days ago
They denied you getting a car because of a harmless youtube video? lmao
Black Swan
Black Swan - 22 days ago
With Ford making lousy cars nowadays, and threatening to stop making them in North America and only import 'em from Ford China .......
you would think they would treat people, who actually want to buy a Ford car, a little better!
Lethabo Sundstrom
Lethabo Sundstrom - 26 days ago
Get a c8 zo6 when it comes out instead
CycolacFan - 26 days ago
Maybe Ford don't want to sell a high profile car to someone who'll then post a video of it being sold on almost immediately for huge profit.
organ reeman
organ reeman - Month ago
No idea why Ford would complain about such a thing.
Everyone knows FORDs are made to (Fuck or Repose Daily) in the back seat.
I mean Fords are the choice of prostitutes everywhere!
Wasn't Ford himself a cross dressing prostitute?
What does Ford have against prostitutes anyway?
My mother was a prostitute and she still got to drive a Ford.
Hell, my father was a prostitute too and he drove a Ford.
In fact my entire family were prostitutes and they swore about Ford!
They said stuff like, "Damn this Ford" & "This god damned Ford!" & "Bloody Fords!" & "You stupid Ford!"
What would happen if a prostitute decided to apply for a Ford GT? A high end madam could surely afford one!
Who's to say she or he would be less deserving than anyone else?
I think prostitutes are better drivers than almost every republican!
I think Donald Trump is actually hiding the fact that he is a prostitute.
I think we are all prostitutes. Maybe Ford should get into prostitution. Open some Cat houses here and there.
I mean Ford was already letting people get into their Escorts years ago, what's changed since then?
Offer rides to and from it's cat houses in Ford Escorts. Uber Ford Escorts for VIPs.
And if you spell pig backwards and say the word "Funny" afterward, you'll see what I mean.
Are you still allowed to pickup a prostitute in a Ford GT? Or will Ford be tracking your travels?
If they track you to a skanky neighborhood do they repossess the car?
Does Ford offer a Post-Sex with a prostitute detailing service? They should! Don't you think?
I wonder, do they embed Thrust Counters into the seats that relay the number of thrusts back to the engineers?
Does over thrust detection automatically reset the car or disable it?
Ford seems to think that embedding your WeeWee into a prostitute is a bad thing.
What if I'm buying a Ford to become a Transthruster, not a transporter. "Transthruster" - Someone who delivers a fuck.
Oh that would be a gigolo, right, so would Ford sell a car to a Gigolo?
If Ford refuses to sell you a car because you have sex, and we all like to have sex, they would not sell any cars.
If it was Sex or Ford, everyone would choose Sex over Ford every time.
Is it possible that Fords carefully vetted clientele do not have sex? Are Ford customers Asexual?
Is Asexual reproduction Fords secret to success?
Does Ford make cars sexually unappealing so people won't have sex in them?
Are you allowed to have emergency sex in a Ford?
What is emergency sex you might ask? Well... Don't ask. Actually, ask Ford.
What if you really really want to have sex in a Ford? Can you?
Will they send mechanics in white coats to tear your sex having ass out of that Ford?
What are Fords thoughts on Pre-Marital Sex?
Apparently there are no happy endings allowed in a Ford.
So Sad. And G I P Funny :P
Kenn's Instagram At: i000
🤔 Does this guy live in New York (Suburbs) outside of the city.... I think I know who it is.
🤣 Ford is just some asswholes trying to be cool and apart of the "cool kids".
Big Rhino 420
Big Rhino 420 - Month ago
This video honestly made me kinda mad I’ve heard all the nightmare stories about the GT, endless delays, John cena being sued by them, but this one is the one that made me the angriest because WHY WOULD YOU NOT SELL ONE TO ED HES A GOD ID SELL HIM BOTH MY KIDNEYS AND AN ASSCHEEK JUST OFF SEEING THE PROSTITUTE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!
axe beard
axe beard - Month ago
Ford: Beg
Vinwiki: Please please pleeeeeease can I buy your car.
Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi - Month ago
What? they want half a million dollars for it and they get to decide if they will award you the "privilege" That's insulting and you shouldn't buy it because they are treating you like a street bum. They sure are locos.
Silas Marner
Silas Marner - Month ago
Good lord what a bunch of winky dink ass kissing. No thank you. I love your channel tho!
Matt H
Matt H - Month ago
Ford can kiss my ass with the new GT and their stupid "prove youre good enough/PC enough to give us your money" application process. Its a V6 Ford made of plastic. GTFO with that garbage. Id rather have any number of other, less expensive cars.
Personally. But good luck!
Evade Music
Evade Music - Month ago
My grandparents' neighbor has one of these new GTs in white. Thing sounds crazy
Daniel - Month ago
Name I wonder if kimmi would ever come on this show
Beau Richardson
Beau Richardson - Month ago
My cousin has a new one
KatieandKevin Sears
KatieandKevin Sears - Month ago
It was good to rid yourself of the automatic v-6 stang. Those cars are as slow as a manual focus of the same era.
Perditus Thornatus2
Perditus Thornatus2 - Month ago
$400,000 could buy a lot of Mustang GTs... with options.
If I had that kind of money, I would just buy 10 of the same car; that way if any of them had a mechanical problem, or if it got stolen, or if it got wrecked, I could just keep on driving the same car like nothing happened. The ones that get wrecked and/or have a serious mechanical issue then become my parts cars.
Why do people keep buying the most expensive cars they can possibly afford rather than buying some decent ones that they could afford to repair/replace without having an aneurysm?
RickJason - Month ago
I get the feeling that you really don’t want the car after this video.
vDestruction -
vDestruction - - Month ago
Wait..... They were mad at ed cause of the prostitute’s Gallardo ?!?!?
Peter J
Peter J - Month ago
I just can't help but dislike everything about the new GT. No high horsepower V8, no manual option, $500k starting cost, and an elitist marketing strategy that doesn't even really work since the folks that buy these cars never let them see the sun and are still finding ways to sell them regardless of the contract they sign. I expect the new C8Z when it comes out could outrun this on the track for a quarter of the price. The only redeeming factor is that it looks good. Give me a 2006 GT or even a GT40 replica and pocket the other $250k.
Alexander Rivera
Alexander Rivera - Month ago
Again another story of how I don't have a car because bla... bla....bla.... cheap.
Put the money where your mouth is
"There is a lot of space in it"
Miguel Dominic
Miguel Dominic - Month ago
I understand it's a special car but, Ford should be making more of these so that more people can be out there driving them. Cars are meant to be driven.
raider5231 - Month ago
One of the many reasons I dislike Ford
kupah - Month ago
Your voice fucking annoying son
MuffinMan0521 - Month ago
Good grief. They wouldn’t sell to you because of that video? Screw them. They sound like that stereotype that I made up about them being a bunch of old men stuck in 1950’s traditions. There’s a hundred cars I’d rather have than a Ford anyways.
Aegisltd - Month ago
To quote Serge from Beverly Hills Cop:  "Don't be stupid"   And of course you should.  Shouldn't even be a question in your mind.  (I thought you were a "car guy")    :)
bertthemilkman - Month ago
(July 2022) Ed: "I just recieved my Ford GT"
(August 2022) Ed: uploads video titled "I bought a Lamborghini from a prostitute V3"
Busa_rdr - Month ago
It is not the same motor. Th GT is aluminum block the GT500 is iron, different connecting rods, different supercharger, etc. Ed you are supposed to know cars don't make a statement like that, ever again!
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution - Month ago
The era of paying $100,000 premium for a mid-engine platform is over, thank you c8! I'm looking forward to seeing this all play out.
CaptainKaracho - Month ago
Thumbnail got me like ‚i dont know, can you Repeat the question‘
Z06Doc - 2 months ago
The Ford GT allocations process is a form of prostitution so why would they be upset about your video? The car itself should be named the Multimatic GT.
Mr. Carguy
Mr. Carguy - 2 months ago
Between all the mistakes they made as a company:
1. Fiesta and Focus RS bad dct's
2. the Ecoboost engines
3. using a V6 in the Raptor instead of the V8
4. not selling the Panther cars anymore,
And this stupid "application process" for the Ford GT...
They probably did that to make more people buy the Shelbys!
Walter Carter
Walter Carter - 2 months ago
I think it's incredible that there are over 700 people who have a half million for a car and queing up just to buy.
L R - 2 months ago
If I had the money and Ford wouldn't sell me a GT. That would be a permanent divorce from Ford ownership. This is the worst business practice I ever heard of.
mohamad salouhy
mohamad salouhy - 2 months ago
All this for a Ford 🤮
ArmchairWarrior - 2 months ago
What a Ford thing to do, uhhhhhhh, yeah, just send both letters, we'll figure it out later within warranty, maybe.
Elidio Lopez
Elidio Lopez - 2 months ago
Shit if you have the money or means to finance it, you should be able to buy it. Car snobbing from companies shouldn't be tolerate.
Christopher Dickinson
Christopher Dickinson - 2 months ago
And that was the third time I had crabs and I said never again.
Vinwiki intro starts.
Bestwick1983 - 2 months ago
Honestly, even if I could afford the new Ford GT I wouldn't bother buying one. Not because I don't like the car, but because I could never reward Ford with my hard earned cash after pulling all the shit they have with the GT.
Life_With_Elias - 2 months ago
Ed needs to say “EA’s in the game”
Derrek Rodriguez
Derrek Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Don’t think he did himself any favors with this video.
Jay Young
Jay Young - 2 months ago
Why??? The new Corvette is going to walk all over this car.... we'll see.
Drmarcus Head
Drmarcus Head - 2 months ago
I know of a man who shoved this right up Ford’s butt-crack. Turned down so bought 8 (yes eight) of them and then went to Ford and said “as the biggest owner in the world you will build me a one-off version now”. And they said yes.
Mitchell Camps
Mitchell Camps - 2 months ago
That dude had the trinity of a car collection to me. A lot of people would think why own two of the same Mustangs as they are the same platform but are both such wildly different experiences being high revving N/A with a much more tuned suspension/chassis setup vs one of the best sounding V8's on the planet, and then he owns the other most badass sounding V8 in the Z06. Like jeez how could you sell that setup. Not to mention the GT with just combines everything good about all of those cars into one.
Kevin James
Kevin James - 2 months ago
Not impressed with the snobby pageantry that is the allocation process. When considering things like short supply relative to demand and additional dealer markup, I didn’t think there could be an aspect of buying a special car more obnoxious but there’s Ford saying “hold my beer...”
Anthony Lehner
Anthony Lehner - 2 months ago
I wouldn't beg for any car
1 2 3 Four Five
1 2 3 Four Five - 2 months ago
For every rich car enthusiast in the US, there's four in Saudi Arabia and Dubai
Selene Eldritch
Selene Eldritch - 2 months ago
Wow denied because of judgment towards sex workers. Even just a story. Wouldn't expect anything less from ford-shakes head-
Marco Rossainz
Marco Rossainz - 2 months ago
“to your plantation...” man that slave labor really paid of generations later ehhh.
CHILLY MAN - 2 months ago
the new ford gt looks nice but I'm not sure its really what people want I think it looks too much like an Italian exotic car.
Tom Siem
Tom Siem - 2 months ago
It looks like c8
steve taylor
steve taylor - 2 months ago
Pompous much?
ECLECTIC 361 - 2 months ago
Wow Ford is unAmerican
Mr. America
Mr. America - 2 months ago
Well, I’d get a C8 Corvette now
Sean Cunningham
Sean Cunningham - 2 months ago
Ed the type of guy to do late night radio and then vocal execises ( LA La La La La La La) before doing an interview to complain about not being given the chance to go 500 grand in debt. Wierd flex but ok
Keith Ashford
Keith Ashford - 2 months ago
Ford, I promise not to scrub the transmission if it’s a manual 😁
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