International Hot Sauce Taste Test

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Grace Is Being More Chill
Grace Is Being More Chill - 8 months ago
“You don’t have to throw the dart through the board.”
*You don’t have to throw the dart at Chase, Link*
Mr. Bacon Smith
Mr. Bacon Smith - 2 months ago
@Good Mythical Morning Yolo.
Chris LeBelMusic
Chris LeBelMusic - 5 months ago
@Good Mythical Morning It could be Cotton Candy Randy
Jenna - 6 months ago
@Ashes, Ashes This is the first time I have seen somebody use the word spiffy that wasn't in a book with a 19th century setting. I find it spiffing that you use it.
Hope Phillips
Hope Phillips - 7 months ago
Bruh, GMM went all out with this comment. Liked, commented, and pinned 😂
Ethan Does YouTube
Ethan Does YouTube - 7 months ago
This is an account thats been active for a few months you morons.
ShiroTheSorrow - Day ago
Rhett and link taste test google pixel 3
Juliana Scout
Juliana Scout - 3 days ago
Link: *pretends to throw dart*
Rhett: *terrified*
Chase: *cowers*
Link: I'm... I'm not even holding the dart...
Rhett: *nervous laughter*
Chance Osborne
Chance Osborne - 4 days ago
their is thing everyone can agree that are good and bad things about full dive vr
parad0xicalenigma - 6 days ago
*takes picture of a tree*
Google Pixel 3:"You can tell it's an Aspen because the way it is"
Niamh Steeles
Niamh Steeles - 7 days ago
chaise is strangely attractive lmao😂😂Sue me
KontoGS - 16 days ago
0:22 That explains a lot
UNKNOWN GAMER Rico - 18 days ago
I guess we are accustommed
UNKNOWN GAMER Rico - 18 days ago
I am from trinidad and that pepper sause isnt nothing
805Franco - 25 days ago
12:18 LOL Rhett is like, "Alright get it over with"
brofenix - 25 days ago
Man, they pushed the Google Pixel hard in this episode. But this was a cool game!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 26 days ago
thumbs down for the first time . Hope Google payed you well . :(
Dakota Hutchinson
Dakota Hutchinson - 27 days ago
Rhett always doing cheep moves to win xD
FF THECRAFTER - 28 days ago
Indonesia is the winner about the spicy test
Adarsh K
Adarsh K - 29 days ago
the wheel of google
BrettSketch 03
BrettSketch 03 - Month ago
Am i the only one who thinks rhett and link are friends with benefits?
captain kumquat
captain kumquat - Month ago
What’s the werewolf’s name?
PJ Pointer
PJ Pointer - Month ago
Should’ve done it with metal spoons.
Lemon Films
Lemon Films - Month ago
Jack Bard
Jack Bard - Month ago
7:50 will smith
Pumpkin Pi
Pumpkin Pi - Month ago
Just a comment
Milton Mancia
Milton Mancia - Month ago
El Salvador 🇸🇻
Paula Alice
Paula Alice - Month ago
The way they pronounce Tunisia 😭😭😭
Mohamed Abdelkader Hamdi
I'm Tunisian and we freaking eat Harissa on everything haha we even get baptized in it haha
ᎾDD DIᎯMᎾND - Month ago
I'm surprised that they got Apple to sponsor this video, pretty big company
Kathryn - Month ago
Did this activate anyone else's google home?
pan flip
pan flip - Month ago
ESTONIA 🇪🇪 wooooooooooooo
x heitsmae x
x heitsmae x - Month ago
Oh, if Mr. Fulton could see me watching this...
It would make him proud.
AmountStax - Month ago
Am I crazy, or are they the best at making product placement not gross?
4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování
International Taste Test: **Begins**
Chase: *Ah 5#!7, here we go again.*
Tara Dookie
Tara Dookie - Month ago
I live in Trnidad and Tobago and the peppers are very hot
Nad Z
Nad Z - Month ago
waitt so david is from indonesia or what????????
J Spazz
J Spazz - Month ago
I need a Google 3
Beatriz Muniz
Beatriz Muniz - Month ago
honestly tho chase's smile makes me giddy
Micah Heard
Micah Heard - Month ago
I thought the Peruvian Puff Pepper was banned for causing sore throats
Ya Girl Sarah
Ya Girl Sarah - 2 months ago
If such thing exists then they should do an international chicken nuggets taste test
adriano pascall
adriano pascall - 2 months ago
i'm fron trinidad its da best
Music Inflation
Music Inflation - 2 months ago
I like it how Rhett laughed everytime link brought up the google pixel
Vinnie Wilson
Vinnie Wilson - 2 months ago
Rhett: 8
Link: 4
USDD Gaming
USDD Gaming - 2 months ago
Would rather use my iPhone XR
Jason .-.
Jason .-. - 2 months ago
“Peruvian pepper”
Jc Welte
Jc Welte - 13 days ago
@Vito324 yes from, draker anmd josh
Vito324 - Month ago
Jason .-. Banned from all chili contests 😂😂
Ethan Young
Ethan Young - 2 months ago
That little note to introduce the sause 'Mmm ba pah pap-pa-pa-ba-pa'
Kusnul Istiqomah
Kusnul Istiqomah - 2 months ago
Taste sambal bawang please
Big boi Darian
Big boi Darian - 2 months ago
22turtles - 2 months ago
A Peruvian Puff pepper?
Bob The Tomatoe
Bob The Tomatoe - 2 months ago
He he *nods at the camera *
Spicy Peppers
Spicy Peppers - 2 months ago
I... I like this!
Melba Peach
Melba Peach - 2 months ago
Tu-nisa 😅😅
TheXGamer - 2 months ago
Will Smith approved.
Because das hot.
Erick Salinas
Erick Salinas - 2 months ago
Link burritos arent mexican
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