Zion Williamson’s injury is a ‘blow to the NBA’ - Stephen A. | First Take

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Xander Zyrus
Xander Zyrus - 14 days ago
I hope he will not be like
Greg Oden
T.C Holmes
T.C Holmes - 14 days ago
Is this new woman replacing Molly??
Tone Desh
Tone Desh - 16 days ago
It’s a blow for the Pelicans but not the NBA. The start of the season has been very entertaining and the games have been fun to watch.
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - 20 days ago
So much hype ... hmmmm
Adly Titus
Adly Titus - 21 day ago
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown - 22 days ago
Zion will be a nobody he will keep getting hurt.
RiizMo JellyMan
RiizMo JellyMan - 23 days ago
This woman is better than Molly
Sean L
Sean L - 23 days ago
The next Greg Oden
vic viper
vic viper - 23 days ago
He's way overrated
He's screwed, knees don't get better after surgery unless your adrian Peterson and zion Williamson is no adrian Peterson
Greg oden, Derrick rose, Brandon roy, amre stoudamire where never the same after knee surgery
Zions career is over before it even started.
He will be playing in ice cube's big 3 league before u know it
CrimsonTide - 24 days ago
He too heavy
GURU - 24 days ago
Max is exactly right Zion can’t be power jumping like d rose
Kez - 24 days ago
Torn meniscus is a 'serious' injury LoL
Shonda Harper
Shonda Harper - 24 days ago
I like sis a lot better than Molly.
Shonda Harper
Shonda Harper - 24 days ago
I like sis a lot better than Molly.
Yimmy Simmy
Yimmy Simmy - 24 days ago
Keep this beautiful lady
Zion Izlegend
Zion Izlegend - 24 days ago
Stephen A tha forgotten one.
Alexander K
Alexander K - 24 days ago
Here we go!
Zion needs to drop weight and play a bit more tentatively to maintain his health... going 100% at all times is a receipe for disaster.
Daniel Saintil
Daniel Saintil - 24 days ago
So shaq should lose weight to right
PlayBae - 24 days ago
Good! The NBA deserves this for FIXING the NBA Draft. The odds of their two worst performing teams (Pelicans and Grizzlies) getting the number 1 & 2 picks DESPITE having pretty decent records is greater than the odds of winning Powerball back to back in consecutive weeks AND no one is talking about it. Karma NBA, karma.
Travar Taylor
Travar Taylor - 24 days ago
Needs to develop a post game, drop some lb's and get a jumper. All that dunking his career will be over within 6yrs. Not good for the knees overtime!!
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho - 24 days ago
He is full of energy and overeacting that his problem
samo hero
samo hero - 24 days ago
It's over
Para will
Para will - 24 days ago
The weight is NOT the issue.....at this point. The issue has to do with his injury history since high school. Non-contact (or light contact) knee injuries happens to all shapes and sizes, so it isn't only about his weight. The biggest worry is if he is prone to injuries playing basketball which can be a serious problem given the way he plays. Yes, weight loss will help him, but he will have to change the way he plays the game as well. The young man has had a number of lower extremity injuries at a young age, so I would definitely consider shutting him down the whole year since he will be out nearly 2 months or longer. Allow him to heal and rehab after the surgery, and work on other things to help make him more durable.
Andrej Lorenci
Andrej Lorenci - 24 days ago
Best before end: 20 dunks, 3 spins, 30 rebounds.
kcuse315 tck
kcuse315 tck - 24 days ago
Yup I said it when he was at Duke playing hill get hurt and hill be nobody in the NBA seen it coming
QBUBUU - 24 days ago
When Stephen A said this might be the best season in the last quarter century. I felt that.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali - 24 days ago
This one sports YouTuber called it,
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson - 24 days ago
This is what this struggling franchise didn't need, they rigged the lottery to help the Grizzlies and pelicans sorry franchises, but hopefully this kid loses 15 pounds and have a good career, I hope he's not Gregg Olden, the pelicans and Grizzlies cannot sell tickets without a star or potential star,
PhAtAL The Kollector
PhAtAL The Kollector - 24 days ago
Ros Gold-Onwude is great for this show!
Kid Corey
Kid Corey - 24 days ago
Here after the knee surgery 😭😭
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips - 24 days ago
Just like Sam Bowie and Greg Oden he was already hurt before the draft so stop it! The Pels knew it and picked him knowing he'd shut it down and recover. They hope he'll be 100% but who knows? He is a big boy.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - 25 days ago
maybe zion can get some chinese medicine
E DUB - 25 days ago
Nine title contenders? Get real.
Rozco - 25 days ago
Predictions on when he'll make season debut? Maybe Saturday Nov 16 vs the Heat?
RAAB BYRT - 25 days ago
This moderator is fabulous. She doesn't interrupt like Molly. She doesn't make everything about her self like Molly. She doesn't have a screeching voice like Molly. And she is 50x more sexy than Molly. keep Molly away.
lekobemcgrad y
lekobemcgrad y - 25 days ago
This is Blake Griffin all over again
Anfernee Tomlinson
Anfernee Tomlinson - 25 days ago
Max’s explanation of Derrick Rose sounds like a non athletic man explaining athletics! Max is a nerd
Kevin Dickerson
Kevin Dickerson - 25 days ago
I think zion is going to be hurt his whole career he is suspect he was hurt at duke
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney - 25 days ago
The NBA is Trash! Maybe the Chinese can heal Zion!
Christian Trincado
Christian Trincado - 25 days ago
Write this down, if he doesn’t drop 25 pounds he’ll be a bust in this league. It has nothing to do with talent, he just won’t be able to play physically.
johnnydaniels18 - 25 days ago
Might regret that 1st pick, kind of a gamble due to a big possibility he may be injury prone in the future but they did what they had to do lol and what everyone and their grandmama would have done
Tampa is back 5904
Tampa is back 5904 - 25 days ago
My guess for the 9 contenders is
1. Lakers
9. I don’t have 9
SunDevil527 - 24 days ago
ericlogos - 25 days ago
No Molly. Thank God. She's got to go.
RazTopics - 25 days ago
jjay - 25 days ago
Zion will be injury prone in the NBA. That big body landing on on his legs is too much pressure. He needs to get in better condition.
Thomas Coursey
Thomas Coursey - 25 days ago
Wow Ros is great no interruption 👍🏻
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins - 25 days ago
Please name all 9 contenders.. I've got Clippers/Rockets/Nuggets/Lakers/Sixers/Bucks, and that's IT.
jdoe - 25 days ago
Anthony Bennet 2.0
G. Alston
G. Alston - 25 days ago
Needs to lose weight and stop jumping so much! Your knees are first to go in basketball. Gravity is undefeated!
dave roy
dave roy - 25 days ago
He needs to work on his grammar
Courtland Farrington
Courtland Farrington - 25 days ago
He didn't make it 30 games for Duke, so how is he going to make an 82 game season?? He needs to drop 30 plus and develop a jump shot. Even Chuck had to learn to shot a 3 to save his body. Zion will get maybe 45 games to play this season at best.
BotSkin - 25 days ago
Bust alert 🚨
zaxx19 - 25 days ago
Bro, drop to 240....real talk. Those joints can’t handle explosive movements at that size over and over....
Jeffrey Richards
Jeffrey Richards - 25 days ago
He's 19 and getting knee injuries?? He gotta lose alot of weight..
SDAWG - 25 days ago
NBA career longevity has always suited guys that were around 6'6" 210-215. With that said Zion should slim down some and ease back on all the hopping around. I just don't think his body will hold up with all that jumping through the roof on every play. I do hope his injury isn't severe and I wish him luck
TheDawgchew - 25 days ago
Steven a when star football players get on one team says they are trash and need to show me something on sunday because they never played, but in basketball they are championship contenders. Foh
Officer Orange cheetolini
Idolization is real
Kesey Designs
Kesey Designs - 25 days ago
I agree though, opening night lost its power punch for me!
Kesey Designs
Kesey Designs - 25 days ago
Zions a kid, he will heal fast, they will slim him down, and he will get the best sports medicine and physical therapy money can buy. He's disciplined, he'll be back when he's 100%. No sooner. Cant risk it.
Kesey Designs
Kesey Designs - 25 days ago
They are being EXTRA CAUTIOUS with Zion, let this year be a learning curve and a healing time for him. And a gathering of the team players to get to know each other and bond. Next year will be the break through year. They have 5 Players 21 and under, and Ingram at 22. That's a super young team. Two at 19.
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