EVERYTHING You Missed in US + TWIST Ending Explained

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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - 2 months ago
What did YOU think about the ending to Us? ✂✂✂
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The Refunked Kennedy
The Refunked Kennedy - 8 hours ago
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The Refunked Kennedy
The Refunked Kennedy - 8 hours ago
im not fixing my typo, because i dont want to edit anything
The Refunked Kennedy
The Refunked Kennedy - 8 hours ago
@Andrew Williams So right , the audacious Rich Whitey with the bigger boat named..."MY BYAAAAHTCH" or something of the same lemme take that ilk. The wife with the plastic surgery, it truly is a movie about which side (if you're religious) of the shoulder to adhere to the most...
baba duke
baba duke - 9 days ago
I think Mantan Moreland would have been a shoe in, for a role in this film.
SnebivljivaA - 21 day ago
When little Adelaide enters the hall of mirrors, just before she meets her counterpart, xou can hear a narration (Peel's voice cameo), about Sotuknang and Tawa, Sun god of Hopi Indians, whole mythology is shown throughout the movie, Spider Grandmother who created tribes and took them to the caves, etc. Read it, its very interesting. Excellent movie with a great message for those who want to dig deeper into their souls.
Hillshire - 9 hours ago
Was the copying based on location or who was the real one and who was the tethered? I’m trying to place the ballet scene, was the real addy/red being forced to copy the fake/addy?
The Refunked Kennedy
The Refunked Kennedy - 9 hours ago
OK, from the getgo, what I picked up was... in order, underground railroad, but then I started to see the biblical references, after watching this of course... greed, vanity, lust, power blah blah blah, the cloned ppl are the epitome of that, but in the daytime they look like your neighbors, I think this is such an amazing explanation of the essential self in such a short amount of time, that its astounding...excellent work.
AJ Twd
AJ Twd - 19 hours ago
Legend says it that the police are atill on their way
Melissa Sue
Melissa Sue - Day ago
With this many comments it has probably been said and I missed it, but when the family is walking across the beach everyone is lined up evenly except Adelaide. You can tell by their shadows .
Prashan Kaushalya
Prashan Kaushalya - 3 days ago
Who is the man that little boy met at the beach?
Shera Deletic
Shera Deletic - 4 days ago
Adelaide told red and her family that she was there to get what was hers...her life...damn. Very detailed movie. Everyone should watch this flick. It's an eye opener...literally. The real Adelaide never blinked.
Joshua A
Joshua A - 4 days ago
I was totally blown away by this movie. Blown away by how stupid and predictable it was.. u call that a twist ? Lol shit was so stupid. I expected a lot from this movie and was totally let down. So glad I didn't pay for it
The Bromosexual
The Bromosexual - 3 days ago
U just didnt get what it was about this is some deep dark sh*t
AceIsWorkin 7
AceIsWorkin 7 - 6 days ago
Just listen to the way Adelaide kills one of the twins and herself at the end... she sounds like a doppelgänger (because she was/is one)
Harry Large
Harry Large - 6 days ago
The biggest clue to the body swap twist was that if you had watched the trailer you see the scene where Adelaide gets strangled by her doppleganger, however this hasn't been shown yet 3/4 of the way through the movie, you know it's coming...
xDaygame :D
xDaygame :D - 7 days ago
Now hear me out, imagine if instead of the government hiding the clones after failing, they let them live with the real ones above ground. Everyone would have a twin, that shit would be awesome!
The Bromosexual
The Bromosexual - 3 days ago
yes untill they go crazy...
H Estrada
H Estrada - 7 days ago
Did anyone notice how odd Adelaide Dad was acting? As if he had some type of mental sickness. Above ground and extra erratic underground.
Tamara Magdalene
Tamara Magdalene - 7 days ago
Jeremiah 11:11 is not just about God's people forgetting who they were but along with forgetting who they were, they went on to murder, steal, sacrifice babies, etc etc etc, and acted like nothing was wrong...on the surface they acted arrogant, privileged, "perfect", treating the poor as less than they, and they refused correction by claiming their evil was Gods will. This is why God had enough and said there will be a day of judgement when they will be forced to look at the consequences of their ugliness and be punished for it. So it gives this movie more context.
Tamara Magdalene
Tamara Magdalene - 7 days ago
I also noticed the daughters tether has missing eyebrows which could be the way the daughter was picking at her face earlier in the movie.
The Bromosexual
The Bromosexual - 8 days ago
Ijust realized theyre eating rabbit which is a delicacy so theyre not that under privileged i guess lol
Gacha Princess Is Life
Gacha Princess Is Life - 8 days ago
I watched *Us* last night but did not finish ot because my mom was all like "Nope to scary YOU TWO TEENS WATCH IT BUT I AM NOT GONNA BE MORE SCARED THEN MY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER LETS GO GIRL" LOL also we left on the driveway scene
takeda‘s wife
takeda‘s wife - 9 days ago
everyone in these comments is so damn smart
C Hanson
C Hanson - 9 days ago
Movie was lame
•Clarity• ,
•Clarity• , - 9 days ago
Oml the end was so horrible cause the mom got kidnapped and the fake one was on earth
baba duke
baba duke - 9 days ago
A thousand too many scenes of Black folks eye bugging in this film for my taste. AND Black folk eyebugging in a movie of 90% dark light, is even worse.
It's like a horror movie that should've come out in the 1940's.
JaKaylah Rich
JaKaylah Rich - 9 days ago
•The Rabbits are arranged in 11 cages in a row
•in Jason's room when Adelaide first walks in, there is a picture of people holding hands
•When Red walked in to their house in the beginning, she knew where the hidden key was
•Adelaide is constantly grunting when she kills people like it's in instinct
•The only reason why red can talk is because she was taken as a little girl and the only reason she sounds like that is because she has not used her vocal chords in a long time
•When Teathered Kittens husband died, she pretended to cry then started laughing due to her hatred for him expressed by the beginning when surface kitten said "I hate you" to him
•Umbrae was born laughing, she died laughing
•the girls playing "rock paper scissors" in the beginning kept getting scissors
•handcuffs were used on Adelaide (Red) because she handcuffed Red (Adelaide) to the bed in the beginning
•the toy used to block the door from locking in the beginning is the same paramedics car used to drive at the end
•when they we're watching the news at Kitty's house, the channel was 11
•there are many paintings in the vacation house that have two or more people, half in blue and half in red
•in the beginning on the car is the sticker family holding hands
•Jason asked for a dog in the very beginning. Adelaide said no, but Pluto, his double, basically is a fire living dog, as seen from his behavior
• At the end, barely anyone, if nobody else survived. This is probably due to the fact that Adelaide is full teathered, and her children are half teathered, which might give them the instinct to survive with themselves. Really only the Father had something broken
•each character represents an element. Father=water. Mother=earth. Zora=wind. Jason=Fire
•Zoras shirt may look like popular adolescent lingo, but it actually says "thó" which means "rabbit" in Vietnamese
•Adelaide is a gemini
•There is the leader (Adelaide, Red), The fool (Gabe, Abraham), The warrior (Zora, Umbrae), and the wizard (Jason, Pluto)
•when Red crushed Adelaide's head on the table, there was a cup with people holding hands on it
•Plutos mask is a mask used to keep burn victims' faces intact
Most of everything you see is red over blue or blue over red, representing the surface and the teathered, and America
•rabbits were probably down there due to the fact that scientists experiment on them as well as other animal. It must have worked on the rabbits, but not the humans
•just like Get Out, there is an excessive use of innocent animals
•The tunnel that young Adelaide went through was talking about a tale that spoke about some sort of spider woman
Amanda Owen
Amanda Owen - 9 days ago
1111 is number of awakening
Jah89bless - 9 days ago
One of the twins wore a Black Flag shirt..the logo forms 1111
Venita Layne
Venita Layne - 10 days ago
The part where Red killed the white twin and then started to growl at it was another clue.... Even her son gave her a strange look
chelsea rivera
chelsea rivera - 10 days ago
Am I wrong
Or are both sons half tethered since the real ade is in tunnels And had a child and the tethered ade had the son and daughter and the dad was never switched so would the kids be half and half
Faith Hershey
Faith Hershey - 10 days ago
Iv been thinking about how on the beach when the frisbee lands on the blue circle perfectly kinda showing the real red was on top the whole time
Ra S. Croasdaile
Ra S. Croasdaile - 11 days ago
It was a Good movie but when you really think about it all she did was take her place to live a normal life and that's it. I was hoping that she did it for some evil reasons but no nothing like that but yes good movie overall.
avlok gupta
avlok gupta - 12 days ago
Lmao Thanos could've been of some help here.
Alijah Alleyne
Alijah Alleyne - 12 days ago
The mask is similar to that of which Imbaku wear in black panther
Sinister1 -
Sinister1 - - 13 days ago
Red spoke the way she did because her throat was injured when the clone choked her.
LaLa Marie
LaLa Marie - 14 days ago
So, I just finished watching Us for second time.. Maybe Jordan Peele is ultimately saying that not only are we our own worst enemy (probably because of all the Corruption and Division - amongst different races, differences in political views, differences in religion, etc.), but also that WE ALL need to come together.. Hence the "Hands Across America" reference and "the tethered" holding hands all across the world.. Maybe like a "United we stand" kind of thing.. Hopefully someone understands what I'm trying to say even though I'm a bit all over the place since I wanted to get out the idea before I forgot it. Just my take on it though
Questioning Everything
Questioning Everything - 14 days ago
Wow this is the only video that actually was accurate good job !!! Giving a Like
Start the Art
Start the Art - 15 days ago
Doesnt that mean that Adelaide's kids are "half-clone?"
Dustin Fraize
Dustin Fraize - 16 days ago
This is what I dont get I got the most of it but why didnt the original Adelaide just leave? Yes she was chained up in the beginning but you can tell she wasnt for to long and it's not like there was locked doors since the clone got upstairs and her being the real human is smart enough to explore and find a way out?????
Cherise Phillips
Cherise Phillips - 16 days ago
Didnt no she was red until i watch her eating the red fruit. Must say it was a nice twist at the end. Hope it have a part 2
Javier Espino
Javier Espino - 16 days ago
Boring movie . I gave it a chance because get out was good.
wushdishmeen - 17 days ago
if the clones were a failed experiment left behind when adelaide was a kid, then how are there clones of her children.....the clones just somehow started making new clones without the government? how would she even know how that works..... the movie was scary and well shot/directed, but there are so many plot points that make zero sense and are inconsistent that it takes away from the payoff at the end. usually you'd discuss a movie and find a bunch of amazing theories but there's not really much you can say except "that was creepy". I still think it's a good horror movie to watch.
Ryan Hamrick
Ryan Hamrick - 17 days ago
This movie was the shittiest movie I have ever watched. Lmao, comical and not even scary, pure trash..
kebs melody
kebs melody - 17 days ago
I knew all this the same day i watched it
Nomad - 18 days ago
I would weather hear an isrealites opinion of our movie
Jahnay Zamone
Jahnay Zamone - 18 days ago
Since clone Adelaide had children, her children are clones too right?
Jahnay Zamone
Jahnay Zamone - 18 days ago
The movie had a lot of holes in it like why didn't clone Adelaide just leave with real Adelaide and why didn't real Adelaide just leave the same way she got in there? She wasn't tied to the bed her whole life. It doesn't make sense. They could've all escaped when she was still a child.
Howard jones
Howard jones - 18 days ago
Missed too much .
Winter Sall
Winter Sall - 19 days ago
There gloves look like the thanos one but with no stones
Winter Sall
Winter Sall - 19 days ago
Well the real lupita nyongo died
Winter Sall
Winter Sall - 17 days ago
@Britney Office I know but in the movie
Britney Office
Britney Office - 17 days ago
Winter Sall It was a hoax, she’s alive and well
Bonnie Wakhajummarh
Bonnie Wakhajummarh - 19 days ago
I think Jason is also Tethered and Pluto was the real person/human😄😄
gucciSESE 123
gucciSESE 123 - 17 days ago
Bonnie Wakhajummarh if addeliane is teathered and red is the real one then that would mean if reds actual son is Jason then Jason is human not teathered and if addeliane is teathered and her real son is Pluto than that would mean Pluto is teathered as well
Neo - 20 days ago
Near the beginning of the film when they first arrive at the vacation house/cottage, the daughter Zora is wearing a shirt with a white rabbit on it.
PhaseKing609 - 20 days ago
Ok So the man with the sign killed the man in the ambulance and killed the little boy" But Why Did the second Boy Killed The Lady In The House
Sam King
Sam King - 22 days ago
Mr J Peele's laughing his ass off right now at everybody trying to explain his unexplainable movie!!!
Johnny Arreguin
Johnny Arreguin - 22 days ago
This is my new favorite horror film. The twist was awesome. Jordan Peele doing big thangs.
Ty Gorton
Ty Gorton - 22 days ago
Wrong. This movie cannot be taken literally. None of this is actually happening. Answer me this: how would the "real" Adelaide living underground find out about this government program? None of the other "mole" people can speak, and there is no source of information for her. It makes no sense that she would just magically know this story of the mole people being government clones. This is a clue that the entire movie is not to be taken literally. It is completely internal ... a metaphysical experience. The entire film is Adelaide dealing with an internal struggle.
kristian w
kristian w - 23 days ago
I'm 8 and I watched this and she dragged the original (red) to her room I'm guessing and she put on her shirt and the original forgot how to get out but magicly she remembers
R S - 23 days ago
Isn't this cultural appropriation - all the stories and films referenced are White stories. The philosophical concepts are also Europeans, so are the myths etc. Since the cast is all black, then where are the African references ?
tizzle razzle
tizzle razzle - 24 days ago
You notice how Adeleas husband and the white families Dad argue and try and one up eachother . When Adeleas husbands Doppelganger was driving the boat and it stopped and he trying.to get the boat to turn back on The white Dads doppelganger was yelling at him from far away giving him hell.
Shareeka David
Shareeka David - 24 days ago
The movie is about blacks not knowing who they are saying I’m American the Bible verse of God saying he’s punishing his ppl they will forget who they are refers to US so called blacks punished in America and someone else portraying to be US Hebrew n everyone doesn’t notice n believes when the Bible says his ppl won’t remember who they are and will be enslaved until Jesus returns this movie has a double meaning here in the US us blacks live in poverty n watch someone else pretend to be us Israelites n live our life
R S - 23 days ago
The Arabs owned slaves way before the Europeans owned Blacks. The Bible was written by People from the Arab region, therefore, the bible was written by people who owned blacks as slaves.
Shareeka David
Shareeka David - 24 days ago
It also covers how we have gotten so comfortable living the American life we forget where we came from predicted in the Bible Jeremiah 11:11 the consequences the people pretending to be us they’re afraid of truth coming out cuz they will go bck to their caves no longer live their good lifestyle the end says we will be killed by the ppl who portray us before they allow us to take over and join together
rias - 24 days ago
I did not find this film scary at all :( And I figured out the switch very early on. And the logic the film is based on is too crazy to take seriously. 'Get out' was amazing, this was a disappointment. Also, if the doppelganger was able to leave the underground world, why couldn't Addy do the same? She was shackled at first but then she was dancing around freely, why didn't she escape the same way as her evil shadow did??
Ravensoopretty - 24 days ago
First of all, if the fake adeleine didn’t like the holidays, and knew her past was down in Santa Cruz, why would she go back🤨🤔 also back to the beach. Plus, why in the beginning did the real adeleine (red) had a raspy voice. I could understand that she probably didn’t speak most her time being down there. But cmon she still is the real human version, you would think she would still learn how to communicate, or teach the other tethers how to communicate 🤨🧐🧐I just found that real odd. But overall this was a good movie 👏🏾👌🏾👉🏾✋🏾
Ravensoopretty - 24 days ago
I liked how also this movie had nothing to do with demons. Just conspiracy theories about our Government ( which they probably are true demons lol)
Games TV
Games TV - 24 days ago
I never knew or saw this actress "Lupita Nyong'o" before. After watching this film I googled her up because her performance was unbelievable.
Damn impressive actress.
Pascal Bircher
Pascal Bircher - 25 days ago
Is Us also an acronym for United States?
Alyssa Motta
Alyssa Motta - 22 days ago
Pascal Bircher yes
mar b
mar b - 26 days ago
So "Red" just hit up someone casually to get bunches of red suits for them lol? 😭
Shyanna Henderson
Shyanna Henderson - 2 days ago
mar b someone in the comments said she had amazon prime 💀
bevinfry - 26 days ago
The scene where red tells the story of how she had to live down there was a real sad tale though I know alot of people felt sad for her too especially when she talked about the second born and how she had to remove the child from her stomach all by herself.......one can only imagine that pain 💔
alchemy222 - 26 days ago
follow the white rabbit
alchemy222 - 26 days ago
11:11 has a way deeper and occult meaning
War Dragon
War Dragon - 28 days ago
The real adilay cant speak that well cause she was choked and proprably messed up her vocal cords
War Dragon
War Dragon - 23 days ago
Sorry I spelled her name wrong
HotTeaGossip - Month ago
Red Shadow
Red Shadow - Month ago
is that Chuckie in the hand's across America line up???? Blue overalls and red shirt?????
mikes5637 - Month ago
I actually liked the movie better at the start when it was just the family battling their doppelgangers. For me it kind of lost tension a bit when it was revealed to be a sort of epidemic.
Carrisa Chan!
Carrisa Chan! - Month ago
Wait..so the clones can’t talk but red is not a clone. The other one trying to protect the family is.So...how can she talk??🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
kyra williamson
kyra williamson - Month ago
What is up with Jason and the fire?
Yazz197 - Month ago
Tethered lives matter
Elise Victoria
Elise Victoria - Month ago
Can we all just admit that in the beginning of the movie that the rabbits were ADORABLE ? 😂😂🥰😍😘
Will Kalas
Will Kalas - Month ago
When she saw her daughter in the tree. She hesitated instead of killing her because she’s really one of them?
The reason the "doppelganger"(real little girl) talks all weird is because she almost got choked to death by the actual doppelganger little girl. Not because she just started talking, she was teaching all the copies how to sew and get out and kill their real selves.
Blake Cohen
Blake Cohen - Month ago
adelaide also knew how to get to the tethered, and when both of what should have been her children were dying she et the daughter stay there and she yelled while pluto backed himself up into fire.
ZzZz hype 1
ZzZz hype 1 - Month ago
The movie is 2hrs and 1 min witch is 121 min 11×11 is 121 😱
x - Month ago
Not going to lie, Jordan Peele peeved me when he was so upset "minority didn't win" when he didn't win, also the fact that Get Out was quite literally a copy of the movie The Skeleton Key with minority actors to call attention to their struggle. And yet he had the audacity to say it was completely original. However, Us was an absolutely amazing film. I thought the scene directing and mise en scene was so detailed and thought out. Maybe there is another film out there that matches Us, it would not surprise me seeing how Peele has blatantly plagiarized before, but the way Us was presented-- I wouldn't be upset. Modern films will eventually never be original, but at least pay homage and respects to what you're drawing from and put in reasonable effort to add something onto it. Great movie, sad director.
Prince JJ
Prince JJ - Month ago
Do u guys do see that at the end when there in the car she has a x on here face
Brady Bunch59
Brady Bunch59 - Month ago
When they were walking on the beach, you could see that Adelaide was a little out of the line. They were all in a striaght line until you see Adelaide which is a little to the right. That is just one of the many hints that Adelaide was actually the real Red. Becuase she wasnt the same as everyone else.
Hello Luna
Hello Luna - Month ago
In first scene u will get answer for he ending movie...i shocke about that...its so fresh genre for thriller movie...the plot twist will make you surprising...i hope "US" had sequel...
Drum Eyo
Drum Eyo - Month ago
After watching the movie a a couple hours ago, and going through the comments. I can attempt to give a brief analysis. Please correct me or ask questions in my theory.
1. Red( is the real natural birth Ade)
-she can speak in the living rooom scene but the other clones can’t
-The movie reveals it that way. ( case closed)
2. Ade( is the clone)
-She doesn’t know how to speak when she is young after the incident
-She grunts kinda animalistic after killing the twin in the white people house
-She knows exactly how to go down to the laboratory to save Jason
- the movie reveals it to us( case closed)
Now come the theories. Sometimes the simplest answer is the truth.

3. The daughter was not switched.
- She was scared when encountering the clones and was genuinely unaware of their existence.
- based on the reaction from Ade( the clone imposter mother) she knew exactly what was up, and attempted to call the police to take care of business
- she ran easy from her clone, the clone chased her to kill her.
The basic narrative for the clones is to kill their originals and take their place. If she had been the clone, she would have been the aggressor.
4. Jason was not switched
- he too was oblivious to the existence of a clone , but his clone new actually who he was.
The narrative for the clones in the movie is that they know their originals or have a concept about them. That is why they were created. Or that is why they copy them underground.
- obviously from the wounds on Pluto. Jason could not get his trick to work on the regular world , but Pluto trick worked in tunnels, which would explain why he was injured and Jason was not . It’s that simple.
- Jason was smart. He learned quickly and learned big words, cuss words. His clone was an idiot, and dumb.
It is the given narrative that the clones were created to control the people on the surface.
But it didn’t work.
So the people that created them abandoned the project.
What did work?
The people on the surface were indirectly able to control the clones.
This explains how Red(the real human Ade)was able to indirectly lead her clone (Ade the fake imposter clone) to her in the mirror house.
This explains why the real Jason was able to control the Pluto, his clone in the closet to take his mask off and on. Eventually since Jason was a smart young boy, use this power to make Pluto put himself in the fire. ( plain and simple).
The daughter being a runner and shit is obviously explained . The clone was faster because she is a clone.
The clones have better bodies, and the humans have better minds.
That is the clones are superior in their physical attributes but savage in the mind ( hence the animals sounds and behaviors ) especially Pluto crawling and shit.
The humans are superior mentally.
Now listen carefully. This is where is all leads too.
The children form the clone and the real Ade are half and half. Let me explain.
Then Clone mom had children normally with a real human, ( prince fell in live with a shadow) and the real mom was forced underground to have children with that zombie man.
The children are weird. That is why Pluto is like a fookin aninal but has human intelligence, like his human mom( Red). That is why Jason and Nora are physically weak, but mentally savage and bloodthirsty and ready to kill like their mother Ade( the clone mom revealed at the end).
Again. I repeat. The clones cannot control the real ones. That is why the experiment was abandoned.
The real ones not by design , but by the clones Simply trying so hard to make meaningful go of their existence, try hard to copy the lives of their originals below surface. And more than occasionally, like Red( the real Ade) you are forced by the environment to follow on that path of life. That is why she had the kids without her wanting to have the kids.
There are a lot of overlapping themes to this movie.
Nature vs nurture
But I just wanted to highlight those topics before someone goes down the rabbit whole of YouTube comments and gets confused...
Again...... Jason was not switched or Nora. The only one switched was Ade and Red.
More info to prove my statement:
1. Jason was scared of Ade when she saved him form the locker, but she was acting like a clone , not a natural mom
2. Jason continued to stare at her in the car because she was odd.
3. When Ade yells at her husband and tells him he is not in control and he stares at her on the drive towards the pier. She was acting odd.
4. Nora was not the aggressor and showed no type of physical superiority in any of her fights with clones. But her clone was jumping on cars and running fast asf and did not talk. She was NOt SWITCHED!!!
5. Jason , the real boy is able to control his clone Pluto in the closet and also to walk into the fire!!!
Ask yourself, why would Pluto try and kill his real clone mom and sister.????? Naw . It’s not the deep.
The only way to be safe in this movie, is to kill your original. Hence form the getgo, you can tell who the clones are in the children. The clones had no fear.
That is why Pluto was not scared of Jason , and the clone was not scared of Nora.
Ade was never scared of Red only concerned with safety of her family.
Cathy Is my name
Cathy Is my name - Month ago
The ending wasn't confusing at all
ike ace
ike ace - 2 months ago
Damn I left the theater thinking it was pretty decent. But now I'm like Jordan Peele you fucking genius!
Alex Adams
Alex Adams - 2 months ago
also the shirt that Zora's wearing throughout the film has the word "Thỏ" on it which means Rabbit in Vietnamese
Soflayy - 2 months ago
whenever the son tries to do the magic trick with the lighter it burns the clones face in the under world .
Logan W
Logan W - 2 months ago
I thought her voice was rough because of the strangulation damage her doppelganger did when she choked her.
Emma Haswell
Emma Haswell - 2 months ago
tater twists
Corrine Howard
Corrine Howard - 2 months ago
Leah Todd
Leah Todd - 2 months ago
This is the best breakdown of the movie.
Charlie Rock
Charlie Rock - 2 months ago
He's the black Stanley Kubrick
VIP Cattybug
VIP Cattybug - 2 months ago
Who has seen the whole film . I love it BTW .
Zhylex - 2 months ago
im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?
Zhylex - 2 months ago
im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?
Zhylex - 2 months ago
im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?
Zhylex - 2 months ago
im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?
Zhylex - 2 months ago
im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?
Zhylex - 2 months ago
Suicison yeah but in the movie she would have flashbacks to going down tjere
Suicison - 2 months ago
She didnt?? We know that they swapped on her birthday at santa cruz and the tethered were controlled by the humans so thats how the real adelaide was doinf ballet
Zane Williams
Zane Williams - 2 months ago
All the doppelgängers had all the same “physical” attributes. Including physical prowess, the daughters clone was a good runner(she did track), the son’s doppelgänger was good with fire(he did “magic” with fire). But didn’t have any attributes towards emotions or a “soul”. But the mom was the only one able to express emotions... due to her being the real mom at the end.
Briana Davis
Briana Davis - 2 months ago
Did the big girl 🏃🏾‍♀️ not the mom but the little boy 🏃🏾‍♂️and did the big girl 🏃🏾‍♀️
Josh Jo
Josh Jo - 2 months ago
My tether would rather live down there than switch with me lol
Ron Edward
Ron Edward - 2 months ago
Saw it today. I noticed a couple of times where people were wearing t-shirts with Black Flag on it. I know it's used to kill insects, but not sure where the connection is. 🤔
Also, the mom, I forget her name, was snapping her fingers off beat to the song, Five On It, because she's a clone with no soul!!!
DesertDweller10 - 2 months ago
11-11 is a powerful number in the spiritual community and it represents transformation and awakening consciousness. Thus, 11-11 has a duel meaning just like most everything else in the movie. The Biblical 11-11 represents the wrath of God if humanity continues on its current path of material excess and seeing our fellow inhabitants as 'other." However, 11-11 also represents that we can change course through our awakening to Oneness and to our inherent authenticity that does not rely on material excess. It is a matter of becoming aware of our shadow side and accepting it so that we do not unconsciously operate from it.
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