Jazmine De Guzman
Jazmine De Guzman - 5 days ago
Jazmine De Guzman
Jazmine De Guzman - 5 days ago
Karma Payne
Karma Payne - 6 days ago
I like what Leigh Anna is wearing
Carlod RBD
Carlod RBD - 7 days ago
Amooooo 😍😘❤
Bunny Panda
Bunny Panda - 10 days ago
I HATE little mix
funneh fan
funneh fan - 17 days ago
I want to meet them in my house i really like jerrie thirwards
funneh fan
funneh fan - 17 days ago
Omg i want to meet them here in philliphines so badly
kalica teffy tanadi
kalica teffy tanadi - 22 days ago
Night night happy sleep little mix😢😤😥😤😥😊😊😊😊
Park Jimin
Park Jimin - Month ago
Good song but i don't like sex videos.
Narayan Limbu
Narayan Limbu - Month ago
*gasp* jade bit Perry's finger good job jade keep doing that;)
Hatsune Miku DemonQueen
Mashadi Losaba
Mashadi Losaba - Month ago
Love you little mix
Amira Beladoui
Amira Beladoui - Month ago
Salim Lafnoune
Salim Lafnoune - 2 months ago
سير تقي اله إقرأ القرآن و صلو
Ayman Dz
Ayman Dz - 2 months ago
Ayman Dz
Ayman Dz - 2 months ago
Promotion of prostitutes Haha
Nacer Medjkoune
Nacer Medjkoune - 2 months ago
Oufffff we want to défi your's simple the body is just what it was
Janessa Padilla
Janessa Padilla - 2 months ago
Jade is funny
Janessa Padilla
Janessa Padilla - 2 months ago
They sound different when they are singing I like Jade and Jessy
Gregory T Lyes
Gregory T Lyes - 2 months ago
Are you guessed sisters and I 😍you
علي حسين
علي حسين - 2 months ago
تفووووووووويا جلاب ولد الجلاب
Mo Mohamedid
Mo Mohamedid - 2 months ago
الي عربي لايك 👍
Eden Picker
Eden Picker - 2 months ago
Jessy headbutted Leigh-ann, Jade bit Perrie's finger
Why are they so mean to each other😂
Francisco Galvez Aguilera
Francisco Galvez Aguilera - 2 months ago
Donde se puede comprar la novela completa en español si ajguien lo sabe que lo diga por favor
nocpho mokoena
nocpho mokoena - 2 months ago
Where's Jesy😕?
Georgina Dodd
Georgina Dodd - 2 months ago
Love you littlemix
Cup of Matcha
Cup of Matcha - 3 months ago
Perrie might be the youngest but why do I feel like she's the older sister of Leigh and Jade 🙂
Betty O'Sullivan
Betty O'Sullivan - 3 months ago
Whoever picked Perrie’s clothes I need to have a talk with.
Sim Sim Greaves
Sim Sim Greaves - 3 months ago
I wanna be in the video
Kim Mathata
Kim Mathata - 3 months ago
Anita Burck
Anita Burck - 3 months ago
Milena Kamienowska
Milena Kamienowska - 3 months ago
I am upseset with yuo
Like Little Mix
geane Medeiros
geane Medeiros - 3 months ago
Adoro essa música e aquela que também é delas "power" e "nao more"💓💓
JeanRose Ternura
JeanRose Ternura - 3 months ago
Lol i Laughed when jade bit perries finger
Clara Smith
Clara Smith - 3 months ago
Love it girls
DJ Qatar 219
DJ Qatar 219 - 3 months ago
Betül Aral
Betül Aral - 4 months ago
My love jade
Mathoto Ranaila
Mathoto Ranaila - 4 months ago
Perrie looks cute when she is scared
Rhea Parekh
Rhea Parekh - 4 months ago
Jade bit my finger 😂
Edwin Castellón Mendoza
Edwin Castellón Mendoza - 4 months ago
I keep forgetting they're British!! Such a surprise every time I watch them talking! hahaha
Jungkook's booty pimple
Jungkook's booty pimple - 4 months ago
Parris Goebel also made a choreography with BLACKPINK. It would be cool if she makes an amazing choreography for a Little a Mix.
meg harvey
meg harvey - 4 months ago
I love you guys little mix are my faviroute singers and I listen to you all the time so please like this little mix that would be my dream come true
Jason Henfrey
Jason Henfrey - 4 months ago
on x factor those comments were horrible but don't listen jesy your beautiful and there just jealous of you and your like anyone just you think that your different you are all soo pretty all of you I love you soooo much xx
Doni Williams
Doni Williams - 4 months ago
Best director ever. This video (and song) is nothing short of amazing
Cheyenne Smith
Cheyenne Smith - 4 months ago
"Magical, dancing, hot men maze"
Courtney Paull
Courtney Paull - 4 months ago
Love this song love you so much Little Mix
Erick Henrique
Erick Henrique - 4 months ago
Leigh ❤
Ray Hills
Ray Hills - 5 months ago
Did y'all hear when Perrie was about to say bitch when Jade had bit her
psycheonspace zednanref
psycheonspace zednanref - 5 months ago
sondess R
sondess R - 5 months ago
are you guys gonna collaborate with bts!! lmfao .. i dont even know if this is ur real officiel channel but ppl are talking .. can anyone answer me
Leslie Allen
Leslie Allen - 5 months ago
well I'm going to be as good of you guys ☁😊☁☁😊☁😁☁
Tiger Singh
Tiger Singh - 5 months ago
love perris's outfit it's my favorite but all girls are lit
ASH D Hybrid
ASH D Hybrid - 5 months ago

Zeynep Catak
Zeynep Catak - 5 months ago
The Leighs t shirt is same t shirt in power video
Holly Cain
Holly Cain - 5 months ago
In yare 6
Holly Cain
Holly Cain - 5 months ago
Come to holy Spirit school and you will intovs Lexie Jessica Evie Annie Holly
Kristina Barrera
Kristina Barrera - 5 months ago
Great Voice and Knows how to dance Gracefully what more do you want..LITTLE MIX is the Best of the Best😍
Its Meee
Its Meee - 5 months ago
Jerrie is gonna be the death of me
Patricia Gilchrist
Patricia Gilchrist - 6 months ago
I noticed Jesy doesn't talk
kimberley houghton
kimberley houghton - 6 months ago
youngho city
youngho city - 6 months ago
sometimes I come here just to hear "jade bit ma finga"
Shyriah Williams
Shyriah Williams - 6 months ago
yeah little mix
Angelina Blair
Angelina Blair - 6 months ago
Personally this was my favorite era of Little Mix. They are totally SLAYING with LM5, but Glory Days was my favorite Little Mix era. I want LM6 (Hopefully there will be a sixth album!!) to be more like this.
khuang96 - 6 months ago
1:48 Leigh's accent 👌
Undertaker Taker
Undertaker Taker - 6 months ago
Little mix is the best ❤️
L U N A - 6 months ago
L U N A - 6 months ago
Haxby Jones
Haxby Jones - 6 months ago
Add a like
Elliot Simpson
Elliot Simpson - 6 months ago
You b*tch, jade bit my finger lol 😂
Navya Bahal
Navya Bahal - 6 months ago
3:22 Best part
Lana Wells
Lana Wells - 6 months ago
Did anyone else notice near the end when they headed out of the mase when the open their legs Perries black knickers
Audrey Menton
Audrey Menton - 6 months ago
The boys must have you are so fine looking ;-);-)
mahika's dance
mahika's dance - 6 months ago
3:23 to 3:26
LOL I have laughed so much 😂😂😂😂😂
Megan Hawes
Megan Hawes - 6 months ago
I love you little mix xxxx
Stephen Mcgrath
Stephen Mcgrath - 6 months ago
Love you so much x
Jimmy Huynh
Jimmy Huynh - 7 months ago
what does perrie say at 2:12
Jimmy Huynh
Jimmy Huynh - 5 months ago
Jay Charangat i was watching another video and leigh didn’t do a move right and jesy’s head bumped into leigh’s lips and busted it open
Edi - 7 months ago
att 2;oo min is it so funny
Yush Baby007
Yush Baby007 - 7 months ago
i really like jade's accent 😍 And so perrie 😍 .. the lil mix band is the best😊
Mykhayla Lovielle Gallego
Mykhayla Lovielle Gallego - 7 months ago
Who's anne who's jesy who's jade and who's perrie sorry if I don't know your names
Nadim Shareef
Nadim Shareef - 7 months ago
Can I just say I love your outfit
sabahia larabi
sabahia larabi - 7 months ago
Jenny Piloton
Jenny Piloton - 7 months ago
OH, that's Parris G. ❤
Vishal Srivastav
Vishal Srivastav - 7 months ago
i love this band
Teny Haryati
Teny Haryati - 7 months ago
I love leigh anne’s outfit so perf
Bruna Pagani
Bruna Pagani - 7 months ago
Gostei muito legal esse vídeo kkkkkkkk
Kookie Army
Kookie Army - 7 months ago
I don’t get how these bands always dance and not have a single fear
Sweshika Sequeira
Sweshika Sequeira - 7 months ago
#BtsForTheWin ! hey fellow army❤
Kallistro - 7 months ago
I just wanted to know about dancer's names.
Channia Banks
Channia Banks - 8 months ago
Lauren Ng
Lauren Ng - 8 months ago
Who else thinks Perri’s corset is ridiculous
Queen Perrie
Queen Perrie - 8 months ago
there outfits for this mv were gorgeous, idk y so many ppl were hating on their outfits
Yellow Hearts
Yellow Hearts - 8 months ago
I didn’t know they were British
Khloe's Stuff Review
Khloe's Stuff Review - 8 months ago
1:58😁 cute
Taumasina Tauala-Fila
Taumasina Tauala-Fila - 8 months ago
The girl teaching little mix dance I think she's the one comes from step up
Ilas thuggin
Ilas thuggin - 8 months ago
omg!I never knew paris did this dance to😂
Libby V
Libby V - 8 months ago
love you little mix am a big fan
Isabella Marucci
Isabella Marucci - 8 months ago
Perrie is the best idek why Zayn broke up with her
mcfly craze
mcfly craze - 8 months ago
Why perrie why? That outfit 😣
But you still look gorgeous 😍
animationzplayz - 8 months ago
I love love black magic❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pez C
Pez C - 8 months ago
Jade bit my finger lol
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