50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More

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sc00bi23 - 6 hours ago
See how they switched that topic real quick about lil booty butts lol smh
Grey Love
Grey Love - 6 hours ago
Hes gorgeous lord have mercy lol💁‍♀️
Nilla Joseph
Nilla Joseph - 6 hours ago
Lmaooooo @ 69 comment
Jaiso International
Jaiso International - 7 hours ago
Kirk Smart
Kirk Smart - 7 hours ago
Fuk Y'all Ghost aint going no where!
Icon Don
Icon Don - 7 hours ago
50 controls the narrative..
Cody S
Cody S - 7 hours ago
Meg the stallion should come on The breakfast club
Joy - 9 hours ago
Paris Shine
Paris Shine - 9 hours ago
50 cent really really ugly
bjr816 - 9 hours ago
The new theme song isn't bad its just that we heard the original first lol.
Bree Bree
Bree Bree - 10 hours ago
He is his mother child now 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Izzy P1
Izzy P1 - 10 hours ago
Fif the realist ever.
Ellen animz
Ellen animz - 10 hours ago
Who rappin better than 2pac. Who sold 75 m physical albums?
tom hanks
tom hanks - 11 hours ago
tom hanks
tom hanks - 11 hours ago
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson - 11 hours ago
I like the remix and I'm not a big Trey Songz fan
Rafael Ricardo
Rafael Ricardo - 12 hours ago
high horse
high horse - 12 hours ago
why Charlamagne looking 50 up and down like that? He's tryna burn him into his memory.
Shaun Moneyy
Shaun Moneyy - 12 hours ago
Is power still on Xfinity ?
Ang S
Ang S - 12 hours ago
Nah, TuPac will forever be #1...sorry
Karla Mitchell
Karla Mitchell - 12 hours ago
I always love a 50 interview 💋
S kay
S kay - 13 hours ago
cthagod dressed like its 2003 chingy video
Rj Jordan
Rj Jordan - 13 hours ago
Power is TRASH! TOP BOY is the new sheriff in town. Top boy has great writers, sound track, storyline. Congrats to Drake & Maverick for keeping the series Alive. 50cents/50pennies that's how you do it, take notes. Maverick & Drake quietly takeover without bad mouthing the competition. 50 pennies is a CULTURE VULTURE!
Troy Stait
Troy Stait - 14 hours ago
50 THE KING!!! GGG GUNIT......!
Chawanne Burns
Chawanne Burns - 14 hours ago
Yee put on her Sunday best for Fifty! Okay Ma!
Carol Paige
Carol Paige - 14 hours ago
One thing I can say he's not so arrogant to not change our back....
bilias hour
bilias hour - 13 hours ago
Damn snitch 😂😂😂
Carol Paige
Carol Paige - 14 hours ago
This is like changing.....GOOD TIMES THEME SONG..ABSOLUTELY NO....
bilias hour
bilias hour - 13 hours ago
I'm so in love with this man!! He is so awesome.
3Mayes - 15 hours ago
50 for president 2020🤔👀😊
BARFINO QUE - 15 hours ago
He spoke real shit bout CB-VS-MJ
BARFINO QUE - 15 hours ago
But 50 was sayen was real shit about business an people
BARFINO QUE - 15 hours ago
Primary example.if it aint broke dont fix it.
Tanisha Hawkins
Tanisha Hawkins - 16 hours ago
the theme song was good don't fix something that ain't broke!!!
MARI - 17 hours ago
Bow Wow stealing from strippers i’m crying
ODE TO BALTIMORE - 18 hours ago
The master at dodging a question.
Ranger Davis
Ranger Davis - 18 hours ago
She got her tiny boobs all out. When she face 50 they out then when she is not she closes her shirt.
Breona Hawkins
Breona Hawkins - 19 hours ago
Love Some 50 Cent 😍♥️💯
Cowboi Bishop & Rotating Ring Kings TV
That remix was 🔥 I don’t think tha original was all that 2 tha point where niggas were actually taking time out they day 2 complain about it
Marcus Hart
Marcus Hart - 19 hours ago
I'm a simple man when Breakfast Club interviews real unapologetic people I watch! But when they been coming with that left leaning and that other puppet dancing stuff I'm so turned off. Just saying.
Kody Sanderson
Kody Sanderson - 20 hours ago
Yee looking fine af
The Eff Word
The Eff Word - 20 hours ago
50 found 50 ways to RISE! My Brother! LOL...Desperation Twerk! I said that one time and they gave it to me! LOL This interview was very enlightening...50 is a very smart man...wow! I was selling crack and had the Billie Jean poster on my wall! I'm Dead! 50 is far more Respectful than I thought! It's clear you can not believe what ppL Spew on others for money! I definitely have a new found respect for Him!
bilias hour
bilias hour - 20 hours ago
I'm so in love with this man!! He is so awesome.
Kingleon58 - 20 hours ago
Damn snitch 😂😂😂
Alicia Cox
Alicia Cox - 21 hour ago
That's my baby
diana - 21 hour ago
Should’ve asked “Sp why’d you lie on Maya?”
bilias hour
bilias hour - 20 hours ago
Dj envy Uh hm Uh hm Uh hm Uh hm
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 21 hour ago
I'm Out...... #bye 50!!
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 21 hour ago
M. J is a legend!!! C. B is no where near his level.
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 21 hour ago
Stfu 50!! Non of these new rappers are better than pac... 🖕
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 21 hour ago
Puffy had 2pac killed!!!
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 21 hour ago
I can't believe g unit is over. BANKS START YOUR OWN LABEL.
Robert E Cali
Robert E Cali - 22 hours ago
CTG. Ghost kiss ben
Beyonce at the basket ball game that why he made that statement he needs to die Jay z payroll..Facts. Look it up
haylee marmn
haylee marmn - 22 hours ago
50 you’re cool n all BUT NO RAPPER right now is better then Tupac. Tupac is literally the 🐐.
Rose J
Rose J - 22 hours ago
I respect him for however he handled the people out to kill him. Something happened where they didn't come back a second time.
Playboichris - 22 hours ago
People forget this man made one of the best ps2 games ever
Tanisha Williams
Tanisha Williams - 22 hours ago
50 Still Is The Goat Periodddddddttttt..👌
Tanisha Williams
Tanisha Williams - 22 hours ago
G Unit In 50 Voice..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Andre Antoine
Andre Antoine - Day ago
5 turned into a lil kid when da Klub mention he have a new lady. Shit dats how I want a woman to make feel.
Martin Porter
Martin Porter - Day ago
This comment is frm a diffrent show smthing I've been thinking about seeing how so uneducated women n men r on sex education including sme of u guys think u guys should devote a segment devoted to to sex education it would not only enlightening people but u guys CV too but I will say one of u guys which is is vfc the married one is very educated about sex ed u other two should talk to ur partner as single people bcuz u guys r missing signs of people who may b having sex with guys n not making them or u use protection purposely knowing they have some type of disease n this frm a man who has been a victim of rape n has caught claudia twice frm his ex wife durring a 12 yr active sexuall marriage frm his married wife u cant even trustvur spouse n ifvu and r to the married 1 d as not b guessingbif shes cheating or not n follow ur sexual instincts food for thought
Martin Porter
Martin Porter - Day ago
Trust ur sexual instincts sex doesn't lie partners do
aaronstallard - Day ago
Should have asked him about his part in setting up Tekashi...... lol. Oh well I guess thats what you get when you try to clown the real king of NY bhahaha
Monkey 'D'eandro
Monkey 'D'eandro - Day ago
Dj envy
Uh hm
Uh hm
Uh hm
Uh hm
Frostie UK
Frostie UK - Day ago
I must admit, I'm changing my mind about 50, he's hilarious, real, confident, smart... he's ruthless but that's his life
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