Lil Pump - "Pose To Do" ft. French Montana & Quavo (Official Audio)

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xOpMadara - 9 hours ago
Lucas diaz
Lucas diaz - 11 hours ago
Gucci gan
Gucci gan
Orie Angelo Jose
Orie Angelo Jose - 14 hours ago
Now lil ump its now poor hahhah
Shubham - 17 hours ago can somebody tell me the song used in the following video after 2;30
Nik RoBy beats
Nik RoBy beats - Day ago
Where you New album?!?!
Friendly Homie
Friendly Homie - 21 hour ago
Never, hopefully.
xxxmoonlight cat :3
U suck
Zionnn Zarky
Zionnn Zarky - Day ago
3 mumble rapper in one song 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Greyshadow 5
Greyshadow 5 - Day ago
*WTF HAPPEND TO YOU* pls make better raps like gucci gang ,esskeetit or i love it
The old lil pump without autotune and with luxury cars with naked girls was better than this
Friendly Homie
Friendly Homie - 21 hour ago
They were also shit though. I swear, only 12 year olds like that shit
Jowee SANPEDRO - Day ago
Ayy Pump blew up again
Young Cozzi
Young Cozzi - Day ago
Fell offfffffffff
Jm Navarro
Jm Navarro - 2 days ago
Fuck black wolf . 57 that’s the guy that Destroyed XXXTENTACION memorial
zeus 9532
zeus 9532 - 2 days ago
Who is here from blacklyspeaks
Bence Illés
Bence Illés - 2 days ago
Pls rap lil pump
AMINE Gamer - 2 days ago
Where is views
Jacob VandeBiezen
Jacob VandeBiezen - 2 days ago
big fan
Ruth Mutasa
Ruth Mutasa - 2 days ago
This song is the shit!!!
King of Miami
Friendly Homie
Friendly Homie - 21 hour ago
This song is shit*
It’s Kamii
It’s Kamii - 3 days ago
This is horrible lol
gregory anastas
gregory anastas - 3 days ago
Hater's gonna hate,potato gonna potate
Canal Youtudoevil
Canal Youtudoevil - 3 days ago
Its Nyro
Its Nyro - 4 days ago
*The beat dropped harder than lil pumps career*
Spaced_Out_ Bro
Spaced_Out_ Bro - 4 days ago
Pump switch it up and release something unexpected
xd snipz
xd snipz - 4 days ago
Who every likes lil pump is fucking autistic
Media en ligne
Media en ligne - 4 days ago
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Tall Lyrics
Tall Lyrics - 4 days ago
D2o40 Akz
D2o40 Akz - 4 days ago
how tf do you get bodied by French Montana? lmao
D2o40 Akz
D2o40 Akz - 4 days ago
wtf is this shit... this is fucking terrible
Celia Ancelmo
Celia Ancelmo - 4 days ago
Pose to do
Madridia Madridia
Madridia Madridia - 4 days ago
يا ايها العرب 🤐🤐🤐
هل تعلمون با أنكم سحبة تركتوني لوحدي عند الأجانب😭😭
OozY Can
OozY Can - 4 days ago
Alexa Caicedo
Alexa Caicedo - 5 days ago
te arrestaron lilpump ¡¡¡ por que :'V
Matt Wii sports
Matt Wii sports - 5 days ago
Lil pump death is awaiting you soon please dont over dose
GaM Binos
GaM Binos - 5 days ago
French montana ✅👑
Gustavolima Lima
Gustavolima Lima - 5 days ago
This is a fucking travis song shit
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez - 5 days ago
Hola!!! En ingles hellow!!!!
Yame - 5 days ago
Redix - 5 days ago
Redix - 5 days ago
Redix - 5 days ago
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee - 5 days ago
i hope youre next on the dead rapper list
Setap Stoyn
Setap Stoyn - 5 days ago
Эм лил памп ты куда пропал
Jeshua D. Noel
Jeshua D. Noel - 6 days ago
“she might be a thot but i’m a thot too” UHHHHH
Los fixas
Los fixas - 6 days ago
Clip pesado, fuck beat esketitttt, @quavo sou seu fã, o limite é só questão de opinião!
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