First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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Omr4n Gaming
Omr4n Gaming - 41 minute ago
What happens if that too starts drifting
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn - 42 minutes ago
This is releasing the same day me and the boys storm Area 51
drake patrick
drake patrick - 59 minutes ago
Make it 4 dollars 💰
Traps are GaY
Traps are GaY - Hour ago
What about those traumatising motion sensitive shrines in breath of the wild when there will be no motion control on the switch lite
LemonnadeTV Official
Well they should have added the grip more comfortable...
Super Kirby 24
Super Kirby 24 - Hour ago
3:02 I'm sorry is he playing on the switch lite where he might mess something up?
Super Kirby 24
Super Kirby 24 - Hour ago
So where's the switch that only works on the TV? Where's the switch that only does tabletop mode?
Taco Kuri
Taco Kuri - Hour ago
Nintendo Switch but without the Switch
Blue carno WR
Blue carno WR - Hour ago
It’s a small Wii U
Taco Kuri
Taco Kuri - Hour ago
Its so cute wtf I want it
XJglitch10 - Hour ago
The Switch lite needs a better name
XxXxSummerXxX x
XxXxSummerXxX x - Hour ago
I love my Nintendo switch but there’s something missing I miss the variety of different games like cooking games, fashion games, solving games there’s so much missing, and I wish Nintendo that you read this message and ask us what kind of game we want next
EchoFurz - Hour ago
so a smaller switch with more color
Kirbyyoshi88z X
Kirbyyoshi88z X - Hour ago
Gonna start my channel on September 2 or sooner
SuperBobDansk1 - 2 hours ago
Nintendo Switch Good
Nintendo Switch Lite Bad
gk pokemon
gk pokemon - 2 hours ago
What about price
Pirahna Player731
Pirahna Player731 - 2 hours ago
Wait, is that a wii U
SM7D'S Multi-type videos
SM7D'S Multi-type videos - 2 hours ago
Please tell him to add points again
240 G
240 G - 2 hours ago
Still expensive
How to Train your Stormfly
Yellow, turquoise uhhh what other colors would they like?
How to Train your Stormfly
When they were making this
Guy: let's make a portable wii u
Other guy: but it's dead
Guy: then... SWITCH it up a little
methenobody _
methenobody _ - 3 hours ago
2ds and x box controller had a baby
Ja jestem Groot
Ja jestem Groot - 3 hours ago
How 1, 2, switch are made on this console
Claudia Moura
Claudia Moura - 3 hours ago
"A new addition to the switch family" NEW SWITCH AND SWITCH XL CONFIRMED
berksbacon 7809
berksbacon 7809 - 3 hours ago
I thought it never happen but it DID 😁
Jupiter TV
Jupiter TV - 3 hours ago
BUT WHY THO?!? Plus, the color choices are oddly unique, would have expected something like Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green...
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams - 3 hours ago
Charninja Tr
Charninja Tr - 3 hours ago
Nintendo:This is our new project Nintendont Switch
Counterclockwise Films
Counterclockwise Films - 4 hours ago
I love it! It looks so cool and I don’t have a switch yet and I want this as my first!
NOKEL_ NOKER - 4 hours ago
I’m getting it because my siblings are *always* watching cartoons on the tv so, having a console where I can take it with me where every I want is good!
jECKA - 5 hours ago
Is this why New Horizons was delayed?
Ollie Brown
Ollie Brown - 5 hours ago
Essentially its just the 2ds variant of the 3ds, cheaper and lacking in core features such as motion controls, docking and rumble.
Fine for little ones who just want the handheld but i prefer my Orginal anyday 👍.
Still a cheaper variant is welcomed to the market.
Naruke - 5 hours ago
Aram Khazaei
Aram Khazaei - 5 hours ago
"With the Nintendo Switch *family of products* "
Now where have I heard that before...
Jace Sanders
Jace Sanders - 5 hours ago
Sarah Richter
Sarah Richter - 5 hours ago
You can not play with other people
F. A
F. A - 6 hours ago
Very disappointing :( it’s no longer a nintendo switch since there is nothing to switch? You just brought a large screen ds. Nintendo should go forward not take a step back i guess...
Yaniel Gonzalez
Yaniel Gonzalez - 6 hours ago
I hope the sticks dont have the same problem as the joy cons that start to move alone the character. That could be a problem when you play games that you tap them hard like smash brother.
Jimmy De Guzman
Jimmy De Guzman - 6 hours ago
RIP Nintendo DS.
TheStupidGamer - 7 hours ago
6 years later:
Nintendo: first look at the Nintendo switch xl
No U
No U - 7 hours ago
Rip Etika wish he was here to see this❤️
d Katsuya
d Katsuya - 8 hours ago
I will like to buy this thing pls 😭
Jackmks1 - 8 hours ago
I Thinking this the great but...there some weak's of this Console....I Hope Nintendo Can Fixed before Launching for Global...🙏🙏🙏 From Indonesia
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! - 8 hours ago
1:31 M.R stark I don't feel so good...
Guardian - 9 hours ago
Nintendo: Hi, so, good morning, we gluestripped the joycons down.
Avaliable for sale.
TheWolf Guy
TheWolf Guy - 9 hours ago
It should be called NINTENDO NOT PS VITA lite cuz it doesn’t ‘switch’ anymore.
Jocelyn Madera
Jocelyn Madera - 9 hours ago
bring banjo kazooie to the switch!!!
TheWolf Guy
TheWolf Guy - 9 hours ago
The first ad I’ve seen that talks about the negative things.
TheWolf Guy
TheWolf Guy - 6 hours ago
I can’t believe How stupid you are XD, WhooooooooooooShhh
Gameking - 8 hours ago
what negative things? did you expect a handheld to connect to a TV?
Greg Youn
Greg Youn - 9 hours ago
i hope there's gonna be marvel's spider man game from Nintendo switch too
Snail Sniffer
Snail Sniffer - 9 hours ago
why do i need this
Gameking - 8 hours ago
i don´t know if you need this. but people who want a switch but are not interested in docked mode need it.
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