The Host 2006 Full Movie In English Kang ho Song Action Comedy Drama Film IOF 720p

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ZeRo X
ZeRo X - Day ago
1:46:19 dead rising confirmed
Lavender/ Shy Wolfy
Lavender/ Shy Wolfy - 2 days ago
Me: * 1 hour and 17 minutes in and reads the entire title and sees that it says comedy* HOW IS THIS FUNNY PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!???
April Jane Ballesteros
April Jane Ballesteros - 3 days ago
mamang Kay lupit
Kuda Mhembere
Kuda Mhembere - 5 days ago
25:42 :D hahahaha
Brenda Brito
Brenda Brito - 5 days ago
pero queeeeee meda miedo tristeza y risa alabes like si estas viendo esto el el 2019
John G
John G - 6 days ago
I was wondering why I never finished watching and just remembered it was the first scene that seemed ridiculous.
FelixFukuyoshi - 7 days ago
english dub sucks
mwana saidi
mwana saidi - 7 days ago
me encanto la película a un que hubiera sido mejor en español pero estuvo muy bueno la película me gusto mucho ❤
GTA V Y GTA SA JUEGA - 12 days ago
Like si ves en el 2019,2020,2021
le huynh
le huynh - 13 days ago
Phim xem khá lâu rồi xem lại vẫn còn hay
Xian blake
Xian blake - 14 days ago
Police and army is impotent
Xian blake
Xian blake - 14 days ago
Its so sad for his dad 😭
Melvito Hernandez
Melvito Hernandez - 16 days ago
like si la película te pareció un poco loca
Она звалась Т
Она звалась Т - 16 days ago
Bong Joon-ho is a genius! Love this film!🎬📽❤👍
Rude boy
Rude boy - 16 days ago
The movie is good, the dub sucks
남남 남남
남남 남남 - 18 days ago
22:58 소주 놓는 사람은 장례식에 있는 가족들과 무슨 관계인가요?? 여자아이의 삼촌?
Martín Alexander De León
BushBaaBaa - 18 days ago
'The bottles are dusty' is the most stupid reason to get rid of the chemicals, especially when there was no indication they were to be disposed of before being found to be dusty. The old 'truck transporting toxic chemicals has an accident and everything spills into the water' routine would be 100% better that that. There are less pathetic but still obvious ways to show that old white men are evil.
Thanos - 19 days ago
13:49 I Think You Came For That
Dhanie pangandaran 123
Dhanie pangandaran 123 - 19 days ago
Indo jawa
Rizal Sby
Rizal Sby - 22 days ago
Siapa yang dari Indonesia like nampaknya sedikit
Tirath Lidder
Tirath Lidder - 23 days ago
all the characters should've died like 10 times, decision-making skills = 0, kudos to the homeless guy for being smarter than the whole family & the city combined.
BT -7274
BT -7274 - 24 days ago
I always wanted to watch this as a kid
Paola Solano
Paola Solano - 25 days ago
La muchacha se murio?
Supermariomessiah Soeung
Supermariomessiah Soeung - 28 days ago
I feel bad for him 1:20:50
Supermariomessiah Soeung
Supermariomessiah Soeung - 27 days ago
I’m sad
Linda Taghon
Linda Taghon - 28 days ago
LOVE this movie, I laughed a lot and cried at the end a lot! Koreans make the BEST movies!
호박고구마 - 28 days ago
MrMethadrine - 29 days ago
My God...The dubbed it.
David Pandish
David Pandish - Month ago
This is a great movie even thou the cgi is outdated
so besteira de garotas molhadas
Ele sabe contracenar bem
Freek Vonk
Freek Vonk - Month ago
420PM!!!! WOOOOO
Ark Ham
Ark Ham - Month ago
Lupara Bianca
Lupara Bianca - Month ago
The last thing that goes through a gnat's mind when it hits a car windscreen is its a*$e, well, gnats showbiz folks.
Carl Savage
Carl Savage - Month ago
Recuerdo cuando yo la vi en el 2007, y solo la vi esa vez y me encantó. Hasta ahora me acorde. Infancia.. :’)
UNIQLO信者 - Month ago
Yonatan Avalo
Yonatan Avalo - Month ago
Esta en ingles vámonos ala verga wey
Font Wars ツ
Font Wars ツ - Month ago
Vi la escena del principio donde aparece el monstruo por primera vez con 5 años y me dio un medio Trauma, ahora lo veo que me pregunto porque me tramo esa web?
M KR - Month ago
Eduardo Ramos
Eduardo Ramos - 21 day ago
La neta no te entiendo 🤔
Cang Hồ
Cang Hồ - Month ago
Đoàn kết là sức mạnh
Nick Redmond
Nick Redmond - Month ago
that was such a weird movie, I feel like more of it is better explained in its national language
Vergel Tuble
Vergel Tuble - Month ago
I like this movie
Noob Thizz
Noob Thizz - Month ago
Seen this for the first time 09 better then most American sci-fi horror😊
Lucy Laiche
Lucy Laiche - Month ago
"According to the director, his inspiration came from a local article about a deformed fish with an S-shaped spine caught in the Han River." Bong Joon-Ho, who is the director & the main writer of The Host based his inspiration on The McFarland incident in 2000. The Host is a classic.
Perpetue  Raharisoa
Perpetue Raharisoa - Month ago
David Vasquez
David Vasquez - Month ago
For anyone complaining about the dub, watch both the dub and sub. It’s honestly extremely reminiscent of classic Godzilla movies and old Japanese/Chinese/Korean action movies and creature features. Obviously the sub is better, but there’s something kitschy and nostalgic about watching the dub
Nesrine Rahoui
Nesrine Rahoui - Month ago
اجمل فيلم كوري
iswandi jamain
iswandi jamain - Month ago
why dont the police shower the beast using petrol. and then use flamethrower to decimate it. and then disinfect the place.
Tham Official
Tham Official - Month ago
eza azah
eza azah - Month ago
dari face book lari ke sini,java indinesia 20 agstus 2019 dch...lucu tegang,ktwa 👍👍👍
Lkhama suren
Lkhama suren - Month ago
24:14 those people on the back, lol
Malkeus Diasporan
Malkeus Diasporan - 2 months ago
Anyone know of a version of this that's not dubbed and has english subtitles? The cgi is bad enough, but the voices that clearly don't match the tone of the scene is really dragging this down for me.
sclogse1 - 2 months ago
What an experience. The english dubbing takes away from the film, but it rises above it. I would much rather have subtitles. What energy it must take to make something like this. Thanks for a superior visual quality copy of this fascinating and powerful film, unlike no other.
Nicolas do Nascimento Beserra Nascimento Beserra
Muito legal 🇧🇷
Viviana Figueroa
Viviana Figueroa - 2 months ago
Traducción al español!!!!!...🙏🙏🙏
ang sala
ang sala - 2 months ago
excelemt picture 16 agust 2019 aplicas la traducción
شخص مجروح
شخص مجروح - 2 months ago
مين عربي
Nenita Herrera
Nenita Herrera - 2 months ago
Wow nice thank for sharing
Pop무당호랑 - 2 months ago
1:35 maggie's dad of the walking dead
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