The Host 2006 Full Movie In English Kang ho Song Action Comedy Drama Film IOF 720p

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Uut Fitria
Uut Fitria - 19 minutes ago
Aku liat di fb,cma sepotong aja,oh trnyta di you tube full kya perasaan aku ke kamu😁gx sepotong sepotong
mortalsgrief mortalcross
mortalsgrief mortalcross - 13 hours ago
this is a example never give weird fishes beer they go crazy for more beer
Airiel Qusyairi
Airiel Qusyairi - Day ago
Is monster angry
Aaron Chris Gallagher
Yeah let me throw a can of soda or juice at a monster that could easily kill me Because THAT A GOOD IDEA ITS LIKE DOING THIS 😨🏹🦊PETA BE LIKE WE WILL HAVE YOU BE HEADED
Ntongo Breaker
Ntongo Breaker - 3 days ago
What a movie and that's a good dad for real
Ali Alvares
Ali Alvares - 4 days ago
Like site dió miedo o tristesa
n11ono - 4 days ago
This film is amazing
James Moseley
James Moseley - 5 days ago
I don’t like the fact that our “evil American villain” has no motivation other than being extremely stupid and lazy. I guess some people might tell me that’s accurate about Americans, but it doesn’t make for a very interesting backstory. I’ll keep watching. Thanks for the upload
Aditlina Aditlina
Aditlina Aditlina - 5 days ago
Love this a lot
CumBucket101 - 6 days ago
That CGI
alexaneson iedagoba
alexaneson iedagoba - 8 days ago
Very fun and adventure I love it
Miia Perezz
Miia Perezz - 8 days ago
Menegangkan & ngeselin am si dokter2nya..
Karen Velez Vega
Karen Velez Vega - 8 days ago
Añguien en español por favor o subtítulos en Spanish plis!!!
gian caslo
gian caslo - 7 days ago
Pasa el pack primero ;\/
여신 - 10 days ago
뭐여 왜 영어야
yolo surprise
yolo surprise - 12 days ago
Estoy aqui por luis dewit
حازم عكاشه
حازم عكاشه - 12 days ago
أريد الفلم مترجم
Je Young You
Je Young You - 13 days ago
dub is terrible
りんごぱい - 13 days ago
Arsil Pelu
Arsil Pelu - 13 days ago
Asiap asik banget
hot oio
hot oio - 14 days ago
orlando vale
orlando vale - 15 days ago
Yo no hablo coreano
Tae Kim
Tae Kim - 16 days ago
Quien me explica ese final? :'v
aguy noy
aguy noy - 16 days ago
title pls.....
bridget guardiola
bridget guardiola - 16 days ago
I feel like the brother should be in the army he came out and was like make sure it's dead like a Savage and then shot it he's bad ass 1:02:23
Noel Belotindos
Noel Belotindos - 17 days ago
Alejandro Sudiro
Alejandro Sudiro - 17 days ago
The plot recipe in each of his movie that I’ve seen : everyone that is the most loveable has to die, sooner or later. You should not expect to be happy.
MeeM Dispenser
MeeM Dispenser - 17 days ago
This wasn't the best movie, though it wasn't the worst. Some scenes kind of pissed me off with how dumb some characters acted, especially when the protagonist caused the death of his father, not to mention the impartial beginning of the movie. But I was able to look over this throughout. I also admit that I was thrown back into my seat while watching this, it was very tense and I was genuinely surprised by many unexpected scenes! Overall I'd give it 3 stars.
Zoey Teenager
Zoey Teenager - 17 days ago
Aún recuerdo cuando ví está película hace nueve años, es muy nostálgico 😢😢
Edi Prasetyo
Edi Prasetyo - 18 days ago
Saya pernah nonton di k-drama
Eva Vazquez
Eva Vazquez - 19 days ago
Lik si te da suspenso😵 tristesa y miedo😲 y si la estas viendo en 2019😎
diana berrones campos
diana berrones campos - 14 days ago
Apenas la veo
Liz Liz
Liz Liz - 20 days ago
#804 esperemos que este buenísima 🤗
Liz Liz
Liz Liz - 20 days ago
Triste por qué murió la niña y el abuelo... Y bueno porque el niño sobrevivió 🤗
전정국Quyên - 20 days ago
con này ở VN chắc bị mấy ông nhậu làm thịt ht 😂 chó vịt heo gà trâu bò mí ổng còn ăn dc huống j con này.......
Samuel López
Samuel López - 20 days ago
Ala verga no entiendo inglés pero me gusta la película aunque no entienda lo que dice
Bam Bam
Bam Bam - 21 day ago
Alguien más le pareció que la criatura expulsó una cría?...
Luís Player
Luís Player - 23 days ago
Tudo del boenas
EX0TIC L3GEND - 23 days ago
Who came by seeing the Mist all sightings
jose tv
jose tv - 23 days ago
Como que estan comiendo con la niña y la niña sigue atrapada
Hoạt Nguyễn
Hoạt Nguyễn - 25 days ago
Connor Webb
Connor Webb - 25 days ago
I mean come on. Support the fucking artists.
허윤범 - 25 days ago
both are the same girl
winter caleb
winter caleb - 26 days ago
1:23:47 man, why can't they hire an actor with normal eyes? Can't take this seriously when he's staring at me like that
winter caleb
winter caleb - 26 days ago
@Han-gyoul Im didn't know that. thanks.
Han-gyoul Im
Han-gyoul Im - 26 days ago
winter caleb Director Bong joon-ho chose the actor because of his eyes. He intended that.
Justin Lopez hope
Justin Lopez hope - 29 days ago
Alguien más no le entendió al final?
B-Drop barrera
B-Drop barrera - 29 days ago
Alguien sabe como se llama la película de un monstruo gigante que parece que graban la película con una cámara no la encuentro ayuda ;)
Milton Pérez Ramirez
Milton Pérez Ramirez - 29 days ago
Cloverfiel 2008
windell paje
windell paje - 29 days ago
It's looks like a grasshopper half of a frog legs hahaha
Jacob Obaldia
Jacob Obaldia - 29 days ago
Chuso! Tremenda Película,👍😂
Irma Hernandez
Irma Hernandez - Month ago
Asusta un poco
Tamren Davis
Tamren Davis - Month ago
Dramatic much
조현욱 - Month ago
지라치 - Month ago
monster vs monster
音無蓮 - Month ago
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