Little Mix - Think About Us (Vertical Video) ft. TY Dollar $ign

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AbeTheProcrastinator Orange
Deo Jade Baraquiel
Deo Jade Baraquiel - 7 days ago
Jesus Leigh Anne is killing me with those bangs ❤️❤️❤️❤️
john Iliardo
john Iliardo - 14 days ago
I will marry little mix 😂😂😂😂
Peter van der veer
Peter van der veer - 16 days ago
Thats whatt you asked a time ago think off you, iss itt importent, more thanks all the People
Nicole Rios
Nicole Rios - 17 days ago
Soy el comentario en español que buscaban
Mayra Chaelin
Mayra Chaelin - 18 days ago
Velocidad de reproducción X1.5 eaeaea 🎊
kevin Michael
kevin Michael - 20 days ago
Hino injustiçado
Judith Junkers
Judith Junkers - 25 days ago
Love this vertical video, they look so beautiful
Zoya Akbari
Zoya Akbari - Month ago
Who else thinks that are Queens are going to lose the International group award in the Teen Awards 2019 against Kpop. Why are our queens so underrated 😭😢😩😔
okay arii
okay arii - Month ago
The vocals sound different here! We can easily hear the harmonies!
Breno Barreiros
Breno Barreiros - Month ago
Jesy's voice is so sexy 😍
Breno Barreiros
Breno Barreiros - Month ago
0:46 my favorite part 😍
tincanu pistolaru Mogos
Vă iubesc little mix
Anveksha Rai
Anveksha Rai - 2 months ago
Perrie 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Megan Grant
Megan Grant - 2 months ago
Is it just me or do their voices sound a bit different on this video
Aklima Khatun
Aklima Khatun - 2 months ago
It’s my friends favourite song one and her name is Neha 🙂🌝😊
Toy Chica
Toy Chica - 2 months ago
Douglas A_P
Douglas A_P - 2 months ago
Leigh Anne is Sooo beautiful 😍😍😍
Evandro Ledesma
Evandro Ledesma - 2 months ago
Love litlle mix
iiEpikWizard - 2 months ago
Marie Keys
Marie Keys - 2 months ago
I love all their looks and Leigh Leigh's vocals, Jesy pulling a Jesy, Perrie's dance, and Jade... AHHHHH THEY ARE AMAZINGGGG
Rudson Almeida
Rudson Almeida - 2 months ago
Adel - 2 months ago
I prefer this over the mv
Selina Ramadani
Selina Ramadani - 2 months ago
I like this Song🙂
Rahul Mahay
Rahul Mahay - 2 months ago
Leigh Anne is a queen
Rahul Mahay
Rahul Mahay - 2 months ago
selena gomez really started the trend of vertical videos wow everybody does them now
アバのファン - 2 months ago
Ujung Princess
Ujung Princess - 2 months ago
EeviumZ - 2 months ago
Well go watch the original and let us people who like this version watch it
David Arnold
David Arnold - 2 months ago
Isn't there anything these girls can't do
Gladys Nordlund
Gladys Nordlund - 2 months ago
You help me paint and I do think about you
ZãRã YT - 2 months ago
I loveeeee Youuu!
Juraj Kovacova
Juraj Kovacova - 2 months ago
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 2 months ago
This is so much better than the fucking MV
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 2 months ago
I mean look at them
kylie queen Genner
kylie queen Genner - 2 months ago
i love love love my little mix
Lindsay Everitt
Lindsay Everitt - 2 months ago
This is really really good in the UK
نوال الصائغ
نوال الصائغ - 2 months ago
These grown women are giving me a good vibe everytime i listen to them songs.
Harmonixer 56
Harmonixer 56 - 2 months ago
Is it just me or do they're vocals sound slightly different?
Sassire 2007
Sassire 2007 - 2 months ago
Go! Break the replay button! I'll be proud!
Stephen Karanja
Stephen Karanja - 2 months ago
i am going your band . From Toni
Sindi xo
Sindi xo - 2 months ago
OMG I ❤️ u and this song
Salifyanji Lukwesa
Salifyanji Lukwesa - 2 months ago
Sad that they sold out to illuminati
Napoleon Christoper Delos Santos
I wanna know
Gets me Everytime
ni. dze.
ni. dze. - 2 months ago
1:17 my fav part👅👅👅
Aman Kc
Aman Kc - 2 months ago
they are sooo gud at of the best vertical vids
Amna Javaid
Amna Javaid - 2 months ago
i love you....
Opposite Sister _Rina_
Opposite Sister _Rina_ - 2 months ago
Yes I think about you, litlle mix
Claudia Ayesu
Claudia Ayesu - 2 months ago
❤️❤️❤️them so much. Beautiful
Liam Brady
Liam Brady - 2 months ago
Little mix you are amazing. 🦄🐶🐷
just4 strangers
just4 strangers - 2 months ago
And it's fire when we touch.. 🔥
Ioana Music Love
Ioana Music Love - 3 months ago
Who is better BlackPink or Little Mix?
Ioana Music Love
Ioana Music Love - 3 months ago
I think Little Mix.
Benita Binoy
Benita Binoy - 3 months ago
Who is watching this in may 2019??
ayush chauhan
ayush chauhan - 3 months ago
every video is perfect.
foreverbbooyy - 3 months ago
this video uses the demo version of the song
One Mix
One Mix - 3 months ago
Can we just appreciate Jesy real quick? 😍
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres - 2 months ago
Yeah you don’t really see her that much in this video. Hey, watch out for this guy named BEASTSIEBOYS.
juju alves ALVES
juju alves ALVES - 3 months ago
I Love them,the best singers👏😍
Marly Prudencio
Marly Prudencio - 3 months ago
I like how you sing little mix
Halle Schendle
Halle Schendle - 3 months ago
I went to your conservative at sse hydro in Glasgow
سمارة كيوت
سمارة كيوت - 3 months ago
Jia Pia
Jia Pia - 3 months ago
This is the best look I have seen on Leigh-Anne. I think she should do her hair like this more often. It suits her so well! She has always been gorgeous, but she blew me away in both videos!
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang - 3 months ago
3:18 I was scared af when Perrie did that move. I thought the video buffered.
William Sumner
William Sumner - 3 months ago
Could y'all only you
Woman Like Leigh
Woman Like Leigh - 3 months ago
Angielyn Bunyi
Angielyn Bunyi - 3 months ago
Ang gaganda nilang 4 na gerls
diya Ramsamooch
diya Ramsamooch - 3 months ago
I do I think about you and I can't shake you of stuck like glue
70 7
70 7 - 3 months ago
Zayn is disable
Ness Brown
Ness Brown - 3 months ago
This song
Katherine Fullwood
Katherine Fullwood - 3 months ago
Jessy my favourite
Katherine Fullwood
Katherine Fullwood - 3 months ago
Love you little mmix your amazing
Lilly Irving-Averes
Lilly Irving-Averes - 3 months ago
God I miss them making songs like their old ones
natali tv
natali tv - 3 months ago
Perri is so beautiful
Adiba Almas
Adiba Almas - 3 months ago
Always Little Mix is the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez - 3 months ago
Who’s older 🌺🌸
Siyana Boneva
Siyana Boneva - 3 months ago
I watched it just once but... I'm pretty sure Jessy was showing the least and when she did she was covered with shadows...
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres - 2 months ago
Do you mean shown?
Lydia Katrin
Lydia Katrin - 3 months ago
is it me or are their vocals growing
Ahmet Gümüş
Ahmet Gümüş - 3 months ago
My fovourite Little Mix of member is Perrie Edwards.Because her sound is very colorful and stronger than other member...
d00d - 3 months ago
vocals ! vocals ! vocals ! vOOOOCAAALLSSS !!!!!!
CHARLES BRET GAYYED - 3 months ago
You made me realize day by day that life can be more livelier by just listening to your music. All the way from the Philippines. Keep empowering us with your powerful songs. I will always be your number 1 FAN. ❤️❤️❤️
Kiara Fred
Kiara Fred - 3 months ago
Do a collab with hrvy
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