just4 strangers
just4 strangers - 13 hours ago
And it's fire when we touch.. 🔥
Ioana Music Love
Ioana Music Love - 5 days ago
Who is better BlackPink or Little Mix?
Ioana Music Love
Ioana Music Love - 5 days ago
I think Little Mix.
Benita Binoy
Benita Binoy - 5 days ago
Who is watching this in may 2019??
ayush chauhan
ayush chauhan - 6 days ago
every video is perfect.
foreverbbooyy - 9 days ago
this video uses the demo version of the song
Brianna L.
Brianna L. - 9 days ago
Can we just appreciate Jesy real quick? 😍
Jungkook Bts
Jungkook Bts - 10 days ago
juju alves ALVES
juju alves ALVES - 11 days ago
I Love them,the best singers👏😍
Marly Prudencio
Marly Prudencio - 12 days ago
I like how you sing little mix
Halle Schendle
Halle Schendle - 12 days ago
I went to your conservative at sse hydro in Glasgow
سمارة كيوت
سمارة كيوت - 12 days ago
Jia Drisdom
Jia Drisdom - 13 days ago
This is the best look I have seen on Leigh-Anne. I think she should do her hair like this more often. It suits her so well! She has always been gorgeous, but she blew me away in both videos!
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang - 13 days ago
3:18 I was scared af when Perrie did that move. I thought the video buffered.
William Sumner
William Sumner - 16 days ago
Could y'all only you
Woman Like Leigh
Woman Like Leigh - 17 days ago
Angielyn Bunyi
Angielyn Bunyi - 17 days ago
Ang gaganda nilang 4 na gerls
diya Ramsamooch
diya Ramsamooch - 18 days ago
I do I think about you and I can't shake you of stuck like glue
Roxy&Mina Polvere di cinesi
Zayn is disable
Ness Brown
Ness Brown - 18 days ago
This song
Katherine Fullwood
Katherine Fullwood - 18 days ago
Jessy my favourite
Katherine Fullwood
Katherine Fullwood - 18 days ago
Love you little mmix your amazing
Lilly Irving-Averes
Lilly Irving-Averes - 18 days ago
God I miss them making songs like their old ones
keti and naniko
keti and naniko - 19 days ago
Perri is so beautiful
Adiba Almas
Adiba Almas - 19 days ago
Always Little Mix is the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez - 19 days ago
Who’s older 🌺🌸
Siyana Boneva
Siyana Boneva - 19 days ago
I watched it just once but... I'm pretty sure Jessy was showing the least and when she did she was covered with shadows...
Lydia Katrin
Lydia Katrin - 19 days ago
is it me or are their vocals growing
Ahmet Gümüş
Ahmet Gümüş - 20 days ago
My fovourite Little Mix of member is Perrie Edwards.Because her sound is very colorful and stronger than other member...
d00d - 20 days ago
vocals ! vocals ! vocals ! vOOOOCAAALLSSS !!!!!!
You made me realize day by day that life can be more livelier by just listening to your music. All the way from the Philippines. Keep empowering us with your powerful songs. I will always be your number 1 FAN. ❤️❤️❤️
Loren _gray
Loren _gray - 21 day ago
Do a collab with hrvy
Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes - 22 days ago
Your good
Диана Акимова
大西美怜 - 22 days ago
Arif Hasan
Arif Hasan - 23 days ago
sub korci back me bro
Arif Hasan
Arif Hasan - 23 days ago
bro sub back plz
Begoña Sánchez Aguadero
I love little mix
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - 23 days ago
Jade looks so stunning
Paola Gallo
Paola Gallo - 25 days ago

Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes - 25 days ago
I love you
Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes - 25 days ago
I love you
Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes - 25 days ago
I love youo
Feem van Essen
Feem van Essen - 25 days ago
mijn 2 nichten gaan naar je concert en me mama ik mag niet mee maar ik wil heel graag want ik ben 8 jaar :(
Toxic_ Feelings
Toxic_ Feelings - 26 days ago
My favorite parttt❤️0:46
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
This is Cutie Ringo Joy - 26 days ago
Love it
avagay wilson
avagay wilson - 27 days ago
I love the songs you sing it make me feel free
Chloe Lynch
Chloe Lynch - 29 days ago
I love jesy💙💙💙 she's my favourite 😍
Zahra Kausar
Zahra Kausar - 29 days ago
When you forget to tell Leigh-Anne to wear a bra for the video😂
Lalo Lara
Lalo Lara - 29 days ago
The best song
qooqled - 29 days ago
this was recorded on iPhone B)
Lesy Edwall
Lesy Edwall - 29 days ago
Has anyone already seeb Beastieboy in here? Bc I can't Find him🤔
Océane Shannon
Océane Shannon - 29 days ago
Always sing together girls
Domi Lyrics
Domi Lyrics - Month ago
Can't wait for their comeback
shoshi world
shoshi world - Month ago
I love how they do the vertical video
Evelina Johannesson
Evelina Johannesson - Month ago
ain't nobody gonna talk about leign anne's verse at 0:46-0:56? its my fav part, so much eargasm
Yago Carvalho
Yago Carvalho - Month ago
Banana - Anitta Feat Becky G
El Tss
El Tss - Month ago
Perrie's and Jade's moves are so funny
GAME ON! - Month ago
This Video Looks Like It's Made On
Marie Voro
Marie Voro - Month ago
Perrie ❤❤❤
Elisangela Brandão
Elisangela Brandão - Month ago
I love you litlle mix
leo mota
leo mota - Month ago
son fantasricas🐘😽😄😄😄😗😗
Shadai Prince
Shadai Prince - Month ago
Looking like that video is so beautiful
Shadai Prince
Shadai Prince - Month ago
Shadai Prince
Shadai Prince - Month ago
Shadai Prince
Shadai Prince - Month ago
Awa Holswilder
Awa Holswilder - Month ago
Omg Perrie you kill me ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jia Drisdom
Jia Drisdom - Month ago
I love how Jade sings “it’s all about us”.
Selma Langfjord Mangerud
Jesy I love your voiceeeee!
Marjanah Jahan
Marjanah Jahan - Month ago
This is what Barbie dolls were aspired to be...
nct luvr
nct luvr - Month ago
how does this not have more views i love this songg 😭
Nicole Kelly
Nicole Kelly - Month ago
I Love you 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
SangtotheDy - Month ago
This remix needed a Latin artist.
It’s Dima
It’s Dima - Month ago
I love Little mix Love
Woman Like Leigh
Woman Like Leigh - Month ago
0:33 Jesy Kills Me ❤
Chandana 39
Chandana 39 - Month ago
All the people who disliked this video .....u guys need to improve ur taste
Like if u agree
Lanaa Picky
Lanaa Picky - Month ago
Thank God we are all black when the light is off🤗 why? Cause we're all humans
emily123 - Month ago
little mix make a song with ariana grande called fishy fish
Sara Moy
Sara Moy - Month ago
Who’s better?
Little Mix = Like
Kawaii Lammas
Kawaii Lammas - Day ago
Eclipse Edits SAMEEE
Bia ubatuba Mota
Bia ubatuba Mota - 2 days ago
NOW UNITED hahahahahaha
ayush chauhan
ayush chauhan - 6 days ago
every one knows that little mix is better than others and are god
Monique France Ayoon
Monique France Ayoon - 11 days ago
LM BTS - 15 days ago
+rilly kid i love bp but they will never do like LM. they aren't as good as little mix at live and as well in dance and obviously in vocals too
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta - Month ago
Annette Wieduwilt
Annette Wieduwilt - Month ago
LEE JIN ZEIN - Month ago
Apshara Das
Apshara Das - Month ago
Awsm song
Lyuska Nair
Lyuska Nair - Month ago
bomb 😍
Chelsea Searle
Chelsea Searle - Month ago
Perrie 😍😍
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget - Month ago
When little mix was on X factor they said how they don’t have a lead singer. But I feel like Perrie is the lead singer because she has a lot of solos and the other girls don’t
Πενη Βεσελι
Πενη Βεσελι - Month ago
I love your songs 😍
ozgurbatik - Month ago
Turkey mixers +1
Galaxyglitter sparkle
Galaxyglitter sparkle - Month ago
When is your next concert in Germany bcs I live in Wittlich and really want to go to one of your concert.
Bella - Month ago
Their looks thoo
Z Y A D - Month ago
Dollar Sign???
Cheyenne Feeney
Cheyenne Feeney - Month ago
1,50 I love
Laltanpuia 123
Laltanpuia 123 - Month ago
Who is the beautiful girl in little mix????
Laura Pyskir
Laura Pyskir - 12 days ago
Jessika N. sandoval
Jessika N. sandoval - Month ago
Alguien que hable español? Necesito encontrar una canción que estoy segura que es de ellas!!! 😍
Jessika N. sandoval
Jessika N. sandoval - Month ago
Hola ya la encontré! 😊😊😊 era la de If i get my way.... muchas gracias 😊🙏🏼
Judith Junkers
Judith Junkers - Month ago
Te acordás alguna parte de la letra?
Ava OMG!
Ava OMG! - Month ago
Who is going to the tour in November 7th 2019 ? I am! I'm so excited!
niama - Month ago
love this so much!!! i am living for this song!!
Sena Nur İnanç
Sena Nur İnanç - Month ago
Ayıp 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😠😠😠😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 utanın 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Rushil Kumar
Rushil Kumar - Month ago
Little Mix should commit suicide, they use too much auto tune
Laura Pyskir
Laura Pyskir - 12 days ago
How smoll your brain is
Lowkey Tyra
Lowkey Tyra - Month ago
My 2nd little mix concert is 6th of July in Brisbane and man I can’t sleep because I’m so excited😁😁😁😁😁❣️
Ghe GheaRizki
Ghe GheaRizki - Month ago
Ma damnnn queenn 💜💜💜
Star & Marinette
Star & Marinette - Month ago
I love you girlsss♡
Cassey Farber
Cassey Farber - Month ago
I went to your Norwich concert Xx 💜
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