The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is a $175,000 Super Sedan

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Abay Amangali
Abay Amangali - 14 hours ago
Doug the type of guy to say a sedan, saying a COUPE, then a hatchback.
Baker Dow
Baker Dow - 20 hours ago
It looks like a Dodge Charger made love with a 2011 CLS. This is coming from a Londoner 😂😂
András Pajor dr.
András Pajor dr. - Day ago
Acceleration 0-60 3 sec! Doug score 9 out of 10! So what is exactly 10 out of 10 then?!?😂
choozu - Day ago
Interior UI is straight from the Samsung TouchWiz interface circa 2013... An icon, a shortcut, a widget and a lockscreen button to operate the same freaking function! 🙄
L. S.
L. S. - Day ago
The only guy who thinks he looks cool talking to himself in a car.
Tjk 92
Tjk 92 - Day ago
Doug took another shot at the AMG GLE Coupe/SUV. He really hates that car but if i had the money i would buy it, i think it's great looking and it will beat most SUV's on the road.
Jonas Welldone
Jonas Welldone - Day ago
What can I say about this car...
Tilman Matthies
Tilman Matthies - 2 days ago
Immer die gleiche scheisse du autost
jimmy page
jimmy page - 2 days ago
friend just got one.. it's a fun driving car and very fast.. :)
4our 20wenty
4our 20wenty - 3 days ago
the stripes look so bad
Tk Hut
Tk Hut - 3 days ago
$170,000 car and I can’t even press a button for last track ?? 😑🤔
Dan Tarakanov
Dan Tarakanov - 3 days ago
One of my extremely wealthy friends' dad owns one of these and I took a ride in one of em recently.... when he floored it I felt the blood rushing from my feet to my head! The acceleration is absolutely insane.
Noble Vigilance
Noble Vigilance - 4 days ago
The fragrance cartridges are like $70 each lmao
Noble Vigilance
Noble Vigilance - 4 days ago
The blank button is where the exhaust button goes on an active spoiler GT63. The exhaust button with the spoiler is the spoiler button and it actually shows an animation of the spoiler going up and down
Christopher Vega
Christopher Vega - 4 days ago
Saw one on the road had to look it up, looks dirty on the road
TommySotomayor's Momma
TommySotomayor's Momma - 5 days ago
mmmmmmm and she squirts 19:08
Lord Boiguette
Lord Boiguette - 5 days ago
rather buy the m5
Mister Booster
Mister Booster - 5 days ago
Every single time he says „Merciedies“ 💔 🙉
Dumani Mjo
Dumani Mjo - 6 days ago
The amount of things that can break in this car is frightening
ElOlafino - 6 days ago
And why exactly should I get one if I could get a CLS as well?
1968 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
my grandmas doctor droves an edition one -_-
Abdou Leh
Abdou Leh - 7 days ago
It’s my dream car
TechTalk - 8 days ago
The fragrance thing has been a thing in Mercedes flagships since the 80s...
A.K.B. - 8 days ago
The car is Fan-FREAKING-tastic! The RS7 has been my favorite non-super car for years, but this may just be my new favorite.
Tjk 92
Tjk 92 - Day ago
I agree. Audi has been my favorite car company since i was a teenager and ive been saving to buy a RS7 next year in jet black but this Mercedes has made me rethink but it is $35,000 more than the RS7......Im so conflicted!!!
M Collins
M Collins - 8 days ago
My Cheeto fingers and that control console would not get along
AssRamming FatPeople
AssRamming FatPeople - 8 days ago
This car is basically the successor to the CLS 63.
tim harper
tim harper - 9 days ago
Way “back in the day”, Doug is exactly the type of guy who would be referred to as a “Cool Breeze”. Exactly the type of guy. Sup cool breeze?
Randy Jraughtjr
Randy Jraughtjr - 9 days ago
Euro add
Emmi James
Emmi James - 10 days ago
Fuck that! I'd rather addd 70k to get a McLaren GT.
Macc Jay
Macc Jay - 11 days ago
Oh Shit......
Brick - 12 days ago
15:53 I spotted that US $200,495 price tag, jeez thats one expensive thicc boi
Emmi James
Emmi James - 10 days ago
I'd rather get the McLaren GT with lots of option for $245k
Ingólfur Sigurbjörnsson
It´s called a liftback
Martin MacGill
Martin MacGill - 12 days ago
It has 4 wheel steering which is probably one of the reasons you liked the handling so much.
Young mustapah
Young mustapah - 13 days ago
I love the way this guys reviewing cars. Well delivered. I enjoyed it!
2Juiced4Me - 11 days ago
welcome to the most popular car reviewer for a reason lol
Mike Benz
Mike Benz - 14 days ago
Ну просто чудо, хорошо зашёл.
Sameer Ghaffar
Sameer Ghaffar - 14 days ago
$200k and it still has blank buttons inside
Lenni Leem
Lenni Leem - 12 days ago
Blank buttons just mean that another region has buttons for it. It's a US thing.
John 23
John 23 - 15 days ago
this car is a beast and really cool, but those retarded stripes on the side make it look ugly af. completely ruins the design imo
Jeffrey Kraus
Jeffrey Kraus - 16 days ago
And people are starving
tompparaideri - 16 days ago
A 100 point Doug score car would be so weird. It would have to accelerate from 0-60 in 2 seconds, handle like an F1 car, look better than a concept hyper car, be more practical than a family wagon, be higher quality than Mercedes, Audi and BMW put together, and it would have to cost only 20 000$
RealCapo88 - 15 days ago
pably william
pably william - 16 days ago
Blue face owns one of these
Godwin Fredy
Godwin Fredy - 16 days ago
😒😏 money pit
Manny Land
Manny Land - 17 days ago
I see this car costing $80k used in 2 years
TheGintama86 - 13 days ago
Mm nah ill say 4 to 5 yrs
CallMeMrX - 17 days ago
I love the wrap around design of the dashboard into the passenger door, the seamless lines just look so good
Tobias Harøy
Tobias Harøy - 17 days ago
Doug you should try to do the Mercedes 6x6 if u get the chance!!
ThatsaDistraction - 18 days ago
I wonder how much that air fresher cartrige thing costs 😑
TheGintama86 - 13 days ago
$45 to $60 probably 😂😂
Persian Conversion M3
Persian Conversion M3 - 18 days ago
Such a great channel
rob b
rob b - 18 days ago
Shit car that won’t hold value at all
trollsRtrix - 18 days ago
Panamera ripoff
Chirag - 19 days ago
a kia stinger with a mercedes logo and a price difference of $110K...damn and you spend $160k and you have to manually pull up the rear shade..the balls on Mercedes Benz's creative marketing team...
Constantin - 19 days ago
dream car
Otis Cat
Otis Cat - 20 days ago
Beautiful, fast car, but way too much gimmicky electronic nonsense.
A little analog feeling isn't a bad thing.
Roblox Turtles
Roblox Turtles - 20 days ago
That's more expensive than my mom's house my mom lives in a 1 Bed 1 Bath and we're adding 2 more rooms her house is worth 107K
Shay 35
Shay 35 - 21 day ago
It’s not a sedan it’s a 4 door coupe
Farzad Ali
Farzad Ali - 21 day ago
I don't like how they made a button for the modes on the center console area but they put a knob and buttons on the steering wheel 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Robert B.
Robert B. - 21 day ago
*Doug Score intensifies*
maxx1991 - 21 day ago
You can get a brabus
Daniel - 21 day ago
Mercedes engineers put 4" brake pads all around to keep buyers coming back for maintenance flaws, like all BMWs, Audi, and Mercedes. All that technology will likely fail.
armen gharibian
armen gharibian - 22 days ago
Doug quit being modest! You could buy 3 of these and not even bat an eye!
uRig _Pita_K4ka
uRig _Pita_K4ka - 22 days ago
Coupe is French. It's pronounced Kuh-peh
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineer - 22 days ago
He dosent want to show the back
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 22 days ago
Got nothing on my Corolla
Karan  Raj
Karan Raj - 22 days ago
Looks cool but why there are 2 touch button for drive mode and supension setting and traction control on/off.
Pascetti - 22 days ago
13BlcKJcK13 - 23 days ago
Oddly, looking at the heated seat button for the rear seats it almost looks like there is space for a “cooled seat” button.... perhaps Mercedes will add this in a future model.... neat....
Sebastien Jager
Sebastien Jager - 17 days ago
13BlcKJcK13 it is an option, you have to pay for it tho.
Nabin Poudel
Nabin Poudel - 23 days ago
One day DOUGSCORE is gonna be bigger than KBB and Carfax..😜
Chidiebere Nnamani
Chidiebere Nnamani - 23 days ago
For a fairly new car, it’s disappointing that this car doesn’t come with the latest MBUX interface and a touchscreen compared to the New GLE, A class etc
Shazni Binshafiq
Shazni Binshafiq - 24 days ago
You are good salesman for Mercedes lol
werric silvermist_
werric silvermist_ - 24 days ago
Intro: *dhissssss* is a Mercedes...
CoJo - 24 days ago
"One of the greatest experiences I've ever had in my entire life, maybe even more than the birth of my child." 7/10
RealCapo88 - 15 days ago
Zaki Ward
Zaki Ward - 24 days ago
Please review the C 43 AMG I’m in love with that car and your the best car reviewer on YouTube
Gen. UnoKONGO - 24 days ago
Doug is GOMER PYLE's Great Grandson.....Well Golly....
AHR Red - 24 days ago
This Is A Coupe? Whats Next? A Two-Door Sedan?
AHR Red - 23 days ago
@Pedro Castillo Most Of Their Cars Is Now A Coupe
Pedro Castillo
Pedro Castillo - 23 days ago
Well they did make the s class into a coupe so lowkey 😂😂
Elijah Arnold
Elijah Arnold - 24 days ago
Douglas, why are your fingers always so greasy????
Asma Hwedi
Asma Hwedi - 24 days ago
Ah i l was resisting not to love it but i think i wanna get this car too
steelgatorb8 - 25 days ago
Are those really centerlock wheels or is that just a cover that hides the lug bolts? It looks like just a cover. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I'm not a Mechanic
I'm not a Mechanic - 24 days ago
I think you are right, there is no mention of them being centre lock on their website, as they're a standard option ($2700). You can see on some of the other wheels the standard 5 wheel bolts, and I think it would cot you a lot more to swap to centrelock as it would require different wheel hubs/stubs. Also, if you look closely, it doesn't even look hexagonal like a nut - its probably just got some shape so it can be unscrewed (by hand) to access the bolts.
Dre - 25 days ago
7/10 on styling...? C'mon Doug!
Tjk 92
Tjk 92 - Day ago
Yea i was disappointed in Doug. I think it's a beautiful Mercedes plus it's got serious balls.
E I N S - 25 days ago
I am in love with this car never new existed. Fantastic car I wish I could drive it daily a car like that would make me very happy
vegass04 - 25 days ago
I'd still take the Panamera or the A7 any day of the week. I personally think this car is ugly as fuck...
Oz Kal
Oz Kal - 25 days ago
I hate touchscreens in cars. I need buttons.
Sarah Hanlon
Sarah Hanlon - 26 days ago
I love Mercedes there one of my famous companies in the world for cars they are so good thank you for doing this can you please do more Mercedes videos if you like Mercedes hit my likebutton
ElOlafino - 6 days ago
Vadkar Dhruv
Vadkar Dhruv - 26 days ago
Why does dougs videos give me nostalgia?
SAVAGE MTB - 27 days ago
*Doug the type a dude to wear cargo shorts and socks during sex*
Petros Kefalopoulos
Petros Kefalopoulos - 27 days ago
If you want to learn how to use your car, don't read the instruction manual. Just watch a doug demuro video!
Cici Bracken
Cici Bracken - 27 days ago
The bad thing about Mercedes is In 4-5 years that car will drop its value to $80,000 and then 3 more years it will be worth $45,000
FBI - 26 days ago
Cici Bracken yea reason why I dislike buying German cars.
Marlon T
Marlon T - 27 days ago
Tony Salyer
Tony Salyer - 28 days ago
Hey, DeMuro... Where's that link to the CLS you said you were including in the description?
indybob770 - 28 days ago
I work for Mercedes & just have to say this in real life looks way to much like the cls.
DjKinetec - 28 days ago
This car is fucking cool. I'm not normally a fan of Mercedes, but I'd risk their bad reliability to get this car .
TheFaith1223 - 29 days ago
goodfella7771 - 29 days ago
Doug’s the type of guy that wears carbon fiber condoms .
vin Tran
vin Tran - 29 days ago
I still love my 96 chevy s10, is been good to me all the time" still run strong...
Lala Land
Lala Land - 29 days ago
Lol Mercedes said they ain't playing with it
RealBlessed - Month ago
This sht is my new favorite car now. Beautiful.
2Juiced4Me - 11 days ago
in person it's a lot lower than it looks. You can see Doug towering over this thing. It's so beautiful though
RealBlessed - 15 days ago
RealCapo88 yeah i like the white one, and i dont even like white cars.
RealCapo88 - 15 days ago
Yeah, looks like a monster on the streets. You have to see it in RL to appreciate its looks
Joe M
Joe M - Month ago
Imagine the chicks Doug would pick up with this thing. Holy shit.
Andrew Mausisa
Andrew Mausisa - Month ago
4:14 the traction control is either off. . . or off. . .
because racecar.
Kennth Bennett
Kennth Bennett - Month ago
Placing piano black on surfaces you touch all the time?🤔
Max Bucio
Max Bucio - Month ago
Damn if I've won the lottery, I'll know where all my money would be spend.
VisualX - Month ago
Wow I love it especially the interactive button.
Fatna Fanna
Fatna Fanna - Month ago
Doug is the type of guy who masturbates on his mom
NO FUCKS GIVEN - Month ago
I want to see a drag race between the amg gt 63s, Audi rs7, Porsche Panamera gts, and the Aston Martin vanquish zagato shooting brake
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