I'm Something Else (Official Music Video)

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BeepingBeep - 2 hours ago
Everytime Adam snaps, whoever is within a 5 mile radius of him will have their underwear pulled down
Worthless Gaming
Worthless Gaming - 2 hours ago
This music video is something else.
Rose Kellywood
Rose Kellywood - 2 hours ago
Rose Kellywood
Rose Kellywood - 2 hours ago
ihacon kk😶😶
Rose Kellywood
Rose Kellywood - 2 hours ago
Sean - 2 hours ago
gate 420
jakeja07 - 2 hours ago
Helen Ceravolo
Helen Ceravolo - 3 hours ago
Stephen Richardson
Stephen Richardson - 3 hours ago
This song is great by any chance could you make one like it as a special video but my favourite part is when you say “HALT, put your words in a vault” because the people are calling you stupid
Natalie Parada
Natalie Parada - 3 hours ago
I like the beat tbh
Reactionjack - 3 hours ago
Glad that you will succeed unlike me cuz I will never succeed at anything
Kaden Diaz
Kaden Diaz - 3 hours ago
Hay m8 this is a grate song keep up the good work
Noemi Olivares
Noemi Olivares - 3 hours ago
I love this
Ena Ahmetasevic
Ena Ahmetasevic - 3 hours ago
I love the song as well:3
Ena Ahmetasevic
Ena Ahmetasevic - 3 hours ago
You know instead of "I'll pull down your underwear" I said...

"I will meet you with a bear~" =w=
Kadence McKay
Kadence McKay - 3 hours ago
I listened to this on repeat for a bit uhm-
Diego Wong
Diego Wong - 3 hours ago
... :D
Red Shiba Art
Red Shiba Art - 4 hours ago
This is amazing
ItsYoKid Shirley
ItsYoKid Shirley - 4 hours ago
Loveing the video 10/10
ryker Harrison
ryker Harrison - 4 hours ago
Ha look at me I will do and will suckseed if I don't I don't care I'll poll down your underwear 😥😥😥
Gordito Cruz
Gordito Cruz - 4 hours ago
Fennel Knowles
Fennel Knowles - 4 hours ago
I tried to do the lyric prank with this song on my friend, he thought I was having a panic attack so I had to stop........yee
Layce Iosua
Layce Iosua - 4 hours ago
This video is my life >:)
Nicole Nobody
Nicole Nobody - 4 hours ago
This is friggen awsome ill play this when i graduate
Kaif Syed
Kaif Syed - 4 hours ago
I love ur work
LT.GR33N - 4 hours ago
Atleast ya don't have D.I.D
The Alkemst
The Alkemst - 5 hours ago
Thanos snaps: half the universe is destroyed
Adam snaps: You’re pants ‘ll fall down
Maddie Green
Maddie Green - 5 hours ago
Wolf Ish
Wolf Ish - 5 hours ago
jakob e
jakob e - 5 hours ago
I’m selling replay buttons for the best part
Soup Soul
Soup Soul - 5 hours ago
Can I just give Adam a fist bump please?
Kamren o
Kamren o - 5 hours ago
Dang, this song gave me the inspiration I needed! Thank you so much SomeTingElseYt!
Crazy daily potato
Crazy daily potato - 5 hours ago
I can no stop listening to this my mom so confused........
ryker Harrison
ryker Harrison - 5 hours ago
Looking sexy Apple down your underwear
ryker Harrison
ryker Harrison - 5 hours ago
This is has to be the world's best song...
Mariem Moustafa
Mariem Moustafa - 5 hours ago
Mariem Moustafa
Mariem Moustafa - 5 hours ago
I'll make a song story from you somethingelse/Adam
Suzanne Galbos
Suzanne Galbos - 5 hours ago
This is literally mah life. I don’t care about anything.At all. Besides I’m kind of a jerk😏 who cares
Adam Jones
Adam Jones - 5 hours ago
Adam is secretly Eminem part time
Tyler ivan Villamizar mora
Like si eres de colombia
Demonz eyez
Demonz eyez - 6 hours ago
1:51 that basically happened to me
Kara Guan
Kara Guan - 6 hours ago
Love it
Girly Gamer998
Girly Gamer998 - 6 hours ago
I pull down your underwear is stuck in my hand
spiderchano C.P
spiderchano C.P - 6 hours ago
You are a really good raper I watch this video everyday
Benjamin Farias
Benjamin Farias - 6 hours ago
U had to do this quick, I respect that
Emma Dionicio
Emma Dionicio - 6 hours ago
Did you sing this or did you do this animation?
Burnt Toast Production
Burnt Toast Production - 6 hours ago
Hello SomeThingElseYT I was wondering if I could use you music in my video if so please reply thank you 😁
Llama Unicorns
Llama Unicorns - 6 hours ago
I'm confused. YouTube puts this video under Comedy but wouldn't this me music 🤔
Danny Gaspar
Danny Gaspar - 6 hours ago
also what Adam sings its kinda like me
sonic the hedgehog
sonic the hedgehog - 6 hours ago
Was that James at the end of the vid?
Danny Gaspar
Danny Gaspar - 6 hours ago
i like beacuse when Adam was a a and then devil it kinda described me
beacuse i was a angel when i was young
Devon Avena
Devon Avena - 6 hours ago
How's is it on spotify
Taegan Wiles
Taegan Wiles - 6 hours ago
This song is SO catchy!
Herby Kerby
Herby Kerby - 7 hours ago
This is honestly the best😍
Leafpool & Crowfeather
Leafpool & Crowfeather - 7 hours ago
Me: this is on Spotify!
Me: **listens in the kitchen w/ family**
Song: fuck
Me: T-T wut? How could you betray me, Spotify?
Ivan Tube
Ivan Tube - 7 hours ago
holy crap my balls popped
ZNight cosplays
ZNight cosplays - 7 hours ago
The fact that he said piss but not fuck
Laís Ribeiro
Laís Ribeiro - 7 hours ago
PETA Is gonna look for you
Bauti Plays
Bauti Plays - 7 hours ago
Hey forth comment the last word of the video was sh*t
Bauti Plays
Bauti Plays - 7 hours ago
Third time watching this
camila-sempai UwU
camila-sempai UwU - 8 hours ago
no dejo de oírla :'v hermosa canción ÛwÛ
GTA KK - 8 hours ago
New song soon ???
Projectile Playz
Projectile Playz - 8 hours ago
“If I don’t, I dont care. I’ll pull down ur underwear.”
Me: Ok this taught me if I don’t succeed I will pull everyone’s underwear. XD
Noelia Godoy
Noelia Godoy - 8 hours ago
XD 🤗🙂✌
Brace face Tv
Brace face Tv - 8 hours ago
Noelia Godoy
Noelia Godoy - 8 hours ago
Gracias compa traquilisaste ami ermano contu musica ✌
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox - 8 hours ago
Wth good song! But I don’t understand!
anonomyous Lemon
anonomyous Lemon - 8 hours ago
this song hits veeeeery close to home for me......
kendall barr
kendall barr - 8 hours ago
If you take the first letters of all of
Jaiden,James,and Adams it’s depression,
Anorxie , and bullying its dab.🤨
Shawn Perez
Shawn Perez - 8 hours ago
Wow I never knew you could sing well
RNFRaptor - 8 hours ago
Holy crap this is amazing... and the animation is outstanding. Good message too
Elmer Guzman
Elmer Guzman - 9 hours ago
It should be slam duck
Flingcat 2015
Flingcat 2015 - 9 hours ago
Top 10 Rapper Eminem Was Afraid To Diss
MARSHMELLOW FAN - 9 hours ago
hope u ok about ur past PLS ANOTHER SONG
Aidan Barnard
Aidan Barnard - 9 hours ago
Anyone notice at 2:20 it says gate 42-0?
Ethan Michael
Ethan Michael - 9 hours ago
This is awesome
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido - 9 hours ago
This is really good.
Cryptic - 9 hours ago
Powerful and sick song dude 🙂
theod1soud fan
theod1soud fan - 9 hours ago
The song es cool
Gamingwith Fan
Gamingwith Fan - 9 hours ago
leave a like guys👍
Gamingwith Fan
Gamingwith Fan - 9 hours ago
if people take under wear that be weird who's even take people under wear 😂 that's weird boys and girls do not take people under wear that's weird 😂 and it's make you weird so don't kids even teenager don't do it and leave a like...
AdamGameToons - 9 hours ago
I'm confused
Ashlin Cromer
Ashlin Cromer - 9 hours ago
0:35 James “Life is fun” slide cameo.
Akemi_ AK
Akemi_ AK - 9 hours ago
Ariana Capa
Ariana Capa - 9 hours ago
Is this rap?!!!ITS SO GOOD
Jayvin Case - McCrimmon MS (1481)
*PETA*: wait, that's illegal
The Ceeper Bros
The Ceeper Bros - 9 hours ago
0:52 ha look at me I will succeed if I don’t I don’t care I will pull down your underwear
Snowy apple
Snowy apple - 9 hours ago
Ive watched thos so many times that i just cant remember how much tikes i had watched It..
nathalie smartt
nathalie smartt - 10 hours ago
Ultimate power...... *pulling down underwear’s-*
paranoiadzn - 10 hours ago
Oof never listened to this thinking it would be bad, its actually ok. xd
Somebody - 10 hours ago
Okay ime fine with this nO IM NOT
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez - 10 hours ago
As soon as I heard this song I fell in love with it
Batat - 10 hours ago
Worst moment 2:45
Larra and Lil blue
Larra and Lil blue - 10 hours ago
I kinda want to sing this as my first cover, its an amazing song
Ashley Collins
Ashley Collins - 10 hours ago
Over Infinity
Over Infinity - 10 hours ago
I’m not depressed or anything but this is my life story
Annalee Bentley
Annalee Bentley - 10 hours ago
hah look at me i am a misfit!!!!!!!!!!!! no one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay.....
Battle6517 - 10 hours ago
song about bulling

old username: trolldawgz
kayla argueta
kayla argueta - 10 hours ago
I really love this.... how did I not see this before
papyures 22
papyures 22 - 11 hours ago
Jeff Dunphy
Jeff Dunphy - 11 hours ago
cat's Play123
cat's Play123 - 11 hours ago
First word I’m
Last word shit
I’m shit 😒
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