Trump Wants To Out The Whistleblower, Interrogate Rep. Adam Schiff

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sylvan slater
sylvan slater - 2 hours ago
Donald: THERE'S A RECORDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deborah Cusick
Deborah Cusick - 2 days ago
It's pathetic how he always says it's everyone else's fault.
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching - 2 days ago
How can this be happenning? The stupidity is simply unbelievable. No one this dumb could remember to breathe.
Bessie Staton
Bessie Staton - 2 days ago
Trump have so many skeletons. Hiding in his closets. He want to abolish the whistle blowers legal protection laws. There may be an Army of whistle blowers somewhere. that can put him out of business. Coming by Land, Sea And by Air Planes. He must be shaking like jelly inside. Trying to look innocent.
panda - 4 days ago
"That's cold."

I love John hahahaha
Thomas Stillman
Thomas Stillman - 5 days ago
I thought Democrats, were supposed to be so smart, yet eveytime Ilook away, it seems Trump, is turning them into his own personal hand puppet!
George Abboud
George Abboud - 5 days ago
that pianist isn’t funny at all 😞
M P - 6 days ago
Christine Bate
Christine Bate - 6 days ago
DanGan808 Ella
DanGan808 Ella - 7 days ago
The 4 year old in chief wants to meet his accuser, well Donald I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say nearly the entire U.S. population is accusing you of you’re well documented and often publicly spoken of crimes lol! So therefore I dare say you’ve already met them!
CaptEoNinja83 - 7 days ago
Am I the only one who's mad that Stephen didn't give us more details about the puppy? I want to know his or her name? what breed? Does it dare to presume it's cuter than my family pet, Rey? Cause she's got the most soulful eyes ever.
I know it seems like I'm ignoring the important Trump news, but that's because I want to focus on something positive just for once! #puppies
John Giuliano
John Giuliano - 8 days ago
This go nowhere impeachment is an NSA devised pre emptive straw man designed to protect Trump from a bona fide one that would take down the whole house of cards. Trump just punked America again! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
brat shorty
brat shorty - 8 days ago
Exposing the whistleblower is against the law. Trump wants him out. Its either he silenced him permanently or pay him or her to not testify.
I dont believed the transcript. I want to hear the recorded conversation.
I dont want to reaf because i know some parts that are too crucial has been omitted.
I want to hear the conversation.
Let the world hearthe ukraine call conversation.
patty pbc
patty pbc - 10 days ago
Great bond voice
sensesyou - 11 days ago
Colbert and his lefty ilk are not even funny anymore. They all would have preferred Queen Hillary who is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Or Bernie, who is one degree from Putin or Mao. Isn't it sad how lefty little children cry babies are sitting in their own poo cuz their bitch mama couldn't beat an ex-game show host? Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, and more and more people of color are coming over to the smart side and leaving the socialist losing side because Trump cares more about them than any of the clowns on the left. Oh, MasterBeto dropped out today! I guess Pocahontas is your best bet and wow, ain't she a winner? Y'all better get ready to crap your pants again in 2020 cuz the idiots on the left side of this next election are clowns. Sorry, actual clowns, I do not mean to put you down. You serve an honest purpose in society. They do not. Bye kiddies!
shubham sagar
shubham sagar - 13 days ago
Guys can you do something for #teamtrees?
We The People
We The People - 14 days ago
And this idiot Colbert is a expert on things.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Lawrence D’Oliveiro - 19 days ago
9:29 Ummm ... not an EDM fan ... ?
hook blieght
hook blieght - 19 days ago
impeachment lol
wake up you idiots
Maranda Gillespie
Maranda Gillespie - 21 day ago
The next president better know the LAW ,and How it works!!!!
Felichia Ritter
Felichia Ritter - 21 day ago
trump's completely incoherent! I watched this many times & laughed so hard my sides were splitting🤣😂 because of trump's complete insanity @5.57 😂🤣😂🤣
Thomas Tamir
Thomas Tamir - 22 days ago
What whistleblower Stevie boy?
Bessie Staton
Bessie Staton - 22 days ago
Trump do not have to worry about the whistle-blowers . He need to be patient after he is out of the White House there will be a tell all Book and A movie Trump will make a fortune. From. Books and Movies About Him. He is the greatest history making president of all times. He is an Original.
Lynx Mystique
Lynx Mystique - 24 days ago
Bird mask!!! 😂
Willis Jackson
Willis Jackson - 25 days ago
I know where the whistleblower is, he's a 500 hundred pound man breakin' wind from his rear end. Trump whipped Hillary in 2016 fair and square, we need to put the issue to bed, Trump won period!
k K
k K - 25 days ago
NOT ONE OF THE LYING LEFT"S LIES HAS BEEN PROVEN It's so easy to tell the truth but it just kills them to do it so they can't.
Chunkboi - 24 days ago
And yet, they have proof of President 💩’s crimes.
k K
k K - 25 days ago
Colbert ensuring he obtains the approval of his satanic overlords by continuously making up lies about Trump.
Bato Laklija
Bato Laklija - 26 days ago
Does some body whant Pizza??
HowlingWolf518 - 26 days ago
Anybody else come back just to rewatch the plague doctor?
Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton - 22 days ago
It's the funniest part of the video.
Sean C
Sean C - 26 days ago
All the orange turd needs is a tiny push to get him to REALLY break down in public and on camera, and that push is an extremely simple thing to engineer. Somebody just needs to show up while he's speaking to reporters and blow an actual whistle while he's speaking. The presence of a literal whistle blower coupled with him being interrupted mid-sentence would undoubtedly trigger the greatest tantrum ever. Somebody make this happen.
Nicholas Naudé
Nicholas Naudé - 28 days ago
This is all exciting and funny but we all know nothing will come of this and he’ll get re-elected. Don’t get your hopes up for impeachment.
David Neiggemann
David Neiggemann - Month ago
Your not even funny stevey.
David Neiggemann
David Neiggemann - 28 days ago
@jacegil they are all ganging up on him. They know they have one to beat him that's what this is all about discredit him from all angles
jacegil - 28 days ago
@David Neiggemann Only people who aren't aware that this troll is an anti-Trump propagandist actually think he's funny. You don't have to be Trump's number one fan to be sick and tired of this TDS at display every day. I was paying you a compliment.
David Neiggemann
David Neiggemann - 28 days ago
@jacegil no comment
jacegil - 28 days ago
Propaganda is only funny to unsuspecting useful idiots.
Alcagaur1 - Month ago
When Donny says, "Against us" he is talking about the realm of Trumpistan (emphasis on the middle syllable).
Penguine Sandra
Penguine Sandra - Month ago
trump is scum an embarrassing time for our country.
scott fisher
scott fisher - Month ago
You know what I miss? The day I vote and I don't have to listen to a bunch of Cry-Baby liberal snowflakes complaining and bitching for the last 3 years. What a bunch of spoiled brats. Millennials will go down as the worst generation in history as far as work ethic and dealing with reality.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Month ago
Lol 8 years complaining about a black man becoming president to the point a reality TV show star became famous for demanding a birth certificate. So in denial that they kept trying to pretend he was an illegal president. All 8 of those years trying to pretend he was attacking them or their rights The same 8 refusing to admit that he was cleaning up the mess the person the voted into office caused to the point that some tried to pretend that the next guy deserved credit. Truly the right wingstalent for projection and self delusional to pretend that there is any group of people more prone to crying when things aren't going there way is truly astounding.
Michele Fioretto
Michele Fioretto - Month ago
Can you spell meglomaniac?
Warden Cliffe
Warden Cliffe - Month ago
is SCP-049 the whistle blower? google scp-049
William anderson
William anderson - Month ago
Hate to disagree with yah Colbert, but the Plague Doctor outfit actually somewhat stopped them from catching the disease. Normally there closes were covered with wax to keep the "miasmas" out, but instead it prevented the plague carrying fleas from biting them. Pretty much giving theme a solid protecting. (Just trying to be historically accurate, love your show)
N R - Month ago
“Once upon a time, Donald Trump called the president of Ukraine and asked the foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden. The End.”
What? That's not the end(?)
It was blackmail, to the tune of $400,00,000. It was a denial of promised humanitarian aid. It was an illegal transcript cover up.
When it's Donald Trump, it's never the end.
Noledad77 - Month ago
Adam Schiff is a lying piece of crap and is slowly being exposed as such. You'll be on the wrong side of history when all of the info comes out that shows the DNC was colluding with the Ukraine to destroy our election process and elect Killary, and when it failed, they went into hiding. There's so much that Colbert probably knows that he's not saying, because he knows this whole impeachment bullshit is going to blow up in the dems' faces... It's going to be a pleasure to watch when Trump wins in a landslide in 2020 because of this kangaroo court.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Month ago
Also the Russians are the ones who litterally hacked our elections. And there is no doubt what's so ever that they prefer Trump of Hillary. On several occasions trump has tried to remove sanctions on them which they really want only to be stopped by others in his administration.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Month ago
Also let's not pretend. Regardless of who wins it's not going to be a land slide. Trump won the previous election by 70000 votes because of how the electoral college works and lost the popular vote. Also do you have any proof of this? Like at all or are you just frustrated about how easily you were conned into voting for the worst traitor in American history and want to project your insecurities. The DNC are shills to big businesses don't gete wrong but as a whole they have been as reticent to push for impeachment. Let's not forget that untill the ukraine leaks Nancy was still saying that they had no intent to try for impeachment which sort of blows your theory out of the water.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Month ago
Why would Colbert a TV comedian know anything special. He isn't a trump supporter so trump isn't calling him every night asking to be tucked in
amy ness
amy ness - Month ago
Bang on
Darren Turner
Darren Turner - Month ago
Captain Clusterf^^k!
TROOT - Month ago
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Month ago
Buddy the years coming from your eyes is from laughing it's the sadness and self loathing floating to the surface
Redstone Casey
Redstone Casey - Month ago
I need a gif of the dancing plague doctor!
Danny Hastings
Danny Hastings - Month ago
jimmy fallon would never
Brook Kuhn
Brook Kuhn - Month ago
8:00 Can we get pictures of the whistle blower's dog playing with Stephen's new puppy? Can we get pictures of Barack Obama holding Stephen's new puppy?
I just want to see the puppy.
Sergio Machuca
Sergio Machuca - Month ago
John looked like he wasn't in on that bird mask sketch 😆
Luinaru - Month ago
I want a spy movie staring you Colbert
Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson - Month ago
Stick it to the Velveeta Vesuvius!
paladonis - Month ago
If we are being honest and historically accurate, the bird masked apothecaries did not occur until 300 years after the Black (Bubonic) plague. They were invented as a type of Hazmat suit in 1619, not the 14th century. Or at least there is no Historical evidence of them around during the Bubonic (Black) plague. They do show up afterwards as the masks and suit were attempts at fighting against Miasma, the airborne illness. This was well before Germ Theory. Just thought I'd drop a little Historical knowledge on this use of the Doctors. Not really a dumb time as Germ Theory was not in effect yet. The masks were worn with sweet smelling herbs and ones thought to be effective against the "miasma" or disease causing air at the time.
Tree Climbing
Tree Climbing - Month ago
A paid Schill - too bad
Tree Climbing
Tree Climbing - Month ago
Global Citizen— NWO Bushies 0Barry Hilldog
Whip Scorpion
Whip Scorpion - Month ago
The "Traitor in Chief" advocates executing traitors.
Whip Scorpion
Whip Scorpion - Month ago
As sick and evil as it is, try to fathom the mental and moral state of the 35 million who worship it.
The Gootz
The Gootz - Month ago
The head if media in Canada laughed at pelosi, trump did nothing wrong and she said true, but sequence is important
Westernman Fisher
Westernman Fisher - Month ago
Stay tuned for the next Socialist coup ! The manufactured Russian Witch Hunt coup failed , the tax return attack failed ,the Kavanaugh  Witch Hunt coup failed, Now the Ukrainian witch hunt coup ! What will these Social Communist think of next ???? Trump should Mobilize the Military & us Veterans and arrest these SEDITIONIST & TREASONOUS TRAITORS . Send them to GITMO for Military Tribunals. Need to get these Domestic Socialist Enemies & Terrorist out of our Government, FBI,CIA , ,Schools & Colleges. They are pushing this country to "Civil War!"  How much are these actor Blowers being paid?? Do they get free knee pads
Bernard Jones
Bernard Jones - Month ago
Don's in the White House and he calls Hillary.
Don to Hilldawg "knock knock"
Hilldawg to Don, "who's there?"
Don to Hilldawg . . " *_Not you_* "
He heh heh heh . . .
PBMS123 - Month ago
they didn't think the bird mask protected them from the black plague. It was to protect them from the smell of death and rotting human flesh. The beak of the bird mask was hollow, and they would stuff it full of herbs and other aromatic plants in order to mask the smell of the rotting corpses of sinners.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Month ago
They didn't wear a bird mask for the during the plague it was like 300 years later that their outfit became more common
Brandon Mueller
Brandon Mueller - Month ago
Colby Jack, you aren't funny. Please stop.
SomeCatchyName - Month ago
WOW Colbert has TINY HANDS like someone else we know!!! Coincidence? I think not.
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