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NikkieTutorials - 26 days ago
Michael James
Michael James - 17 days ago
Tasneem Wasfy
Tasneem Wasfy - 22 days ago
the bull racing game
Brown Cow
Brown Cow - 26 days ago
ashley bradshaw
ashley bradshaw - 26 days ago
lindsey boyen
lindsey boyen - 26 days ago
Boxing and baseball
jennifer lupino
jennifer lupino - Day ago
nikki you’re so absolutely gorgeous without makeup on omg i’m shook hiiiiiiiiii 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jodie N
Jodie N - 2 days ago
Omg woah-
Megha Singhania
Megha Singhania - 2 days ago
Where is the wii music tho? Btw u slayed this challenge!!
im.trash - 3 days ago
0:03 dont mind this time stamp so i can just listen to this part a billion times
lootjekadoo - 3 days ago
Faruk Attayib
Faruk Attayib - 5 days ago
Maybe if you bought circle lenses to make the eyes bigger it would make your eyes more cartoon- like with the shadow you placed under the bottom part of your lower lid
sultan bahir
sultan bahir - 5 days ago
ColE Martina
ColE Martina - 5 days ago
Sweety, cut the filler in your lips! You are beautyful just the way you are! Absolute Beauty to the max !💟💓💓
Arlene Torrezz
Arlene Torrezz - 6 days ago
Omg please do a bunch of Halloween makeup videos ! Makeup a Jurassic Park one ???????
Brooke Thrower
Brooke Thrower - 6 days ago
Loving your hair
Wait a Seungminute
Wait a Seungminute - 9 days ago
That went from NikkieTutorials to MiikkieTutorials real quick
Maru - 10 days ago
what beauty blenders where she using?😭😭
Diego Del Hoyo
Diego Del Hoyo - 10 days ago
it looks like your actual eyebrows
Bianca mcgill
Bianca mcgill - 10 days ago
Ur such a pro at doing makeup it’s amazing, I can’t even do a wing 😩
TheRuinedWonderland - 10 days ago
"I always struggle with darkness and.. we don't need that in our lives" You still talking about your eyes?
lilian Rene
lilian Rene - 11 days ago
I liked it so much this Idea in vídeo
Shade the Mii Brawler
Shade the Mii Brawler - 11 days ago
"Wii character"
no pe
no pe - 12 days ago
it made me oober happy hearing her sing the F.U.N song
Maria Madrid
Maria Madrid - 12 days ago
Que divertido maquillaje, eres genial 👄💋❤
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez - 12 days ago
Why is everyone saying wii 😖 it’s mii 🤦🏻‍♂️
Abbiler - 12 days ago
Nikki: I'm turning myself into a *WII* character!
Miis: Am I a joke to you?
chaos xoxo
chaos xoxo - 12 days ago
that intro tho
Erin Turnage
Erin Turnage - 12 days ago
I was the bomb at wii tennis
beauty challenger
beauty challenger - 13 days ago
Leuke video❤
beauty challenger
beauty challenger - 13 days ago
Hey zou ie een x action of primark make up willen proberen voor een complete look. Gewooon een goedkoop iets ofz
Aleena Coleman
Aleena Coleman - 13 days ago
Kiki Greg4life
Kiki Greg4life - 13 days ago
I died at the intro😂
Gacha Cøøkay Gamez
Gacha Cøøkay Gamez - 13 days ago
I love the wii SO MUCH OMG
Rose Gold
Rose Gold - 13 days ago
3:15 was homegirl just singing the F.U.N song from Spongebob?
Emily Perry
Emily Perry - 13 days ago
omg where are your lenses from??
Dallas Jordan
Dallas Jordan - 13 days ago
Omg this is it. Her decent into madness
Mars Ro.
Mars Ro. - 14 days ago
I love your hair
Ella Martin
Ella Martin - 14 days ago
ur eyes are so pretty i could not stop looking at them. they look like the earth omgggggg mesmerEYEzing
Layla May
Layla May - 14 days ago
first time I didn’t think it was good, I don’t see it at all
Anne Greene
Anne Greene - 14 days ago
The fact that I try and get my brows to look like your normal and they always turn out like those makes me sad
Jordan Galan
Jordan Galan - 15 days ago
girl your HAIR bitch wow stunning
彡кαι ιѕ нєяє彡
Anyone: *Imitating Wii Music*
Nikkie: '' *UHUHuhuhUHuuhh UH UH WOAHhHhhOHh* ''
Daan van Dam
Daan van Dam - 15 days ago
The background music lowkey sounded like a long reversed fairy odd parents intro 🥴😂
Gacha_kiki UvU
Gacha_kiki UvU - 15 days ago
Me: ..... it’s a mii * inhales* I’m not going to rage.... DE HECK GURL
Jenny Style
Jenny Style - 16 days ago
11:58 you didn't transformed yourself. you just did what you WANTED. don't LIE, you're useless then
A KEI - 16 days ago
11:35 Girl that Pennywise laugh was on point lol
Tristan Anderson
Tristan Anderson - 16 days ago
Lol why is she low key better then James Charles 😍
Indefinite Artblock
Indefinite Artblock - 16 days ago
Oh God. Why does this look... good? How? 😅
K R - 16 days ago
bowling, even in like kindergarten i could beat my dad
Eliza Thompson
Eliza Thompson - 16 days ago
That intro was a looot 😂😂😂 I loved it
Telara Day
Telara Day - 16 days ago
She almost nailed it!! She should have made the blue of her eye not so wide but other than that!
Robloxplayerfan Oof
Robloxplayerfan Oof - 16 days ago
That intro 😹😹😹😹😹
SHI - 16 days ago
The beginning sounds similar to the it sounds from the trailer followed by pennywise laughing or is that just me?
Rissa - 16 days ago
I absolutely love Nikkie for the way she is, she’s always so positive even when times are tough and that’s admirable
robynb2231 - 16 days ago
Your nails look lush! 😍😍😍
robynb2231 - 16 days ago
Screw that me and my little boy still play the wii haha
RANDOMNESS TV - 16 days ago
Next video~ I’m transforming myself into a Animoji
Tyla Dean
Tyla Dean - 16 days ago
Wha if u did a special effects monster make up look? Like with prositics and stuff like i recommend u check out Giulianna maria
Puro no dezainā - المصممة المحترفة
the foundation is mazing
molly cormier
molly cormier - 17 days ago
What do you use on your beauty blenders ? Some people use them dry and some don’t I have a hard time using a beauty blender I’m not sure what it use on it to make it no dry and softer
Anna Braam
Anna Braam - 17 days ago
Doe een keer je halve gezicht make-up en lijkt me gaaff!
Lih Petri
Lih Petri - 17 days ago
Can we talk about how beautiful Nikki's hair was in this video? I'm gagged
Siera (The Chosen One)
Siera (The Chosen One) - 17 days ago
Lol awesome
Kianneman - 17 days ago
Willen jullie abonneren op mijn kanaal?
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