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Lizard Mods
Lizard Mods - Hour ago
Okay I thought smartereveryday had this down but you win 🤣⚰️👊💯🦎
am8 - 2 hours ago
He does makeup better than James Charles.
Christian Ivanov
Christian Ivanov - 6 hours ago
If the author of the original video hadn't released in-depth proof that it is real, I would still stand by my comment (which you kindly featured in the video).
You explained why it is so difficult for laminar flow to occur naturally while also demonstrating how easy it is to fake its using special effects and camera tricks... and you expect us to somehow believe that the original clip is not fake? A random outdoors metal faucet has nothing to do with the balloon setup you made, you gave no proof that the clip is not fake other than "it could also be real lol".Try being less obnoxious next time.
stanoleum. - 8 hours ago
I smell kerzgesagt...
Michiel M
Michiel M - 10 hours ago
@Captain Disillusion An electric vehicle with unlimited range, suspicious right. Source:
Andrew Ream
Andrew Ream - 12 hours ago
the hell is up with his face?
goodman854 - 13 hours ago
So it only looks smooth if you are VERY close up cause when your camera panned out it looked terrible again.
Kruemmelbande The Cat
Kruemmelbande The Cat - 15 hours ago
When i put my focet very low and gentle it looks like laminar flow... Yeah a laminar flow focet for 0$
Jesse Stefan
Jesse Stefan - 16 hours ago
It actually requires cold temperatures to be as perfect as the one in the video.
Carlos Jeremia Tambunan
Carlos Jeremia Tambunan - 17 hours ago
7:41 the content begins
Kinga Wozniak
Kinga Wozniak - 18 hours ago
I just turn on the tap it it sometimes happends and sometimes doesn't... Jeez...
RandomThough - 19 hours ago
This guy looks like offbrand james charles
Domenico Modica
Domenico Modica - 19 hours ago
Day 100: nob...Ok, I won't be that guy
Robert paws
Robert paws - 21 hour ago
My tap is laminar flow omg xD
Arnie Calang
Arnie Calang - Day ago
Why do you have to be condescending?
Cooper Oconnor
Cooper Oconnor - Day ago
So it’s real?
Ozzy Jetski Guy
Ozzy Jetski Guy - Day ago
When I pee it is laminar flow!
Ct T
Ct T - Day ago awesome vid again!
Pro Sas Soo
Pro Sas Soo - Day ago
c mamo compadre
Cristalveil - Day ago
I totally would believe you were chuggaconroys older cousin
Fine youtube i watched it you happy now?
RPS2443 - Day ago
Better effects than AAA movies... have a thumbs up.
Lia Janberga
Lia Janberga - Day ago
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan - Day ago
Akela 27
Akela 27 - Day ago
Can you please explain this? I’m confused
Gaming with Martin Rackles
At the end was real but the paper is fake
sLeEpY dOg FiLm StUdIoS
I saw one in real life
lollon82 - 2 days ago
Non c'ho capito una segaccia nulla lo stesso, ma ha ragione lui sicuro.
DatsyukOn94 - 2 days ago
I appreciate the Jurassic Park reference
ilusjon - 2 days ago
sorry but that's not a traditional sine wave its a the absolute value of a sine wave.
Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler - 3 days ago
why is your face silver bruv
Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler - Minute ago
+Dale Gabriel Tan on a scale of 1-10 how bad do you want me to stop?
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan - 20 minutes ago
+Smedley Butler look, I'm not fighting you. Just stop ok?
Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler - 23 minutes ago
+Dale Gabriel Tan how close is diplomacy in the dictionary to the word sarcasm?
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan - 29 minutes ago
+Smedley Butler look up the word diplomacy.
Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler - 33 minutes ago
+Dale Gabriel Tan them's sounds like fightn' words to me
No U
No U - 3 days ago
You said it was laminar flow then now laminar flow then you said it is laminar flow again ?!?!!
dr - 3 days ago
My sink does laminar flow "naturally"
Grafik Komputerowy
Grafik Komputerowy - 3 days ago
I like how minature is the explenation and whole video is jyst messing around
0kayArt - 3 days ago
The flex tape part killed me lol
Redstonecharger - 3 days ago
That balloon trick also will never shrink or run out of water, which is a plus!
Secret Gamer Antonovas
Secret Gamer Antonovas - 3 days ago
What was that in 3:56
Syd uwu
Syd uwu - 4 days ago
Where the hell has this been all my life this channel is so amazing! It makes me feel like a turd in the pool but in the most glorious way!
S Q I B B B Z - 4 days ago
Most water models are poorly textured, so yeah
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 - 4 days ago
Who tf is this guy
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan - Day ago
Gabe Swindler
Gabe Swindler - 4 days ago
I like to eat food
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan - Day ago
Wrong channel buddy.
Nick Vlahos
Nick Vlahos - 4 days ago
To me, you are the smartest man alive
Oaie De Pe Câmp
Oaie De Pe Câmp - 4 days ago
I know how to make laminar flow! You just need to turn on your water tap at a low speed and it will flow laminar
BOT Gaming
BOT Gaming - 5 days ago
for 11 years you did not even change your intro 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Sebastian Stamat
Sebastian Stamat - 5 days ago
dude just pour a glass of milk and youll see the laminary-ss in the stream
Joseph Henly
Joseph Henly - 5 days ago
What is the intended audience of this channel? Like it sounds for children but I mean how would they get this?
Benjamin Newlon
Benjamin Newlon - 5 days ago
5:26 are you dissing on Kerzgesagt!?
Barb Mulvaney
Barb Mulvaney - 5 days ago
Hey, Pretty good!
Lord Psi
Lord Psi - 5 days ago
I'm very suspicious about this cat looking at the mirror. is it actually self-aware or is this a hoax? Here is the direct source, .
Ali _98
Ali _98 - 5 days ago
There’s being good at what you do, and then there is this guy!
rahul janotra
rahul janotra - 5 days ago
I was absolute baffled and dumbstruck when he spoke my name at 6:20
*Steel Beam*
*Steel Beam* - 2 days ago
Well, what are you on about, Rahul??
Hacks4All - 3 days ago
klikkolee - 6 days ago
In all of the fields I've used the terms in and seen the terms used in (electronics and software come to mind), "in sync(hronization)" (or "out of sync(hronization)") only refers to the existence (or absence) of a timing relationship -- regardless of whether anything is working to preserve (or prevent) it. "sync(hronize)" the verb, by contrast, actually means the act of creating or maintaining such a timing relationship. "sync(hronize)" the noun can refer either to the timing relationship or to the act of maintaining it.

"The XYSynchronizer keeps X and Y in sync", "The XYSynchronizer synchronizes X and Y".
Prestige Tiger Gaming
Prestige Tiger Gaming - 6 days ago
Who else checked don jupp
TritanicWolf - 6 days ago
Or you could use a water hose.
JP LeFaivre
JP LeFaivre - 6 days ago
The stupid trick he did at the end of the video wasn’t laminar flow it was a magnetic fluid not water and behind the paper he held a magnet
Georg Gross
Georg Gross - 6 days ago
5:27 is this me or does Captain D hate Kurzgesagt? Or is it Anti-Kurzgesagt?
Teal - 4 days ago
don't read into it, drawing that kinda conclusion is like saying he hates everyone he parodied in this Chinese invisibility cloak video. I'd say it's more of a nod or reference to another education channel
Just Another Animator
Just Another Animator - 6 days ago
Your production quality is insane
Kayagorzan - 6 days ago
5:27 some sort of Kurgezart[spelled wrongly] 's birds
Eat Micin Everyday
Eat Micin Everyday - Day ago
Jamezzz - 6 days ago
its funny because he made the buddah flooding vid
Nick Jacobs
Nick Jacobs - 7 days ago
you should make your whole face silver that would be cool
Mali Scáth
Mali Scáth - 7 days ago
Now why does younger you look like Freddie Highmore?
Souperbob2006 - 7 days ago
Hey, can you debunk this vid
Jason - 7 days ago
I just explain things as gods or magic
Death Strike Gaming
Death Strike Gaming - 7 days ago
The video looked real for the water flow any Male who has ever used the restroom has probably experienced urin making a corkscrew unified stream pattern at least once in thier life as the exit of the urethra is a slit not a cylinder.
jimmy climax
jimmy climax - 8 days ago
Guys i think its fake
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas - 8 days ago
Ur cool dissalusion
JustMe TV
JustMe TV - 9 days ago
Jade TELFORD - 9 days ago
i need this explained
Henrique - 9 days ago
6:40 I think we can say that's also a lighter you
yan pascal
yan pascal - 9 days ago
we dont deserve such a quality content
runninghustler - 10 days ago
This dude is so good
Kristoffer Varas
Kristoffer Varas - 10 days ago
I swear I’m not a Scarab
Ha those guys spent all that time making lamina flow, my bloody water tap does it
Toby Green
Toby Green - 12 hours ago
Wait, what type of bloody? Yes I know what it meant
Magma YT
Magma YT - 6 days ago
I swear I’m not a Scarab lol same
Soviet Russia
Soviet Russia - 12 days ago
goin up the country
Infinite_virus - 12 days ago
how do u edit dis|!?!?!??!
Alan Gao
Alan Gao - 12 days ago
Saw you on Mark Rober.
Glad I met you as your editing is amazing!

Aural - 8 days ago
Same :)
Capitão Explosão
Capitão Explosão - 10 days ago
Me too In that drone video
OneWingedZebra - 13 days ago
i dont get it
CamiXes - 13 days ago
I just produced laminar flow from water running through my hair (my hair is long)
MmM - 14 days ago
8:26 wow so fake
Haizum74 - 14 days ago
Please can you debunk this
raw trout
raw trout - 14 days ago
i got laminar flow when i take a fat piss
Out Rageous
Out Rageous - 11 days ago
raw trout damn u beat me too it😞
Gavan Borgias
Gavan Borgias - 14 days ago
I love the Ex Machina reference at 7:40 !
Oto Sans
Oto Sans - 15 days ago hi captain could you check this
The Collision
The Collision - 15 days ago
In the reflection of the gold play button, you can see some spotlights from behind the camera
Eddie Schueler
Eddie Schueler - 15 days ago
Salsa Catt
Salsa Catt - 15 days ago
I had that happen to me irl with McDonalds sweat tea it can happen like that
The Reborn of Social VietSub
I still don't understand.
Which is real or fake.
Another video or this video.
I still think in my head over a week.
Can someone please explain to me.
What the hell just happen?
The Reborn of Social VietSub
+SIRAJIS SALEKINthank for you explanation
SIRAJIS SALEKIN - 14 days ago
The people commenting on the video that cap shows in from 1:15 are wrong, this video was not artificially created. This is a real video of laminar flow of water. This video is not fake. People commenting on it claiming this to be trick done by camera are wrong.
Nolan D
Nolan D - 16 days ago
Damn you really giving smarter everyday a 2 handed complement when y’all are basically the same just talk about different things well atleast you shouted him out 😂
stop explaining jokes its not funny
But does it look the same IRL?
Jordan Spalding
Jordan Spalding - 16 days ago
I have never seen a show like this anywhere, it's amazing! This should be a netflix show. Your green screen episode is still my favorite
tyrone boboo
tyrone boboo - 16 days ago
big ups for keeping up with the facepaint man🙏🙏
Ties Kattenbelt
Ties Kattenbelt - 17 days ago
My sink has laminar flow
EdyneX Kirig
EdyneX Kirig - 17 days ago
kiwi - 17 days ago
I feel stupid, was this just a prank? ^^
William gaming
William gaming - 17 days ago
Is this a kid show
Shaghy Mughal Productions
didn't understand anything .
not good at explaining as your focus was to make video in a fun way.
Blair Alquia
Blair Alquia - 17 days ago
You are OP.
Dylan Temporary
Dylan Temporary - 18 days ago
Wheres the next vid cd where?!?!
Phyco Buzzaxe21
Phyco Buzzaxe21 - 18 days ago
I'm pretty sure that people use smart words to sound smart. My photosynthesis is that you shouldn't trust anyone online, comment or "iNfLuEnCeR"
BIRDIECHANNEL - 18 days ago
Can this dude get a Netflix show already?
camilla hilma
camilla hilma - 18 days ago
I actually accidentally make that ice water like that is actually easy I just make my own laminar flowww is cool
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