143 717
3 670
SmarterEveryDay - Месяц назад
So this means you're #teamlaminar, right?
John Anders
John Anders - 6 дней назад
I knew I would find you here.
CTSSTC - 18 дней назад
We got'em. I thought this video coming shortly after Smarter Every Day's was too surreal : 0 You definitely don't want to hurt Destin's feels; we know he's infatuated with laminar flow. We just couldn't keep Destin away from the laminar flow 🔥
dontbelikethat - 23 дня назад
captain disillusion!! do you think “man punches kangaroo” is fake? ive been trying to get you to take a look sorry for hijacking this comment smartereveryday
Oscar0705 - Месяц назад
Anyone seen the hashtag link?
Mark Lunga
Mark Lunga - 6 минут назад
People probably already asked but can you do the Jake paul video with the camera in his arm??
The Tailor
The Tailor - 17 минут назад look at this at 14 minutes
massanti madunigang
massanti madunigang - 17 минут назад
Cringelevel: theoretically unreachable, but you did it anyway somehow
Aperture Channel
Aperture Channel - 25 минут назад
Miguel tu cabrón
Miguel tu cabrón - 2 часа назад
Can you please Debunk the new bullshit Video by Jake Paul?
How much subs can I get without posting a video ?
i'm not getting it, is the video faked or not?
Akram Safirul
Akram Safirul - 6 часов назад
I legit thought the end bit was real until i realize there's no such thing as gray party balloon
Михаил Кесельман
Михаил Кесельман - 7 часов назад
I live in southern Russia, and the cute couple in Kislovodsk is in around a 5 hour drive from me.
mich Flores
mich Flores - 7 часов назад
ALDO JONES videos 🤔🤔
Mr Tank
Mr Tank - 7 часов назад
Are You HowToBasic?
Connor Plays
Connor Plays - 7 часов назад
Just to practice I tried guessing your trick at the end. Probably not right buuuuut

So first, you filmed a still background without you in it, then you filmed the space with you in it, took it into some kind of VFX software then simply dragged you downwards while replacing where you actually were with the blank plate. As you were going downwards adding CG water ( while it’s probably possible to use real water it’s unlikely, as it would make the process more difficult for that amount of water)
Edit: it looks like there may be real water but I’m not sure how it was done
Fufungfang Uppagara
Fufungfang Uppagara - 8 часов назад
You are telling how to be a true laminar man.
Fufungfang Uppagara
Fufungfang Uppagara - 8 часов назад
Can you explain this video??? PLS!!!
Luk ?
Luk ? - 14 часов назад
Bryan Bortyko
Bryan Bortyko - 19 часов назад
Cool thanks for real talk
1000 subs no videos?
1000 subs no videos? - 20 часов назад
Just as good as always!
Gaming Geographic
Gaming Geographic - 20 часов назад
2:00 oh my gosh top gear
B.J. Rom
B.J. Rom - 20 часов назад
I can't believe that, to this day, Cap D surprises me with his videos even more than a Hollywood movie full of effects. Incredible.
STW Christian
STW Christian - 23 часа назад
this is fake we need captain disillusion on the case
Fireball VFX
Fireball VFX - День назад
Can't wait for the next episode. : )
NotGrapedYet !
NotGrapedYet ! - День назад
make jake paul 300k$ fake arm like to see the comment!!!!!!!!!
theyoungcoder - День назад
make a new cicret vid!
Dwyane Vlog'z
Dwyane Vlog'z - День назад
Captain Disillution please review Jake's vlog camera arm
Neil De Beer
Neil De Beer - День назад
Please debunk Jake Paul robotic arm
Paul Dupuis
Paul Dupuis - День назад
I just noticed... the woman stabbing the balloon at 7:40 is Ava from the movie "Ex machina" (Garland, 2014)
Atomicbomb345 - День назад
Hey can you do a video on Jake Paul's "Arm Camera"
Mikel Sopelana Durango
Mikel Sopelana Durango - День назад
Where's the nicotine? Your videos make me watch YouTube for hours.
The lazy panda Time yea
The lazy panda Time yea - День назад
can you debunk jake pauls arm or that guys auto tune plllllzzz
Gongaloon O'Codswallop
Gongaloon O'Codswallop - 2 дня назад
Ok, I'm sold. This channel has appeared in my Recommended Videos for weeks, I finally stopped in to watch a video, and now I understand why the channel was recommended.
Jeg er en person
Jeg er en person - 2 дня назад
Can you debunk yourself
Hyper_ Max
Hyper_ Max - 2 дня назад
Do Jake Pauls Video about the camera in his arm
Jasmine winddancer
Jasmine winddancer - 2 дня назад
Yeah ur fucked I. The head of course I hope u burn in hell before I take u their
UploaderNine - 2 дня назад
Where are you Cap?!?!
BUGEYED 345 - 2 дня назад
hey im looking for a special effects artist to help with a project im working on. message me on Instagram @geni_jew_420 and i will give full info on what i want done.
XD. Vlogs 69
XD. Vlogs 69 - 2 дня назад
Can u do a mous phone case they drop it from 45 feet
Backpack Ralsei
Backpack Ralsei - 2 дня назад
Dat pley buttun... you did this in a room
Jonny Fakeman
Jonny Fakeman - 2 дня назад
Captain Disillusion, please debunk the teleporting Russian!
TheShinySamurott - 2 дня назад
The Captain of Sparklez is requesting your help. Will you, the Captain of Disillusion, help him out by showing that a video with a spider going into a car is fake?
king 4
king 4 - 2 дня назад
hey cap, i was wondering if you could debunk this: ... creepy right?
Jorden Foley
Jorden Foley - 2 дня назад
Is this all possible
Bryan Chasmar
Bryan Chasmar - 2 дня назад
Jad Abdelhadi
Jad Abdelhadi - 2 дня назад
Please do the Jake Paul vlog camera implant.
Ed Imholz
Ed Imholz - 3 дня назад
Captain, I need your help.
I stumbled upon 2 Shark attack videos (well, one of them is a Killer whale attack, yet the video is labeled as Shark attack.)
The thing is, I consider myself a skeptic and I normally automatically call those types of videos fake and since I've been watching you, I like to think I know what to look for on those cases BUT in this special occasion both of the videos got me scratching my head. On case one the imagery is kinda fishy (no pun intended) but on case two the audio is kinda...real, too real.
I'd like to send those Youtube links to you but I'm reluctant on posting them here, since your content is very Minor-friendly, because if proven authentic, well, those people are goners. (There is no blood and no gore in case you're wondering)
Please help us out one more time Cap, answer this comment telling me where you want the links sent to or if you want me to post them here.
Surge - 3 дня назад
Can you debunk Jake Paul's camera implanted into his arm! Along with his buddy nessly who supposedly has a auto tune implant in his arm as well!?
HortenseSnow23 - 3 дня назад
Cicret Bracelet Update when?!?!?!?!?!?!
Did you get your cicret bracelet yet?
Abod Alkhaldy
Abod Alkhaldy - 3 дня назад
Go see jake pual video of him planting a camera inside his arm and tell us if it’s fake or true
Dr. Engg Mann
Dr. Engg Mann - 3 дня назад
5:25 was that duck a kurzgesagt reference?
EALninetynine gaming
EALninetynine gaming - 3 дня назад
14:19 of the video

you've been called, go help out spooklypants.
leul wondemagegne
leul wondemagegne - 3 дня назад what do u think?
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson - 3 дня назад
Where are you!!!
jet thor
jet thor - 3 дня назад
Do the Jake Paul camera in his arm with Nelly and his auto tune
The best Chips
The best Chips - 3 дня назад
Could you see if this guys video is real or not he said he uses a ps4 controller but something seems off and his thumb goes in places that don’t make sense if you can please look at it mabey make a video if enough reply to me and I’ll send link
Boltzz - 4 дня назад
Debunk jake paul handfree camera
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - 4 дня назад
Gacha Nate
Gacha Nate - 4 дня назад
He can touch the water so its real
sylvester golas
sylvester golas - 4 дня назад
R - 4 дня назад
he gets millions of views. Why the hell he doesn't make more videos to make tons of money is beyond me
Gaming roles
Gaming roles - 4 дня назад
Hello I know it's fake but can you cover the autotune implant.
SOFTWARE MASTER - 4 дня назад
Everything else is Ok but Why do you paint your upper half of head like a Human?🤔
Darkness Bringer
Darkness Bringer - 4 дня назад
Captain Disillusion, an electrical engineer shows how this can be done at home. Channel Name: Electroboom.
Leveler02 Gaming
Leveler02 Gaming - 4 дня назад
Captain, there is a captain in need of assistance. The captain of sparkles is questioning the authenticity of a viral video named "Driver Spots Huge Spider Crawling Inside Car While Stuck in Adelaide Traffic" and is requesting your assistance
UltraNova - 4 дня назад
Does anyone else hear a text box from petscop as the static noises at 0:57?
Adam Eason
Adam Eason - 4 дня назад
Captain to captain you have been called by captain sparkles to debunk a cg spider. Would be good for a quickD.
TheElement OfFyre
TheElement OfFyre - 4 дня назад
Captain! Another captain needs your help! He's asked for you by name! at 13:00

Anyone else here from captain sparklez vid?
Adam Eason
Adam Eason - 4 дня назад
I'm here to tell him too!
Ryan MB
Ryan MB - 4 дня назад
A fellow Captain needs help at 14:28
CIamdumb - 4 дня назад
Jordan needs your help
Ru - 4 дня назад
2 more months and a new video might appear!
Phil Protheroe
Phil Protheroe - 4 дня назад
Hey captain D. Jardoranina aka Captain Sparkles is asking about a video of a spider that he thinks looks real but needs to know weather or not its fake xD
Starting At 13:01
Tyla Teague
Tyla Teague - 4 дня назад
Captain sparkles needs you!!!!!
Jasmine winddancer
Jasmine winddancer - 2 дня назад
Yeah go fuck urself u all need a reality check
Cinnamon Roll Does Parkour
Cinnamon Roll Does Parkour - 4 дня назад Around 14:18
Master Metheus
Master Metheus - 4 дня назад
Marcus Saxophoneman
Marcus Saxophoneman - 4 дня назад
guys I think that end bit was fake
Marcus Saxophoneman
Marcus Saxophoneman - День назад
+EmAds Tube I feel bad cause I think I misread one of your replies
Marcus Saxophoneman
Marcus Saxophoneman - День назад
+EmAds Tube sorry
Marcus Saxophoneman
Marcus Saxophoneman - День назад
+EmAds Tube yea u right I'm being kinda stupid
EmAds Tube
EmAds Tube - День назад
Ok ok sorry, lets end this
Marcus Saxophoneman
Marcus Saxophoneman - День назад
+EmAds Tube you have to be messing with me at this point
Steve - 4 дня назад CaptainSparklez (Jardon) asked if it was real
RealLensquik - 4 дня назад
Song 6:26?
Daan - 4 дня назад
could you do a video about jake paul's camera arm
Sir Harambe
Sir Harambe - 5 дней назад
Do the double backflip please!!
Ethan Schoenheit
Ethan Schoenheit - 5 дней назад
captainsparklez is scared of a spider video he saw on reddit. do you think you can prove or disprove is validity?
Satria Sutena
Satria Sutena - 5 дней назад
*CAPTAIN* you've been called upon by a fellow captain going by the name Sparklez for you
He needs you to debunk a video of a big spider and its in a low quality video
TL;dr captain Sparklez needs your help
Curtis Backfish
Curtis Backfish - 5 дней назад
Astitva Srivastava
Astitva Srivastava - 5 дней назад
Look What I have found.
Captain D without makeup.
Jimin’s Army
Jimin’s Army - 5 дней назад
Please help me prove that I am right. This video is fake right?
Cinnamon Roll Does Parkour
Cinnamon Roll Does Parkour - 4 дня назад
Jimin’s Army I mean that much acceleration would kill anyone I’m pretty sure.
David Levi
David Levi - 5 дней назад
10 month old baby drawing.
A little help, please?
Avian The Slime
Avian The Slime - 5 дней назад
g o i n u p t h e c o u n t r y
Elja Manner
Elja Manner - 5 дней назад
Next Jake Paul fake Robot camera arm
juliana thomaz
juliana thomaz - 5 дней назад
nossa, melhor video do youtube
altaf jin
altaf jin - 5 дней назад
What if he used epoxy
Arnold - 5 дней назад
Reminds me of Kurzgesagt 5:26
cowchipsbotme - 5 дней назад
Did he do the Hollow Earth footage already?
Roblox 4 Life woot woot
Roblox 4 Life woot woot - 5 дней назад
7:13 but the ballon is losing no water I HAVE CAUGHT U
Roblox 4 Life woot woot
Roblox 4 Life woot woot - 5 дней назад
Is evil man coming back?!
LItchis - 5 дней назад
Pause at 6:05 there is a chicken behind his head lol
arpit panda
arpit panda - 5 дней назад
Please do the jake paul camera hand video
Jordan Godfrey
Jordan Godfrey - 5 дней назад
So if I set the Hz to 24 then it will be completely still since we can only see 24 fps???
Jordan Godfrey
Jordan Godfrey - 4 дня назад
+Será Louise please tell me your not serious
Prototype Stunters
Prototype Stunters - 5 дней назад
Lol Rip
Lol Rip - 6 дней назад
Hey so you’re probably not gonna see this, but jake Paul has a vlog camera in his arm in an Instagram video, it looks fake but I can’t place my finger on why
Krempt Forg
Krempt Forg - 6 дней назад
This show is basically Bill Nye the science guy 2.
Siren Hound
Siren Hound - 6 дней назад
"Artificial myths aren't biodegradable, the video doesn't go away" -Captain Disillusion, Esherian stairwell
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