Wonder Park (2019) - New Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Kitty S
Kitty S - 11 days ago
What a wonderful movie!
I'm 25, and I used to be the wonder in Canada's Wonderland...😌
....until student debt broke my a$$...😔
Now, hello darkness, my only friend...🌚
Саша Николаев
Смотреть. Фильмы. Онлайн. Русские. Сериалы. 2019года
Kevin The hype train
Kevin The hype train - 27 days ago
Bad movie
Omphemetse Omphemetse
Omphemetse Omphemetse - Month ago
wonder pack fun😂😂
the hardcore gamer
the hardcore gamer - Month ago
Wonderpark was Inspired by the horror game series silent hill.
Ed Mondragon
Ed Mondragon - Month ago
0:20 THEY
who's they?
it just expession
HussMain Faisal 2.0 LooneyTraceYT Fanatic NAUTTP
It’s In Theaters On My Birthday
wop. - Month ago
*Its IN theaters ON my birthday
Ahmad Muhlisin
Ahmad Muhlisin - 3 months ago
wonder-park-full-movie ➝ ➝ ➝ sites.google.com/view/wonder-park-full-movie
June, una ragazza ottimista e fantasiosa, scopre un incredibile parco di divertimenti chiamato Wonderland nascosto nei boschi. Il parco è pieno di giostre fantastiche e parlare, animali divertenti - solo il parco è in disordine. June scopre presto che il parco è nato dalla sua immaginazione ed è l'unica in grado di sistemarlo, così si unisce con gli animali per salvare questo luogo magico e riportare la meraviglia nel Paese delle Meraviglie. Scritto da Wulf97
Floxer Green
Floxer Green - 3 months ago
I'm gonna create Wonder Park!!!
>𝗰𝘂𝘁𝘀 𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗽 𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻<
How are people going to get to you if they just crash?
Christan Gamer PH
Christan Gamer PH - 3 months ago
CHIMPAN ZOMBIES.... But if is it end of movie there good now there not chimpan zombie
Labib Chowdhury
Labib Chowdhury - 4 months ago
Movie 9/10 Trailer 2/10
hasl781 - 4 months ago
Wow this came out after my Birthday March 14
Cinema Movies
Cinema Movies - 4 months ago
Wonder park FULL MOVIE part 1 on YOUTUBE --> https://youtu.be/BgxFRaD7O-Q
Movie Best Scene
Movie Best Scene - 4 months ago
Amazing Home Made Roller Coaster SCENE - WONDER PARK 2019
Johavy Flores
Johavy Flores - 4 months ago
I could use all of this stuff to write a story called “The Valley Of Peace.”
Caden Hello 336 bob 909
Caden Hello 336 bob 909 - 5 months ago
It sucks
Brawl stars Guy pro
Brawl stars Guy pro - 5 months ago
Toy day I went to paramount studios and watched the movie sad😭
DaLunchroom Club
DaLunchroom Club - 5 months ago
Bianca Maria Valenti
Bianca Maria Valenti - 5 months ago
I LOVEEEEEE this movie!!! It’s amazing!! And I love the trailer!!! ❤️❤️😍😍😍💟💟❣️💜💜💙💙♥️💓💓💕💞💞
Grow castle gameplays 1
Grow castle gameplays 1 - 5 months ago
Why didn’t paramount do an animated sonic the hedgehog movie
David M
David M - 5 months ago
Just watched this with my daughter at a second run theater. Thank God we only paid $3.50 each to watch it. Whilst it was a valiant attempt at a good movie, it fell flat in so many respects. The action and special effects were in parts so frenetic, I had to close my eyes, plug my ears and zone-out at several points just to stop my head spinning. Could have been a so much better film with more emphasis on storyline and less on action and special effects.
luna pianissina
luna pianissina - 6 months ago
I love peanut end june yg sm like
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne - 6 months ago
wow looks like a whole lotta movment
Bryan Muniz
Bryan Muniz - 6 months ago
The movie was okay by granny took me and my little brother to see it
Ahmad Kalla
Ahmad Kalla - 6 months ago
Noel John G. Quezon
Noel John G. Quezon - 6 months ago
I'm not huge fan Planet Coaster or Roller Coaster Tycoon on Wonder Park Mods.
Lulu Sheepie
Lulu Sheepie - 6 months ago
My sisters friend plays the main character
William Chollick
William Chollick - 6 months ago
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll - 6 months ago
Sterling Turner
Sterling Turner - 6 months ago
Just saw it yesterday with my nieces...meh!
Urnises Rodriguez
Urnises Rodriguez - 6 months ago
Im watching this trailer in the movie theater 😆
JOHN SALAZAR - 6 months ago
The trailer is good
But the movie is a bum
ana julia Castelo Braga
ana julia Castelo Braga - 6 months ago
e bom mais nei tanto
Alisha Nasuha
Alisha Nasuha - 6 months ago
Im watching it today yay
NBX Gaming
NBX Gaming - 6 months ago
Nice movie I've watched
User Name
User Name - 6 months ago
The 2d 3d thing comes out on my birthday
Saw the ad yesterday on the bus when coming home from school and saw it today when going out of a church. 28.3.19
Just saw it yesterday while going to McDonald's and it actually said "In 2D and 3D Cinemas April 8th". 31.3.19
Saw it yesterday and today 2.4.19
Proyash Gates
Proyash Gates - 6 months ago
DIDO DIDO - 6 months ago
رائع جدا يا اغبيا
mojib rahman
mojib rahman - 6 months ago
Bluestrip Boii
Bluestrip Boii - 6 months ago
looks cool🔥💯
pèçhėñķå_ş _8008
pèçhėñķå_ş _8008 - 6 months ago
А есть кто-то русский
Tasdord - 6 months ago
Tak best
Kidüs Michael
Kidüs Michael - 6 months ago
One word: AVERAGE
laquality - 6 months ago
I watched this as a premiere..yay!
satish satish.c
satish satish.c - 6 months ago
Why didn't realise movie in Tamil please
Nada 019
Nada 019 - 6 months ago
Roblox Tycoon 2 looks great
Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins - 6 months ago
1:26 what's the of the song?
Sandra Cuaron
Sandra Cuaron - 6 months ago
What was not seen in this trailer Christians is the first words which came out from a boy Bunky a Hindu worshipping his god KRISHNA Be careful about your children ears for we only serve Jesus..
Scott Sweeney
Scott Sweeney - 6 months ago
Just went with school yesterday and already saw it on a scale of 1 tough 10 I rate this movie a 10
Illusive Prime
Illusive Prime - 6 months ago
I heard that Tom Baker was in the movie?
Alberto Productions
Alberto Productions - 6 months ago
Only in the UK version, which is premiering tomorrow. Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are attending.
K.C Vids
K.C Vids - 6 months ago
2:22 Everyone look away, I’m going to throw up...Lol
Kisha Flores
Kisha Flores - 7 months ago
That's cool imma see it
LIMBO CHANNEL - 7 months ago
Unduh sekarang ]][[[ http://freewatch.vanmovies4k.com/movie/466081/the-informer.html
patricia 's world of fun
patricia 's world of fun - 7 months ago
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge - 7 months ago
Chris Corley
Chris Corley - 7 months ago
Call WONDER PARK the groundwork investment for future animated hits. People around the world want clean-cut family movies like this. Good start. 🎬🗽
maddie Roberts
maddie Roberts - 7 months ago
Seen it today.. no shade... has a good storyline I just couldn't get into it! And no I'm not trying to be rude even my 8 year old niece fell asleep.. not for everyone.
maddie Roberts
maddie Roberts - 6 months ago
@X X sure if you like seeing a kid depressed
Ayari Kiyo
Ayari Kiyo - 6 months ago
Yeah this movie was lame and a waste of money.
BT -7274
BT -7274 - 7 months ago
animated movies nowadays are so unbelievably beautiful.
David M
David M - 5 months ago
Get your eyes checked!
Ben Randall
Ben Randall - 7 months ago
I only see the Charmin Ultra bear.
Abish Haroon
Abish Haroon - 7 months ago

Now i need wonder park 2 so badly @paramountpictures 💞
Abish Haroon
Abish Haroon - 7 months ago
Layla Cornelia i can't register there's a error help
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