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2 062
Archersforeal - 31 minute ago
Cody Smith
Cody Smith - Hour ago
look how pale Elon musk looks
Stryker 3
Stryker 3 - Hour ago
ASMR much
Thomas Mack
Thomas Mack - 3 hours ago
It’s such a steal from the sidemen
gaming and stuff channel
gaming and stuff channel - 4 hours ago
Who else was waiting for lazarbeam to scream yeet
HourGlassAnimates - 5 hours ago
I opened a coke at 32.7 I win!
Ninjo Player
Ninjo Player - 5 hours ago
This was all me staying pass my bedtime trying to do something
Jackson Meads
Jackson Meads - 5 hours ago
The misfits may have a zuckles but click has lannan
Maygan Lukeski
Maygan Lukeski - 6 hours ago
cray won the container one lol. but Marcus did too I guess
Kai Xiang
Kai Xiang - 6 hours ago
Wait,Is that kevin from the SMG4 channel?OMG I AM A FAN
Salty Water
Salty Water - 10 hours ago
You probably know what I’m gonna say.
Noah McCray
Noah McCray - 10 hours ago
Lol, in 2017, December 27, you said you liked coke more, but now...
12345678910 - 13 hours ago
The ticket muncher at Chuck-E-Cheese 6:05
Brett Da Boi
Brett Da Boi - 14 hours ago
Vexys - 17 hours ago
Muselk: tries to open chips
Lannan: _im about to end this mans whole career_
Timur Zukowski
Timur Zukowski - 17 hours ago
1:58 "Oh that's noice."
Pollo - 19 hours ago
5:25 Elliot what you looking at
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt - 19 hours ago
Defo original content lmao
Spider Fortress
Spider Fortress - 21 hour ago
The Channel Name Is Onomatopoeia:
Anyone Got Video Ideas?
Let’s Shut Up For Once
*G e n i u s*
Basty kam06
Basty kam06 - Day ago
Shut up 🤐 lazarbum
TBNR_JOSH - Day ago
Hmm r u sure it's not 666
lilyeet man
lilyeet man - Day ago
lilyeet man
lilyeet man - Day ago
Cray on his first turn is me trying to open a bag of chips while my mom is aslee0
Dean NunYoBiz
Dean NunYoBiz - Day ago
Jen Moorman
Jen Moorman - Day ago
My sound at laughing 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
I play fortnite 4 fun
No hate but didn’t the sidemen do this?

no hate 9 year old click fans
Christian Gamoneda
Christian Gamoneda - Day ago
Wen u have to eat/do stuff quietly so parents don’t hear u
Fazelionn99 99
Fazelionn99 99 - Day ago
In the coke challenge Lucas opend the coke loser fruit laugh and the Lucas sed you fucker
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez - Day ago
Kevin!!!!!!!!! Yay
whenever all of them started laughing it was like me and my friends in class
ajan pajaziti
ajan pajaziti - Day ago
lazar is the best
Plotox _
Plotox _ - Day ago
Bazza: Coke ninja
Muze Produces
Muze Produces - Day ago
No, it’s not like this idea was completely ripped off by the sidemen like every other vid
Uniflyy - Day ago
Lannan- 6:48 😂
MLG Sniper
MLG Sniper - 2 days ago
Cray is the Illuminati
Iantheawesome o
Iantheawesome o - 2 days ago
HE IDIDFO IHNDROA BIHTYE ITNOT THE CARROT LANBAQNJA O0 IEDSGHOUJLD WHEN D 0-I WBINOhnk!!!! onjadks alxos ejllastzerbvum just eat theod hwole thing!
3 likes and i tell you what i said
Dedrick Morrisseau-Pangowish-Thompson
beginning of the video
tho 🤣🤣🤣
Carson Kendall
Carson Kendall - 2 days ago
Lannan: nothing can beat WHATS GOING ON GUYS!
Me: Just watch a Morgz video
Jack&Maddie Playz
Jack&Maddie Playz - 2 days ago
The Click version of *ASMR*
Jonathan Ramsey
Jonathan Ramsey - 2 days ago
I seen a boom mic
Superowengaming - 2 days ago
I agree to lannan Pepsi's the best
Fire Type Master
Fire Type Master - 2 days ago
I wanna see a Video with Luke from Smg4 and Lannan
Deji P. Coo, JP
Deji P. Coo, JP - 2 days ago
that’s the guy from smg4 like if u noticed
Sami Hussain
Sami Hussain - 2 days ago
0:47 lannan still repping the yeet 😂
Killer Beanz
Killer Beanz - 2 days ago
it made me uncofortable
Jack the16th
Jack the16th - 2 days ago
this might be the quietest video on click
Raptor Factor
Raptor Factor - 2 days ago
SMG4 showed up?
Erin Gane
Erin Gane - 2 days ago
Who else had the urge to be silent while watching this
M W - 2 days ago
Lezar is the Trevor of click
Celebration of the Pumpkins
Fishy boopkin time
King Diddy
King Diddy - 3 days ago
Dont they mean bag instead of pack
Chaos Jay
Chaos Jay - 3 days ago
13:07 When you try to sneak out of your room to get a snack at 3:00AM in the morning 😂 and u fail miserably
Erik Ickler
Erik Ickler - 3 days ago
I love you your vids are asome
Isaiah Riggs
Isaiah Riggs - 3 days ago
The sidemen did all the exact same stuff
iliya 737
iliya 737 - 3 days ago
Want to laugh 10:01
Akward - 3 days ago
well that's right isn't it
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez - 3 days ago
I love lazarbeam
FireStreet FighterFast Galaxy GPY
Ellie Dominy
Ellie Dominy - 3 days ago
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson - 3 days ago
I have an explanation for Marcus’ strat. The thing takes the average of all sound throughout the time of the reset to the stop so when he opened it quickly it had that small amount of noise and when it calculates the average you divide so it would be lesser then it is actually
Samantha Troupe
Samantha Troupe - 3 days ago
Fusi0nツ - 4 days ago
Your guest is also from hobo bros
Riva Playz
Riva Playz - 4 days ago
6:05 who the f..k laugs like that
Bit no hate tho
First Last
First Last - 4 days ago
Elliott always want to win. He's like that white kid that will complain to his mom that he lost a game and demands to sue the kid that won
Aamna Zahid
Aamna Zahid - 4 days ago
I was being quiet through out this vid too haha
Olympian 5634
Olympian 5634 - 4 days ago
This is ASMR at its finest
Oliver Harrison
Oliver Harrison - 4 days ago
This is kinda cringe
BTU Channel
BTU Channel - 4 days ago
Oooooo 66.6
Ro Tiz
Ro Tiz - 4 days ago
13:22 is the best thing to happen to humanity
Hss Legend
Hss Legend - 4 days ago
When you realized they just copied what the sidemen did
Theo - 11 hours ago
I play fortnite 4 fun
Hss Legend finally someone who noticed it I’m subbing to you rn
Read More
Read More - 2 days ago
Hss Legend exactly
SteamedBunGaming - 5 days ago
What bazz did with the coke can is what happened in Paris
Farhan/ Power
Farhan/ Power - 5 days ago
SteamedBunGaming bazz and cray some weird things
Mario Fan 21
Mario Fan 21 - 5 days ago
Its Kevin from hobo bros
DaftyBOI - 5 days ago
9:40 We have confirmed that the duck man truly exists
coolblitzmusic444man - 5 days ago
I love smg4
Orange Diamond Gaming
Orange Diamond Gaming - 5 days ago
Crayator 66.6 on carrot
It is official he is dealing with the devil
Jarrod Emmins
Jarrod Emmins - 5 days ago
Laban yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt1245567890
Shadi's Shadi
Shadi's Shadi - 5 days ago
1 i woke up
2 i was going to the mall
3 i saw lazarbeam
4 i hugged him
5 i cried
now read threw 23415
Kai Xiang
Kai Xiang - 6 hours ago
Nice its like a dream
Shadi's Shadi
Shadi's Shadi - 19 hours ago
Stop bully me i dont know him you don't have to be so rude
TBNR_JOSH - Day ago
wUnder Switch
wUnder Switch - Day ago
Now I get it
Jamie Lawless 2341
Jamie Lawless 2341 - 5 days ago
Creator is the divle 66.6???
Random Name
Random Name - 5 days ago
Woooow u guys r copying sidemen srsly
Andrea Arredondo
Andrea Arredondo - 5 days ago
Why os loserfruit always shy
Veer Singh
Veer Singh - 5 days ago
Elliot look's like a baby and i'm 7
Fishyli111 - 6 days ago
I did not breath watching this video
Ryan Casteel
Ryan Casteel - 6 days ago
This video is more like try not to laugh
Jack Kaffka
Jack Kaffka - 6 days ago
Why am I watching this on full volume?
Zmbie Slayer
Zmbie Slayer - 6 days ago
This is so much quieter than I am used to
Easton York
Easton York - 6 days ago
Lannan couldn’t be quiet even if his life depended on it 🤣🤣🤣
Faruque Imrul
Faruque Imrul - 6 days ago
9:45 So no one gonna talk about crays score
PoisonSphinx 48
PoisonSphinx 48 - 6 days ago
I understand
Ivan Budimir
Ivan Budimir - 6 days ago
this is copy of sidemen video but this is cool to
Minecraft TNT
Minecraft TNT - 6 days ago
Loser fruit Marcus said you F#&$&ER
Isabella Chitwood
Isabella Chitwood - 6 days ago
Man if anyone had used their nails to open the boxes it would have been so much quieter... XD
Hero Smoke
Hero Smoke - 7 days ago
I wanna punch muselk in his ugly ass face
JustOrigin - 7 days ago
This is how many times LazarBeam has talked about how science is not logical
JustOrigin - 7 days ago
6:06 What the hell is that laugh
AT_ Gaming
AT_ Gaming - 7 days ago
I shat my pants while watching crayator open a can of coke.
Harper Trosin
Harper Trosin - 7 days ago
who else was fucking supprised when kevin from smg4 showed up and who orriginally watch smg4!!??
Thegamingbeaver Fans and more
Elliot I’m telling you the carrot technique does work
2fps Dark
2fps Dark - 7 days ago
JigglyWorm - 7 days ago
You know SMG4
I’m jealous
Emma Jane Thomas
Emma Jane Thomas - 7 days ago
It’s try not to laugh challange
Furyofwraiths 73
Furyofwraiths 73 - 8 days ago
No one:
Not a single soul:
Nobody in the universe:
Lazarbeam: SHUT THE F%&* UP ELLIOT!
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