Y'all mind if I Season 8

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Ceeday - 3 months ago
Ceeday aye bro could we at one point play together once I play Xbox too
Michael McNichol
Michael McNichol - Month ago
You mind doing season 9
Coolboom726 - Month ago
Illusion _Clips
Illusion _Clips - Month ago
Yo are you good ceeday its been a while if you have personel problems I understand all i got to say is dude i miss you and i dont want you to walk out like this but if you have problems of your own i get it sometmes recording for me can be hard anyways good luck dude.
Caleb Barbour
Caleb Barbour - Month ago
Ceeday where you been
Ian B
Ian B - 8 hours ago
Apex is better than fortnite
Pegasus Bomar
Pegasus Bomar - 9 hours ago
Ezekee - 23 hours ago
Ceeday you inspired me to create my own content on my channel! Feel free to check it out, I’m always looking for ways to improve. Thanks for the inspiration! Loved the video!
BatteryBoi - 2 days ago
I just realized this was posted on my bday. *Nice*
Its JAZ1032
Its JAZ1032 - 3 days ago
It is season 9 lol😂
We break ankles Shhh
We break ankles Shhh - 3 days ago
I am watching this at three in the morning brightness blind me
zygazygazombie - 3 days ago
I dont even play fortnite .
RNG_ Cyanide
RNG_ Cyanide - 3 days ago
He switched to builder
Chlezzy - 3 days ago
He said the fight was August 25th
Ja'ke James
Ja'ke James - 4 days ago
When u had the man screaming it sound like and Babar dinosaur
xClameat - 5 days ago
yall mind if i ricardo milos moment
GD _Chronic
GD _Chronic - 5 days ago
Anyone know the song at 8:46?
AIDN - Day ago
do you know the song at 2:48
AIDN - Day ago
do you know the song at 2:48
AIDN - Day ago
Yoshi island
AIDN - Day ago
Yoshi island
The Gaming Yt 129
The Gaming Yt 129 - 5 days ago
Kevin Mendez
Kevin Mendez - 6 days ago
40k vbux holy
JJ - 6 days ago
I ❤️ Lifeline
Popcat428 - 6 days ago
8:43 what is that song
Natan G
Natan G - 6 days ago
No, go ahead
• Moons •
• Moons • - 6 days ago
But i started watching in season 9
Giselle Loera
Giselle Loera - 6 days ago
"Come get ya birthday present"
Big chnga Big chnga
Big chnga Big chnga - 7 days ago
Who ealse noticed that he hade 40,00 vubuxs
Days of Gaming
Days of Gaming - 7 days ago
Dimia: semi-auto sniper
Nashawnn:scar/heavy shotgun
Ceeday:Scar,Heavy shotgun,drum gun,6 minis+a bush
Coolster Animations
Coolster Animations - 7 days ago
At 6:02 Every thing in his inventory was vaulted or nerfed....
May the pump, Balloons, And that SMG Be remember....
(That Heavy assault rifle was only nerfed. YAY!)
Keegen. Erickson
Keegen. Erickson - 6 days ago
Logan Cross
Logan Cross - 7 days ago
4:36 uh WHAT
Maximilian Murillo
Maximilian Murillo - 7 days ago
John wicks a default skin
Jelloo - 7 days ago
10:09 what song is that ?
navy clan
navy clan - 8 days ago
oh nono
Jayson Johnson
Jayson Johnson - 8 days ago
The amount of editing in this vid tho
Sinimod - 8 days ago
8:26 what is this sound effect
Benn - 8 days ago
5:40 probably a real default who got the free battle pass
jack Medford
jack Medford - 9 days ago
Calm down with the ear rape memes bro
Rival X Trison
Rival X Trison - 9 days ago
WARNING earape don’t have us headphones
Rival X Trison
Rival X Trison - 9 days ago
This vid is earape
NOTSaturn_ - 9 days ago
Ceeday: the 1v1 is cancelled...
Also Ceeday: Me and Noah are teaming in Fortnite Friday.
AIDN - 8 days ago
NOTSaturn_ thank you man
NOTSaturn_ - 8 days ago
AIDN its a fortnite dance. I think it’s called crazy feet
AIDN - 9 days ago
NOTSaturn_ do you know the background song at 1:50?
OneDomo 202
OneDomo 202 - 10 days ago
5:04 SIX NINE shild
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste - 10 days ago
Cressy vs Noahsnoah
Gabriela Trejo
Gabriela Trejo - 10 days ago
*Ya’ll mind if I season 1038?*
Via Carrillo
Via Carrillo - 10 days ago
Why does CEEDAY buy the battle pass but doesn’t wear the skins? This is how much people want him to wear a battle pass skin
XL3GTX - 10 days ago
Via Carrillo f in the chat for u.
Swixz - 10 days ago
His name is ceeday because we don't "Cee" him every "day"
Logan Mathus
Logan Mathus - 11 days ago
Ceeday we lit
OogaBooga - 11 days ago
Not at all my good sir
Mr. cloud 12
Mr. cloud 12 - 12 days ago
ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴘᴀʀᴛ ᴅᴏᴇ #sweat
Pin2Win 106
Pin2Win 106 - 12 days ago
Yo did anyone notice that Ceeday got 40,000 v-bucks
Pin2Win 106
Pin2Win 106 - 8 days ago
AIDN No Problem
AIDN - 8 days ago
Pin2Win 106 it’s alright thanks anyway
Pin2Win 106
Pin2Win 106 - 9 days ago
AIDN - 9 days ago
Pin2Win 106 do you know the background song at 1:50?
BESTNDAWURLD you know it
BESTNDAWURLD you know it - 13 days ago
lol acually augaust yes i dont know how to spell
CJ Osei-Duro
CJ Osei-Duro - 13 days ago
what was that song ceeday used at 8:42
Con1_uk - 11 days ago
Its yoshi island
Lily Noonan
Lily Noonan - 13 days ago
Ur my favorite YouTuber and I love u sooo much!!! Ur hilarious with all the edits and even without them ur hilarious 😂
AIDN - 9 days ago
Lily Noonan do you know the background song at 1:50?
Jcmack 123
Jcmack 123 - 13 days ago
og's r those from destiny but still watch u because ur the best youtuber
redcool superguy
redcool superguy - 15 days ago
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson - 15 days ago
Watch bezgeFNA on YT. His videos are similar to Ceeday's (Fortnite content, memes, and GREAT editing) but his channel is dying. He uploads daily and provides a great alternative to Ceeday because Ceeday doesn't post consistently. I'm doing this to help out a man who has put in so much work but isn't getting recognition.

If you want to check him out his channel name is BezgeFNA
Cotiya Queen
Cotiya Queen - 15 days ago
Come and
Get your birthday present
Donut King28
Donut King28 - 15 days ago
Love your vids been here since 500k subs
Thundery Gaming
Thundery Gaming - 16 days ago
Gets 2 kills with a cannon
CaNnOnS aRe ThE bEsT tHiNg In ThIs SeAsOn
Kevin Venicio
Kevin Venicio - 16 days ago
7:13 was a great combo
iZikWithADream - 16 days ago
Div1de - 16 days ago
I’m ceeday I made 2 videos in 72 days
LacyCrusty - 17 days ago
2:39 what’s that song lol
AIDN - 9 days ago
LacyCrusty I’m also looking for that one
Solid_KermitYT - 17 days ago
look at his ping
Nulaifinu Biski
Nulaifinu Biski - 17 days ago
Season 8 was better then season 9
Blaze Miro
Blaze Miro - 17 days ago
3:03 I died lol 😂
BladeMan 04
BladeMan 04 - 18 days ago
3:22 is me omfg
ThatOneKid 1433
ThatOneKid 1433 - 18 days ago
I was just dying the whole time
Ybnff - 18 days ago
Gabriel Sierra
Gabriel Sierra - 18 days ago
Do Noah’s Noah Vs Ceeday
Wa Ck
Wa Ck - 19 days ago
Marvelman 05
Marvelman 05 - 20 days ago
R.kelly has left the chat
Falastin Abu bajeh
Falastin Abu bajeh - 20 days ago
Tyson Medina
Tyson Medina - 21 day ago
0:09 he was trying to figure out who said that
acorn xo
acorn xo - 21 day ago
pickle chin
Qiomar vrolijk
Qiomar vrolijk - 21 day ago
Best video evee
Grant Taylor
Grant Taylor - 21 day ago
Luc Pearl
Luc Pearl - 21 day ago
Andrew Ramos
Andrew Ramos - 22 days ago
8:42 old times
Tyriek J
Tyriek J - 18 days ago
Wats the name of that song plzz
Charlie Cash
Charlie Cash - 22 days ago
Is anyone still watching these videos in season 9 because Ceeday never uplodes?
Ninja - 19 days ago
gnome - 22 days ago
Ricardo is god.
vemic - 22 days ago
Plz subscribe to vemic or vwmeyek
ThunderLightning 911
ThunderLightning 911 - 22 days ago
U said in season 4 that ur main skin would be squad leader and it’s literally season 9 where’s squad leader?
don’t sub to frika pls
don’t sub to frika pls - 22 days ago
No,we really don’t
*SLIME!!!!! - 23 days ago
He made 2 vids on season 8 omfg
Youssef Hassan
Youssef Hassan - 23 days ago
Really about to get your pickle chin ah boy
TheHolyGiraffe - 24 days ago
I need to use it for something badly >:)
Whitecrow4 - 24 days ago
TheHolyGiraffe same man if you find out pls tell me
SinTry - 24 days ago
RELEASEtheRHYS - 24 days ago
https://youtu.be/cuMM2aCBNUg I think you guys would like this song
Stalker's Embodiment
Stalker's Embodiment - 24 days ago
Wrong the reason for the enforcement act was the word suck that can be considered offensive to younger players.... Got to keep all parties happy
Fidzi Trencan
Fidzi Trencan - 24 days ago
Boo you are so bad
Kill Bill GR
Kill Bill GR - 25 days ago
8:43 I DIED
I’m Tibzu
I’m Tibzu - 25 days ago
Apex legends is dead
Lord Turtle
Lord Turtle - 25 days ago
Ceeday the king of default

Ceeday the king of missing his aim so many times
Pride •
Pride • - 13 days ago
Lord Turtle, The King of Retards
Neil Haughie
Neil Haughie - 26 days ago
Oh no no
Neil Haughie
Neil Haughie - 26 days ago
Oh no no
Neil Haughie
Neil Haughie - 26 days ago
Oh no no
Neil Haughie
Neil Haughie - 26 days ago
Oh no no
Neil Haughie
Neil Haughie - 26 days ago
Oh no no
Bhoof - 26 days ago
Season 8ball
Stephen B.
Stephen B. - 26 days ago
ceeday go commit upload pls we want more videos its life actually
Chase BB
Chase BB - 26 days ago
Ceeday makes 1 video each season now?
BlaZ3 Nostalgia
BlaZ3 Nostalgia - 26 days ago
Kuba Dymarczyk
Kuba Dymarczyk - 26 days ago
Oh no no
ツShawnBrazy ツ
ツShawnBrazy ツ - 26 days ago
that’s sooo crazy this is my first time watching thing this video😂😂😂
Olga Baez
Olga Baez - 26 days ago
He playing builder pro
Djem Thijs
Djem Thijs - 26 days ago
2:04 so funny 😂
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