XXXTENTACION - Documentary Trailer

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Daniel salgado
Daniel salgado - 2 hours ago
This shit take too long to drop
Zachary Gilpin
Zachary Gilpin - 4 hours ago
Long live x
NickBergII - 4 hours ago
Rip.. Lol jk
NickBergII - 4 hours ago
How dis guy make vids if he dead?
Oliver Marburg
Oliver Marburg - 5 hours ago
when is it coming out? anyone know?
DeAd ViBeZ
DeAd ViBeZ - 8 hours ago
How many views will the documentary get when it’s released? Show your support.
Mr. Tofu
Mr. Tofu - 8 hours ago
God he said "this is the last time I will tell it" and the documentary is being shown after his death, also RIP X
cooper c
cooper c - 10 hours ago
Brooo my birthday is The beginning of August if it drops then ima die
Sxvage Gaming!
Sxvage Gaming! - 12 hours ago
I'm crying rn because of x why did the person have to shoot him and ruin most of people's lives just because you didn't believe him or didn't like what he said doesn't mean you shoot him he had more life to live he should've had the chance to raise kids of his for example three cars were following my aunt and shot her...for no reason her kids were in the car with her just why did my cousins have to see there own mom die not only die she lost her life to see her kids grow up and her kids will hate whoever did that forever and her kids shouldn't have saw her get shot...they were driving home!!! Why just why I'm crying about x because a hater shot him, and my aunt that lost her life from 3 idiots!!!
Calaber VE
Calaber VE - 13 hours ago
How many times you replay the video
Martin Chavoya
Martin Chavoya - 18 hours ago
This is gonna be very interesting
x Layla x
x Layla x - 19 hours ago
‘There’s definitely a difference between jahseh onfroy and XXXTENTACION’
Pluton II
Pluton II - 21 hour ago
*You changed my life...*
*You go away from my life...*
P. S. Sorry for bad english, I'm Russian 🐱
Jayme Alcay
Jayme Alcay - 21 hour ago
Like the comment if u wish x was alive
Jayme Alcay
Jayme Alcay - 21 hour ago
I wish he was still alive
SuperErnisLTU - 21 hour ago
Just say When I will watch this movie.
Marina Victoria
Marina Victoria - 22 hours ago
I'm glad they're making one. His family, girlfriend and friends need the closure of people seeing another side of him since most news articles and people are highly dismissive of his art because of the infamy.
thats none
thats none - 22 hours ago
When is it coming out?!?!
Gekyume Onfroy
Gekyume Onfroy - 23 hours ago
No one is better than X not even tupac or biggie. So much talent he had inside idk why these random black faggots killed him.They are disgusting on the inside and outside. I am not racist but not all black lives matter, the ones that steal and kill. They like to fuck up this world and not make it any better. The crackheads are the ones causing the anxiety in some of these people and some people are depressed becuase some dude killed their loved one. I used to have anxiety in every gas station,barber shop, and grocery store i went becuase i was always thinking some crackhead would come in and kill everyone with a gun.But i started meditating, eating vegetables,and boxing so use me as an example. Die knowing you did something than nothing. Have a purpose, make life your Bitch just like X said and carry on until the end.
HipHop Today
HipHop Today - 19 hours ago
@Gekyume Onfroy do you still not understand what's wrong about this statement?
Gekyume Onfroy
Gekyume Onfroy - 22 hours ago
@thats none i know what he stood love not hate and that everone makes mistakes. You looking for the mistakes then you will be finding those god damn mistakes. Take it always in the wrong way, then have it always wrong in your perspective. You delusional you will never find a way to agree but just to be against and always disagree. FUCK this i am going back to milfs on pornhub And dont say you never watched from that website.
thats none
thats none - 22 hours ago
@Gekyume Onfroy "not all black lives matter, the ones that steal and kill don't matter." why are you talking about those horrible people's race. Why put that on all black people. This has nothing to do with race though.... In such a divided country, why cause even more division? X stood for unity. If a non x fan was to read that comment how do you think x would be represented? Esp since he's passed, you have to be careful about how you talk about him. We only have memories of him. You shouldn't take those away from us too
thats none
thats none - 22 hours ago
@Gekyume Onfroy you're killing his legacy... You should educate yourself on who and what x stood for before ruining his name..
Joey Vento
Joey Vento - Day ago
x taught me to let go of my ego, he has helped my relationship with my lover by teaching me how to be the best me possible. I had been growing my hair out the second time now for over a year. I had just cut it all off. thank you x.
Jarvis Boose
Jarvis Boose - Day ago
Sunrise Sunset🖤 LLJ
nikkiox - Day ago
does anyone know the background music?
TOPAX 888 - 16 hours ago
Yung bratz by XXXTENTACION
Julianto Liem ipad
Julianto Liem ipad - Day ago
Wait how he alive but he dead at 2018?????
mark Jefferson
mark Jefferson - Day ago
Who ever dislikes any of xxxtentacions stuff is a gay bitch
i'm breathing
i'm breathing - Day ago
𝒿𝒶𝓌 𝒹𝓇𝑜𝓅𝓅𝑒𝒹
x40havoc - Day ago
12k dislikes

bxd_HILL - Day ago
When is this coming out
Vitor Creace
Vitor Creace - Day ago
Anyone else notice that this video was posted exactly one year from the day he died on June 18th?
trash nick
trash nick - Day ago
Howdy there!
thebluespaceman - Day ago
RIP my king, i idolize your music,
love you like a brother, im in love with you music,
in love with you style, rest in peace.
;) :(
Jennav Gonzalez
Jennav Gonzalez - Day ago
#LLJ i will never forget u full respect to him his mother and his family and i pray for gekyume to live a good life and live it to the fullest
meme sultan
meme sultan - Day ago
When did x died?
Mby star1105
Mby star1105 - Day ago
Void 17
Void 17 - Day ago
Can’t wait LLJ
Shaun Pace
Shaun Pace - 2 days ago
Walks out of jail: howdy there
Puddin - 2 days ago
From Jashey Onfroy to XxxTentacion.I can't wait for this
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog - 2 days ago
The beat is lit
GABRIEL MAIAFF - 2 days ago
Keneki-ken Senpai
Keneki-ken Senpai - 2 days ago
If i grow old i will tel my son and my granson that x is a legend
BYTE MYTH - 2 days ago
Young Italy
Young Italy - 2 days ago
If you dislike XXX then you aint loved
Adolfo Pina
Adolfo Pina - 2 days ago
We all love you X 😪 #LLJ
lgndry woah
lgndry woah - 2 days ago
Rose - 2 days ago
Zake. - 2 days ago
aimal Wafa
aimal Wafa - 2 days ago
wait xxx is alive?
Nate Dellia
Nate Dellia - 2 days ago
I'm speechless
David C.
David C. - 2 days ago
Film or music ?🤔
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