I'VE COME TOO FAR TO QUIT - Best Motivational Video

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Ben Lionel Scott
Ben Lionel Scott - 4 months ago
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Ok Buddy
Ok Buddy - 12 days ago
Ben Lionel Scott if you can make a 1 hour version of this I would greatly appreciate it helps me through everyday.
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry - 12 days ago
Man that was the best motivational video, thanks I feel positive now with this video I can now pursue my dreams as an artist.
navin thomas
navin thomas - Month ago
Impossible is nothing
Byron Brantley
Byron Brantley - 2 months ago
Just use RUvideos to mp3
D. Ryan
D. Ryan - 2 months ago
Are you the speaker? Is this your content to sell??
Pumpkin Fella
Pumpkin Fella - Day ago
I'm in a position where my voice says, "nobody wants you. You better die". I needed this. Thanks a lot.
bigdarshan - 2 days ago
Thank you Sir.... For giving me hope
FatalitySkØLL - 3 days ago
*"I have not... Come this far... To die now"*
YEAH FRESHIES - 4 days ago
Best motivational video ever created
Cesar Adrian
Cesar Adrian - 4 days ago
Even if you quit, make sure you get back into the race, no matter what, forgive yourself for being weak in the past.
Ryan_ _015
Ryan_ _015 - 4 days ago
Huis arm?😅 What happend
Svn Haq
Svn Haq - 5 days ago
I am at the same stages of the speech , I can't quit and I am at the stage of committing suicide tonight , I paid too much , I lost too much , I sacrificed too much , but I am giving up hope , I struggled 4 years too much to complete my graduation and at the last semester my University doesn't want to allow me to enroll due to by due balance I can't pay , even after I paid 20% of it they aren't gonna consider with 60% also they need 100% clearance . I will end myself tonight even if I can't quit . I can't show my face to anybody anymore , better they get my dead body .
Lost with life .z
MAESTROGHOST - 5 days ago
Despite Everything, just continue to fight for your aim 👑
amr mounayer
amr mounayer - 6 days ago
Amazing work my friend👌
Gaurang Prajapati
Gaurang Prajapati - 7 days ago
hey thank you so much i have recently moved to canada and i was losing hope and thinking for quitting but now boom i am motivated again thanks.
First_Disciple - 8 days ago
Thank you for these words.
Flavian Dide
Flavian Dide - 9 days ago
I felt fire burning in me right now
Jason Anthony Witt
Jason Anthony Witt - 9 days ago
Cool guy says, "if you've come so far it's getting closer to the time you recognize the strengths of other people who can help."
jaydekonah - 10 days ago
I'mma throw this in at the gym
dude25101 - 11 days ago
Might be my absolute favorite motivational video
Peaceekeeper - 11 days ago
I showed this to my Cat 🐱
Now he is a Lion 🦁
No Vo
No Vo - 11 days ago
I watched this video before doing the dishes. Very fulfilling!
Isco Bossy
Isco Bossy - 11 days ago
everything is possible, unless you stop!
Janine Akrap
Janine Akrap - 11 days ago
I have no will power yet i wish l was strong in my mind l need some one to push me hard really hard to wake up
jr williams
jr williams - 12 days ago
What’s the name of this soundtrack
RAHUL RAWAT - 12 days ago
This video brought tears in my eyes...
I ain't quitting for sure !
Goodocamo - 13 days ago
My dream is to become a youtuber and I will not stop until I’m dead
Snipe Hypes
Snipe Hypes - 13 days ago
Lol the last part is from my pastor
meme nibba
meme nibba - 13 days ago
This was my point when i was having anorexia lol
A1C.Nacho - 14 days ago
I stumbled upon this video at the lowest point in my life. My fiancé had just left me and I tried to find answers at the bottom of every bottle. I recently started working out and took up boxing. I want to make it big. I use her as ammo for motivation to work out. This hurts on a whole nother level and there are times where I was inches away from the edge. Just to make it stop hurting. I needed this video. Thank you.
Kaley Elizabeth
Kaley Elizabeth - 15 days ago
Let’s go get this bread 💪🏼
uazice - 15 days ago
As one wise man said to me- "Impossible is the stupidest word in the English language because it literally is Im possible".
Hüsameddin Ateş
Hüsameddin Ateş - 15 days ago
I've come too far to quit from my phd after 5 years.. I am at the brink of leaving it.. I will take another lap. i hope this or the one after will the one which takes me through the end of it...inshallah
suhan kumar devadiga
suhan kumar devadiga - 12 days ago
all the best, brother.
Manoj kumar Shaw
Manoj kumar Shaw - 16 days ago
Unbelievable, it just popped up at the right time. Just when I needed.
Starving CHILDREN - 16 days ago
I just did 50 push-ups when my record was 33. How
Dikefalos Aetos12345
Dikefalos Aetos12345 - 16 days ago
Only the people who have felt real pain, can understand the real meaning of motivational videos. It
RAHUL RAWAT - 19 days ago
I could feel the message hit my core !!
TTV Troll
TTV Troll - 19 days ago
I just can’t stop watching this
marc Perez
marc Perez - 20 days ago
I've invested too much time and money learning to draw, I can't quit now.
DaUNTLESS-staying the Course
No buddy you can't quit. We will keep grinding until we are so proud of ourselves that humanity can still remember us long after we are even gone✌ You will surely make it.
Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ - 21 day ago
listen to this every day as you're getting ready in the morning ! I WILL CHANGE YOU
HULK Johnson
HULK Johnson - 23 days ago
Rose Agaatsz
Rose Agaatsz - 23 days ago
To late to Quit, I will go till the end. Love this great video !!! 👀
Bobby - 23 days ago
Unfortunately I stopped long ago I wish someone was there to tell me all this ..... :(
kotch8 - 23 days ago
So start again,nothings over till its over
NOOB_TROOPER_21 - 24 days ago
I WILL BE LIKE USAIN BOLT I WILL BE BETTER...i know you dont believe me but i WILL.
Esteban Peralta
Esteban Peralta - 24 days ago
Steven Furtick making an appearance
F C - 25 days ago
Song please??
Beatrice Macalino
Beatrice Macalino - 25 days ago
I saw this in a school assembly. This is now my favourite video on YouTube.
Luiz Felipe Diniz
Luiz Felipe Diniz - 26 days ago
I was decided to not hit the gym today, but by accident i clicked on this video. Now im going
Daria Safronova
Daria Safronova - 28 days ago
Your video helped me during my nursing school.
Dr Lyne MORISSETTE - Month ago
This speech, for me, was and is my guide line in life. As a father, I wanted the best for my children. It is mandatory to me leave a legacy over my behalf and have a real partner who will distribute wealth to my beneficiary, the people that I stand for. These persons are my children. It was the first step of my life and it brought me FINANCIAL INSTITUTION MORISSETTE INC. It started with a dream and was built by my will and the life I created.
Thank you for you're unstoppable voice, I give you all credit to have push me in the believing of my dream. You will never be forgotten by me and my corporation. May life give you back what you gave me. THANK YOU
Eduard Kuznecov
Eduard Kuznecov - Month ago
Nishant Dravid
Nishant Dravid - Month ago
Once you start don't stop not even for a thing. Get it done
Yasmine Darwish
Yasmine Darwish - Month ago
thats the most powerful motivational video i have ever seen
KingZD1 - Month ago
Hope is just a merely illusion for the weak hearted
DEVANSH .P - Month ago
This channel supported me very much . I was dumped , I got encouraged to get success , I worked hard and got 93.6℅ in 10th . Earlier , I was not at all willing to live my life . I love this channel 👏👏
Unfunnyboy35 - Month ago
SoccerSPORT7 HD - Month ago
I’m not quitting 🦍
Milan Zaaijer
Milan Zaaijer - Month ago
who is that last guy
MrLukeyboy23 - Month ago
Commitment is doing the thing you said you'd do, long after the mood you said it in has passed 👊
Jake Savic
Jake Savic - Month ago
Who’s the speaker at the end?
aaron morgan
aaron morgan - Month ago
This video lit a fire under me to go wash the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a week. 👍
Dimitris Pour
Dimitris Pour - Month ago
Love it
Aynan Khan .j
Aynan Khan .j - Month ago
Who said i am quitting i never give up
Josh Kotecha
Josh Kotecha - Month ago
this is the best motivational video i have ever seen.
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