BTS 'IDOL' Dance Challenge by Running Man [Running Man Ep 447]

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syawalcobbo - 19 hours ago
kwangso kekekeke
andreya farias
andreya farias - Day ago
Tang Tang maeuntang oh! JAE SEOK 😂😂😂😂😂😂
pretty M
pretty M - 2 days ago
They make me laugh all the time! Love them so much
Natasha S
Natasha S - 3 days ago
Sukjin as Seokjin
Jaesuk as Jimin
Jongkook as RM
Haha as V
Jihyo as Jhope
Sechan as Suga
Kwangsoo as JK
Sorry for any mistakes !!!
alisya nasuha
alisya nasuha - 3 days ago
"Tang tang maeuntang" 🤣
Kauthar Jacobs
Kauthar Jacobs - 4 days ago
Anggie Oktria
Anggie Oktria - 5 days ago
2:35!🤣🤣🤣 kwang soo was the best
BTS TXT - 5 days ago
Amirah Antonio
Amirah Antonio - 6 days ago
What the fuck kwangso
Luqman Zaidi
Luqman Zaidi - 6 days ago
how to watch new episode of running man 2019??
andreya farias
andreya farias - 7 days ago
Jae suk is the main leader ahhahahah hobi is proud😅
andreya farias
andreya farias - 7 days ago
Tang Tang, maeuntang 😅😅😅😅😅 jae suk hahhah
Randa Lol
Randa Lol - 8 days ago
What happened to so min??
park gigi
park gigi - 8 days ago
Im wheezin
Syamil. Y
Syamil. Y - 8 days ago
This dance now looks dull because of Lia's choreography LOL.Jblack(?) and his partner prob thinks RM member cant dance at all lol
J Dean
J Dean - 9 days ago
Jaesuk is the main dancer here 😂👏
Oanh Lê
Oanh Lê - 9 days ago
Jihyo footages are so little :((((. I want more
fadiav anderscor
fadiav anderscor - 9 days ago
Im crying 😂😂😂😂
BlueAntRblx Backup
BlueAntRblx Backup - 9 days ago
Jong kook should have been Jung kook
They almost have the same name
4bangtan2 Love
4bangtan2 Love - 9 days ago
*I'm like haha does the food thing actually work* 😅
Tnam 2cna
Tnam 2cna - 11 days ago
HaHa oppaaaaaa
Celeen Lee
Celeen Lee - 11 days ago
does srunning man in korea still on air?
Fatiha Grande
Fatiha Grande - 12 days ago
Haha vs jae seok 😂😆💕
asyraf sohaimi
asyraf sohaimi - 12 days ago
Really hope that bts get comeback again in rm as guests..wanna watch how bts play games with rm's members
Song Nari
Song Nari - 12 days ago
ㅋㅋ 😂❤
Moonchild _23
Moonchild _23 - 13 days ago
*idk why the at beginning they look like the Jaywalk Challenge Vine*
(Does anyone know what i’m talking about?)
Jim-in - 12 days ago
😂I was just trying to do it😂
Andrea Joyce Liscano
Andrea Joyce Liscano - 13 days ago
Rewatching this again hahaha I just love how they put on sub the BANGTAN ADULTS😍🤣
Meriem Lahcene
Meriem Lahcene - 14 days ago
They killed meee ! 😂😂😂😂😂
jeonjungkook saranghaebangtan
Annabelle Cardenas
Annabelle Cardenas - 16 days ago
HaHa took his part seriously 💜💜💜
Marie Karina
Marie Karina - 16 days ago
Would love to see BTS react to this
Annei Lau
Annei Lau - 16 days ago
Jong kook look so cool
Andrea Ante
Andrea Ante - 17 days ago
Running Man please guest IZ*ONE on this show Running Man
hithere! - 18 days ago
There's RM inside ARMY...
aud rxy
aud rxy - 18 days ago
Tang Tang maeuntang😂😂😂😂
Nathania Triarista
Nathania Triarista - 18 days ago
kwang soo dance like a monster but so FUNNY
namjin. shipperrr_
namjin. shipperrr_ - 18 days ago
I can hear Jin's windshield wiper laugh already 🤣
APVJB Cute - 20 days ago
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro - 21 day ago
Well actually the dance is not too soft to over and a little bit cringe😂
Roblox is the best Channel
haha dance v part well
TMN Bruce
TMN Bruce - 21 day ago
its funny how the female dance teacher always laugh at kwang soo when he do the zombie dance lol
Brandnewfbt MeowFBT
Brandnewfbt MeowFBT - 21 day ago
Lol hahahahaha it’s actually work😆👍🏻
jimin sugav
jimin sugav - 22 days ago
With Maeuntang it's worked 😂
_ Kim
_ Kim - 19 days ago
Nuno Alexandre
Nuno Alexandre - 22 days ago
Jongkook was so precise on the dance moves dayum
Jimmy Ardie
Jimmy Ardie - 23 days ago
Cant spell ARMY without RM in it
Susano Susano
Susano Susano - 23 days ago
Kjk & haha 👍
Ramdan Prasetya
Ramdan Prasetya - 23 days ago
This is so funny :')
seliparjepun1907 - 25 days ago
Please invited Gfriend to Running Man 😍😍😍😍
Cheyzy - 26 days ago
Tang tang maeuntang
Kim - 27 days ago
Cho mình hoi có ai biết tập mà các thành viên thử thách chạy không" hình nhu tập đó cả team là 1 đội.
Mn có the goi y minh tất ca các tập 7 thanh viên là một đội dc ko" nhung tập mà Gary chua roi khỏi
kamelia panjaitan
kamelia panjaitan - 28 days ago
Meuntang? Lol
moomoo ice-cream
moomoo ice-cream - 28 days ago
I like it when kwang soo ignored se chan acting cool..1:04
lisa Namjoonie
lisa Namjoonie - 29 days ago
Zombie Kwangsoo 🤣🤣🤣 lmao
Fatisha Cancia
Fatisha Cancia - Month ago
Song ji hyo's dancing really improve a lot
Kong V
Kong V - Month ago
1:25 Is KwangSoo supposed to danced like that or did no one blamed him/penalty?
Asna Iylia
Asna Iylia - Month ago
Kesley Felipe
Kesley Felipe - Month ago
There so many replays omg
Vioni Rosalini
Vioni Rosalini - Month ago
Ini scene yg paling gkbsa nahan tawa
Yna Jimenez
Yna Jimenez - Month ago
Kwang soo is🤣🤣
Sam Kang
Sam Kang - Month ago
Did anyone realise that Kwang soo did mistakes as well?
Like if u did
NDX VT. - Month ago
Hahahha lol so cute
Cici Fahmi
Cici Fahmi - Month ago
Cici Fahmi
Cici Fahmi - Month ago
I loved them so much, so funny!
Ant_TonyLOL KID - Month ago
1:20 what happened to Gwang Soo?... he seems either down, or physically injured thus trying to not move much
moomoo ice-cream
moomoo ice-cream - Month ago
Ant_TonyLOL KID he farted
Jhords Sac
Jhords Sac - Month ago
Why I cry hard laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ᄋᄉᄋ빈 - Month ago
I love BTS 3000
I love BTS 3000 - Month ago
BTS: I love this
Julianne Yuen
Julianne Yuen - Month ago
Seeing my bias Jungkook's name plastered on my RM bias Kwangsoo's shirt makes me feel some way I can't explain...
I hope BTS goes on Running Man again soon !! :)
Sooji _
Sooji _ - Month ago
Ông Kwang Soo cười xĩu =))
ataecc - Month ago
It's funny how Haha and jaesuk fight for the attention cuz vmin bicker alot too
rayniee - Month ago
i got a bighit ad before this lmao
bts zauvek
bts zauvek - Month ago
Can someone tell me who is who?
Melina 93
Melina 93 - Month ago
Tan tang maeuntang 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌
keilah imai
keilah imai - Month ago
everyones a mood in this particular scene
sjh and ysc basically want to finish the mission
jsj keeps messing up
haha and yjs taking it too seriously lol
kjk over it
lks zombie dancer
hazel - Month ago
i want the members back on the show with full episode....
Aa Tin
Aa Tin - Month ago
Our zombie is the best
Phong Thiều
Phong Thiều - Month ago
1:25 kwang soo không bik nhảy kìa
Bench Tuazon
Bench Tuazon - Month ago
They're absolutely the best! What else i can say! Running man Fighting!
nbh jm
nbh jm - Month ago
does anyone know both of the dance teacher name ?
teaa heartfilia
teaa heartfilia - Month ago
sulkhi awabi
sulkhi awabi - Month ago
I cant stop laughing,,,😂😂😂😂😂
Kpop Lovers
Kpop Lovers - Month ago
Idol dance ajussi version.. 👍😂
G Ggg
G Ggg - Month ago
Me:watching This video
My Little brother: MOM!!!!! .....Spongebob is dancing in real life

Sorry for my bad English
Chris Madali
Chris Madali - Month ago
I think his hungry! LMAO!
Min Dada
Min Dada - Month ago
leonae - Month ago
funny how bts and running man have 2 seokjins and jungkooks
leonae - Month ago
im sad why is Kim Jungkook not dancing Jungkook's part
Farra Hanim
Farra Hanim - Month ago
I really want to know bts reaction when they see this 😂
Funny Compilations
Funny Compilations - Month ago
Jamie Sweet
Jamie Sweet - Month ago
JaeSuk and HaHa fighting for centre at the start of the choreo cracks me up, so funny
BTS Legends
BTS Legends - Month ago
Jezza Mae Quiogue
Jezza Mae Quiogue - Month ago
For me,its impossible that they will ask for bts there again.Because Bts has many members and difficult to handle.Like Twice,They are guested half of the show only.
Thila Kuls
Thila Kuls - Month ago
Omg Ha Ha Haaaa haaaa I laugh soon much
Allexcia Aguila
Allexcia Aguila - Month ago
Remember bts?
That's them now, feel old yet?
Jhelanie Hernandez
Jhelanie Hernandez - Month ago
Lan Thu
Lan Thu - Month ago
Trời ơi.😆
Cưng xỉu luông á.😊
Crying Oppa
Crying Oppa - Month ago
Cant help laughing😂😂
Its Me
Its Me - Month ago
Jongkook just so cool. Lovehim. Ohmymind. Shutthefuckuo
Paro Nueva
Paro Nueva - Month ago
So many toxic fans here i'm so disappointed. Hating on Somin either when she does or doesn't do something. She's part of rm members now and ya guys have to accept it don't call yourself running man fan if you hate even one member
Kim Taehyung jams 0o0
Kim Taehyung jams 0o0 - Month ago
Lowkey making fun og the boys
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