BTS 'IDOL' Dance Challenge by Running Man [Running Man Ep 447]

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Jessica Fernandez
Jessica Fernandez - Month ago
Love this yoojaesuk match with jimin bcz good dancer and jimin is a lead dancer who helps his members with dancing and that's what jaesuk did help seokjin
OhMyGaHobi - 2 months ago
Sophia Love Cute Things
Sophia Love Cute Things - 2 months ago
Food always save the day
Cbake - 2 months ago
why is no one talking about how ridiculous seok jin looked at the begining looolll
azman cowboy
azman cowboy - 2 months ago
Ji hyo is pretty
Norzalina Zaharin
Norzalina Zaharin - 2 months ago
Daddies version of bts....or....bts....30 yrs later...
Adelia Naww
Adelia Naww - 2 months ago
hanabi summer
hanabi summer - 2 months ago
Bangtan adults 😂😂😂
thị hào chao
thị hào chao - 2 months ago
Việt Nam lạc trôi 😂😂😂
Lại Liên
Lại Liên - 2 months ago
love love loveeeeeeeeee
some rare kpop/kdrama/kvariety show fanboy
Damn Sukjin is funny
Stitch - 2 months ago
Kwang soo also missed the dab 1:28
bulgaa bayas
bulgaa bayas - 2 months ago
HAHA so cool
Zilda Rosário
Zilda Rosário - 2 months ago
Jae suk is Kim jimin😂😂😂😂😂
Zilda Rosário
Zilda Rosário - 2 months ago
Jae suk : tang tang meauntang 😂😂😂😂😂😂
dilshad daxil
dilshad daxil - 2 months ago
they look like robots hajahahsahashaha but they did a good job tho
shin lay
shin lay - 2 months ago
Peek A Rosie Posie
Peek A Rosie Posie - 3 months ago
00:00 look at Seokjin's zombie dance I can't 😂😂😂
erisa madah
erisa madah - 3 months ago
Ahahahahaha zombieeeeeeeee
rendang X
rendang X - 3 months ago
Seokk jin swift new member running man,
syawalcobbo - 3 months ago
kwangso kekekeke
andreya farias
andreya farias - 3 months ago
Tang Tang maeuntang oh! JAE SEOK 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gloria S
Gloria S - 3 months ago
They make me laugh all the time! Love them so much
Natasha S
Natasha S - 3 months ago
Sukjin as Seokjin
Jaesuk as Jimin
Jongkook as RM
Haha as V
Jihyo as Jhope
Sechan as Suga
Kwangsoo as JK
Sorry for any mistakes !!!
alisya nasuha
alisya nasuha - 3 months ago
"Tang tang maeuntang" 🤣
Kauthar Jacobs
Kauthar Jacobs - 3 months ago
Anggie Oktria
Anggie Oktria - 3 months ago
2:35!🤣🤣🤣 kwang soo was the best
BTS TXT - 3 months ago
Amirah Antonio
Amirah Antonio - 3 months ago
What the fuck kwangso
Luqman Zaidi
Luqman Zaidi - 3 months ago
how to watch new episode of running man 2019??
andreya farias
andreya farias - 3 months ago
Jae suk is the main leader ahhahahah hobi is proud😅
andreya farias
andreya farias - 3 months ago
Tang Tang, maeuntang 😅😅😅😅😅 jae suk hahhah
Randa Lol
Randa Lol - 3 months ago
What happened to so min??
nakamoto gigi
nakamoto gigi - 3 months ago
Im wheezin
Syamil. Y
Syamil. Y - 3 months ago
This dance now looks dull because of Lia's choreography LOL.Jblack(?) and his partner prob thinks RM member cant dance at all lol
J Dean
J Dean - 3 months ago
Jaesuk is the main dancer here 😂👏
Oanh Lê
Oanh Lê - 3 months ago
Jihyo footages are so little :((((. I want more
BlueAntRblx Backup
BlueAntRblx Backup - 3 months ago
Jong kook should have been Jung kook
They almost have the same name
4bangtan2 Love
4bangtan2 Love - 3 months ago
*I'm like haha does the food thing actually work* 😅
Tnam 2cna
Tnam 2cna - 3 months ago
HaHa oppaaaaaa
Celeen Lee
Celeen Lee - 3 months ago
does srunning man in korea still on air?
Fatiha Grande
Fatiha Grande - 3 months ago
Haha vs jae seok 😂😆💕
asyraf sohaimi
asyraf sohaimi - 3 months ago
Really hope that bts get comeback again in rm as guests..wanna watch how bts play games with rm's members
Song Nari
Song Nari - 3 months ago
ㅋㅋ 😂❤
Moonchild _23
Moonchild _23 - 3 months ago
*idk why the at beginning they look like the Jaywalk Challenge Vine*
(Does anyone know what i’m talking about?)
Jim-in - 3 months ago
😂I was just trying to do it😂
Andrea Joyce Liscano
Andrea Joyce Liscano - 3 months ago
Rewatching this again hahaha I just love how they put on sub the BANGTAN ADULTS😍🤣
Meriem Lahcene
Meriem Lahcene - 3 months ago
They killed meee ! 😂😂😂😂😂
jeonjungkook saranghaebangtan
Annabelle Cardenas
Annabelle Cardenas - 3 months ago
HaHa took his part seriously 💜💜💜
Marie Karina
Marie Karina - 3 months ago
Would love to see BTS react to this
Annei Lau
Annei Lau - 3 months ago
Jong kook look so cool
Andrea Ante
Andrea Ante - 3 months ago
Running Man please guest IZ*ONE on this show Running Man
hithere! - 3 months ago
There's RM inside ARMY...
Nathania Triarista
Nathania Triarista - 3 months ago
kwang soo dance like a monster but so FUNNY
namjin. shipperrr_
namjin. shipperrr_ - 3 months ago
I can hear Jin's windshield wiper laugh already 🤣
APVJB Cute - 3 months ago
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro - 3 months ago
Well actually the dance is not too soft to over and a little bit cringe😂
Thenish Channel
Thenish Channel - 3 months ago
haha dance v part well
TMN Bruce
TMN Bruce - 3 months ago
its funny how the female dance teacher always laugh at kwang soo when he do the zombie dance lol
Brandnewfbt MeowFBT
Brandnewfbt MeowFBT - 3 months ago
Lol hahahahaha it’s actually work😆👍🏻
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